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    Dare&jane jake&darlene kunle&reina kp&dora caro&phillip mr obi&mrs olamide.

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    Think Jake nd Dora are just acting up

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    EPISODE 61
    Chidi Obi’s Range Rover pulled up in front of
    Philip and Kolapo hid around the fence far away from the security guards.
    “This must be where they are keeping Sameer. Wise choice.” Philip said and sent a message to Darlene.
    Kolapo sighed. “So what do we do now?”
    “We can’t take any action now; it’s like going into a death trap. I suggest we go back and come up with a plan on how to take down this warehouse.”
    Kolapo nodded. “I hope Sameer is fine.”
    “We can find that out.”
    Kolapo and Philip waited for some minutes to see if anyone would come out of the warehouse, but no one did. “I suggest we take our leave now. We have to come up with a plan.” Philip whispered.
    “Hey…bend down.” Kolapo said as the warehouse gate opened. Chidi Obi came out with Nurse Caro.
    Chidi Obi cleared his throat. “Caro, I am paying you to take care of the man, not to come up with suggestions. I don’t want him leaving for the hospital. It is as simple as that.”
    “Boss, I understand. But, this man is gravely ill and could die at any time if he doesn’t get proper medical attention, that’s why I suggested that we take him to the hospital and watch him carefully.” She replied.
    Chidi Obi snarled angrily. “No hospital!” he hissed. “Now run along and get all that he needs for proper medical attention, I gave you my card, right? Use it well.” He instructed and returned into the warehouse.
    Caro hissed. “Foolish man.” She said and walked along the path.
    “Let’s follow her.” Kolapo said and they walked slowly behind Caro until they got to the highway.
    Philip grabbed her. “Hey.”
    “What do you want from me? I already said told the boss that I would go get him drugs.”
    Kolapo shook his head. “You are such a fool, aren’t you? Blurting out information like that, not knowing if we are the police. Anyway, get into the car.” He instructed.
    Philip grabbed her and put her into the car while Kolapo drove.
    “My name is Philip, and we don’t intend to hurt you, but if you don’t cooperate with us, you may leave us no choice.”
    She nodded. “What do you want?”
    “The Arab man, Sameer. Is he really sick like you told Chidi Obi?”
    She shook her head in disagreement. “No, I am trying to get him out of there.”
    “Well…in that case, you have to help us. We also want to get Sameer out, so how do you think you can help us.”
    Kolapo stared at her from the mirror “You are safe. Talk.”
    “I can give you the description of what the warehouse looks like on the inside and the room where they have Sameer guarded. There are about ten guards in all in the warehouse, so it might be difficult to take him out unnoticed.”
    Philip nodded. “Hmm…so, we have to prepare to kill if we have to, KP.”
    “Of course man, we just have to draw up a proper plan. Hey, you are the nurse, right?” he asked. Caro nodded. “What drugs have you given to him?”
    She bowed her head. “They are meant to make him forget everything, but I also inject the antidote so that his memory isn’t faded. Sameer is aware.”
    “Where are you going to get him drugs?”
    She raised her head. “It’s a Pharmacy not too far from here. Just take the right turn.” She said.
    Philip grabbed her phone and dialed his number on it. “We would keep in touch with you on our plans, we promise not to hurt your old father, just cooperate with us.”
    “Please don’t tell my father about this job, please.” She begged.
    Kolapo pulled up some meters away from the Pharmacy. “Thank you, Caro. Don’t call if anything comes up, just send a message.” He said. She nodded and left.
    KP stared at Philip. “How did you know about her father?”
    “I just took a wild guess.” He said, grinning.
    KP grinned and drove off.
    “So you found the Nurse that treats Sameer?” I asked as we ate breakfast.
    Philip nodded. “Yes, she would help us. The place is heavily guarded and it is a warehouse.”
    “When can we strike?” Jake asked.
    Dare smiled. “The later the better.”
    “I don’t follow.” I said.
    Dare sat up. “I suggest we move him out of there on Tuesday night, so that nothing is noticed before the court case. It would be a huge shock to Subomi and co.” he said with a smile. “Payback.”
    “How do we deal with the guards?” Dora asked.
    Philip took a deep breath. “KP and I can use guns, and if anyone is ready to join us, we would kill if we have to.”
    “Hey man, we don’t want blood on our hands. We are not cops like you.” Jake interrupted.
    I smiled. “Jake, why are you scared of killing all of a sudden? It’s not like you haven’t killed before.”
    “I haven’t killed human beings.”
    Philip nodded. “It’s okay. I have a few friends in the police district there. I would talk to them to help us.”
    “We would ensure that there’s no contact between Chidi Obi’s men and Chidi and if there would be, we would intercept it on their behalf, so that they don’t smell a thing.” Dare added.
    Jake clapped his hand. “Smart plan guys, now we have to watch over the warehouse. You never can tell.”
    Jake pulled up fences away from the warehouse. “Here we are.”
    We were taking turns to watch the warehouse and it was Jake and I first. “Hmmm…hopefully we find things worthy.” I said as I adjusted by baseball hat.
    Jake smiled. “You look good in that hat.” He said, hitting it.
    I smiled. I knew I had to straighten things with Jake, so I took the lead. “Jake, why did I have to find out from Dora about your marriage? I mean we are very close, you should have told me.”
    He scoffed. “She’s your sister.” I nodded. “Are you happy for us?”
    I nodded. “Of course. Anything that makes you happy makes me happy.”
    “Thanks D.”
    I took a deep breath. “So when are you going to do the proposal, as in the official proposal?”
    “Immediately after the court case, I would love to have a rehearsal with you first so that I could be sure of whatever I am going to say to her.”
    I nodded my head. “Just the environment perfect, I would love to see your proposal.”
    We stared at the gate waiting for any movements from the warehouse, but there seemed to none. There was silence in the car.
    “Darlene, I got a job.” Jake said, breaking the silence.
    I stared at him. “What job?” I said, almost laughing.
    He smiled. “Someone hired me to draw up a plan for his building, so I am more like a contact architect.”
    I smiled, obviously bemused. “That’s fantastic.” I said, hugging him. “So how did you get the contract?”
    “Well, Dora introduced me to the man, and the he had me do a few sketches on the spot, thankfully, I haven’t lost my touch, so it went well.”
    I nodded. “So, for how long have you hidden this from me?” I asked.
    “It’s not been too long, I wanted to be sure that I was doing the job right, before telling you a thing. I have my first earned paycheck. I have another Job after this case is over too.”
    I smiled. “Jacob, that’s good to know. Now, you are a salary earner.”
    Dare’s phone rang. “Hello Dad.”
    “Where are you, Son?” he asked.
    Dare moved away from the window and took his seat. “I am on a holiday.”
    “Holiday? Dare, how could you walk out on what you have labored to build because of a woman?”
    Dare sighed. “Darlene is not just any woman. Darlene Williams has been a pillar to the Firm, and it’s a shame that you allow Uncle Femi to influence you so much.”
    “Don’t speak about your Uncle like that. He has the Firm’s best interest at heart; he works tirelessly to ensure that we attain a proper standard.” He said. “Thanks to the mess that Williams’ daughter made, we would have had our name smeared if not for your Uncle who issued a public statement in our defense.”
    Dare scoffed. “That’s enough, Father. You and Uncle Femi can go ahead and ruin the Firm, I am not coming back.”
    “What do you mean by that, Dare? I won’t have you talk bad about my brother.”
    Dare hissed. “Father, Uncle Femi is the reason you divorced my mother, he is the reason you are in the shadows of Sir Kunle Williams, he is the reason why Darlene is out of the Firm and he is the reason why your Firm, would Crumble.” Dare said and hung up.
    Dora walked in. “You really gave it to your old man, Dare. Are things that bad?”
    “Look Dora, it’s not a big deal. It’s something that I should have said to him a long time ago. Just bottled it up too long.” He replied and fetched himself a drink from the Fridge. “You care?”
    She shook her head. “No, thank you.” she replied as she took her seat.
    Dare and Dora refused to say a word to each other and then the silence was broken together. “Do you love…” they said, and laughed.
    “You go first.” Dare said, laughing.
    Dora smiled. “Do you love Darlene?”
    Dare took a deep breath and smiled. “Yes, I do.”
    “Define your feelings for her.” She said, smiling.
    Dare chuckled. “I really can’t explain it, all I know is that she made me better, and she definitely is the woman that makes me happy.”
    “Happy? What if her happiness lies with someone else?” she asked.
    He nodded. “Then, I would give her up.”
    “That easy? You won’t even fight for her?”
    He smiled. “I may be in love with her, but as long as she won’t be happy with me, what’s the essence of keeping her?”
    Dora looked at him carefully. “Really?”
    “Yes, and that leads to my own question. Do you love Jacob?”
    Dora blinked. “I can’t discuss that with you.”
    Dare scoffed. “I just told you about my feelings for Darlene. Why won’t you say about yours?”
    “It’s a bit complicated.”
    Dare adjusted in his chair. “Face it like a grown-up. If you love the guy, admit it. If not, leave him alone, and let him be with Darlene.”
    Chidi Obi sank in his chair and dialed Femi Ade-Cole. “Femi, Sameer is sick.”
    “You can’t take him to the hospital; you know what would happen, Chidi.”
    Chidi sighed. “Femi, but if he dies, he is of no use to us.”
    “Hey, I don’t care what you do, but I must have my 40% on the land stake intact.”
    “But he has to sign the documents before we can claim the property, for now, the property is in a serious contention, if he becomes worse, he might die.”
    Femi hissed. “CHIDI, force him to sign then, cut off his legs or pull out his eyes, make him SIGN!”
    “Femi, when you talk like that, it scares me. Anyway, how is Williams’ daughter doing? Has she been to the court of recent?”
    Femi laughed. “That little loser is buried indoors, and from what I gathered from a few sources, she might be joining her Father outside the country soon. Probably after Wednesday, but she has conceded defeat.”
    “How do you know?”
    Femi sighed. “I have my sources. Now finish your own end of the deal, and if you have to kill that Arab man, do it.”
    “Bye Femi.” Chidi said, hanging up.
    Chidi rang Caro up. “Caro, how much effect have those injections had yet?”
    “Sameer is about to forget everything, but he still has vague memories.”
    He sighed. “How many more days would he need before he is totally zapped out. I need us to make him sign; I believe that once he has forgotten all, he won’t hesitate to sign.”
    “Erm…with the way that the drugs have been administered, he can only lose everything by Next week Saturday.”
    He snarled. “WHAT??? That’s too far, the case is on Wednesday. Can’t you increase the dosage?”
    “No boss. If the dosage is increased, he would die. And our mission won’t be accomplished.”
    He sighed. “I would get back to you, but I would make sure that he signs before I return to Lagos on Monday.”
    MONDAY (10:30pm)
    “You have to sign else we would wipe your whole family out.” Chidi Obi shouted. “And of course, you would still sign when we have killed them.”
    Sameer gasped for air. “I WON’T SIGN.”
    Akume hit him with a log of wood on the back.
    “AARRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Sameer let out a loud scream.
    Chidi Obi held his head up. “Would you sign?”
    Chidi took a deep breath. “Cut off his legs.”
    “Boss, there would be no need for that.” Caro interrupted. “I swear to make him sign; we have to be careful not to provoke him. He would never sign with Torture. I have better means.”
    Chidi Obi sighed. “Can I trust your methods?
    “Have I ever failed?”
    Chidi Obi took a deep breath. “Alright then. Erm…I would take some of the boys with me back to Lagos, we need to keep an eye on Williams’ daughter.”
    “Sir, how many would you need?” Akume asked.
    Chidi shrugged. “Four would be fine, so you guys would be six here.” He said, and approached the door. “I would keep in touch with you frequently. Thanks Caro.” He said and walked out. Akume and Obaro walked out after him.
    Caro lifted Sameer’s blood stained face. “I am so sorry.”
    “We have to hurry, Caro. It’s almost Wednesday.”
    She nodded. “There’s a big plan, we need more patience.”
    Akume and Obaro returned. “The Boss is heading for Lagos now. So we are going to be here, trying to get this idiot to sign.” Akume announced.
    “Were you deaf? I told the Boss that I would use my own means to get Sameer to sign. I don’t need intruders.”
    Obaro stared at her. “Do you now have special powers that would make Sameer sign?”
    “You are so daft. It is called the Power of seduction.”
    Akume and Obaro laughed. “Seduction?” Obaro asked. “Even if I am a foolish man, a man like Sameer, in his state can never fall for you.”
    Caro loosened her button a bit. “Really? I think Sameer is into me?”
    Akume cleared his throat. “Erm…Obaro, let the lady do her job. I think she’s really going to make him sign.”
    They headed for the door and Caro accompanied them. Akume turned sharply. “Erm…Caro, do you think we can get some special treatment too?” he said, smiling sheepishly.
    “Of course boys…you just have to be good and let me use my means to get those papers signed.”
    Akume clapped his hand. “Yes her majesty. Get out, Obaro.” He said and they walked out.
    Caro stared at Sameer. “First we have to get you cleaned up.” She said and started to dress his wounds.
    TUESDAY (11:30PM)
    “All units check in.” Philip called over the radio.
    I watched from the Laptop in the Police vehicle. Philip had arranged some policemen to accompany us to the warehouse. My crossed my fingers as I watched Jake and Kolapo take out two guards from behind with sleeping injections on their necks. Dare and a Police man immediately tied them up and dumped them aside.
    “Four more.” Philip announced and drummed on the warehouse door.
    Akume hissed. “Didn’t I tell those fools to get enough water and food for watching over the warehouse? What do they want now?” he said, standing up.
    Obaro shrugged. “Never mind, I will tell Bozzo to check. Bozzo! Bozzo!”
    Bozzo rushed in. “Yes Boss.”
    “Check what those two fools want. Tonight is our night with Nurse Caro and they are about to ruin it.” He ordered. Bozzo nodded and disappeared.
    Nurse Caro walked into their room and unbuttoned her gown.
    Akume cleared his throat. “Erm…Caro, please go easy on us.”
    “Of course.” She replied, with a sly grin. “Gents, please come together, we would have a threesome.”
    Obaro nodded. “Perfecto! It means we get to share together, not Akume going ahead of me. Oh Lord…have mercy.”
    Caro smiled and flung the door open. “We are going to need so much air. Someone might die.”
    “Definitely, Obaro.” Akume said, grinning. “I am a power horse.”
    She nodded. “Let’s see who the power horse in the both of you is” she said.
    “Start Caro…please Start.” Akume said.
    She smiled. “Patience boys…patience.”
    “I am losing it. You can’t keep scintillating us and telling us to have patience.”
    Caro looked over her shoulder but there was no sign of Kolapo or Philip yet, she knew she had to delay them the more. “I am wearing perfect lingerie. Do you mind a lap dance?” she said, fetching a chair.
    “Anything….” Akume said letting out some air. “Just give it to me.”
    Akume and Obaro drooled over Caro as they watched her strip to her Lingerie. Gunshots went off.
    “What’s that? Obaro asked, jumping to his feet.
    “It’s nothing. The hunters are probably gunning down animals.” Caro said, immediately.
    Akume nodded. “Ya…sure, Eh….Caro…I am coming for you now…” he said, rushing over to her.
    “GET DOWN EVERYBODY!” Philip shouted as he rushed in with the Policemen.
    Akume and Obaro laid flat and Caro also did. The policemen cuffed the three of them.
    Philip opened the door to the room where Sameer was kept hostage. “Sameer?”
    “Yes. Is it Wednesday, yet?” he asked.
    Philip smiled. “We’ll get you out of here now.”
    I waited anxiously for the warehouse door to open. And yes it did…Jake and Dare were helping Sameer out and the Policemen pushed Akume and Obaro out with Caro.
    “Hey, give me the girl.” Philip said, and put Caro into a separate vehicle.
    Akume shouted. “She’s with us. She’s not innocent.”
    Philip nodded. “I know. I want to complete what you guys never did.” He said, and winked at them.
    Philip ensured that all of Chidi Obi’s men were loaded into the Police trucks and then he walked over to the Policemen. “Thanks guys. We would head for the district in Lagos. I have the phones of Chidi’s main men, we would ensure that there’s no contact and that if there would be, we would be speaking as Akume and Obaro.”
    “Its okay, Philip. You have got your hands on a big case. Congrats man. We would get these ones locked up for sure, and the big fishes would join soon.”
    Philip smiled and watched the truck move.
    Caro was now dressed. “You are one hot Policeman, I won’t mind flirting with you.” she said, as Philip approached. “I guess my work is done here.”
    “I have one favour to ask, Could you please come with us, as another witness?” he asked.
    Caro’s face fell. “I can’t. I don’t want to walk into my own trap.”
    “I would ensure you don’t go to jail.” He said, holding her hand.
    She shook her head. “I am sorry.” She said, and walked away.
    I could feel Caro’s fear and Pain. She had done everything for her sick old father and now she was scared of losing him. If he knew that she committed such horrendous crimes or that she went to jail, the old man would be devastated.
    “Philip…do you think she would go to jail?” I asked as Philip as he approached the Car.
    He nodded. “You are a lawyer, you should know better. She has big crimes, she would be charged as an accomplice. She might just get minimal.”
    “If we pull strings, right?” I asked.
    He shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s a bit cold out here, let’s get going.” He said, and hopped into the front seat with Kolapo. I took my seat with Sameer.
    “I am sorry, Darlene.” he said
    I smiled. “I am the one who is sorry. I should have taken care of you.”
    “Must Caro go to jail? She really helped me.” he asked. “She even treated my wounds.” He said.
    Sameer looked awful. I bet he was worse before he was treated. I let Sameer sleep off on my lap. I couldn’t wait for noon.
    Toni showed me Sameer and me a grey suit. “This should fit him perfectly.”
    “Thank you.” he said.
    “The bathroom is right around the corner, do hurry up.” She said, looking at her wristwatch
    I sighed and took my seat. “Toni, now I understand what it is to be in this game.”
    “You really have some nerves going to fetch Sameer by yourselves. You guys should form a detective team. You guys did well.”
    I smiled. “Thank you. I have some bad news though.” I said. Toni straightened up in her seat. “Jake is going to marry Dora.”
    “What? That’s impossible!”
    I nodded. “It is. After all, Paul married Marie in less than 2 weeks, I guess.” I said, smiling.
    “How are you holding up about that?”
    I took a deep breath. “I am devastated. I even saw the ring. I can describe it in my sleep.”
    Toni reached out for me and hugged me tightly. “It’s okay, honey. Maybe, you just deserve this for being so indecisive.” We both laughed and tears started to flow from my eyes. “It’s okay, love.”

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    rhyne bryne
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    Thank God this nightmare is going to be over

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    Can’t wait to see chidi obi behind bars

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    Thank God

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    Time to defeat the enemy for good

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    My only happiness is that, in less than 12 hours Chidi Obi and Femi Ade-Cole will be smelling rod and Subomi will be publicly disgraced for losing to a ”24 years old desperate girl”

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