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    A big Congrats to you Darlene am so happy for you

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    Victory at last!!!!

    Hmmmmm I smell something fishy on Jacob’s side. I will not say it out until I see the outcome

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    nice story

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    I think jake and dora where playing game

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    Congrat darlene

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    Hmm,a pitty

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    EPISODE 63
    “Jake…come on Jake…” I said, as I held my purse. I couldn’t see anything.
    Jake had covered my eyes with a blindfold. “It’s okay. I want everything to look real, just bear with me.” he giggled. “That why you are my best friend.” He led me along gently and then he stopped. He carefully took off the cloth from me eyes.
    And Behold! There were candles lit beautifully in the Park. The atmosphere was totally romantic, the moon was out. The table was perfectly dressed with a bottle of champagne and two wine glasses. Jacob looked exceptionally gorgeous. He wore a grey suit. His thick lush black hair was trimmed low, he was clean shaven. We had agreed that he made the rehearsal perfect. He made the scene look so real. I wasn’t lacking too, I wore a short black gown, I took time to have my hair made at a choice saloon, and my manicure and pedicure too. In my heart, I wanted to witness a perfect proposal, it is what I would wish for with Jake, but unfortunately, it is for Dora. I just had to watch him do it.
    “Jake…this is beautiful” I said, softly. He smiled.
    He pulled my chair back. “Please sit.” He said, with a smile.
    He took his seat and loosened his first button of his jacket. “Can I pour your drink?” he asked.
    I blushed faintly. “Please do.” I said, staring at him.
    He poured the glasses kindly. “Darlene,” he started.
    “Dora.” I corrected, with a smile.
    He snapped. “Let me use Darlene, it’s easier that way.”
    “Okay. Please continue.” I said, with a faint smile.
    He smiled and sipped his drink. “As a man, this is not me.” he said, looking at his Jacket. “I would rather be in my T-shirt and Jeans, because, I feel better in it, and I feel more like me in it. But, there are many things you do when you are in love.” He smiled. “This might appear cool and mature to you, but I feel weird in it.
    But for the sake of the knight, the lady kisses the squire. Ever since I met you, I always knew that I wanted to be with you, whether married or not, I just wanted to be with you.” There was this smile on Jake’s face as he talked, he never smiled that much while talking.
    I stared at his eyes as he poured out his feelings. “I may not seem like the man with all the style and sophistication, but with you, I feel like a Prince.” He shrugged. “Who wouldn’t feel like a Prince when he has a princess with him?” He blinked a bit, looked at me and then continued. “Have I mentioned that you are beautiful, tonight?” he asked.
    I shook my head in disagreement with a smile. “No.”
    “I am sorry. Pardon my manners, I am already knocked over with your charm, can’t see anything else. You have always been beautiful, your words, your actions, your smile, very expensive smile. Your frown, your tears, everything has been beautiful to me.”
    I took a deep breath and blinked. Tears were welling in my eyes. Jake is really in love. How could you watch the man you love be in love with someone else?
    “You taught me to fall in love.” He continued. “You are perfect. I never really knew what love meant or felt like till I met you. You gave me every reason to live and times without you made me feel dead.” I swallowed a bit and continued. “I don’t want to spend a minute without you, I don’t want to go another day without you in my life, I don’t want to build my home without you. I don’t want to live without you. I wish you feel the same way too.”
    He got down on one knee and brought out a tiny box from his Jacket’s pocket. The box looked different from the one I had seen with Dora. He took my hand and opened the box. “Darlene Williams, would you take this Jake, and make him yours? Would you marry me?” he asked staring at me. I looked at his eyes and stared at the most beautiful ring I had ever seen in my life. The ring was different too from the previous one.
    I withdrew my hand and clapped. “Beautiful Jake.” He smiled and took his seat. “You did well.”
    He nodded.
    “Jake, those words were the most beautiful words I have ever heard. And I must tell you that you would make a perfect husband.”
    He smiled. “You think?” he asked, and sipped his drink.
    I nodded. “Of course Jacob, When are you going to do the proposal?”
    He smiled. “I just did.”
    He didn’t just say that! Did he? My eyes popped. “What?” I stared at him.
    Jake got down on one knee and I rose to me feet. He took my hand. “Darlene Williams, would you take this Jake, and make him yours? Would you marry me?” he asked, staring at me.
    I was lost. What was he doing? Jake was going to dump Dora for me. I shook my head in disagreement. “No…NO…NO Jake, You can’t do this Jake, you can’t do this to Dora, and you would destroy her.”
    He sighed. “I love you, Darlene Williams. I have loved you since I was a boy and I want to be your man, your husband, the father of you children. I want to be yours, it is you I love.”
    I turned my face away. “I can’t do this.” I snatched my hand from his grip and walked away.
    Jake stood behind me. “Did you really think I would pick my house furniture, beddings, and utensils with another woman except from the one I was going to marry?”
    I turned at him sharply. “What do you mean, Jake?” I asked. Jake was starting to confuse me. Pick his house furniture and all…
    He nodded. “It has always been you for me.” he said. “Darlene, I can’t go on without you.” his eyes were whispering to me. But at the same time, there were questions in my heart.
    I shook my head not knowing what to believe. “I saw the ring you gave to Dora, and you wrote in it that ‘Jake loves you’ to her. You said you were going to propose to her properly after the case, why is it me all of a sudden?” I asked, staring at his eyes. My eyes were soon wet. “Give me answers, Jake”
    He took a deep breath. “That ring you saw with Dora was yours.” He started. I stared at him.
    “After she told me that you had seen it, I had to get another one, and by myself. I picked the first ring with Dora for you.” he sighed. “I figured that you shouldn’t see your ring before the proposal.”
    I stared at him. “Are you…are you trying to tell me that the thing with you and Dora never existed?” I asked.
    He nodded. “Never. We never existed.” He sighed. “I am sorry, but I was madly in love with you and I just needed to win your heart. It was a plot between Dora, KP and I. When I didn’t know what else to do, Dora and KP offered to help me. I didn’t know what to do. I just needed you to see me.”
    I shook my head. “You fool! I have always loved you.” I said and a tear dropped from my eyes. He smiled and wiped the tear with his finger. “Jake, I can’t go on without you. I want to be your woman, your wife, the mother of your children. I want to be yours; it is you that I love.” I confessed. “This is my heart, Jake.”
    Jake smiled and drew me close for a kiss. It was deep and I felt safe. That’s the word, yes, I felt safe. I felt flashes of camera on our face as we kissed. We stopped to shield our faces.
    “HEY! FINISH THE PROPOSAL, YOU FOOL!” Dare shouted, as he came out of hiding with Dora and KP.
    I smiled at him and he smiled back. Jake dropped on one knee and lifted the ring before me. “Darlene Williams, would you take this Jake and make him yours? Would you marry me?
    I nodded excitedly with tears in my eyes. “Yes, I would.” I said. He smiled and slipped the ring into my finger. Dora’s camera clicked.
    Jake swirled me around and dropped me to kiss me. Definitely, I kissed back. Dare and co had to excuse us.
    Jake and I walked towards the end of the Park. “I am so happy, Jake.” I confessed. He smiled as he wrapped his arm around my back. “Jake, I was scared to death that you would marry Dora.”
    “Really? I could never think you would be scared.”
    I smiled. “Jake, couldn’t you just have made it simple and have told me from the start? You almost sent me into Cardiac.”
    He laughed as we took our seat on the sand. “Darlene, I have to confess that this is the best night of my life. I have always waited for this day.”
    I lay my head on his shoulder. “The feeling is mutual. I really can’t explain how much I love you. Jake, I love you.”
    He stared at me. “Really? You sound weird saying all those.”
    I nudged him in the waist. “I just love you, dude. I just love you.”
    He snarled. “Can I take this off?” he asked, staring at the Jacket.
    I stared at him and kissed him. “No, this is your punishment for being my man. You would make it through today.” I tapped his Jacket. “You look good anyway.”
    “Have you told, Darlene?” Bada asked, over the phone.
    Kunle Williams moved away from the door and walked into the garden. “Doctor Bada, She’s coming over for dinner tonight. I would have Dora and Darlene at home too. I would break the news then.”
    “Kunle, don’t procrastinate. Just do it. You are set on marrying her anyway.”
    Kunle sighed. “Bada, I am just getting to reconcile with my daughter. How would she take this one? She might hate me forever.”
    “Kunle, Darlene is a smart woman, it is normal that she would be angry but I want you to know that she would forgive you. It was a mistake that you regret and the good thing is that your fiancée forgives you, she loves you, has reconciled with her ex. Everything would be fine. Just take it easy and say the truth.”
    Kunle took a deep breath. “Okay, I will. Thanks.” He replied and hung up.
    Sir Kunle Williams paced round the living room and made a practice. “Hey Darlene, this is the woman I want to marry. I know it’s weird and this might hurt you, but I love her, and I want to be happy” he paused and took his seat.
    He turned on the Television. The News was all about Darlene Williams.
    “In what has become the biggest upset in the Chambers and among lawyers, young Darlene Williams came out tops where she clearly stated that it was all about JUSTICE, Is this a new dawn for the nation?”
    “Mary…Janet…” Sir Williams called.
    Two maids appeared before him. “Yes sir.” They chorused.
    “I want you to set the table for dinner, it’s a full house, so make it full.” He instructed and left for his room.
    They nodded and left.
    Jake and I walked into the house. Dad was standing in the dining hall. “Over here, people. We have waiting for you.”
    We walked over to the table. “Wow! We can give you the big news then, Dad.” I said. Jake and I took our seat. Dare smiled at me. I smiled back.
    Dad cleared his throat. “Before we eat, we are going to have dinner with a special person, my fiancée.” We all cheered. Dad sat up and continued. “I would like us to please be patient, and not say anything offensive to my fiancée; please I crave your indulgence.”
    I scoffed. Dad was beginning to scare me. “DAD! It’s not like you are bring a vampire to the table, come on let’s meet our step mother to be.” I said, excitedly.
    Dad nodded with a smile and walked out.
    “Hey Darlene, you are too excited.” Dare said, sipping his wine.
    I smiled. “It should be fun to meet her, why is Dad making it look so horrible?”
    “Hmmm…you are right. It’s high time you guys met her.” He said, staring at Dora and me. He blinked a bit.
    Slow steps approached from the hallway. Dad was obviously coming with a female as we heard female shoe sounds-not particularly like heels, but you know when a lady is approaching. Dad stepped in. “Hey, I want you guys to meet my fiancée.” He said and stepped aside for her to walk in. she did.
    Silence filled the room. I kept on staring at her. I then scoffed. “Dad, if you said, she was my big sister, I won’t mind, but there’s absolutely no way that I am okay with you marrying her.”
    Dad sighed. “We could talk calmly over dinner.” He said, showing his guest a seat.
    “Talk? Dad! You are just full of it, aren’t you? How much more would you destroy me?” I asked, and stormed out of the Dining hall.
    I ran out to the garden and burst into tears. Dare and Jake came after me. Jake hugged me. “Its okay baby, shhh…don’t cry anymore.”
    “My father just hates me. He does everything to make me sad.”
    Dare scoffed. “It’s not always about you, Darlene.”
    I sprang to my feet. “Really? Why her? Why REINA MARTINS?” I shouted.
    Dad looked over his shoulder and stared at Dora and KP. KP buried his head, Dad turned to Dora, he had to introduce her at least to his other daughter, provided she wouldn’t get the same treatment Darlene dished out.
    Dad sighed. “This is Reina Martins, and she is my fiancée.”
    KP and Dora nodded. “Nice to meet you.” Dora said, stretching out her hand to Reina.
    Reina took it with a smile. “Nice to meet you too, Dora.” She replied. “Your sister is pretty pissed at me, and with good reasons, but I hope I can try to win your hearts.”
    KP scoffed. “Erm…this is more like a mother-daughter talk, I would join the rest outside.” He said. “My name is Kolapo, most people call me KP and I am Dora’s Boyfriend.” he extended his hand out to her and she took it nicely. “Welcome.” He said, and headed out.
    “So, tell me what you have done to have Darlene hate you so much?” Dora started.
    Sir Williams interrupted. “Now is not the time, Dora. Whatever it was happened in the past, and it would all be sorted out soon.” He said and walked out.
    Reina adjusted in her seat. Dora probed her with her eyes.
    “Really, Reina? Why are you here?”
    She sighed. “Am I too messed up for love?”
    “No one is too messed for love, at least here you are.” Dora said, rolling her eyes.
    Reina scoffed. “I don’t know what your sister has said about me, but I want you to know that I made a lot of mistakes, but it has always been different with Kunle.”
    “My Dad, right?” Dora affirmed.
    She smiled. “Yes, your Dad. He is Kunle to me.”
    Dora nodded. “Of course, Reina, I don’t have a problem with you. If you make my Dad happy, I am okay with it. But if you piss my sister off, I would break your head.” She said with a smile. Reina smiled back. “Well, we’ll just wait for the others. Darlene is ‘a little bit’ stubborn.” She grinned.
    “Why did he have to choose Reina?” I asked.
    Dare rolled his eyes. “They go a long way back. Your father…”
    “I had a child with Reina. He is late now.” Dad intercepted. Dare stepped back. Dad blinked and stood before me. “I couldn’t tell you then on my return from Paris, it was all too sudden, I was just getting to bond with Dora’s mom.”
    I stood up shocked. “Dad??? Oh God…so you were responsible for Reina’s pregnancy then.” I held my forehead and took my seat. “Dad, how could you run away from your responsibility? You made an innocent child suffer Dad, you caused his death.” I said and walked away.
    “Darlene…” Jake called after me.
    I stopped abruptly. “What Jacob? My father is going to ruin my life.”
    Jake firmed up.
    “Excuse me babe, this is your father’s life. He made a mistake.”
    I stared at him. “Mistake? Mistake is when you kiss a woman and say sorry, not when you have a child with her and then you run away from your responsibility.”
    Jake nodded and held my hand. “Darlene, please forgive him.” He replied, calmly.
    I shook my head. “I just need to get away from Dad. I hate him.”
    “Come here.” Jake said, and pulled me into a tight embrace. “You remember the last time when you ran away after you found out about Dora; I can’t bear to see you like that, Darlene.”
    I cried in his arms. “Jake, why is my father like this?”
    “You just have to accept him for who he is. He is still your father.” He said. “Maybe your stalker was even his son.”
    I nudged Jake’s waist. “Don’t even go there.”
    Jake shrugged. “Just accept him.” He said. I pulled out of his embrace. “If you are taking things these hard, how do you think Dare felt when he found out?” I nodded. “It’s okay, baby.”
    “Reina is a real pain. I don’t know how Dad would cope with her.” I complained. “She acts so paranoid.”
    Jake nodded. “That is gonna be Sir Williams’ problem from now, I know he’s your Dad, but I know he can handle her. I mean, they dated once.”
    I scoffed. “I hope he can.” I said, and looked at Jake. “Why do I always act like this? Am I going to miss Dad?”
    “Yes you will, but don’t worry, you would be just fine.”
    We returned into the house. Reina stood up as soon as I entered into the dining room. “You don’t want me as a step mother, I get it. I totally don’t want you as my step daughter either.”
    “What?” I said, confused. Jake placed his hand on my shoulder, just in case was going to go ‘Tasha Smith’ on her.
    She smiled. “I got ya!” she said, laughing. Was that even a joke? I wore an awful grimace. “Darlene, I know I was so mean to you, but I want you to please forgive Me.” she continued.
    “Ya…right? Like when you were always coming after me thinking I was into Dare?” I asked, slipping into my seat.
    Dad cleared his throat. “Darlene and Dora, I know you are mad at me, but the honest truth is that, I never meant to hurt you, my angels.” He started. “I always knew that it would be difficult how things were Reina and I, that’s why I tried to hide it, but after I told her to marry me, I knew sooner or later, you would find out.”
    I nodded. “Of course, Dad. I would always find out.”
    Dad sighed and turned towards Dare. “I was a coward and so I ran away from my responsibility. I left it to be shouldered by a young man like you. I am sorry about that.” He said apologetically.
    Dare nodded. “It’s okay, Sir.”
    “I remain indebted to you for loving and protecting my son like yours until the time of his death.”
    Dare blinked to force back tears. “Tobi was my son. I am proud to have been his father. There’s no need to thank you.” he said and sighed. “All that is left is that you make Reina back into the woman that fell in love with you.”
    Dad nodded. “I would love her with all my heart.” Reina stood up and held Dad’s hand firmly. The whole thing appeared ridiculous to me in my heart, but it’s his happiness, what can I do?
    Reina nodded. “We ask for your forgiveness and ask that you bless our marriage.” She said.
    I burst into a mocking laugh. “What is this? Do we look like your parents?” I asked. Dora also laughed and before we knew it, we were all smiling.
    Dare stood up. “Darlene, I am sorry for not telling you earlier, but your Dad and I had to check Reina into a proper health facility in the Bahamas and that’s why we missed the first court case.” he said, and bowed. “I really didn’t think that you should know about such a thing at that time, please forgive me.” he added
    I smiled. “There’s nothing to forgive, Dare. You made a smart choice.” I replied.
    Kolapo raised his hand. “Could we all eat?” he asked.
    We all erupted in laughter. Jake and I whispered between us and then Jake cleared his throat. “Dad, and M…Mom, we have some news.” He said, laughing. “Darlene and I are getting married.”
    “Congratulations.” Dad replied. Jake went over to hug him. “You are officially welcome to the family. You have always been, but now, you are really legit.” They shook hands. “This is beautiful.”
    I went to Dad. He kissed my forehead. “My little princess is grown.” I hugged him. “I am proud of you.” he whispered.
    Reina also extended her congratulatory message, but with a smile.
    “I don’t understand you, Dare. In the Bahamas, you told me you were going to make Darlene happy, is this it?” Reina asked.
    Dare leaned against his car. “Reina, Darlene would never be happy with me. She is going to think about Jake every 5 seconds, I don’t want that.”
    “So, you are just going to give up.” She asked, looking surprised.
    He nodded. “I already have.”
    “This is all messed up, Dare. You really liked that girl.” She said holding her head. “If it is because of me, I would talk to her.”
    He smiled and pinched her cheek. “It’s not about you babe, if you ask me, I would say Darlene would be very happy with Jake.”
    Reina shook her head. “You must be hurting, Dare. You told me off because of her, why let her go?”
    “I know, but there were sometimes I thought the feeling would be so mutual between us, but it just has to be Jake for her. I don’t want her to be unhappy with me.”
    Reina nodded. “I think you are right about the happiness part. I knew I won’t be happy with you; Kunle became my life after Paris. So what are you going to do?”
    He sighed. “I don’t know. I would go over to Toni’s, we would talk, and she would come up with something.”
    “Ya…that fat balloon. She always has ideas.”
    Dare grinned. “Don’t call her that.”
    Reina smiled. “Oh Dare…I wish you could be happy.”
    Dare shrugged. “I would be.” He replied and opened the door of the car. “It’s getting late; I have to be on my way.”
    “Oh…are you going back to the Firm?”
    Dare sighed. “I don’t know. There has to be changes for me to return there. Glad thing, Uncle Femi is going to go to jail, that means the Firm would be free of his venom.”
    Reina nodded. “Okay dear. Take your time and make the best decision for your Firm, you worked hard to put that place in shape. Don’t abandon it.”
    “I’ll access my options. Good night, Reina. And I wish you a happy life.”
    Reina smiled. “I hope I get along with the girls really well. Especially Darlene.”
    “You have no problems with Darlene; just let her see the part of you that fell in love with her Dad.” He replied with a wink. “And of course, help her out with the wedding preparations, your expertise is needed.” He replied and drove off.
    Rein watched Dare’s car drive off. She took a deep breath. “I am sorry, Dare, you really are hurting.”
    I joined Reina outside. “Hmmm…it’s going to be difficult to see you as my Mom.”
    Reina smiled. “I am not asking that you see me as your Mom.” She said, taking a sit in the garden. “I used to be a terrible mother, but at least, I have been a mother.”
    I scoffed and took my seat beside her. “Tell me what you like about my Dad?” I asked.
    She grinned. “Really?” I nodded. “Okay, I think he’s hot.” I stared at her with the ‘are you kidding me’ expression. “For real, I think he’d pass for a George Clooney type of man.”
    “George…what? Reina, don’t go there.” I replied with a smile.
    She shrugged. “I am serious, when we met in Paris, he said the funniest things ever, and I blurted out to him that I loved him. He told me that he had two daughters, but I couldn’t mind. I really did love him from that day.”
    “It’s all in the past, now.” I said, and sighed.
    Reina took my hand. “Your ring is beautiful. I wish you a happy marriage.” She said with a smile.
    I nodded. “I always wanted this.”
    She sighed. “I thought you loved Dare.”
    I nodded. “I thought I did too, but all I needed to realize was who going on won’t be possible without, and it is Jake.”
    “Smart choice.”
    I sighed. “I am just worried for Dare. I don’t know if he would be happy.”
    “Of course, he would be. He just has to find his better half.” She replied. “The one that it won’t be possible to go on without.” She added.
    I took a deep breath. “It’s cold out here, I would be going in.” I said, and walked away.
    “Hi Jane…”
    Jane closed her laptop. “Hey Jacob, how are you?”
    “I am good. How’s Canada?” he asked.
    Jane leaned back. “Work is going fine here. So, how did the proposal go?”
    “She said YES.”
    Jane jumped up. “YES!!! I am so happy for you, baby. So when is the wedding?”
    “I don’t know yet. I have to see Dad and Mom first, and then we would set a date with Darlene’s family.”
    Jane adjusted in her seat. “Tell me how you did the proposal.” She said, with a smile.
    Jake ranted on to his sister about his famous proposal.
    2 Weeks after the proposal
    “Hi Pastor Ben.” I said, stopping over at the church.
    Pastor Ben smiled as he ran through the Invitation; he was going to be coordinating Pastor. “This is nice; I am honored to be in charge of your wedding.”
    “You are the only Pastor I know.” I said, smiling.
    He nodded. “So, you and Jake would be couples.” He scoffed. “You always have been. It’s just going to be official.”
    I smiled.
    “Darlene…a smile has always been weird on you, but this is pure. You are going to be very happy, I am happy for you. You won your case and now, you’ve won a bigger lottery.
    Mama Adeoti strolled into the Church office. “I am sorry for not knocking, but Pastor Ben.” She rushed to say and stopped on seeing me. “Anyway, since you are here, I might as well confirm the rumours, is it true that you would be getting married to Jacob Martin-Oje?” she asked, adjusting her eye glasses.
    I reached for an Invitation card in my purse and stretched it to her. “You are invited.” I said, with a smile.
    “Really? This is so beautiful. Congratulations, my dear. Welcome to the league of married women, well almost welcome.” She said, forcing a hug.
    I was the first to release myself from the hug; she was going to rip my cloth. “Thank you ma.”
    She took a seat. “Now that you are getting married, and you attend this church, I think you should join us for the next hang out. The Married women association would be delighted to have you join us.”
    I nodded. She smiled widely. She faced Pastor Ben. “This is huge Pastor, we have our little girl getting married, I think I should tell the Married Women Association about this. It is time we started having young ladies join the association.” She smiled at me. “Honey, you are so welcome.” She said, and pecked me. “I would see you later, Pastor.” She said and walked out. Pastor Ben saw her off.
    EVEN IF I WAS GOING TO HANG OUT WITH MARRIED WOMEN…Mama Adeoti??? Come on, not in this life time.

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    I thought as much

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