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    I feel your pains

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    Xtel jay
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    Sorry 4 ur loss o

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    too bad

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    Eyah…sorry oo

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    I could hear the sound of slow hip-hop pulsing behind the closed windows of the Beamer as I approached. But Jake killed the music as soon as I reached for the door handle. I slid into the front seat next to Jake and told him to take me home.
    “Who was that you were listening to?” I asked him.
    “Um, that was Lil Wayne.”
    “How to love?”
    “That’s right.”
    Over the years, I had become knowledgeable in the subtle distinctions, regional and otherwise, in rap and hip-hop. Across the board, most of my friends listened to it. Some of them fashion their life styles from them. I wouldn’t think of being totally tuned to music, especially rap. I reached for the disk rack and chose one at random. I noted the handwritten ‘Dido’ on the disk. I handed the disk over to Jake and he slid it into the dashboard stereo. I didn’t have to tell him to play it at a volume so low that it would amount to little more than background noise. Jake knew I hated noise. I turned my phone on, checked my voice mail and had two unread messages. One from my great aunt, Aunt Sally, she was apologizing for missing my mom’s remembrance service, this is the fifth consecutive time she was missing the service, so I was used to her constant apology messages. The other message was from Mrs Small.
    I called Mrs Small back first; I was uninterested in returning Aunt Sally’s message. “Hi Toni”, I said, signalling to Jake to totally kill the music. “Hey Honey, how are you holding up?” she asked. “I have been holding up well for the past twenty four years”, I replied sarcastically. Honestly, why would Toni ask how I have been holding up? My mom has been long dead. “I just thought you might need comfort”, she said sounding a bit defensive. “Oh Toni, where is your sense of humour?” I asked. At this junction, she burst into a mean laughter. “I do not like the sound of your laughter,” I said into the receiver. “Dare came for the service”, I said. “Oh! That’s nice to know”, she replied. “I am happy to know that he at least has one human bone in him,” I said. “And speaking of Dare coming to my mom’s service, how did he get the address?” I asked quickly. “Apart from the fact that you in your rude behaviour flung the card at him, I gave him the address”, she replied. “Did he ask for the address?” I asked smiling impressively. “Yes, he did”, she replied. The line started to break as we spoke and so I had to end my call with Toni.
    The traffic heading downtown bottle necked on the third mainland bridge. I spent the time in the car ‘tweeting’ and trying not to think about going back to Ade-Cole and the argument I had with my Dad about resenting him, My Dad was right and that’s what hurts. For a long time, I had been angry with the old man for a lot of reasons. It was something I had thought about changing myself. In a few minutes, we broke free of the bottleneck. I looked out of the window and saw no accident, I saw nobody with a flat Tyre and no high way patrol cruiser parked on the shoulder. I saw nothing to explain the traffic. It was often like that. Freeway traffic in Lagos was as mysterious as the dark side of the moon. It moved and flowed, then stalled, crawled and stopped for no easily explainable reason.
    “ Always thought that I would love to live by the sea…” Dido’s lyrics titled straight into my thoughts or rather interrupted my thoughts. I didn’t vision my life to be this complicated, never knew that Lagos could shrink so much that I would have to run into Mr Ex every other day of the week. I tried not to think about work. There are so many assholes to think about and so little time.
    Then solid bass blaring from the custom beamer speaker almost sent my head into the window glass, I turned swiftly to look at Jake with my hands covering both ears, I frowned at Jake who seemed to derive so much pleasure from the noise he had created, noticing the swift movement, he turned in my direction.
    “What?” he asked with a smile.
    Then he noticed the frown and the hand to ear gesture it made, he let the volume down from the media control on the steering wheels. Then he looked back at me and noticed that I hadn’t looked away and still had the frown on, I spotted his fumy smile spreading across his face, showing his white but broken canine.
    “That was M.I”, had to play him out loud.
    I shrugged and thought, what it was with Ex BHS boys and M.I….he is like a super hero to them. No disrespect to the Lagos superstar, but I wouldn’t even have him on my rack. “Why do you hate M.I so much?” Jake asked as if he read my thoughts. “I have never liked him, even knowing that he is an alumnus of our high school,” I replied coolly applying my lip gloss. “What will you rather have me play?” “Adele?” he asked with a grimace. “More like it”, I replied smiling. “I will not play such music in this royal stereo of mine”, he replied proudly. “And I suppose M.I is royalty?” I asked mockingly. Jake and I were very used to banters, especially on our favourites; we basically didn’t like the same things. I can’t stand M.I, and Jake thinks that Adele is a pathetic musician. When it comes to our choices in Football, I love Chelsea Football Club, and Jake can go on everyday about Arsenal Football Club. To worsen our usual Footie outburst, Jake hates my best footballer, Didier Drogba. Why would anyone hate Didier Drogba? I couldn’t really blame Jake, Drogba is known for “ripping the brakes out of Arsenal’s Car” whenever the London derby arises.
    Jake drove on into the night as I remained glued to my smashing new blackberry I had several “pings” to reply and of course, have fun “tweeting”. The journey to my house was taking longer than expected, but I couldn’t be bothered, I was with Jake! I feel very safe with my “big bear” as I love to call Jake. Speaking about Jake’s physique, he had been working out since high school when I had problem with seniors boys coming at me because of the “so-called attitude” they said I posed at them whenever they wanted to go out with me. Jake got into fights in school because of me, I always got on people’s nerves and then I rush to Jake for help, he has always been there, and nothing has changed.
    “Here we are”, Jake said as he pulled up. I stared at the very familiar environment, then turned and punched Jake hard on the shoulder. “What are we doing at the galleria?” I asked as I peered out of the tinted glass windows. “We are here to celebrate your first ever birthday and put an end to your annoying birthdays”, he replied turning his phone off. “Jake, my mom’s remembrance service started when I was four years old, so I don’t think it’s that bad, and beside I like hanging with my mom at the cemetery” I replied. “It is horrible you know what?, you’re hanging out with me today and we are having fun even if I have to drag you along screaming and kicking all the way” he said smiling, “Jake, am I crazy?” I said smiling back at him. “No you’re not crazy, and I’m the crazy one in case you forgot”, he replied closing the doors of the car.

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    Jake walked towards me waving two movie tickets with a big smile on his face,“I got us the last two tickets for Cars”.
    “Cars, are you kidding me?”
    “The movie is a sell-out and a tip was necessary to get the last two tickets, so let me rephrase your last sentence, Oh thanks a lot Jake, you’re the best ” Jake replied sounding like Minnie mouse.
    “I do not sound like that you retard” I replied hitting him on his shoulder. “I bet we’ll be the only adults in the cinema”
    And apparently, we were the only adults in the cinema and to worsen matters, Jake got us seats in the midsection of the hall. Making our way to the seats, was like hurdling over the legs of the kids who wouldn’t adjust and let us pass because they were so glued to the screen. Then we finally took a seat beside a grumpy kid who apparently had some problem locating where his mouth was, he had pop corn flying on his shirt, the chairs, Jake’s shoes, but Jake didn’t seem to mind, he actually got a “kind” shove from me when threw his pop corn in my face.
    “Now let’s get you home” Jake said as the KFC attendant handed me a bucket of half-wings and some fries. “Not quite”, I replied with my mouth full.
    “Then what?”
    “The day is still young, it’s just like 8pm and besides, it’s my birthday”
    We exchanged the knowing look, “are you thinking what I am thinking?” Jake asked.
    I nodded.
    “So where is it going to be?; Q-lounge, Koko lounge, Rehab…”
    “Club du retard” I replied cutting him off
    “And where is that?”
    “You are joking right” he replied with a raised eye brow.
    “Do you know the number of cars that get jacked in that side of town?”
    “Just tell me you are joking”
    “You chicken, come on its not that bad and beside I have got friends in that side of town, you’ll be just fine”
    “Are you sure about this?” Jake asked as he pulled up into a noisy neighbourhood.
    “Yes, I just want to have fun, isn’t that what you want?” I asked. “I want you to have fun but we at a pub”, he replied. “Don’t be a silly girl”, I said and jumped out of the car. The local pubs downtown had the best fun loving people. I danced into the night with Jake all around me before I knew it, I knew nothing. What does that mean? I guess I got drunk!
    “Morning D”, Jake said handing me a cup of coffee. I had to shield my eyes; at least I knew where I was. Jane’s room always let in too much light early in the morning. By the way, Jane is Jake’s twin.
    “Thanks”, I said as I took the cup.
    “You went overboard and got drunk last night at the Pub”, he started as he raised the curtains. I sipped the coffee gently. A large smile danced round Jake’s face.
    “What?” I asked.
    He jumped at me and tickled me hard.
    “I had never seen you dance until last night”, he said.
    “That was my birthday”, I replied.
    “I am so happy to see you happy”, he said.
    “Thank you Jake”, I said warmly. He smiled, acknowledging me.
    “I owe it to you, if you didn’t help me, I would have never known how to enjoy a birthday”, I added. “Thank you”, I said again and hugged him.
    “Time to go home”, he said releasing me.
    “Jake, how much did I drink last night?” I asked as we approached the door.
    “Somewhere between a lot and too much”
    “Hi Jake”, Dad said as we walked in.
    “Good morning sir”, he replied.
    “Where did you kidnap my girl to yesterday?” He asked.
    “We just hung out”, he replied scratching his head.
    “Why are you asking him questions Dad when I am right here?” I asked angrily.
    “Darlene”, Jake whispered under his breath.
    “I just wanted to know because I wanted to have a quiet night with you yesterday for your birthday”, Dad replied.
    “Am I supposed to celebrate that”? I asked rudely.
    “When are you going to stop resenting me”? He asked.
    “I am going to take my leave now”, Jake said excusing himself.
    “Why are you so pissed about not getting the job at my firm?” Dad asked.
    I scoffed.
    “You are working at Ade-Cole, anyone will kill to have that job”, he replied.
    “Anyone except me”, I said.
    “I will not continue to take your petty insults”, he replied.
    “I am not done yet; I want to know why you employed a certain Dora Oluwole in your company as your Personal Assistant”? I asked.
    “That is my personal business and why are you digging into my business?” He asked angrily.
    “Don’t you think that she is too young for an affair, she is only 22 Dad”, I yelled.
    “Why would I date my own daughter?” He asked.
    I was shocked!
    “Listen Darlene, I wanted to talk to you about it yesterday, I am very sorry”, he said.
    I ran upstairs and shut the door angrily.
    “Hi”, I heard a thin voice say.
    “I am Dora”, she said.
    “What”! I yelled.

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