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    Waooo but what type of a mother is this that give her child freedom without caution

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    Jessica Duru
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    I’m so sorry for posting late, everyone. Been busy with sch 😥

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    The Reverend Father had been rushed to a hospital the minute Amadi aggressively pounced on him. The latter had dismantled his face, ran off, and left him lying almost dead. His parents had seen for themselves that truly their son had gone out of control, and they searched frantically for him.
    “My son. Oh, my son—” Amadi’s mother couldn’t stop crying on their way home, having searched. She was worried sick about her only child, praying heavily for God to come to their aid, as the view outside flushed goosebumps all over her. “Stop the car,”
    Her husband didn’t need anyone telling him, as he did. “What has our son done now?” he asked as his wife shrugged her shoulders in a way to tell she didn’t know, and got down.
    “Madam, where is your son?” A man emerged from the crowd. “Where is he?!”
    “P-please what has he done?” Nwakaego was terrified, seeing how outraged they were.
    “Madam, no dey speak English,” another man appeared. “Where is your son?!” Amadi’s mother couldn’t help but cry, knowing the end has come.
    She was led to where a boy laid stretched out on the ground, as her husband gave a yell, remembering his dream.
    “So, this is what the dream was trying to tell me?” he muttered to himself as Mama Amadi had her hands over her head, with hot beads of sweat rolling down her face. “This boy has killed me.” she said to no one in particular. “My son has killed me!” a piercing pain shot through her heart, and she collapsed.


    Amadi’s mother was rushed to the hospital—on reaching there, she was pronounced dead.
    “Eei!” Papa Amadi couldn’t hold back his tears. His wife was gone; he could hear her voice echoing in his ears; “My son has killed me—” he truly has. Ikeme blamed himself for letting her come with him. She’d have been alive if she had stayed in the car—those were his thoughts. He remembered the strange man’s words. The spirit of the one he‘d mentioned, was truly in possession of his only child. All explanations given to the people fell on deaf ears. The many present at the hospital insisted on him bringing out his child from wherever he had hidden him. “I haven’t seen him, I swear,”
    “You must bring him out. He killed a boy, that’s no petty crime!” The people had gone blind with rage. Those who witnessed the scene said that Amadi kept on hitting him ‘til he was left without breath. The boy had only passed him, and Amadi had drawn him back, only for him to push him down and get atop him. It was too late for anyone to intervene, as the first throw knocked him out—this they explained.
    Ikeme was given no chance to mourn his wife. Never for once did he think he’d be in such a situation. He remembered Father Mmadu at that point, wishing he was there. The thought of him being in a critical condition frustrated him even more. “If only—” the voice of a man stopped him. “What are you doing here?” he saw the man that had revealed to him the quest of the spirit that laid inside of his son. What was he doing there?
    ”You have to hurry,” the man pulled Ikeme with him. “We don’t have much time,” Ikeme was left with no option but to follow. He asked Ikeme to get in the car once they were out the building; Ikeme was confused on why he should do so. “But why?”
    “Just get in!”
    Ikeme did as he was told, not questioning any further. He drove until they came to a spot—it seemed like the perfect place to kill someone and not have anyone know. “Why am I here?” Ikeme asked, “What business do I have of this place?”
    The man chuckled, and stretched out his hand, as out came a shovel.
    “My God!” Ikeme yelled, and got the car door open as he got out.
    “Who are you?!”
    The man replied, “I am Njete.” His name rang a bell.
    “What do you want from me?!”
    He asked Ikeme to follow him. “Come—” the curious man followed, as they got to a spot.
    “What is this place?”
    The elderly man looked at him. “Do you not know?”
    Ikeme shook his head.
    “Oh. How little you were—”
    Ikeme understood not a thing. “Little?” he was anxious to know what he meant. “What do you mean?”
    The old man chuckled, not replying yet, as he went digging.

    ∙∙·▫▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫ₒₒ▫ᵒᴼᵒ▫ₒₒ▫ᵒᴼᵒ more to come

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    Jessica Duru
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    Here, guys 😊 Thanks a lot for your wonderful comments. I’m so sorry I kept u guys waiting. Sch hasn’t been easy 😞

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    Amadi mother has paid dearly, ride on.

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Mama,u have u seen dat ur lack of training n disciplining ur son has sent u to ur early grave???
    Let’s see de kind of revelation dis man has for us sha!!!

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    I think the mama learnt a lesson but in a hard way

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    That is how it goes don’t give children too much freedom

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