Pregnant For a stranger

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    Pregnant for a stranger


    Phoebe was heartbroken.
    She gets drunk and wakes up to see herself stark naked in an Hotel room.
    Ashamed she hastely got dressed and runs off.

    Gray Mensah is a young, handsome and charming business man.

    He is d--n rich and popular, girls throw themselves at him.
    He goes by the saying”all women are the same”.

    He had sex with Phoebe thinking she was one of his many sluts.

    What happens when Phoebe finds out she is pregnant?

    But for whom?

    I want you all to sit, relax and follow allow this thrilling story.

    Brought to you ✍️ by Authoress Joan

    Love you all ???.


    Pregnant for a stranger
    Episode One
    Story ✍️by: Joan lkponmwosa



    ? Phoebe?

    I stare at my reflection in the mirror as Daisy apply make up on my face.

    My name is Phoebe Adwin, today l will be going out on a date with my boyfriend Goerge.

    This will be the third time am seeing him in a year.

    He is always busy with work and travels alot. I don’t complain because l love him alot.

    I miss him a lot, am so eager to see him so l have to look best.

    Diasy is my best friend, we live together in an apartment. She is a stylist.

    My parents died when l was little. My grandmother took care of me ever since and l see her as my father and mother. She is my everything.

    Grandma stays in her house at a rural area in Ghana.
    We are Ghanians same with my best friend Daisy.

    ( Back to present)




    ” You look georgous girlfriend” Daisy says and squeal excitedly.

    I stare at my reflection in the mirror once again, truth be told l am looking different due to the magic Daisy performed on my face.

    ” Thanks, fishbrain” l said and laugh at her reaction.

    ” Me fishbrain? ” She’s ask and pout her lips.
    ” Do you think someone with fishbrain can make you look this good uhnnn” she says faking tears.

    ” Quit the act already” l said between laughter.

    ” Seriously girlfriend Goerge is gonna fall in love with you again when he sees you tonight”.

    ” Alright enough of the compliment, let me get going”.

    “Bye sweetie, have fun”.

    ” I will” l reply and shut the door.





    “Sir, a lady is asking for you” my secretary says over the phone.

    ” Let her in” l reply.

    The door open to reveal a half naked Mira . She cat walk to me seductively.

    “Mira, how may l help you?” I ask.

    ” You know what l want Mr Gray, l want you” she says and throw her top away as she gives me her most sexiest smile.

    l smirk, without wasting time l position her on my desk and spank her ass repeatedly.

    In seconds, we are both naked, she is so much in a hurry to feel my c--k inside her.

    I f--k her mercilessly till I reach organsm.

    ” Here, this is five hundred thousand cedis” l say and throw it at her.

    ” Now get out of my office and never show your face to me again” l stated coldly.

    She is surprised by my reaction, she dress hurriedly and scurried out.

    My name is Gray Mensah, the most young and popular business man in Ghana.

    This is what l experience everyday , girls throw themselves at me and some come with fake pregnancies just to extort money from me and l give them what they want.

    Money isn’t my problem, my name is more important , l don’t want any scandal, so l give them what they want.

    The door opens and my secretary walks in.

    ” Sit”, l order.

    ” So can you explain to me how we lost the sum of ten million Cedis within few weeks!”

    “Sir please am sincerely sorry, l don’t know how it happened”.

    ” What the hell are you saying?” I retorted angrily and she trembles in fright.
    ” So money have legs now huh?”

    ” Am giving you twenty four hours to refund the money or give me a tangible reason for the loss of the money else you lose your job”.
    ” Now out of my office”.

    ” Sir please am………

    ” I said out”. I yell.

    She scurried away.

    F-----g w---e, she thinks because have f----d her once or twice,l will let this slide.

    She must be a fool for thinking such.

    I just need to cool my head, l stood and grab my car key.




    Hmmmm Gray Mensah.

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    Episode Two




    ? Phoebe?

    Mintues later, l arrive at the restaurant, l met Goerge already sitted,on seeing me he stood to welcome me and l hug him, have miss him so much.

    After the long hug, we finally settled down and order for food and drinks.

    ” How have you been?” Goerge ask.

    ” Have been fine, is just that l miss you alot” l reply.

    “Same here” he says.

    “How is work?” I ask.

    ” Work is good” he reply.

    ” So did you decide to come spend some weeks with me?”.

    ” No, am leaving tomorrow” he reply.

    ” What! You are leaving so soon.”

    ” Yes, Phoebe l just came to see you and to tell you something.”

    ” What is it, you want to say.”

    ” Phoebe” he calls and hold my hands.

    ” I don’t know how you are gonna react to this but I think we should end things .”

    ” How do you mean, wait, are you breaking up with me?”

    ” Let’s break up Phoebe.” He says.

    ” What! This is unbelievable” l free my hands from his grip.

    ” After everything we have been through, you are always busy traveling around but have never complained have been faithful all this years, Why Goerge Why!. ”

    “You are too good for me Phoebe”.

    ” But am not complaining, please Goerge don’t do this”.

    ” Look, Phoebe, l just figured out that this won’t work, am sorry.”

    ” No, Goerge you can’t do this to me.”

    ” Am sorry Phoebe, l have to prepare for my flight tomorrow, l have to go, please take good care of yourself.”

    ” Goerge, wait, please you can’t just leave me like this, but he is gone.

    He left me, l cried l can’t take this, l sobbed even more.




    I never wanted to break up with Phoebe , but it’s the only way l could secure my job. My CEO wants me to marry her arrogant daughter or l lose my job, l had no other choice, l do love her alot.

    But l just can’t risk loosing my job, beside who date a jobless man.




    ? Phoebe?

    Three more bottles, l tell the waiter.

    This is too much to take in, l loved him so much but this is what l get in return, this is sixth bottle am taking, l don’t care.

    I just want to get drunk and forget about this miserable night even if it’s for a short time.

    More, l tell the waiter.





    Why is she not picking her calls.

    This food is getting Cold, maybe she decided to spend the night but at least she should have called.

    Am farmish, am already used to eating with her.

    Now am the one to suffer.





    Tequila, l tell the waiter, l need l b---h to warm my bed tonight.

    I spot a lady at the extreme, she is pretty, and drinking alone, there are up to about fifteen bottles on her table.

    Wait, did she take all that?

    No that’s impossible, maybe she was drinking with her friends and they left her or something.

    She is really beautiful though.

    Seriously, when did l start admiring a lady?

    I need to talk to her.she is too pretty to be alone.

    I get up with my drink in my hand and walk up to her.

    ” Hey beautiful, Mind if l join you?”

    She nods in reply.

    ” Thanks.”

    I sit beside her, l must admit, she is dead goergous.
    Wow!, the most beautiful woman have ever seen.

    “Hey Mr hot, my boyfriend broke up with me today,he says l don’t deserve him.”

    ” you are very handsome” she says and giggles.

    ” Hot and handsome” she repeats and touch my beards.

    Now she is flirting.

    I almost forgot, all women are the same.

    I just got myself a b---h to warm my bed.

    “Would you want me to show you how hot l can be down there.”

    “Off course” she says and giggles again.

    ” I like you Mr hot.”

    Gaining more confidence, l draw her closer and claim her lips, she kisses back and deepens the kiss, her lovely scent fill my nostril.
    I nibble on her lower lip and kiss her neck, she moans softly.

    ” Mr hot, your lips are sweet.”
    She says and kiss me again.

    I have to get a room, l found a b---h for tonight and a goergous one at that.


    To be continued

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    hmm u should have to home instead of drinking, now this fool is going to take advantage of you

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    De alcohol n heartbreak are making her do things out of her will,dats very unfortunate sha!!!

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    Ride on

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    Seated.bring it on, can’t wait!

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