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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 1

    “Will you, Precious Nworah take thee, Williams Sylvester as your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer till death do you part?”

    “Yes I do” Presh smiled revealing her cute dentition with “open teeth”.

    Same question was repeated to Williams and he replied “Yes I do”

    “You may kiss your bride”The Priest declared.

    Presh became shy at this moment. She smiled and slightly bent her head. Williams moved closer and raised her head up but what she saw freaked her out! It wasn’t her Williams anymore but a terrifying beast with blood gushing out of the sides of his mouth and very long incissor like that of a gorilla. But he was still wearing the suit! Only the face and body was that of a beast!! His long nails which he used in raising up her face was already piercing into her skin.

    “What?! God nooo.. Please”She screamed as she threw her bouquet of flower away and made to free from his grip but No! The beast held on tightly to her bringing his disgusting mouth forward to kiss her.
    She turned away sharply screaming for help but like a flash, no one was inside the Church anymore. The priest, her parents, her best friend Kim who was also her Chief bride’s maid. No one!

    The beast dragged her forward and stabled her head in his grip.
    “Don’t you want to kiss your groom?”He asked mockingly.
    It was exactly the voice of Williams but how he changed into a beast, she couldn’t tell. She screamed but no one seemed to be in sight.
    Finally, the beast pressed her down and kissed her forcefully right on the alter. She made to release herself from his grip but all her efforts was futile as she couldn’t match up to his strength.
    She started crying!
    What could be going on?
    The beast wasn’t moved by her tears. Still with his suit on, he pushed her roughly to the floor of the alter and mounted on her tearing her wedding gown.
    Oh! An expensive wedding gown her older brother had sent to her from Dubai as a consolation for not being able to attend her wedding.

    He further tore her undies leaving her naked totally as he removed his suit trouser and boxer and mounted on her roughly shoving his manhood into her.
    She cried in pains because she was still a virgin.
    What is going on?
    Who is this??
    She kept crying as he raped her vigorously right on the alter!!

    “Sugar! Sugar!!”Williams shoved her from sleep.
    She jumped up from the bed in fear and stared at him intently visibly scared.

    “What is it? You were crying in your sleep!”Williams asked with a note of concern

    “How.. How”She stammered still shaking in fear.

    “I came over to see you and Mum said you’re taking a nap inside and let me come here to wake u up”

    “Mum did?”She asked not believing him.
    Her mother would never allow Williams come close to her till they were legally married. She was this over religious Christian who took a stand against sex before marriage. She had trained all her children to know about sex chastity and Presh made her proud by sticking to the rule of “No sex till wedding night”. She was getting married to her heartthrob Williams in 2 weeks time and preparation was in full gear.

    “What are you thinking of? You’ve been standing there for minutes now lost in thoughts,.. What did u dream of?”Williams stood up making to reach her.
    She moved away uncomfortably still scared over the dream she just had. Having a nightmare in the afternoon?? Fancy that!

    “You’re bleeding!”Williams said almost shouting and only then did Presh realise her bed was soaked in blood and her dress too. A sharp pain shot her lower abdomen almost immediately.

    “Ouch! Cramps!!”She held her tummy

    “Is there anything I can do to help?”Williams asked in concern

    “Uhm..just help me tell Kaylan to make a cup of hot tea for me” Kaylan is her immediate younger sister.

    “OK.. I’ll do that immediately. But hope you’ll be fine”

    “Sure babes”She smiled as she slowly worked into the bathroom to clean up.
    Williams wondered about the strange way she reacted towards him but he couldn’t help but walk away to carry out her instructions. Perhaps! It was because of some dream she had.


    Presh entered the bath tub and let the water soak her body as she lay there thinking about the dream she just had.
    As much as she tried to push it away, it still found a way to surface into her subconscious mind.
    She became scared not knowing what to make of the dream.
    Her wedding was in two weeks time and she was all prepared for it.
    Williams and Her had been dating for 3years now and she could say she knew him like the back of her palm. He wasn’t a bad person at all.
    He is the Director of one of his Father’s company and he wasn’t doing bad at all. He came from a wealthy home and even if she herself was from a rich home, Williams’ family was far richer than hers.

    “Ada what is wrong?”
    Her mother’s voice startled her. This woman never gave them privacy. She would bump into their room without knocking and didn’t care whether they were naked or not. “What are you hiding that I’ve not seen?”Was her favorite statement anytime they try to rebuke her for barging into their rooms without knocking and so, they’ve grown so used to her.

    “Mum am fine”She sighed and got out of the bath tub.

    “Williams said you were crying in your sleep. Tell me what you dreamt of so I can pray for you”

    Presh took her towel and wrapped her body allowing the water from her hair to drop off her back. She walked out of the bathroom into the room and her mum followed behind.

    “I’m fine Mum, you don’t need to bother yourself. It’s just a dream”She stood in front of the mirror and took another towel and started drying her wet hair.

    “But you can still share it with me?”

    “Oh oh oh.. I said don’t bother”She said getting frustrated.

    “OK. If you say so.”Her mum said and walked out of the room.

    She sat down in front of the mirror and was combing her hair when a chill breeze began to blow around her. She got up frightfully and looked around but saw nothing. Her windows wasn’t open either.
    Soon, things began to fall and scatter. First, her mirror, then the flower vase just on top of her side stool and then her curtain.

    “Blood of Jesus!!” She screamed and ran out of her room.


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    Another banger….. Bring it on

    Links To Available Episodes
    Scroll Down For Episode 2

    Episode 3

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    Episode 5

    Episode 6-7

    Episode 8-9

    Last Episode

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    u beta talk

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    Talk before it to late oo

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    Itz Reindy
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    Prosper Yeboah
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    I hope dis dream isn’t just a coincidence oo,,,by de way who is William? Is he who we think he is???

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    Adindu Presh

    Episode 2

    Kim woke up with a stir
    “The earth is of the Lord and the fullness thereof” kept ringing in her mind.
    She got up and took her bible which had fallen from her chest when she fell asleep.
    She tried to search the part in the Bible where that verse was written but it was totally off her brain.
    She sighed, dropped the Bible and knelt down.. Opening her mouth to pray, tears began pouring out from her eyes. She didn’t know what else to say to God. She had a lot, a whole lot to request from God but the more she thought of it, she more the tears poured.
    Her mind flashed back to her dream. “The earth is of the Lord and the fullness thereof”She muttered slowly.

    She stood up, collected a scarf and tied her hair then blasted into tongues.. She was so lost in the spirit.
    “Father I bring Presh into your able hands.. I bring her before you Lord.. I don’t know why I feel this way but God take control over her life. Take control over her affairs..”She prayed fervently on top of her voice. The tears kept pouring..
    “Have mercy Lord.. Have mercy”She said in tears..

    TAWAIII!!! A belt landed on the cape of her neck. Kim jumped up in pains and stared face to face with her Father, Mazi

    “How many times have I warned you? How many times do I need to repeat myself eh Kimberly?? Don’t turn my house into a church.. Others are asleep. You refuse to sleep and still refuse to let us sleep. Are you possessed!??”Mazi screamed in anger.

    Kim caressed her bruised neck as tears kept pouring down her eyes.
    “I gave you liberty to go to any Church you like. Pray as long as you like over there but when you come back to my house, I want absolute peace. The next time you repeat this rubbish again, I will persevere strangle you to death. Believe me”He said and left

    Kim slowly knelt down. Her sisters, Christabel and Annabel who were twins came in after their Father had left. They were just 19years old. Obviously, her prayers or their Father’s shouting had woken them up as their room was just opposite Kim’s.

    “Sorry sister”Christabel said looking at her sister in pity

    “You know how Dad is, maybe you should just pray silently whenever he is around”Annabel said

    Kim only nodded.
    “You two can go back to your room now. I’m sorry for waking you up”She patted them on their back and they stood up and walked into their room.

    Kim locked her door and sank on her knees
    “Father Lord, save my father from the clutches of darkness” She prayed, silently this time around.


    Presh ran to the Sitting room screaming, hurriedly from the stair case.

    “Jesus Christ! What is the meaning of all these?”Mrs Felicia, Precious’ mom screamed as she loosened her wrapper immediately and wrapped it around Presh who was naked. Her towel had fallen down as she was running downstairs but she hasn’t noticed.
    She became ashamed as she realised she had been running naked.
    Williams her Fiance, Her mum, Her Dad and her sister were all there!

    “Uhm.. Mum.. I..”She stammered, honestly not knowing what to say as shame engulfed her.

    “Sugar, you’ve been acting strangely today. What is the problem?”williams asked as he touched her shoulder.

    “What exactly is wrong? Can’t you speak?”Felicia flared up angrily.

    Presh flinched. She knew better than getting her Mum upset.
    “My room.. Things were falling down and breaking.. It was so scary. That’s why I ran away. I’m sorry”

    “Kini gbogbo rubbish e bayi?”Felicia shouted. She too was confused.

    “Mum please calm down.”Kaylan spoke for the first time

    “Precious, you said things were falling in your room?”Mr Nworah asked adjusting his reading glasses. He’s a calm man who hardly talked.

    Presh looked at him and kept quiet

    “Soro! Are you okay?”Felicia screamed in frustration. A typical Yoruba woman married to an Igbo man.

    “Can’t we just go into her room and see things for ourselves?”Williams said.

    They all stood up and headed upstairs with Williams leading the way.
    Mr Nworah sat behind shaking his head then finally trailed behind them.
    Getting into the room, everywhere was as quiet as ever. nothing seemed out of place. Even the broken mirror, curtains and everything was well arranged.
    Presh couldn’t believe this. She opened and closed her mouth as no word came out.

    “So where are the broken things?”Kaylan asked

    Presh looked away.

    Felicia sighed

    Williams sat on the edge of the bed palming his face.

    Mr Nworah shook his head and walked away.

    “Tell me the meaning of all these? What exactly is wrong with you?”Felicia asked piercing into the eyes of her daughter.

    “Mum I know what I saw”Was all Presh could utter.


    He bowed before the woman who was sitted on the Throne with different naked girls holding calabashes of blood.

    “How is it going?”She asked

    “Very well”

    “ have been empowered with strength and might to defeat all of them. All the worshippers of the most high and you must do so as quickly as possible”

    “Trust me my Queen. Am on it”He said still bowing

    She nodded in satisfaction “Now let’s drink to victory”
    The naked girls brought their calabashes which was filled with blood and handed over to the Queen who drank and passed it on to the man who drank and gave to the girls.


    KIM hurried to the venue of the meeting with Presh. For a second, she wondered why Presh would chose to meet her up at a Hotel instead of her house as always but she brushed the thought. Presh would have her reasons.
    She drove hurriedly beating the traffic and soon arrived the hotel. She parked at a spot that would be convenient for her to drive out.
    She was surprised to realise that Presh was not even around the hotel.

    “What is wrong with this girl? wasn’t she the one calling me to hurry up because she was here already?”Kim thought.
    She however brought out her phone and dialed Presh’s line.

    “I’m sorry babes, I went to use the restroom”

    Kim looked up and met Presh’s gaze. She was just in front of her.
    Kim heaved a sigh of relief.

    “Why the urgent meet up? And why here of all places when we can actually meet at your place or mine?”Kim asked

    “Well, I needed a little privacy jare. Mum won’t let me be.”Presh said dropping her purse on the table.

    “Come on! You’ll be a married woman in less than 14days and what? Mum would definitely miss you.. So abeg allow the woman to enjoy you small before you’ll be finally taken away from her”Kim laughed. Presh joined too.

    “So how’s preps for your big day?”

    “Well, we’re just pushing. I can’t wait jare”Presh said staring at her nails

    “Why don’t we order for something?”Kim asked

    “No need. I want you to help me with your car.”

    “My car? But why?”Kim asked “What about your car?”

    “It developed some faults and I had to take it to the mechanic. I need your car to run to the baker and tailor to be sure everything is set. please babes”Presh said making a baby face.

    “Hmm. Presh you know I need to go to work tomorrow and taking cabs is not my thing”

    “ahnahn, I’ll bring it back for you this evening. I just need it for the rest of today”


    “I cross my heart. And I owe you one for the inconvenience I might have caused you”Presh smiled

    Kim laughed and handed over her car keys to Presh who immediately stood up to leave.

    “Catch ya later” She got up and left.

    Kim sat down to chill off a bit so she called on the waitress to get her a 1L plastic coke.
    She was fiddling with her phone when she was served.

    “Thank you”She muttered as she made to open it. The waitress still stood in front of her and Kim thought she was obviously waiting for a tip.
    She searched her purse and brought out some losed change and looked up to hand over the money to the waitress.

    “JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH” she fell off her seat as the sight in front of her was terrifying! it was her mother who died 5years ago!

    The waitress who had transformed into her mother only smiled wildly. Kim was still on the floor held down by fear staring at the waitress.

    “I’m lonely Kimberly, come with me”She beckoned.
    Only then did Kim come back to her memory. She threw her phone and purse away and ran as fast as her legs could carry her, out of the hotel..


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    right on time

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