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    NEUTRAL EMOTIONS🗿 [Emoción Perdida]
    🔞 Rated 🔞
    Written by Ayomikun Bam

    Location: Somewhere in the city of Zaragoza.

    Time: 9:45 P.m.

    Shoe heels sounded in the medium sized hall. They walked towards the long table. They were in black suits and hat which covered their face from clear sight. The group consists of seven woman and seven men. The men sat at the left hand side while the women sat opposite them.

    They sat down and took each other hands in a firm clasp.

    A man entered with a suitcase in his hands. He joined them making the team fifteen in numbers. Seven women eight

    “Damas y caballeros (Ladies and gentlemen)” He greeted in Spanish and removed his hat. They also removed their hat and dropped it on the table.

    “Tonight, our reign is about to start.” He paused and opened the suitcase. “Here, we’re going to rule this fourteen cities in spain. La sangre se derramará (Blood will spill). Anyone who crosses our path will go to the hereafter. Retomaremos lo que es nuestro (We will take back what’s ours). You all have helped me become the mayor in this city and I, Antonio will pay back according to the oath of allegiance.” He said.

    “Where is the emissary?” A man sitting at the left hand side, third to the last asked.

    “Oh! Death emissary you mean, Santiago? There. Sebastian” The leader, Antonio said pointing to the dark.

    He walked in slowly. It was as if he was counting his steps. He stood in front of them. They could see his face but not clearly.

    “I already explained everything to him and guess what? He’s eager to strike” The leader said.

    They murmured amongst themselves. Some chuckled.

    “Antonio. Did you tell him we’re taking over cities, killing mayors of each fourteen cities of our choice and not politicians or ordinary men” Another man said.

    The leader, Antonio chuckled. “Seb, introduce yourself”

    “You know my name already. Can I know yours? Ladies first.” Sebastian said. His voice was so soft that it could melt any hard thing.

    “I’m Quinn. I..” A woman introduced.

    “You’re 46 years old. Divorced. You own the mall at the central of the city. Your two daughters studies at Nyc. Secret bodyguards with them. Maya and Mila.”

    “Oh! No” Mrs. Quinn exclaimed.

    “Secret bodyguards disguised as students are with them which they don’t know. You..” Sebastian continued.

    “Stop! No one knows this information. quién eres tú? (Who are you?)” Mrs. Quinn asked, marveled.

    Antonio chuckled. “That’s it. He knows spain and info like el dorso de sus manos (The back of his hands)” Antonio said, smiling. The looks on their face shows, surprise and it seems they were satisfied. He would surely carry out the mission without much ache to their head.

    “I’ll send the files to you but first thing first… el juramento (The oath)” Antonio said and brought out a knife.
    Boom💣💥. Are you all ready to visit spain? Make sure you get your popcorn ready and…. And… And… Ion know, sha get ready😋. Episode one drops tomorrow.

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    Our aliya writter is here o. me i don seat down nd enjoy my bobo with gala ehen. @fb-danieledem send other to get what we shall eat nd drink till the end of this story.
    the train z about to start o

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    Let’s go Spain!

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    bring it on bro

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    Official first comment on this plartform. But i just have to.
    Great start. Anticipating

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    Esta va a ser una sensacion emocionante (this is going to be a thrilling sensation)

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    Episode 1

    NEUTRAL EMOTIONS🗿[Emoción perdida]
    🔞 Rated 🔞
    Written by Ayomikun Bam
    Episode One

    Location: Alicante

    Time: 9:00 A.m.

    Sebastian got up from the table and moved towards the restroom. He rinsed his face and looked at the mirror. His face looked so soft. This was what he hated about him. His face. He wanted it rough. He’ hated being a cute guy. His pink lips alone can make any girl c-m. He Hated the way girls stare at him. He hit the mirror with his fist and it shattered. He wanted to look hard. He’s a hard man and he wanted people to know. His cute face betrayed the devil in him.

    He pulled off his cloth and loosed his belt a bit. He had not sleep for days now. His work made it impossible for him to get a sleep. This was his last mission here in Alicante, executing the mayor of Alicante without no single trace.

    The door sounded. There was a knock on the door.

    He stood up. His body was covered in sweat. He moved towards the door and opened it.

    The waitress entered and dropped the tray on his table. She had always bring him breakfast at exactly 9am as he had ordered. She kept wondering why she meets him in the same state every morning. Sweating as usual and his bed, neatly arranged as it was ever since he lodged in. And worst of all, he had never came out the room.

    “I brought you a toasted baguette with olive oil and crushed tomato. I’m sure you’ll love this one.” She said smiling.

    He stared at her still holding the door knob waiting for her to get out.

    “Hope you had a good night rest?” She asked.

    He nodded.

    “Okay. I’ll leave you.” She said walking seductively towards him. He moved away from the door.

    “Llámame si necesitas algo. (Call me if you need anything)”. Handsome” She added.

    He shut the door as she went out. He opened the food down for it to get cold. He doesn’t eat hot food or drink.

    He went into the restroom and applied toothpaste to his brush. He changed his clothes into a normal morning wear. He sat down and slowly ate his food.

    Time: 11:00 hours

    Sebastian wore the silicone mask as usual. He had scraped it off from the guard he killed and made several mask of it. He put on his lens. He wore his suit which covered the tattoos on his arm. He picked up the glass and cleaned it. He picked up his phone, removed the sim card and changed it. He looked around. Satisfied he left nothing behind, he locked the door and went out.

    Of all the thirteen cities he had killed each mayors, it was so Fast. This last one was a bit slow for him as Antonio had ordered him to lay low for a while.

    He had perfectly changed his look to someone else. One of the guards protecting the mayor of Alicante. He had first of all tailed him and gotten necessarily info from him. Sebastian had eliminate him and buried his corpse. He took his ID and had used everything without no suspicion. He had also contacted his family that he won’t be coming home as he would be guarding the mayor throughout the month. Having done that, he sent them money.

    He used the elevator and exited the hotel premises. He stopped a cab and entered. There was a little delay as traffic caught him up. He checked his watch restlessly.

    The mayor walked down the stairs with bodyguards and journalist asking one or two questions. Sebastian arrived late but was still lucky to meet them. He Entered the crowd and found his way to the midst of the bodyguards. If there was another name he should be called, Ghost would be the perfect name.

    He helped clear the way and pushed the journalist backwards from reaching the mayor. It seems the mayor was in a hurry.

    The car door was opened and the mayor entered. The guards also rushed to theirs and they zoomed off.

    After about fourty minutes of driving, they arrived at the tourist center in Alicante. The mayor was to give a speech about Emergency measures for it’s tourism industry.

    They all positioned themselves. This wasn’t part of his plan but Antonio’s plan. He had told him not to kill the mayor yet until they get something from him. If not, Sebastian would have eliminated him after he killed the guard and disguised as the guard getting close to the mayor. Antonio had told him there was something he needed from the mayor. After that, he can carry out his mission.

    After few hours of addressing the people, they made to leave. Someone touched him from behind. He turned and looked back. It was the personal guard protecting the mayor.

    “I know you came late. I didn’t see when you arrived but I know you did. You’ll be in charge of the mayor’s daughter.” He said.

    Sebastian nodded.

    “From now on! Go take her in school. Lead some guards with you” He commanded.
    Sebastian nodded not turning back and walked on. The Personal guard stared at him for a while.

    “Looks like he is sick” The personal guard muttered as he watched him leave without saying a word.

    Sebastian took three guards with him and they went to pick up the mayor’s daughter. After that, they drove home.

    His phone beeped. It was a message from Antonio. “He won’t give me what I want. Take it and take care of him. I’m giving you two days. I’ll send the details of the thing I want.” He read the message and deleted it.

    They arrived at the mayor’s mansion. He led the girl in. She ran towards her mother as she saw her. Sebastian stood still and the remaining guards stayed behind.

    While he stood, he looked around without no one noticing, counting the cameras and surveying the rooms at view.

    He checked the time. He’ll soon be off duty. He needed to check all the rooms well, most especially, Mayor’s room.

    He excused himself to the restroom. He didn’t know where the restroom room was but he walked on and opened a door he guess was the restroom.

    After a short while, he came out as he heard running footsteps. It was the Mayor’s daughter. He guess she was going into her room. He looked around and followed her in while making sure to avoid the cameras.

    She ran up the stairs and he followed her slowly. Soon, she opened a door and he held the handle before the door could close. The little girl was startled as she saw him. She didn’t know he was following her.

    “Me asustaste (You scared me)” The little girl whined.

    Sebastian bent low to her height and slowly knocked her out. The girl fell asleep and he carefully carried her to the bed. He looked around and noticed the room was her own and not her parent’s room. He moved out and looked around.

    There’ are four more rooms here. Sebastian recalled his background search on mayor. He has this little girl and a guy. Since the girl took is this. The guy’s room would be next to hers. Now, it’s Remaining two rooms. He touched the wall feeling it with his palm. He looked at the floor of the entrance of the first room and placed two fingers on it. He rubbed both fingers and proceeded to the next one beside the girls room. He did the same and got up. Slowly, he turned the knob and it opened. It wasn’t locked.

    Location: Hotel

    Time: 9:36 Pm

    He loosed the tie after removing the silicone mask. He dropped it on the round table. He opened his computer and worked on it.

    After some minutes, he texted Antonio. “He has a safe with lock in his chamber”

    The latter replied almost immediately “puedes romper uno? (Can you crack one?)”

    “I think I can” Sebastian replied texting back.

    There was a knock on the door. Sebastian checked his watch. It must be the waitress. He closed his computer and cleared the stuff on it. He stood up and peeked through the spy hole. He guessed right.

    He opened the door for her to enter. She entered smiling and placed the tray on the table. As she bent her head, placing the tray down. Her short skirt drew up and it revealed her p---y.

    Sebastian stared at her. She widened her leg still in the same position. Sebastian knows she was doing it purposely. He didn’t move but just stared at her clean shaved swollen p---y. He was really having a hard on.

    She turned and stared at him. She smiled as she saw him staring at her. He had no emotions on his face so she couldn’t say what mood he was in but whatever it is, she had made it in her mind to f--k him tonight.

    She walked seductively towards him. They both locked eyes, each of them not removing contact. He grabbed her hand as she wanted to touch his d--k from his trouser. She gasped. So fast he is.

    Sebastian stared at her.

    “I’ve always wanted to do this” She said, trying to get the emotions on his face. He wasn’t smiling nor did he frown his face.

    “Ve ahora (Go now)” Sebastian said.

    “Your voice alone makes me c-m… Ahhh sshhh” She said locking eyes with him and dipping a finger into her p---y shoving it in for some seconds and licked it seductively.

    She zipped down his trouser and brought out his d--k.

    “Wow! Quite large” She exclaimed.

    “I love it big” She mumbled as she s----d it on and on. She took the balls into her mouth and s----d it staring at Sebastian who just stood still like nothing was happening.

    He’s strange. She thought. He was staring at her but showed no emotions. She stopped s-----g the balls and dipped his c--k into her mouth. She gagged as she felt his c-m in her throat.

    He didn’t even groan or changed his reaction. She stared at him as she swallowed the last c-m.

    Sebastian had had it all. He closed the door and before she could make any move. He held her hands to her back and pushed her on the bed.

    She gasped. “He moves so fast. I guess he’s a hard one on sex” She thought.
    “F--k me bab… Ahhhhhh” She tried to say but screamed as she felt it in the p---y. The first t----t had hit her G spot. Her p---y dripped as he banged her hard. She couldn’t help but screamed as it seems he was tearing her p---y. She felt him hitting something in her stomach.

    “Arrrghhhh…. Plea….sseee” She begged as he didn’t stop after she had c-m for the fifth time. She was getting tired and it seems he wasn’t ready to c-m anytime soon.

    Sebastian kept fuckin’ her. He was enjoying it but he didn’t moan or show it. Her plead got him thrusting faster. He kept banging her with her hands still at her back.

    Few minutes later, she had stop screaming. Sebastian guessed she was tired. He removed his d--k from her p---y and dipped it in her ass forcefully. She jerked.

    “Ohhhhhh” She cried in pain. She had no strength to scream again. Tears dropped as she felt all his d--k in her anus. At first it was pain and pleasure but now, it’s only pain. Sebastian had been fuckin’ her for over an hour.

    Sebastian grunted as he felt his d--k enlarge inside her ass. He kept thrusting slowly at first as it was so tight, then after some minutes, he increased his tempo.

    After fuckin’ her ass for hours, he felt he was gonna c-m soon. He turned her and insert his d--k in her mouth shoving it down her throat as the latter s----d on it slowly. He exploded every single drop in her mouth. She fell on the bed and shut her eyes weakly.

    Sebastian wore his trouser and went to the bathroom to clean himself up. He came back and watched her for a while as she laid down on the bed asleep. He opened the computer and checked his mail.

    Antonio had replied. “bueno. buena suerte (Okay. Good luck)”

    He read it and deleted all the chat. He wanted to plan out and do some research but he wouldn’t be able to cause of the lady on the bed. He got up and positioned her well and covered her body. He laid beside her and tried to sleep.
    What do you think about this? Don’t forget to Like and comment.

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