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    Men at work

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    Episode 4

    NEUTRAL EMOTIONS🗿 [Emoción perdida]
    🔞 Rated 🔞
    Written by Ayomikun Bam
    Episode Four

    Location: An unknown base in Mexico

    Time: 12:42 P.M.

    Each one of them offloaded their stuff from the car. Bernard pulled the large iron gate open. It looked like a car garage.

    Mike wondered where they were going to stay in this garage. There was no door or room anywhere.

    They walked in and pulled the gate down. Brian led the way and they moved towards the end of the garage. He turned left and opened a small door. There was stairs leading down to an underground.

    They met another iron door after walking down the stairs. Brian opened it.

    Jane smiled and marveled at the sight. She wasn’t expecting something so large underneath. They walked up the stairs in the living room which was dusty and full of spider webs. They all choosed a room and settled down.

    Sebastian arranged the room after dusting everywhere and cleaning it. He arranged his stuff under his bed and quickly set the ones he needed to. After that, he laid down and tried to rest.

    ******Bernard’s Room******

    Bernard dropped his bag and slumped on the bed. Dust filled everywhere as he landed on the bed.

    He stood up almost immediately and went to the restroom. He grinned as he watched his face. He stared at the mirror. He hated what he was looking at. The scars on his face had make him look ugly. His teeth wasn’t even white at all due to excess Tobacco smoking. And he’s just 29.

    He got out and lit a cigarette. He smoked and walked around the room. He smiled as he thought about Jane. She was d--n hot but she wasn’t looking at him at all. Fuvk! He cursed as he remembered her staring at Sebastian in the plane.

    “B---h!” He cursed her.

    *****Jane’s room*****

    Jane cursed angrily as she saw the room looking filthy. She arranged it and furnished the room to her taste. She’s 22 and looks pretty younger than her age.

    After that, she stripped off her clothes and went in to the Bathroom. She let the cold water run down her body while she used her hands to cupped her massive breast, playing with the tip. She was really hot.

    “Ohhh” She moaned as she found her fingers deep into her p---y. She was a sex freak and that was how she usually gets her male target. No one could resist her.

    Sebastian. She parted her lips in a seductive manner. He is so cute. Doesn’t look like one of them. His curly hair, that sexy eyes, his pink lips, the tattoo on his arm, his muscles.

    “Ohhhhhmyyyyy” She moaned as she c-m. Thinking about him alone made her c-m. She licked her lips and deeped her fingers in her mouth. She tasted her c-m, licking every single drop on her fingers.

    *****Emilia’s room*****

    Quinn cleaned her body with her towel after taking her bath. She wore her clothes and took a book and quietly laid down reading. She is so obsessed with books and love reading. She’s also 22.

    She has a cute face but not as cute as Jane. She was often seen frowning than smiling. She could be said to be In the same shoes with Sebastian but it was far from it. Sebastian shows no emotions. No one could tell if he was happy, angry, sad and whatever. He just had a plain look.

    A knock sounded on the door. Quinn stood up and opened it. She saw Brick. She opened the door.

    “Brian wants us downstairs” Brick said. “What a nice view here” He added.

    “Thanks” Quinn said and shut the door.

    *****Brick’s room*****

    Brick cursed angrily as Mike kept talking about one thing or the other. He hissed and continued arranging the room.

    He was dealing with computers only. Mike is his partner. Mike was also good but his mouth had the better part of him. They were brothers from the same parents.

    After their parents had died, they had been on the street until Brian found them and trained them. Brick was 20 and Mike 19.

    *****Brian’s room*****

    Brian ended the call he was having. He telephoned Brick. “Tell the others to meet down the living room”

    Brian was a hitman and multi talented. He is the oldest amongst them. He loved football and enjoys company.

    *****Sebastian’ room*****

    He still had his eyes closed. He heard a knock on the door. He opened his eyes and got up. He moved close to the door and opened it.

    Jane entered smiling. “Wow! You’re pretty good. Thought you needed some help though.” She said as she stared around.

    Sebastian shook his head sideways.

    “Oh! I get it. Chris says you don’t talk. Brian wants us downstairs” Jane said.

    “Wow! Dude, you’re lucky to have her. Bernard has been crushing since but..but…” Mike said but stopped as Bernard gave him a killer look.

    Jane was holding Sebastian’s hand as they walked towards the sitting room.

    The Chairs around when they entered was no longer there and everywhere was sparkling clean.

    “We need to go get some ride of our choice and get some tools” Brian said.

    The seven of them got out together. Each one stopped a taxi but Jane and Sebastian entered one.

    “You have a phone?” Jane asked. She had been trying to engage him in a conversation but he wouldn’t part open his lips.

    Sebastian nodded yes.

    “Oh! Are you really like this?” She asked.

    “He’s a fine gentleman man. Looks like a top model” The taxi man said.

    Jane smiled.

    “Your boy?” The taxi man asked.

    “Mind your business” Jane hissed and stopped talking.

    Sebastian got down from the cab. Together with Jane and others, they entered the auto shop.

    After each one of them getting the cars of their choice. Bernard called a bet to whoever will get to the base first.

    Without wasting time, they all called the engine to life and zoomed off.

    Sebastian followed behind. He didn’t race with them. No sooner had they started the race that the cops started chasing them.

    They all drifted and it seems they were enjoying the race. They didn’t head straight away to the base but round the city. They were all pretty good at it.

    Time: 7:56 P.m.

    They roared their engines enjoying every bit of it. They drove into the garage. They had stayed low at some place and later drove slowly here.

    They laughed as they all got out.

    “Hey! Look. Biggie man’s car is here already” Mike shouted pointing at Sebastian’s ride.

    “The guy is a pro” Brick commented.

    “He didn’t race with us.” Bernard said as he smoked his tobacco. He had gotten more than enough for himself. At his young age, he was already addicted to smoke and drinks.

    “So, who’s got the prize? No one” Jane said and entered.

    They met Sebastian in the room. He had packed the stuff they ordered and was almost through fixing it all. He had given the place a new look.

    “Wow!” Brick exclaimed. “Love the way you arranged my babe man” He added, referring to the computers as his babe.

    Sebastian got through with it and dusted his hand. He looked at them as they all stared at him. He turned and went up the stairs to his room.

    “Fuckin’ attitude!” Bernard muttered angrily.

    “That’s not attitude.” Emilia retorted.

    “Then what!? Cause you’re both Spaniards, huh” Bernard asked.

    “Chill, estúpida (a-----e).” Emilia cursed and moved up to her room.

    “Did you just say stupid, b---h!” Bernard barked.

    Emilia stopped and looked back at him. “I meant A-S-S-H-O-L-E” She spelled it out.

    Brick and mike laughed.

    “I’m liking him already. I think that’s just him” Brian said, smiling.

    “Me too” Brick said.

    Bernard continued ranting and cursing but no one paid attention to him.
    To be continued….

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    I don’t like de way Bernard is behaving, it might cause great harm to de team,looks like he has scores to settle with Sebastian!!!

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    Following… No comment yet for now

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    Jealousy in the air

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    slow update ni!!

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    Hmmmmm that mission will really be deadly.

    Guy but nawa to you o, the update no b beans o.

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