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    ⚡Episode 1⚡

    Kayode Odusanya✍️

    The small room was stuffy and dark with heavy drapes shutting out light from outside. He woke up in cold sweats, tired and lethargic. He had dozed off during a meditation session and didn’t know what exactly had woken him. David sat up in bed and took a deep breath before reaching for his phone from underneath his pillow. He had been sleeping through his alarms too much lately and it worried him. Without looking, he tapped his bed till his hand touched his handkerchief. Still going through his phone, he cleaned the sweat off his brow with the white handkerchief; two swipes back and forth like a car’s windshield wiper and threw the small piece of cloth back on his bed.

    “David!”A tiny voice shouted out as the room door swung open, making him jump in the bed. A little girl walked in, eye level with him from where he sat on the bed. Her eyes was fixed on the standing fan beside his bed for a few seconds, before she looked at him and smiled, “He is here mom.” She said, and playfully hit the fan, before walking backwards out of the room. David frowned at her. As much as he loved her, he still wasn’t used to her calling him by name. He was about to get up and close the room door when she peeked into the room and said, “mommy is calling you.”

    He lay back on the bed after she left, dreading what his mom would want to see him for. His eyes caught sight of the red light on his plasma TV hanging on the wall, realizing there was power. A PlayStation 4 console, two controllers and about half a dozen blu-ray discs packs were scattered on the floor below the TV. The video game was what had been keeping him company for the last couple of days at home. Although there was no total lock-down in his city, there was a 6pm curfew, and a lot of malls and hangout spots didn’t bother opening.

    Toluwani was David’s little sister. Their parents had been separated for 3 years now, living in different states. David was the first child, and he had gone with his dad after the separation. His three sisters went with their mom to leave at their maternal grandparent’s house till his mom was able to get a place.

    Things were cordial between their parents now, but it got ugly at some point during the separation. One time shortly after his parents had peaceful gone their separate ways, his dad had gone over to his maternal grandparents house drunk, shouting and breaking things, claiming his mother in-law was the one behind the issues his had with his wife. That day, an agreement was made for him to go with one of David’s younger sisters before he calmed down, and stopped being violent. But, within two weeks, he had returned her back when he realized all that went into taking care of a teenage girl.

    Twice a month, they would do a swap on weekends, and David would go over to stay with his mom, while his two teenage sisters would go stay with their dad. This was one of those weekends.

    He wondered why his mom wanted to see him as he got off the bed, wobbling as he made his way to the door. His medical condition had been getting worse over the weeks. He had just gotten back from a year in the north for his youth service, and his mom had missed him so much, so he decided not to break the news to her just yet.

    His whole body shook, and he tried his best to keep calm as he walked out his room and headed down the corridor. He could hear his mom and Toluwani talking as he approached the living room. “Hey big man. Sleeping in the afternoon? That’s odd.” His mom said as she took a quick glance at him before going back to dishing food into a small cooler. She was a slender woman in her mid 40s that could pass for a 30 year old.

    Her long black hair was in a ponytail, and she had on a slacked white t shirt and jeans shorts. He headed to the refrigerator, opened it and searched through as his mom said something in a low voice he didn’t quite hear. “So, what do you say?” She said and he turned around to look at her with the fridge door open. “Can you take your sister to her friend’s house?”


    “Don’t leave that fridge door open.” She said and he turned around to look in the refrigerator, rummaging through it. “The place is not far. She will show you how to get there.” His mom continued as she packed a water bottle in Toluwani’s Frozen themed backpack. “What are you looking for anyway?”

    “Chivita…orange juice.”

    “Oh! I threw it out this morning.”

    “What? Why mom?” David said and turned around to face her.

    “It has been open since Saturday.” She said as she zipped up Toluwani’s backpack, knelt down beside her and put it on the little five year old’s back. Toluwani kept her eyes on her brother, waiting for his answer to his mom’s request. All she was concerned about was heading over to her friend, Gloria’s big house to play. She didn’t care about missing fruit juices or Corona virus. “Besides, there are fresh oranges in the store. You can take that when you get back.” His mom said as she stood up and folded her arms, waiting for his answer.

    David took a deep breath, turned around, opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. “Hope the place is not far?” He said before taking a few gulps from the bottle.

    Toluwani’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. There was a stern look on his mom’s face as she walked up and grabbed the bottle from him. “I told you to stop drinking directly from the bottle. That’s why you have cups.”

    “Okay ma. David said with a smile. “Toluwani, let’s go.” He added as he headed towards the door. Toluwani ran up to catch up with him excitedly.

    To be continued

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    Quarantine Love episode 2&3

    episode 2

    The place was longer than his mom had made him believe. They had been walking for five minutes now and still hadn’t gotten there. Toluwani was leading the way; her natural afro hair was packed to the back, and it bounced as she hopped along on the sidewalk. At a point she started stepping on David’s shadow on and laughing. He concentrated on his shadow for a minute, and realized he had actually lost weight. He had lost some muscle mass in the last couple of weeks, but he still would be considered a buff.

    Every once in a while, a vehicle would drive by, but the whole estate was generally serene, with well tended small palm trees occupying the length of the road median, spaced at about 6 feet from each other. Their gated community was a big one, with lots of streets and cul-de-sacs. One major road ran through the entire length of the estate, with streets, crescents and cul-de-sacs branching off the left and right sides of the road like tributaries of a river. It was almost like trying to make your way out of a maze. He had started sweating a lot and his body shook. He just hoped he would know his way back home.

    Toluwani had been talking nonstop since they left the house. It was typical of her, and he just nodded or responded with ‘uh-huh’ to most of what she said. All of a sudden, she stopped talking and looked up at him in silence. “What?” He asked.

    “I asked if we would die if we get the Corona virus and you said yes.”

    “Oh. Well. Don’t worry, we won’t get it.” He said, shocked his sister knew the concept of death. She was five years old and used voice command on their mom’s phone to search Google whenever she had heard a word or concept she didn’t understand. But he still saw her as the little girl that was just learning how to talk when their parents separated.

    “Are you sure?” She asked and slowed down her pace to hold his hand.

    “Yes. No one in our state has it. And everyone is more or less on quarantine right now.”

    “Qua…”She was trying to pronounce it and looked up at him when she gave up.

    “Quarantine; It means, everyone stays indoors to help reduce the spread of an infectious disease.”

    She was quiet for a while before looking up at him and saying, “But we are not in our house.”

    “Don’t worry Toluwani, we are one big happy family in this estate. As long as we are not in a big gathering, we are safe.” David was getting dizzy now. “Is your friend’s house still far?”

    “That’s it.” She said, pointing at a big black gate a few houses away from them. She wiggled out of his hold and ran off towards the gate. He walked up to join her by the gate and smiled as she banged on it with her little knuckle. “Kehlani,” she shouted out in her tiny voice. A man opened the gate, with an angry look on his face, looking down at Toluwani. He changed his facial expression to a forced smile when he saw David. He was skinny, average height, dark complexioned, in his thirties and had a waistcoat on with nothing underneath.

    “Good afternoon. My sister is here to see…” David was saying to the man and stopped to look at his little sister.

    “Kehlani” Toluwani said, completing David’s sentence for him with a big smile on her face.

    “Okay. Wait, I dey come,” The man said in broken English, and closed the gate gently. David listened to the man’s footstep walk away, hoping he won’t take too much time before returning as he was feeling worse now. He felt like he would pass out at any minute. A few seconds later, they heard footsteps approaching. The man opened the gate to say Toluwani could go in. She hopped in and ran to the entrance of the big white house. David nodded at the man, and as he turned around to head home, everything went blank. “Hey! Hey!!” The gate-man said out loud as David slumped, hit the ground hard, and passed out.

    To be continued

    💖Quarantine Love 💕💖
    ⚡ Episode 3

    At first it all first like a dream when he woke up, then he realized he was in an unfamiliar place. As his eyes slowly opened, he saw a girl with braids and narrow frame glasses looking down at him. She pushed her glasses up her nose bridge and a smile slowly appeared on her face as David’s eye opened up. He felt like Roger Moore in The Man with The Golden Gun after he woke up in a dojo with a Chinese girl looking down at him.

    “Don’t stress yourself.” She said and slowly pushed him back on the couch as he tried to get up. Her hand sent chills down his spine as it touched his chest. “Relax for a while.” She said and took off her glasses; put it on the wooden center table she was sitting on, and focused on him again. She was light skinned and had the sexiest pink lips David had seen. Her black blouse was a low plunging one, and David had to stop himself from staring at her cleavage for too long. She noticed and smiled.

    “Toluwani…where is she?”David finally said.

    “Don’t worry, she’s with my sister.”

    “Oh. Okay.”

    “Yea, my name is Caroline by the way.”

    “My name is…”

    “David.” She said, cutting him off. She smiled again, and her beauty made David feel he really was dreaming. He had never talked to a girl this pretty before, let alone have her looking at him like he was prince charming. He wasn’t that bad looking, but he wasn’t no Idris Elba either. Maybe she is into fit guys, he thought to himself as he slowly sat up on the couch and looked around. The place was quite neat. The walls and ceiling were white painted, with a chandelier hanging from the expensive looking pop designed ceiling. Two brown couches to his left and right. There was a large sized rectangular painting on the wall to his left. The art looked like the painter just splashed all the colors he could come up on his canvass, but it came out beautifully.

    “How long have I been out?” He asked.

    “About two days.” She said and David’s eyes popped out. She laughed lightly before adding, “I’m just kidding. They Say that a lot in the movies, and I just thought it would be fun to say.”

    “Oh. Okay.” David said with a smile.

    “You’ve been out for just about thirty minutes.” She said and got off the table with an empty glass in her hand. “You want more juice?”

    He looked at her puzzled for a while before saying, “how did you know…”

    “You kept murmuring that when Ahmed brought you in. I got you to take some down before you slipped out of consciousness.”


    “Yea, and Toluwani told me that’s what you wanted to drink before leaving the house.” She said, raising her voice a little from the dining area where she had the refrigerator open, pouring David a glass of orange juice. He turned his head backwards and stole some quick glances at her. She had on a red flare mini skirt with the black blouse, and he admired her spotless long legs for a second before she started heading back to him.

    She pulled up a small wooden stool in front of him, put the glass cup on it. She sat back on the table, and watched David in silence as he took his drink. When their eyes crossed, she smiled and said, “I’m sorry for staring. It’s just that…” She was saying and stopped to laugh lightly before going on to say, “You sister, Toluwani has been coming here for a while now, and she was always talking about her big and strong brother, that could beat up Ben 10.”

    David had been taking a sip from the glass of orange juice and he nearly spit it out as he laughed at what she said.

    “She is always going on and on about you, and I had never seen you before, so I thought she was just making things up.”

    He put the glass cup on the table, smiled before saying, “Yea, I…I’ve not…I just came around recently.”


    “Our parents are separated, and we do this swap thing twice a month, where us kids spend time with the other parent.”

    “Okay. I understand.”

    There was silence for a while before David looked at her and asked, “When I passed out, why didn’t you try to take me to the hospital or something?”

    “Well, first of all, I’m a medical doctor.”

    “Oh, really?”

    Yep. I’m currently doing my housemanship.” She said, and when it looked like David didn’t understand what she had said, she added, “like an intern.”

    “That’s cool.”

    “Yep. And…back to what we were talking, the second reason why I didn’t take you to the hospital was because of what is going on right now.”

    “Oh. Okay. I understand.”

    “They would probably misdiagnose you, thinking you have the virus, but I think I have an idea what is wrong with you.” She said and he kept a gaze on her, wanting her to continue talking. She reached for her phone on the couch to her right, typed something on the screen, and then showed it to David. He squinted for a while at the screen, looked up at her and nodded. “So how long ago where you diagnosed?”

    “I just found out three months ago. I don’t know how long I have been living with it.”

    “Well, you know it is not a life sentence. As long as eat right and…”She was saying and stopped when footsteps approached the living room. It was their sisters.

    “David!” Toluwani shouted, and jumped on David on the couch. He held her in an embrace for a little while before they disentangled. Her friend, skinny little girl, with short braids and pretty face like her sister stood back and watched the siblings show of affection. “I thought you had died because of the Corona virus.” Toluwani said.

    Caroline laughed a little before saying, “why does she call you David?”

    David sighed before saying, “long story.” He took down the remaining content from his glass of orange juice and checked his watch. “I think we better get going now. My mom would be worried.”

    “Okay. Are you sure you are okay though? I can drop you guys off.” Caroline suggested.

    “No, don’t worry; I think I need the walk.”


    Caroline led the way, followed by Toluwani and her friend, and then David. They talked about the lockdown in the country, and how no one knew when the whole pandemic would be over. When they stepped out of the house, they saw Ahmed, the gateman approaching. “Some people are looking for oga.” He said to Caroline, looking back at the gate as he did so. Caroline hastened her pace. When she opened the gate, there were three men standing there. It caught her off guard, and she fidgeted for a second before saying, “Hello, please how may I help you.” She was wondering if they were Power Holding officials. They were all dressed officials, with slacks and shirts tucked in, and the man directly in front of Caroline had his ID card hanging around his neck.

    The man spoke with a baritone, “Are your parents around?”

    “No.” Caroline answered with a little frown on her face, wondering why he didn’t think it proper to at least tell her who he and his friends were.

    “Are you the eldest in the house right now?”

    “Yes.” Caroline answered as she looked back. David and the little girls were behind her now. “Sorry, can you please move out of the way, my friends want to step out.”

    “I’m sorry, young lady; no one is leaving this house today.” He said to a shocked look on Caroline’s face.

    To be continued

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    Links To Available Episodes
    Episode 4-7

    Last Episode.

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    quarantine men don show up ooo

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    @kelly-kelvin thanks jare i’m with my bae @ladyg

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    NCDC don show

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    Hmmmm , sorry no one is leaving d 🏠 house means wetin kwanu?

    Anyway ride on.

    thanks darling.

    My boo @fb-danieledem am with u.

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    I’m already loving where this will lead to

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