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    Reborn in Darkness
    Sequence 1
    Felicia’s POV
    I woke up early as that was always the case, my mother`s voice came to my ear’s as she sung her morning songs working in the kitchen. She was singing “ Ifyanchitila bayaweh” with her sharp voice so smooth I wondered why I never inherited any of her good natures.
    She was the calmest and substantial person I knew, she was always telling me about God and how I ought to live my life in the right way.
    For her every day of our lives was a miracle, she’s one of the true example’s of a woman of God..
    but unfortunately I never got to believe in what she did, I mean I knew there was God from what she always told me and my kid brother, but I had not given myself time to have that close personal relation with God. To me he was just someone who watched over me and sometimes punished me for the wrongs I did.
    “Feli! come out now my child you will be late for school !” she called out my name cutting it even when for hundredth times I told her not to call me that.
    “Mama am not Feli.. It sounds so old and outdated, please call me Felicia for goodness sake aish” I complained as I walked out of my bed clad in a short night dress and socks on my feet.
    “You used to love that name child, what happened?” she smiled handing me a jar of water.
    “Well I grew up mama, am 17 now remember?” I shrugged trying to grab my toothbrush from the top of the cupboard.
    Our house was small, a two bedroomed house. We did not have the best kind of life even though my mother seemed content with what we had. I had dreams of making it big in life and for all I cared, I would do anything to get myself a good life as soon as possible.
    One thing I was certain of, was that before I complete my final secondary school year, I had to hook up with a guy to give me what I needed, the cash to get me going. My mother always warned me of trying to live the kind of life that was not within our means at the moment but I could never get to bare living an okey life. God had given me the gift of beauty and brains and that, I was to use to get me somewhere.
    I was no longer a virgin as mom thought I was, at 17 I had had, three sugar daddies already and dumped my childhood boyfriend Daniels after he started confronting me on the issue of me cheating.
    Daniels had the looks that got him girl`s attention but I was not interested in that at the moment, I needed to make it big and Daniels was as poor as I was which was a wrong match for me.
    “ oh my God this world is going crazy!” came my mother`s voice bringing me back to the present as I kept on brushing my teeth lost in thoughts.
    “What is it now mom?” I asked walking back inside the house as she clapped her hands in awe.
    “ I was just seeing this post on Facebook my child, this man calling himself a traditional doctor, he is inviting people to go and get juju for attracting men, getting rich and other rubbish you wouldn’t believe” my mother shook her head looking at her phone
    “Mmm sure?” I asked grabbing the phone from her hands after wiping my hands dry.
    “Yeah just look at that. This is proper witchcraft Feli, I just pray for God to heal our land. These days witchcraft is even sold in public” she sighed deeply opening the pot of rice she was preparing.
    I took my time looking at the advert. “Yeah this is it” I whispered inside my head. My friends and I agreed to find a way to lure rich men and that is exactly what we needed. I quickly took note of the phone number listed on the page and put down the phone running back to my room.
    “Let me prepare myself for school mom, am running late already” I spoke cutting my mother`s speech of salvation and moral decay. After taking a quick cold bath and dressed up in my uniform and clutching my bag.
    I went to a local secondary school in Kafue a few kilometers away from my school. Most of the schoolchildren were walking to their various directions as I walked to the road headsets plugged in my ears I hummed to a song by Mark 2 playing on my phone. I had to make sure I was two blocks away to start playing it knowing my mother would kill me seeing I had a smart phone which she had not bought for me.
    I had a feeling someone was coming behind my back and quickly turned to look back.
    “Dan!” I sighed deeply seeing him trotting towards me.
    “Hey Fey!” he smiled showing off his clean teeth and calm smile I almost admired him again.
    “Hey” I handed him my palm for a greeting.
    “I have been calling you and like I presumed, you have headsets on” he laughed as we strolled on together.
    “So how are you, I tried to see you after class yesterday. What happened you told me you would wait by the gate?” he asked
    “Mmmmm that, I completely forgot Dee, I was rushing home mom I needed me” I lied clearing my throat.
    “I see, so will see you after classes today?” he looked at me
    “listen Dee, you are a good guy and so handsome too, trust me am not the girl for you, get yourself another girl in school and forget about me” I seriously told him as we approach the school gate and I saw Ritah getting off her father`s car as he came to drop her.
    “But Fey, you know how I feel about you, how can you tell that?” Daniels tried to hold me back.
    “Well I told you the truth right? I don’t want you to waste your precious time hoping I will get back with you Dee” I spoke and walked away my head high. Leaving him watching me in dismay.
    “Hey ba guy! What’s up?” I raises my hands to greet Ritah and she ran to me like we saw each other years back.
    “Fey! I have a big one for you guys “she screamed as we tossed each other around making other students look on at us.
    “Bring it on ba guy” I laughed
    “Where is Pamela? I need you both on board now” she shrugged and held my hand as we matched inside.
    “She must be inside already you know she is always early” I responded
    We passed through a group of prefects eyeing us with hateful looks. I looked at them and pushed my long hair back showing off my beauty. “Ba guy some people are too ugly they make me wanna puke!” I shouted seeing a girls that I had fought with some weeks back over Daniels. She had wanted to get so close with him but since I never liked her, I made sure to break them apart taking advantage of the feelings Dee had for me.
    “Say that again Fey, this school is full of such people I wonder if they don’t feel pain at all” Ritah responded with a face we laughed aloud leaving the prefects as silent as water.
    Everyone knew we were the school divas and there was no messing with any of us. We sometimes hired the bad guys to beat our opponents up and so we remained untouchable. Only teachers would punish us and not a mare prefect.
    “okey so spit it out ba guy’ I told Ritah when we were seated in the back of the class joining Pamela who was already in.
    “This is it” she smiled widely.
    “My parents have planned a big birthday party for my big brother this weekend and he is bringing some guys from his work place. Guess what is more exiting” she chuckled.
    “What?” I asked impatiently.
    “Well, he told me all the people he works with were invited and am talking about managers and loaded men guys” she smiled
    “Tell me about that ma bae” Pamela screamed on top of her voice making all the people in class stop whatever they were doing and looked at us.
    “Hey pipo! Mind your own shit!” I raised my hand at them and they all turned away one by one.
    “Ritah bae that is so good news. That sounds like the kind of party to go to” I smiled nodding my head.
    “Yeah it is ba guy and we need to get some good clothes before weekend” she added
    “Yea that’s for sure guys, but listen something is heating up too” I sighed.
    “Mmm” Pamela murmured
    “I just came across something that gave me an idea on how to get hooked fast” I told the girls.
    “There is this witchdoctor I saw on FB, he said he gives some juju to attract men and that’s exactly what we need. I got the number and we can call him, come on guys we need this, soon we will be out of here and we need the power to control these men and have them do as we please” I added seeing them stay back at the mention of a witchdoctor.
    “Oh Fey I don’t know, that’s too much don’t you think?” Pamela winced.
    “What’s bad about getting some lucky juju Pamela? We are not going to kill anyone at all, we are doing this for us and it’s so harmless I tell you. My granny once told me a girl needs something to attract her to some men, beauty is not enough oooh!” I added in a Nigerian tone.
    “Mmm, I guess you are right. So, how do we get to this man?” Ritah asked
    “Good morning class!” came the voice of our grade teacher. She just walked in with a class register and we all stood to greet her.
    “Ritah back to your sit!” she called out and Ritah walked up front two desks away from where Pamela and I sat.
    “We will talk more later guys” I whispered and stood straight looking at Mrs. Phiri.
    To be continued..

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    Reborn in Darkness
    Sequence 2
    Ritah`s POV
    I was 18 years old then, born from a family of three, my elder sister worked outside the country. She was employed in West Africa working with an NGO and she earned quite a lot. My brother was an assistant to the Chief executive officer of some big company within Lusaka and my father owned a company too. My mother died a when I was 14 and ever since I was raised under the care of my dad and the woman he married later on and my siblings. In a nutshell, I came from a well to do family and somehow never lucked much financially.
    I had been always been a spoiled child and my brother and sister made sure anything I wanted was provided for me. However, I have never felt so fulfilled growing up in a big house. I was not so intelligent in terms of academics which led me to fail grade 12 three times. My father insisted I repeat so here I was, repeating for the third time. Now instead of working hard as required I decided to channel my energy into doing some crazy staff with my girls.
    I met Felicia and Pamela at a local school my father took me to within Kafue seeing how I was still failing despite being at some expensive private schools. Felicia was the craziest of the three of us. She had made us all follow her dreams of hooking up older men for our boyfriends. I found it funny and thrilling and I felt important handling older men so much that I found guys of my age boring.
    Felicia did it for money wanting to get herself a better life than what she and her family had. Pamela too, but my own reasons where quiet awkward given that I had access to money.
    Here I was listening to the loud beats of the music playing on the stereos watching some guys from my brother’s work place drinking and chatting. Others stood by the outside bar where they were enjoying themselves with some cold wines. My attention shifted to this particular man, he looked to be around 40 or so and I was secretly stealing glances at him I could see him from the corner of my eye as I pretended to be looking towards the pool.
    “What is it kid sis, you out here alone, won’t you find something to drink or eat” my brother Bright asked making me look at him.
    “Well, am bored Bright, this party is like for old cargos and the music is boring me to the core. I just want my friends to come by so we can change this entire thing” I shrugged making a face.
    “mmmm that is it my sister, you just want your friends and nothing else, by the way how was school this week? I never got to talk to you over the week I was so busy” Bright asked sipping on the cold glass of wine which was in his hands.
    “Well great, Felicia is so good with school, I mean the girl never puts in so much effort but she passes with good grades every time we sit for a test. She’s been helping us and am getting there” I responded honestly. Felicia despite being filled with crazy ideas was so brilliant and made it through most subjects with As. Sometimes I envied her brains.
    ‘’ that’s good to hear sis. Now let me leave you to your waiting. Am going to check on my friends. “He sighed rubbing my back.
    “Yeah happy birthday once again bro am so proud of you” I smiled at him and he raised his wine glass at me.
    “I love you too sis” he smiled back.
    I was walking around the balcony trying to text the girls and ask how far they were when I felt a warm hand touch my bare back. I was wearing a jampsuit with left my whole back bare and fall up to my knees. I turned to look at the owner of the hand on me just to come face to face with the guy I was checking out earlier.
    “Hey beautiful, he smiled at me.
    “Hey friend to my brother” I smiled back at him with a smile pretending to be all grown up.
    “My name is Angel, I need to use the bathroom, would you please show me where it is? “he asked making me stand straight eying him
    “Is this guy for real?” I asked myself inside looking at his stupid face as he smiled at me.
    “Yeah sure, it’s along the passage, the third door on your left” I pointed inside still looking surprised. Here I was thinking I had managed to get the attention of a man just to be asked a dumb question.
    I thought he would say something sweet or sexy to me like, “hey I love your attire, you look sexy or you have a nice smile” hell no, the guy simply turned and walked away bouncing himself and disappeared behind the door. I shook my head disappointed, just then my phone beeped and I smiled seeing a text.
    “We are here” from Felicia
    “Oh God finally” I sighed running down the small stairs to meet them by the gate.
    “hey hey! Ba guy what too you guys so long, you almost killed me with heart attack around these boring people” I shouted hugging my friends one after the other.
    “Well I had to sneak out from the house, you know my mom with her weekend prayer group. I just had to pretend to be present for some time before I could chance an opportunity to escape” Felicia responded sighing deeply.
    “And I had to wait for her “Pamela laughed looking at Felicia who nodded her head.
    “so tell me any interesting guys here, you know what I mean?” Felicia smiled as we walked to the back where people were gathered for the party.
    “Nope, I have never seen such boring people dear, I bet lawyers are not our kind of people girls just look at them” I looked up pointing around with my face.
    “so dull right? “ I chuckled.
    “well, the question is can we get what we want from some of the men around here” Pamela asked walking ahead to the bar without minding the eyes of people on her. She settles on a long stool and sat on it exposing her long legs as the short she had on went half way her legs.
    “Well bet we have to join her right?” Felicia laughed pulling my hand.
    She was in a short jean short and a white crop top and pink gladiators, her hair well combed and falling on her back some would think she was some working class. I saw my brother look at our direction his eyes on her.
    “oh no not my brother” I screamed in my head.
    “Guys I think we have had enough of beer.” I tried to shake the girls as they talked and laughed with some guys. All of them older that my brother from their looks, they seemed comfortable and I hated the fact that I was the only one feeling out of place.
    Hours later I sat down the outside chair lost in thoughts.
    “you were right ba guy, these men are so boring, I tried to cheer them up and chat with them but most of them seems not interested in me. I hate we are losing our grip you know, she whispered sitting next to me.
    “ oh yeah you can say that again Fey, am so pissed right now I thought you guys were having funny there” I shrugged hugging myself.
    “ I told you guys the solution, let’s go and see that Witch doctor and get ourselves what we need to get the attention of these men” she looked at me and spoke seriously.
    “I don’t know Fey, it sounds so off and creepy. I recall the Nigerian movies I have watched of such people and I cannot help feel goose pumps every time I think of them” I winced
    “There is no such thing as creepy. Those movies are just exaggerated. “She argued.
    “Well then, what do we need?” I asked her.
    “good, now you talking, Pamela!” she called out raising her head to see her as she was on the other side dancing.
    “Coming!” Pamela who seemed a little stoned now walked to us her heels making some sounds as she approached.
    “ba guy we are good to go. Ritah will sponsor the trip and we both will pay back when we find the money which am so sure we will get afterwards” she smiled
    “Sure?” Pamela looked at me.
    “How much are you guys talking about?” I asked.
    “Oh the man told me we need white chickens each and our used pants. Plus a sum of K300 each then we are good to go” she responded casually.
    “Okey let me get this straight girls, you have already talked to the man? “ I frowned looking at them
    “yebo!” answered Pamela nodding her head.
    “Oh girls you are so fearless you sometimes scare me “I giggled.
    “So?” Felicia asked me
    “What?” I looked at her.
    “Come on, you asking ne back? We told you about money. Are you going to give us or what? “She asked pushing my shoulder a little bit.
    “Yeah sure, my daddy and step mom are out of town and left me some cash, I could use part of it” I shrugged
    “Good girl, now we need to start going now” she looked at me and then at Pamela.
    “What now?’ I sighed
    “Yeah now, we cannot go in daylight with people watching us.” Felicia looked at me.
    “We have to get there by 19 and this is only 15 minutes to 18 hours we will make it before that. It’s in Chilanga. We might find the small busses by Shikoswe” Felicia spoke standing up.
    “Let’s grab our bags and start moving people, today is the beginning of a new verse in our lives” she added proudly walking ahead.
    I was told to get my own bag and put a wrapper there as well. My insides felt numb I knew something was going to back down on us but I had no courage to say no. Felicia had such influence on all of us and we somehow just did what she wanted us to do.
    To be continued..

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    I wonder

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    Daniel Edem
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    This is bad idea

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    Agu Hawa
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    What Is this Felia

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    you girls has gone wide

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    episode 3

    Sequence 3
    Felicia`s POV
    The coldness that lingered in my face and bare parts of my body gave me quite a scare even though I was acting so brave. I had to finish what I had started. I was not one to back down on challenges. Looking back at Pamela and Ritah who looked so frightened I would almost see them shake in fear as we approached the house of the witch doctor. Not that it was an eerie shed or a shrine like I had seen in the movies before. It was just an ordinary house within the compound in Chilanga. We had just seen a poster directing to the house and the names of the doctor written in big red letters.
    “ come on girls we are here, stop looking like you have just seen a ghost” I whispered upon reaching the house wandering if I should knock or just wait for the person I assumed was inside to call us in.
    “am sacred Fey, this is so ….”
    “ shshshsh someone is coming “ I whispered seeing a man emerge from the back of the house.
    “Felicia right? “the man asked looking at me as I held my phone in my hands
    “we talked earlier” he indicated seeing how shocked I looked. In my mind I had though he just guessed my name not realizing I had talked to him before, he even gave me directions to the place.
    “oh yeah. It’s me, sorry I thought I would see some…” I started but stopped instantly not wanting to say what was actually on my mind. I had wanted to say some old scary man with horns in his head. The man who kept smiling at us as he greeted each and each one of us seemed so unexpected. He was tall and had a light skin tone, a small well shaved moustache, he was dressed casually in jeans and short sleeved shirt I wondered how on earth a decent looking man was involved in some juju business.
    He looked to be slightly above 40 in age. He asked us to get inside the house and to add to my shock, the three roomed house was neatly displayed with some modern furniture. A soft black and white carpet on the floor.
    We looked at each other in awe, but said nothing at all. We sat down all in one sofa and let the man sit in his own facing us. He smiled again and asked us to present the items he had told us to before we could proceed.
    “Should we put them on the table or some….” Pamela looked at him still holding the basket with live chickens in her hands.
    “Yeah sure my child. Am not some creepy witch doctor you expected to find” he laughed as though he had read our thoughts.
    The man walked to the other room leaving as behind. After what seemed like forever he came back with three tins, handed us each one and asked us to drop the pants inside.
    He took some roots and some kind of powder, white smooth staff I could not dare ask what it was, and sprinkled it in the tins, he brought a container of water and asked each one of us to say what we wanted as we poured the water in the tins.
    “I want to get the attention of men, especially those with money. I need to have the power to make them do as I delight” I spoke first and sighed when I was done.
    “Your turn” he looked at Pamela who went on saying my exact words with a low voice I almost smacked her head to wake her up. Ritah did the same too only adding she wanted to find true love. I looked at the girls and nodded to assure them as the man spoke some incantation’s I was not able to make any sense out of it. He handed us back the tins afterwards and sighed looking serious this time as his gaze stayed on all of us.
    “Well it is done, go home and put the contents of this tin in a bucket that you can easily cover and hide it where no one would find it. Make sure you wash your face every day you wake up and never change the water” he instructed.
    “For how long shall we use the water?” Ritah spoke her own voice chocking her.
    “Well a month will be okey” he smiled at her.
    “Well so you have it, now you can head back home and do as I said, guard those tins with your life and when you get home make sure you hide it from anyone else.” He added as we stood to leave.
    “Well that went on well, it was less creepy as I expected it to be” Ritah sighed as we matched back to the road having our tins wrapped in our chitenge wrappers and placed inside the basket.
    I went home that night and did as the man instructed, getting the small bucked mom had put on top of the cupboard and sneaked into my room quickly putting some water in it and pouring the contents of the tin before anyone could see me.
    I grabbed my phone and called the girls to find out if they did the same and each one confirmed they were successful without any issues arising.
    “Good we are good “I smiled sitting down to reflect on the activities of the day. My phone beeped and I looked at the caller Id, it was Daniels.
    “Hai Dee what’s up?” I sighed laying down my bed.
    “Hai, I came home mom told me you sneaked out on her. I tried your line it was off, you back now?” he asked in his soft voice.
    “Yeah, am back now Dan, what did you want?” I asked hating he was trying to insist on seeing me.
    “Well I wanted to say bye to you fey. My uncle from Lusaka came to pick me up I think I told you earlier about him. I will just come back next term to write exams from here” he explained I felt guilty I was being so rude with him. He was always so good to me and yet I always found a way to intimidate him.
    “Oh that, am sorry I had a long day. Well am glad you told me and too bad we will miss you here. “I smiled to myself trying to comfort him.
    “So, can I come over and say bye in person?” I heard him breath softly I was sure he was smiling.
    “Umm no Dee, am sorry. Will just be talking on phone because now I need to rest. Like I told you I had a long day” I turned him down and he hang up after a few seconds.
    A month later.
    I woke up as usual taking out the bucket to wash my face as was instructed. The moment I lifted the water in my palm I noticed a thing looking like a maggot wiggling in the water. I took a closer look to notice if I was just imaging things but realized it was so real. The thing moved about gracefully and as tiny as it was, it looked up at me like it could see me.
    “d--n!” I screamed placing the bucket back under the bed, feeling my heart beat faster I thought it would push out my chest. My thoughts went back to the man recalling what he told us before we left.
    “anything you will notice come and tell me do not do anything without consulting me first” he had warned. Frowning, I pulled out the bucket and looked at the thing again, this time I touched it, for some reason I felt connected to in and my earlier thought of smashing it dead where gone. I placed it back in the water and took out my phone.
    “Ritah where are you? We need to meet ASAP! “I spoke immediately she picked the call.
    “yeah I was about to call you too ba guy, I found …”
    “shshshsh, not on phone, lets meet at the classes in school there is no one there being a weekend, let me just call Pamela as well” I added before cutting the line.
    “oh God what is this?” I sighed deeply as I felt my hands shake I was so scared. My mother walked in and asked why I looked like that and I faked a smile telling her I just failed a biology test and my friend has just called me to inform me.
    “ well you hardly read your books my child. You seem occupied by lots of things the past month and I hate to say this but people are taking Feli” she breathed heavily her face showing concern as she sat next to me.
    “What is going on with you my child? “She asked me
    “ I I um am okey mama” I stammered without looking at her.
    “if these stories I hear of big cars dropping you off almost every day are true, I want to warn you to stop Felicia. Am almost 50 and in my growing up I have never deepened my hands in doing evil things. I know I don’t give you much since your father died but I beg you in the name of God, be content with what you have and learn to appreciate God for the gift of your life. You are very intelligent and I want you to concentrate on your studies and pass with good grades. I might not have some money to take you to college but God has everything planed out for you” she went on talking but my mind was gone. All I could think of was the thing growing in the bucket under.
    “I know mam, you always say that” I mumbled
    “Well you never listen still, when was the last time you went to church Feli?” she asked
    “ mama listen I told you am busy studying, soon we will be writing exams and I don’t have time to go to church, I can pray in the house too you know, you always say God is everywhere. Now can I go? I need to meet Ritah and Pamela at school, it`s about school” I stood up making her shake her head as she looked up at me.
    “Do not lose the path of righteousness my child, beware” she pointed at me and walked out before I could.

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