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    Following keenly

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    nxt plz….

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    Itz Giddi IgoyaItz Giddi Igoya
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    Episode 41
    I quietly moved to a coded spot where I knew Kelvin wouldn’t be able to see me… I stood there watching as he moved around arrogantly with his men… I could tell he had grown in rank and was probably an alpha in his frat…by my calculations Kelvin was also in final year but he was a yr5 student because his engineering course was 5 years… Dressed in a black trousers and shirt with a touch of yellow he went straight to the front of the ATM queue as his men shoved all those who tried to object…one guy in particular received an embarrassing slap for objecting too much.. I just stood codedly and smiled… soon he was done and left with his goons.. I went to withdraw my cash.. as I came out of the bank premises… I was surprised by what I saw.. Eli’s spider was parked at a bar opposite the bank…Although he had worked on the car, it still had some scratches from our starching.. anyways Eli sat down with Kelvin and his guys in what looked like a hosting with a lot of drinks and pepper soup on their table (I have a bad feeling about this) .. I made sure they didn’t see me and boarded a bike.. The bike man drove until he stopped at a point and told me that bike do not go any further because the road isn’t good…I walked down to the Sea Port wondering what my enemies will be discussing together… Tilapia now occupied baka’s duplex and I saw a large number of strange girls moving around the house in skimpy dresses that exposed there body..this was the new thing now since Tilapia took over.. I was surprised to see biodun there though playing snooker with some of the guys.. I hadn’t been there for a while especially since Tilapia took over because of his policies….
    Qiunto (hankorin me)…Taaaa rugged chameleon wey dey scarce.. how far na..
    Me.. I dey na qiunto The dangerous mosquito…ur malaria dey send men OVB…how far this mount (house)..who be all this vanderous (runs girls).. wey just dey do parade for here na..
    Smiles(not looking impressed).. omo na exec pass dem oo.. na wetin men dey observe oo..
    Me..wey him dey sef…
    Ebube…Giddi him dey collect (fvck) oo… you gatz wait if you wan see am o..
    Me… I wan see am for something really important oo
    Smiles.. Wetin dey sup…
    Me..omo yellow men dey up to something oo.. I confirm Eli with Kelvin and him men Dem oo for desclin bar today..them dey run one kind 360(meeting)
    Qiunto…No be chice.. Wetin those men dey up to sef..
    Ebube.. we need to yarn exec oo..
    I waited for close to 5 hours as I watched different girls go into his room, moan and come out..and yet he was still in there and in that moment I missed baka.. Tilapia was a good hit man but no leader… I left there angrily that night for Edna’s house.. The moment she saw me she knew something was up..but I managed to convince her that everything was alright.. I went back to the Sea Port on 3 occasions and got similar result’s from I told my roommates to be careful because I knew Kelvin was planning something real big..and no doubt we where the Targets.. Time went by at home thins fell apart for lanre… After the whole Eli saga Patricia just blacklisted him… (I don’t really blame her though).. instead she started focusing more on me.. she kept coming to our house anytime I was around in the disguise of coming to chill with me but I knew what she wants… and I wasn’t willing to cheat on Edna evening I and my roommates were sitting outside… when she started screaming in her we ran to her room including Agnes who also came out because of the scream..
    Patricia..(screaming)…snake oooo….snake oooo.. somebody heeeeellllpp
    Lanre.. where is the snake?
    Biodun..Giddi abeg match plank show… Make we use plank the snake..
    Patricia (pointing towards her bathroom).. it’s there the water closet..
    Franklin.. Oboi snake dey oo..
    Agnes.. na true oo.. Jesu how this snake take enter here sef?
    Me (carrying big plank)… oya Make ona clear road o.. Make we kill am…
    That was how I turn to super man and killed the snake..the snake was a very small snake though…very thin and we took the snake outside Patricia ran and hugged me romantically (na wetin men dey try avoid o) in the presence of everybody and I saw a look of jealousy on lanre, a look of surprise on Franklin and a look of mixed feeling on biodun.. anyways Agnes came out with matches and kerosine and burnt the snake.. while I went in because Patricia was over doing outside thank God NEPA brought light .. I just started listening to The Weeknd.. my guys later came inside and lanre went straight to the point..
    Lanre (straight faced).. Wetin dey sup between you and Patricia.
    Me.. Wetin dey sup?
    Biodun..see Giddi I no want any palava this night oo.. Wetin dey sup between you and Patricia?
    Me.. Wetin dey sup na? …wetin ona think say dey sup sef?
    Lanre..guy I ask you whether you dred (like) the barnie you say you no dred oo..
    Biodun..abi you think say we no dey confirm ona movement?
    Me (getting pissed).. Papa Make ona no go on me oo.. wida na.. Wetin be all this one sef.. biodun even you too..
    Franklin..oya make everyone calm down.. Giddi see we dey observe u with that babe oo..she too dey close mark u.. so you gatz tell us Wetin dey sup o.. because the plan na to set lanre pass oo..
    I became visibly guys were out of their minds …thinking I was s------g the girl.. when all was doing was dodging her.. as I wanted to speak and explain to them..we heard a gentle knock on the burglary.. I looked at the time and it was 7:16..
    Lanre.. who be that?
    Voice.. it’s me Patricia…is Giddi around..
    Franklin(with a funny smile).. Yes come in..
    She came in looking super sexy in her bum short and braless pink spaghetti top..(chaaaiii dem send this girl?)…patricia was a light skinned beuty…her laps where soft, her curves visible and her nipples standing firm.. and considering that we all Sat on the floor having the conversation when she walked in we had a fantastic view.. she catwalked and Sat on the bed crossing her legs.. and smiling at me seductively.. as lanre’s frown increased..
    Franklin(with thick Igbo accent).. chaaaiii omalicha…baby la hot..nwayeoma…
    Patricia(blushing).. thanks dear..ehmm Giddi I need your help oo..
    Me..ok what is it..
    Patricia.. I want you to come and sleep in my room this night oo..
    Lanre.. what?.. sorry why? I can’t sleep alone in that room oo.. I’m scared.. I don’t want any snake to bite me oo..
    Me.. tell Agnes na.. She’s a girl …
    Franklin… yea have you asked her..
    Patricia.. Yes I told her but she’s not chanced.. she has test tomorrow so she went to night class..
    Me.. I’m not chanced oo.. you see I and Franklin are going out tonight.. because biodun’s wife is coming over so..we where thinking where Lanre Will crash… thank God you are here..
    The look on her face changed immediately.. she knew what I was up to but I needed to clear my name before my guys…
    Lanre(smiling like joker)..ehhnn Yes.. Yes it’s true oo.. I wanted to even come to your house and reason you sef..
    Patricia…ehnm .. I put something on the fire before coming here.. lemme check it I’ll be back..
    She stood up and gave me a look of disappointment before bouncing out.. immediately she left I angrily stood up and Left the house to Edna’s house.. despite efforts from my guys to reason with me.. we all knew why I was mad at them.. anyways we settled the issue the next day and Lanre accepted his faith concerning Patricia…It was obvious that she didn’t like him.. Time went by and I focused more on my academics (las Las na why we come) by the time I was writing my exams.. the unbelievable happened.. I went to Edna’s house after my paper that Thursday because I didn’t have any more papers that week and after an awesome sex that had her Cumming back to 2:30 when I tried sleeping I got a call from qiunto…
    Me..(with shaky voice).. me qiunto how far…
    Qiunto(crying)..aboi Dem don fall am oo..dem move with him head oo…
    Me.. who dem Fall?
    Qiunto..omo Dem don cut exec head ooo…
    Me.. which exec?

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    Bedroom GangsterBedroom Gangster
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    Giddi you too dey delay with posting

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    Dem don fall Tilapia be dat nah!!!! That’s his reward for being too careless and porous. I guess the mantle is gonna fall on you or Quinto. Whoever gets it should ensure he doesn’t follow the line of Tilapia.
    Dis one nah correct falling hand ooooo (to fall una exec head)…. Nah d obituary of una popularity and dominance for d campus be dat.

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    Itz Giddi IgoyaItz Giddi Igoya
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    Sorry guys for the slow updates…omo ur boy just dey tied up for many matters this period..but I go try hasten the updates.. thanks guys

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    Avatarumar Ismail
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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    tilapia de fucck up sometimes oo

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