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    Time for real battle of supremacy

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    I’m so looking forward to the next episode….. I sensed there’s gonna be a while lot of action therein… Bring it on Giddi

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    Ubi Mike KyleKyle
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    Chai Exec For That Matter. Him F Up Big Time

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    Sure Boy VincopetSure Boy Vincopet
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    Serious Uselu Matter

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    Harzaro Boy18Harzaro Boy18
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    Giddi becareful…….

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    Itz Giddi IgoyaItz Giddi Igoya
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    Episode 43

    Episode 43
    I spoke further with my inteller akpos and told him not to take his eyes of Martha… Edna who was with me started asking me questions but I was able to answer them quickly and discharge her and she went to her house… I checked my watch it was already evening and it was looking like it’s gonna rain heavily..but even the rain wasn’t stopping me that day.. I got dressed in all black including a black baseball cap to complete it and luckily biodun walked in..
    Biodun.. Guy where you dey go like me…
    Me.. akpos nack me now now say Martha don lap Franklin we dey go see Exec right now. be chice.. Papa we go need criers (gun) oo
    Me..naa!…we need matchete instead..
    In less than 15mins I was seated with smiles and the men that mattered.,…smiles now occupied baka’s bungalow… during that period Agnes moved in with him…
    Me..Exec I get Intel from one of my faithful say Martha lap school today o.. apparently e get one lecturer wey she no fit sort wetin make her show..
    Smiles.. I don’t fuckin care why she’s here she’s going down…
    Pato.. ehhnn Exec shebi you know say that girl na witch..g.nut no go enta her oo..
    Qiunto.(confidently)… make ona no worry.. I gat this..
    Me.. Exec abeg summon Kate make she yarn us where that b---h dey sleep..
    The thin is like baka Uriel had also graduated and Kate was now the leader of the white angels.. who were natural enemies of the black bra.. and particularly wanted Martha gone.. because apparently Martha single handedly killed 3 white angels who shot at her but the bullet smiles called Kate who was more than willing to lend a helping hand and by 7pm that night.. the white angels had located where Martha will be sleeping (ooopps).. she was sleeping at a very coded lodge at the outskirts of town..with her boyfriend who was a yellow man.. The news felt like I had 2 chicken laps on my plate of rice anyways.. we planned to hit dem by 1am..
    Smiles..Giddi u rugged…u go lead this mission.. I want make you 6 niggas follow body…
    Me.. (hankorin him).. Exec rugged you.. qiunto shebi you get the Calabash..
    Qiunto.. Calabash dey on Board..
    Me.. Ok.. qiunto, Biodun, Pato, Sparks and smallie.. that b---h get mind humiliate us for our own island..she throw Tilapia OVB because she chop winch… well we go show her say no be every witch wey fly for night go land for morning..
    Qiunto…u d--n right Giddi.. I go show that girl say I be bini we invent we be the fuckin aero contractors..
    Some of my frat men including Francis where upset I didn’t pick them.. this was my first mission and I was nervous(but that info is for me only).. The plan was pretty simple.. go in..kill the b---h and her yellow Man bf and bounce..while everyone carried guns I carried a matchete.. they where all dressed in Red and Back except me who was all black.. by 12 am it started raining heavily.. pamela a white angel was already positioned in the lodge where she pretended to spend the night at her girlfriends house.. under the rain we took a Hilux to the compound and parked some blocks away.. the lodge had a gate which the tenants locked from inside once it’s 10 so Pamela’s Job was to open the gate.. I called pamela immediately we got to the gate..
    Me..hello Pam how far?
    Pamela.. I Don already open the gate.. I no fit comot because I no want make my friend suspect me..the room na room 7..
    Me.. no Shaken.. Na u try pass…guys she don set the gate we Fall in Biodun and Sparks ona go jazz in the room… blow that yellow mofo between his eyes.. position Martha .. smallie and pato ona go mount The compound while me and Qiunto go mount gate.. when ona don position them we go jazz in..
    Biodun… no Shaken…I gat this..
    Qiunto..(bring out the Calabash).. make ona jazzz in..this Calabash na from baba for Bini..e go make Martha not to commit witchcraft for once in her life..
    Qiunto opened the Calabash which gave off a funny smell. Said some incantations and put it on the floor..while everyone took we Biodun got closer to the door he gave a hand gesture that they were fuckin while we smiled and nodded our head’s… Biodun shot his pump action at the door knob and matched the door wide open.. I’m sure the shot woke everyone in that Lodge up (come outside if you get mind na).. Sparks followed up with another shot and I heard a guy I smiled like the joker.. I knew we had them cornered so with Pato and Smallie mounting the outside I entered the room to find both Martha and the yellow man stack naked..but Sparks had blasted the yellow man on his arm though.. the nigga was on the floor bleeding and holding his hand stack naked.. I noticed Martha making some incantations and touching the walls as if we waren’t there..
    Qiunto(sacarstically).. Martha.. Martha..Martha.. there is no use trying..ur powers have been nutralised..
    Martha(shocked)… what that’s impossible.. that can’t be..
    Me.. well you know what they say about impossibility don’t you Martha.. anything is possible..
    Martha..(crying).. please don’t kill me ..(kneeling down).. I’m sorry..
    Yellow man.. guy’s abeg na..we don f--k up we know.. we don repent earlier today..
    Sparks..(angrily) Na him you dey f--k this witch this night abi? ..shey na repentance jonzin yellow man..ona matter dey Odin table…jonzin idiots
    Biodun… I’m sure God has forgiven you for what you did to Tilapia (placing his pump action on the d--k of the limp d--k of the yellow man)…
    Yellow man..(closing his eyes).. please..abeg.. please.. I have repented.. please..
    Me..but you see..we ain’t God …Auntie.. forgiveness is a sin oo.. Biodun what are you wiating for..
    Biodun blasted the yellow Man d--k and he died on the spot.. the site horrified Martha who screamed…all the guys pointed there gun at her..
    Martha(shaking).. please don’t shoot me.. please..
    Me..who said anything about shooting you.. no we only need one thing from you?
    Martha.. anything.. I’ll give you anything.. just name it..
    Me (complete joker smile)…your head..(as I flashed my matchete to show her)
    Early the next school shook as students found the head of a girl and a guy untop Red cloth at school gate.. I over heard some one saying the girl was some one he knew called Martha.(just hear say). anyways it didn’t take long for students to lacate the bodies of the heads two naked headless Bodies.. one male and female..the male looked like his d--k was crushed with caterpillar.. but it didn’t end there..(that was us saying Good morning)

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    Urch ManUrch Man
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    Baba rugged you. Those yellow men never see shit,they blood must turn the sea red.

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    See as I just dey happy like say nah I follow treta the Black bra babes and their Yellow Men counterparts f--k up.

    Nice job Giddi!!!!! But cultisim is d--n bad oooo…. See as just life are being wasted over irrelevant stuffs

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