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    written by: daniel wire


    in a small town called ashri of the northern part of nigeria, a war outbroke between the christian and muslim which claimed many lives, in the early 80s

    find out what happen in the story

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    act 1 scene 1

    After The Morning Mass At The Catholic Church Around 6am Mr Gabriel And His Family Which Consist His Wife and Son Went Back Home In Their Car

    Along The Way, The Car Stopped, So They Began Pushing it, until They Reach A Mosque Were An Alfa(a Hausa Man) Is Sitting Down

    Mr Gabriel->uncle Help Us And Push Our Car

    Alfa->na Me I Dey Call Uncle

    Mrs Naomi->yes

    Alfa->me No Be Uncle, Na Alfa Yusuf

    Mr Gabriel->ok Alfa Help Us

    Alfa->watin I Go gimme

    Mr Gabriel->we Dont Have Anything

    Alfa->(hiss) and You Want Make Me Push Your Car

    Mr Gabriel And His Family Continue To Push The Car, Until It Reach Where A Quran Is On A Mat At The Tip,it Remained Small That The Car Tyre Would Step On it But The Alfa Shouted

    Alfa->subbuanoliah i don March The quran

    Mr Gabriel->(surprised) but We Didnt March It Na

    Alfa->so Me Dey Lie Bag Me No See

    Mrs Naomi->but This Is It Na

    Alfa->how Much I Go Gimme Make The Case Die

    Mr Gabriel->we Are Not Paying A Dime Cause We Didnt March anything

    Mrs Naomi->i Wonder O

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    act 1 scene 2

    alfa->(high tone)imam, imam, imam (getting inside)

    the chief imam was inside discussing with three other imams when he heard his name being called

    c.imam->who be that na

    alfa->chief imam na me o (fumming inside)

    c.imam->watin happen

    alfa->those keferis use their motor tyre to march am por quran

    imam 1->hausubbiliah

    imam 2->where i dey

    alfa->dem dey outside

    c.imam->go and arrest them

    the alfa and 3imam went to arrest mr gabriel and his family but micheal their son escaped

    find out what happened in act 2

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    act 2 scene 1


    the alfa has went to called all the muslim in the town, they all team up to the mosque

    c.imam->my fellow people in islam, the keferis had called for war and quran called it war for jihad (calling alfa)alfa yusuf come and explain what happened this morning

    alfa->(standing up)the keferis this morning say make me help dem push their motor but me no gree because of won go pray, so they con march the quran with their motor

    the muslims->(shouted)haaaaaa

    c.imam->what should we do to dem?

    the muslims->kill them

    c.imam->imams go and bring those keferis

    the imams went to bring them and they all marched to one place to kill them

    c.imam->imam 1 go and bring the cutlass and come and behead them

    the imam 1 went to bring the cutlass and the c.imam recite some quran verse

    c.imam->imam 1 oya behead them

    imam 1->hausubbillai

    the imam 1 beheaded them

    c.imam->(shouting)jihad! jihad!! jihad!!!

    the muslims->(shouting)al-akbar! al-akbar!! al-akbar!!!

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    act 2 scene 2


    micheal ran inside the church

    micheal->s.pastor s.pastor

    the s.pastor ran out from the inner chamber

    s.pastor->what happened micheal?

    just then the j.pastor enters with some church members, micheal was trying to talk but cant so he was told to relax. after some mins

    s.p->so micheal what happened?

    micheal explained everything to them

    j.p->jesus christ of nazareth

    s.p->do you know the place micheal?


    the s.pask one of the church member to call all the whole congregation. after some hours they all assembeled

    s.p->praise the lord


    s.p->the muslim has called for war they have arrest mr gabriel and his wife


    j.p->let go and release our people

    they marched to the muslims side and when they got their they say mr gabriel and his wife headless

    congregation->jesus christ

    s.p->the muslims has called for war


    s.p->let fight for the lord

    mr gabriel and his wife was buried

    the war has just began


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    Abeg add me to the register with @fb-elijahdaniel next pls

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    Na wa o

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