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    Hello coolval family,how is your side over there? Hope everywhere has calm down like my place here? God will protect the remaining of the youth in this our country (amen).

    Majority of us must have read a story title “TARASHA” on this platform but if you haven’t read it, my friend, you have miss a tantalizing story and here is the link for you”.

    The author of the story (OYIN) released another story that’s very full of drama title ” RESTLESS” although the story has commence here since but the poster stop the story because of limited comments.

    So,I hereby continue the story from where it stop but before then I will post the recap you have read so far …………

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    RESTLESS – A Story By Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

    The story is about Carl, a man haunted by the pains of losing his family and neglect by the organization he was committed to. He falls in love with Sheila who also loves him but he is consumed with the passion for avenging his dead wife and child that he closes his eyes to Sheila’s love. He discovers more in his quest to bring down the killers of his wife, the people who betrayed him are quite much more than he expected. He is terribly shocked as he makes more discoveries, and there comes a flood of death that will shake the nation as the RESTLESS man goes about seeking for peace.

    As you follow, you’ll “watch power” go against justice, betrayal go against trust, hatred go against love. You’ll feel the pains of betrayal, and of love being neglected.

    It’s full of crazy action, only read if you are not feebleminded.

    Starts on February 4, 2019.


    Links To Available Episodes.
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    RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace

    Carl is restless. It’s more than twelve months after the death of his wife and child but it remains so fresh in his mind and he is desperate in his hunt for peace.

    He ignores Sheila’s love, hoping to get an opportunity to reciprocate it after he finds peace but this makes his eyes closed to who Sheila really is. When is he going to discover Sheila?

    He returns to Bexford to find and get back at those who made him a widower, those who destroyed his family and that of his friend Rex, but the situation is more complicated than he thinks. It is going to be the most difficult task in his life, because he would have to fight those who should have helped him to make it easier. Will his well built body and trained fists help him in this war? How would he overcome the other trained experts and the enemies as one man?

    Carl is Restless! He’s furious and desperate in his hunt for peace! He goes hard but they also come hard on him. He goes wild but the enemies are wilder than you can imagine. Will this restless man ever find peace? And will victory in the war bring him peace?

    Perhaps the peace he’s searching desperately for is right under his nose.

    Find out more in RESTLESS – The Hunt For Peace.

    Starts on Feb 4, 2019

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    ® 18+ SNVL
    This work of fiction may contain some violent scenes and languages which have been reduced to the bare minimum by the writer.

    All Rights Reserved
    © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel 2019

    This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


    Episode 1

    The Body At Nura

    29: 07: 2015
    Location : El Deols, Anthanna, Africa.
    Time: 15:17PM

    Lutheran Hospital, El Deols.

    The atmosphere in the hospital was cool and calm. The tiled floor of the hospital shone through the reflection of the bright lights from the white bulbs, testifying to the diligent work of the cleaners who took care of the floor. The white painted walls and the medical calendars and postals on them added to the beauty of the hospital. The Doctors and Nurses smartly dressed in their white overalls and gowns went about their responsibilities as quiet as possible. But even with so much beauty seen in the building of the hospital, no beauty was seen on the faces of those at the reception except a few whose cases were that of successful child birth.

    In one of the wards at the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital laid a six feet two inches tall man. Even in the hospital bed, the features of his well built muscled body was a sight to behold. In his state he was a perfect description of a sleeping lion, his facial expression even in unconsciousness was enough to send chills down the spines of a common man. His fist which was used to being tightened for fist fights had difficulties straightening even in that state.

    The medical ventilator machine was placed beside his bed and the tubes were connected into his body, helping to keep him alive in his unconscious state. On the thirty first day of March 2015, his body was taken out from a body bag dropped on a rock in the Nura River.

    31: 03: 2015
    Location: Nura Village

    The darkness of the night was gradually approaching and the scorching effect of the sun had totally given way for the coldness of the evening. The trees and leaves were dancing happily to the rhythm produced by the rushing wind while the insects and other bush animals could be seen coming out of the places they had hidden themselves to escape the harshness of the sun.

    It was Sheila and Tom’s second day on their visit to Nura. Sheila who was working on a project which involved studying human behavior in relation to their environment had chosen a rare place, Nura, to be her case study. Tom her boyfriend had been forced to accompany her to Nura on the planned five days visit.

    Tom, Sheila and Osey their tour guide stood on a rock on the Nura Hill from where they could get a good view of the flowing Nura River and the vast field around it.

    Sheila looked radiant and her beauty glowed even under the evening light. She was a young woman of twenty six. Perfect light skinned lady with a beautiful oval face, beautiful lips and well shaped chin. Her body was the perfect figure eight and the complete definition of elegance. Her long dark natural hair was well arranged behind her and it stopped a bit after her shoulder. She was tall for a lady, five feet seven inches.

    Tom was about the same height as her. He had a handsome round dark face with a clean shaven hair. His beards were neatly carved and shiny dark. He was a bit darker than her but less slender than she was. He was two years older than her.

    Osey the tour guide was taller than the two but had a rather ungraceful slenderness. The back of his head seemed flat and his standing posture was almost bent. He stood by Sheila’s right while Tom stood at the left.

    “I’ve heard so many distasteful things about this river, I don’t know how true they are.” Sheila remarked as she looked towards the River from where she stood.

    “I’m afraid those things you heard may be right ma’am, no one goes to the Nura River, it is a very dangerous one, even though it looks like a beautiful view from above. In its beauty lies it’s deceptiveness,” Osey replied her.

    She turned her face to him after thirty seconds, all the while her eyes had been on the beautiful view below. “Tell me why it is considered as dangerous, it doesn’t look dangerous in any way to me.”

    “That’s because you’ve not seen it in its dangerous times,” Osey replied and then looked away to the river water flowing gently. “Some times, it gets mad and begins to flow abnormally, it becomes so destructive then.”

    Sheila looked at the man’s face again, trying to understand what he meant. She thought he could be talking about the wet season when there was abundance of rainfall resulting in the increase in quantity and velocity of water. If that was the case, then the people of Nura were only been troubled by their ignorance and illiteracy.

    “When do we go back to the lodge?” Tom asked Sheila. He seemed not to be enjoying the conversation, all he wanted was to get back to a comfortable bed and take a good rest.

    “Shortly Tom,” Sheila took a brief glance at him. He was staring at her expressionlessly. She held him by the arm and wrapped her fingers around his. She let out a breath. “Tom, this place is beautiful, if the people of Nura would only realize, it could became a place of attraction to the world.”

    “It’s a waste of time to make them believe so, they are already so convinced that it’s a curse to them and nothing can make them change their mind. So I suggest we just focus on our reason for coming here, instead of making them see what they would not see,” Tom shrugged as he replied her uninterestingly.

    “But don’t you think all they need to have a better view of this beautiful gift of nature is more information and exposure?” Sheila asked, looking into his eyes.

    “It’s a waste of time Sheila, civilization may never get here till the twenty second century,” Tom answered. “What we need to do is leave now, it’s late.”

    At that moment, a heavy wind swept across the land and blew cold moist air on their bodies.

    “I think he’s right ma’am, we need to leave here. When the wind starts moving like this, it’s a bad sign for those it meets up here.” Osey spoke.

    “Bad sign?” She turned to him, shaking her head. The people of Nura never ceased to amaze her with their superstitious beliefs.

    “Yes, it could mean something wrong is about to happen between the two of you.” Osey replied. “We have to go away from here now before the wind blows more evil in this direction.”

    Sheila turned her face to Tom who was already nudging her. “Let’s go Sheila.”

    She turned again to have one more view of the beautiful place. Her eyes hovered around in a brief glance, she almost turned before she noticed something. Three men were now at the bank of the river, they had a big bag with them and it seemed to be containing something heavy.

    “Hey, look here. I thought you said nobody comes to this river,” she called Osey’s attention.

    Osey who had already turned turned back again immediately. His eyes followed in the direction she was pointing him. He squinted on seeing the men at the bank of the river.

    “Those men are dressed like strangers,” Osey voiced out softly, staring more intently.

    “Of course, they have to be strangers,” Tom put in.

    “But…” Osey frowned as he squinted more deeply. He moved from his position and turned to where Tom was standing. “They are discussing in our dialect,” he added as he began to walk carefully down towards a huge stone. He hid behind the stone and peeped at the men from there.

    It was still from a very far distance but the echoes of the sound through the air and the loudness of the men who were unaware of the presence of people around enabled him catch some of their words.

    Tom and Sheila soon joined him. They stood behind him, their bodies completely hidden behind the big stone where they could not see the men from.

    “Who are those men?” Tom asked. “That thing on the ground looks like a body bag.”

    “Shhh…” Osey turned briefly to hush Tom, placing a finger on his lips. He turned back to continue listening.

    After almost a minute of waiting impatiently, Sheila stepped forward, wanting to have a look at the men again but mistakenly put her feet on the wrong place and almost slipped on the slopy rocky ground but she held on to Tom who grabbed her and drew her closer to himself.

    Osey quickly pulled back his head as two of them men looked up from where they were. He looked briefly at Sheila and moved closer. “Are you alright madam?” He whispered.

    “Yes, she is perfectly fine.” Tom replied him.

    Osey took a cursory glance at her again before going back to his position, he listened for some seconds before he began to peep again. Soon, two of the men dragged the body bag they had with them into the river and dropped it. Part of it extending into the water while a major part laid on a rock. The men glanced at it for less than ten seconds before they turned and made their way out of the place. They were sure it would never be discovered.

    “Be careful Sheila,” Tom was saying to his girlfriend when Osey looked back again. Sheila was trying to peep again, Tom had tried to stop her but as usual she prevailed against him and made her way to Osey’s side.

    She moved further and saw the men already leaving without the body bag they brought. She turned to Osey hoping to get more information from him.

    “We have to get out of here now,” Osey muffled.

    “Who are those men?” Sheila asked him. She wasn’t going to leave without knowing what happened.

    “Those men are dangerous, I think two of them are natives of this town but they stay very far away. They put someone in that bag, I’m not sure whether he’s dead or not. They’ve placed him in the river and are sure no one would ever find his body because nobody comes to the river.”

    “Oh God!” Sheila gasped. “And is it true that he would not be discovered.”
    “Yes, no one comes here but by tomorrow morning, the body would have been devoured by the dangerous birds.” Osey replied.

    Tom flashed a quick look at her and shook his head. He knew what type of woman she was and he wasn’t ready to support her to do what she was going to ask.

    “We have to help that person,” Sheila voiced out breathlessly. “We don’t know, maybe he or she is alive.”

    Tom was already expecting her to say so, he squinted his eyes at her. “You’re crazy Sheila, we will do nothing of such!”

    She looked away from Tom and stared at Osey, hoping to get some encouragement but Osey had a sad look on and was shaking his head in support of Tom.

    “I’m sorry ma’am, we can’t go near that river, and those wicked men may come back again.” Osey said.

    Sheila peeped again towards the river, she knew Tom was not going to agree with her easily but she was also not ready to give in. Her eyes scanned for a suitable passage to the river from the rocky hill. She could barely see as the darkness had grown thicker, she only had an option which was going back halfway the route through which they came through and turning into the route to the river which Osey had showed them.

    She turned swiftly and put on the torchlight of her phone, she began hurriedly towards the route, half running and half walking.

    “Sheila! What do you think you are doing?” Tom asked, even though he was sure of what she was up to. He followed after her immediately but she did not wait for him. “Sheila, Sheila!” He shouted after her.

    “Shhh…” Osey ran after Tom and cautioned him. He held him by the arm, “Please, don’t shout, those men may hear our voices and return.”

    “Sheila! Sheila!” Tom continued to call in a muffled voice but she did not respond.

    She continued moving for more than a minute before Tom caught up with her. He held her by the wrist on one hand and turned her to himself by the waist with the other hand.

    “Sheila, what is wrong with you? Don’t you realize that this is not El Deols where you can help people freely, you may get into trouble or loose your life if you try to help someone here. Remember Osey has warned us not to get close to that Nura river.”

    Sheila stared at his face in fury, wondering why he would not support her to help rescue someone who could be dying. She knew well that he did not believe in all the superstitious beliefs Osey had told them.

    “You don’t have to come with me, I’ll take the risk alone.” She said and wriggled her hand off his grip. She proceeded on to the river.

    She got down the hill down to the river after a few minutes. She stared intently at the water for a moment and began to roll her sleeves.

    “I’ll come with you,” Tom said grudgingly from behind.

    Sheila did not wait for him, she stepped on the first stone in the river and carefully jumped to the next. She stared at the body bag from her position. She noticed that the men who brought the body had been too lazy to take it into the deep part of the water, they were possibly confident that it won’t be discovered easily or probably didn’t care if it was discovered or not.

    In five minutes time, Tom and Sheila had been able to take the heavy body bag out to the dry ground while Osey watched them from a distance. He dreaded the river and he wouldn’t take the risk of moving closer, if he had not been there and seen when the bag was placed there, he and some of the other villagers would have concluded that it was a load put there by the evil spirits from the water.

    It was dark already but the moon was out fully, providing as much brightness as it could to the Earth. Tom and Sheila clothes were wet to the waists because they still had to enter into the water to take out the body bag.

    Tom took out a tiny source of light and pointed at the bag as he squatted to open the zip. He opened slowly and carefully until the zip got to the end. He got up and stared at the lifeless looking body from above.

    Sheila quickly placed a knee on the ground to check the body, she had some knowledge on first aid. She noticed the holes and blood stains in the huge man’s belly and shoulder, she could tell that they were bullet wounds.

    “I think he’s not dead yet,” she announced.

    Tom stared at her face doubtingly, those were the last words he was hoping to hear from her. The man looked dead and without life to him.

    “We need to get him to the hospital,” Sheila added.

    Tom sighed. He knew it was going to get to that.

    “Do you know this man?” Sheila asked, directing her question to Osey.

    Osey was still watching from a distance. He knew she was talking to him but could not respond immediately because the face of the man could not been seen clearly from where he was. He moved closer, slowly and reluctantly.

    “I don’t know him,” he stopped when he got to the safest closest distance from which he could see the man’s face. “I don’t know him, he’s certainly not from here, I heard the men saying he cannot be recognized even if he was seen before the vultures eat up his body.”

    “We have to get him to the hospital right away,” Sheila insisted, staring at Tom’s face for assistance.

    Tom sighed. He was reluctant to help the stranger in the strange land but he knew that he had no choice since Sheila was bent on getting him to the hospital.

    “You know this may disrupt our real purpose for coming to Nura right?” He said softly, trying to make her have a rethink.

    “That can be done any other time, we have to save this life first.” She insisted.


    Location : Lutheran Hospital, Deols, El Deols.

    “Daddy!” The screams of a little boy echoed loudly in his mind.

    He was still physically motionless in the hospital bed but had just gotten awake in the mental realm. He could see the face of the scared little boy in the dark night, screaming and struggling for help as he was being carried away forcefully by the masked men.

    He saw himself being held on both sides by hefty men, his eyes were bloodshot as he struggled to no avail to free himself from the grip of the men. His body was unexplainably so weak that even though the men’s grip was not so firm, he couldn’t still get away.

    “They’re taking us away, do something honey!” A woman screamed in horror as she was being dragged away on the floor helplessly.

    The pictures disappeared for a moment and he could only hear shouts and screams. It was like a dream but seemed real.

    He saw again flashes of other scenes in his mind, a small house was blazing in flames and loud screams could be heard which got deadened after seconds. His mind went blank for a moment and his eyes opened gently. Four months after wandering in the world of unconsciousness, he was able to breathe again on his own.

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    Episode 2

    Who Am I?

    ® 18+ SNVL
    © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

    Lutheran Hospital, El Deols, Anthanna.

    Tom watched in disgust as Sheila ran up the stairs in the direction of the Intensive Care Unit. He wondered why she was so excited about a total stranger and his wellbeing. He had never supported keeping the stranger on life support and discouraged her everyday, giving her strong reasons of how the hospital bills were taking so much of her money. He had refused when she asked for his assistance in taking care of the bills and she summoned the courage to take it all up by herself without asking help from anyone else.

    Sheila was the only daughter of a successful Businessman, a billionaire named Emery Jack. But even with her father’s wealth, she was hardworking and had made so much for herself at a very young age. She was a business owner herself, running a consulting firm and also a website where she gives information about small business opportunities and ideas, and also mentors others.

    Tom was the second son of Emery Jack’s friend, Harry Wills who was another successful Businessman. The friendship of their fathers made he and Sheila friends since childhood. He also did well in his own field but still worked in his father’s organization.

    Sheila opened the door noisily and barged into the ward without announcement, making the eyes of Doctor and Nurse turn to her. For some reason, she couldn’t move further, it seemed like her hand got glued to knob of the door and she stared at the man who had been “dead” for four months. The man in the hospital bed was the last to look up at her but he looked away immediately as if he saw no one and returned his focus to the doctor who was administering some injections to him.

    Tom joined Sheila at the entrance and stopped beside her. He glanced at her face before fixing his gaze on the man being attended to by the nurse and Doctor.

    It was confirmed now that he was truly out of danger. He had been taken off the medical ventilator and was now sitting and moving parts of his body in response to the doctor.

    Sheila advanced slowly in contrast to the manner at which she got to the entrance. She kept her eyes on the face of the man who did not even seem to notice she was coming towards him. Tom followed behind and they stopped when they got to the leg side of the bed.

    “Congratulations Miss Sheila, he’s finally out of danger.” The doctor let out a smile.

    Sheila responded with a smile and looked at the patient’s face again. The patient glanced at her for a moment and then looked away, the expression on his face was unwelcoming.

    “I came as soon as I got the message,” Sheila replied pleasantly, taking a brief look at the doctor’s face. “I hope everything is well with him.”

    “Yeah…” The doctor answered, dragging the word a little more than usual. He finished up with administering the injection into the patient’s arm and dropped the used syringe into the container held by the nurse. He took in a breath and faced Sheila. “He’s fine and totally out of danger now, we’d have to change his ward soon,” the Doctor began to take slow steps away from his position. He stopped beside Sheila and spoke in low tones, but still loud enough for Tom to hear. “I told you after you brought him that he had a brain injury that he must have gotten from the use of weapons on his head.”

    The colour on Sheila’s face changed and she seemed worried at the news. She looked at the patient’s face again and noticed that his eyes were now on her.

    “So what’s the implication of that?” Her eyes turned back to the doctor’s face.

    “He has amnesia,” he replied.

    “So he doesn’t remember anything at all?” She asked the doctor, staring back into the eyes of the man who was staring at her.

    “Well, it’s retrograde amnesia. He’s able to create new memories but may find it difficult to recall the past, he may only have flashes of episodic memories,” the doctor replied in a sad tone.

    There was silence for a moment until Sheila heard a sigh from behind her, she turned to look at Tom.

    “This was all a waste of time,” he murmured with a sigh.

    “You call this a waste of time?” Sheila raised her brows at him.

    “Yes, I mean after all the troubles done to get him back alive, he doesn’t have his memory intact. How would he go back to his life? Or would he continue to remain a liability after footing his medical bill?” Tom insisted.

    Sheila turned to the doctor, “Are there any chances he would regain his memory?”

    “Well, the chances are very slim.” The doctor stated. “But you two can help him in different ways…”

    “How are we going to help him doctor? We don’t even know who he is,” Tom argued.

    “Doctor, please tell us ways we can help him.” Sheila asked the doctor, deciding to ignore Tom’s negative remarks.

    “Very simple techniques,” the doctor replied. He allowed for the nurse to walk pass him and out of the ward before he continued in low tones. He glanced again at the patient briefly. “What he needs for now is care and attention, he needs to be helped to be confident and he needs to trust you completely. He has greater chances of regaining his memory if he’s exposed to things of the past and if you help him recreate some memories.”

    Sheila closed her eyes and drew in air deeply.

    “It’s a total waste of time, we don’t even know him, we don’t know his past, we only found him in a body bag and took him to a clinic before having to bring him here.” Tom grated out, deciding not to hide his feelings in anyway.

    “Shhhh…” The doctor hushed him and took a quick glance at the patient to see if he was listening to them. “You should not be saying such things in front of him,” he cautioned, disappointed at Tom for speaking so harshly even when he could see the patient’s eyes were focused on them.

    “I ain’t got time for all this really,” Tom replied nonchalantly. He turned to Sheila, “I remember I promised that if he comes out of coma I would pay off the medical bill. I’ll stick to that promise, and pay everything.” He said with so much arrogance in his voice.

    “I don’t need your money Tom,” Sheila replied him angrily.

    “I’m sticking to my promise,” Tom insisted and patted her gently on the cheek with his right hand. “I’ll be outside waiting for you.”

    Sheila heaved a sigh of frustration and turned as she watched Tom walk out of the ward.

    “Please, talk with him. He has to be patient, the sick man is just recovering and would need a lot of care to help him.” The doctor whispered to Sheila before he began to walk towards the door. He stopped and turned briefly to say something. “Some nurses would join you in a moment, they are coming to move him to the new ward.”

    Sheila watched the doctor go until he got out and closed the door. She suddenly felt an uneasiness as she realized she was alone with the strange man whom they had found few months ago. It wasn’t her first time of being with strangers or traumatized people, so she wondered why this felt so different.

    What was she going to say to him? And would he respond to her well or with coldness? The look she had seen on his face when she stepped into the room was not encouraging. She turned to face him and met him staring at her.

    He blinked as his eyes met hers. He didn’t know who she was or how she knew him but he was sure of one thing, and that was that she wanted him to be well. He couldn’t even remember who he himself was, talk more of remembering someone else. He had watched the doctor discuss with her and the other man. He did not hear most of what was said especially the doctor and the lady but he heard the other man’s words and got to discover that none of them also knew him, even though they were the ones footing his medical bill. Perhaps, they had found him somewhere and picked him up, he thought. He knew one thing for sure, the man who spoke out loud did not like him.

    “Hi, how are you?” Sheila put on a smile as pleasantly as she could and moved closer to him.

    “I’m fine,” he replied in a calm voice. A look of surprise appeared on his face but it soon faded away and his face became expressionless.

    Sheila noticed he was handsome, even with the scar on his forehead, his cuteness did not fade. The tubes and lines connected to his body were now all gone and the machine by the side of the bed was no longer functioning for him.

    “I’m glad you’re fine now,” Sheila said. “My name is Sheila, what’s your name?”

    “She…ila…” He muttered slowly and repeatedly under his breath for some seconds and looked down, a frown appeared on his face like that of a person who had just recalled a terrible nightmare. He looked up again and stared at Sheila’s face with confusion written all over his face.

    “Oh!” Sheila gasped, she realized that he was trying hard to remember his name and she felt sorry for asking him. “Don’t…”

    “Do I have a name?” He interrupted her statement.

    “Never mind,” she said with a pleasant smile. She reached for his hand and squeezed his palm in hers gently. She saw him staring at her hand as if to ask what she was doing with his hand. She felt he was uncomfortable and released his palm. He took a sharp look at her face and there was an awkward silence for a moment, he reached slowly for her hand and took it in his, encouraging her to squeeze it again like she did before.

    “I’ll call you Henry,” she said with a smile. “I’m your friend and I’ll be here for you every time you need me.”

    Henry did not know how to respond to her but a faint smile appeared on his face.”Henry…” He muttered. He didn’t know what it meant but it sounded nice to him. “I like Henry,” he said, his smile broadened.

    Sheila smiled more pleasantly and she stared at his face. He looked like a hard man with his well developed muscles and a tough body but he looked soft and more handsome when he smiled.

    His smile disappeared immediately as he remembered something. Henry was a new name given to him by Sheila, if he was Henry now, who was he before? He thought to himself.

    “Sheila,” he called softly and she stared at his face, wondering what he wanted to talk about. “Who am I?”

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    Episode 3

    The Fox Corporation

    ® 18+ SNVL
    © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

    04: 08: 2015

    The Fox Corporation Headquarters, Epa Hill, Bexford, Bethanna.

    The Gigantic building of the Fox headquarters, seated on the Epa Hill at the center of Bexford the capital of the country named Bethanna was one of the best architectural and structural facilities in the world. The front view had an hexagonal shape and had the sculpture of a fox close to the roof at the centre of the building where the main entrance was. It was also the most secured building in the world, with no bullet having the ability to pass through the walls no matter it’s intensity.

    The FOX corporation was a Bethanna government owned security agency, known for carrying out it’s activities in the pattern of the Fox animal, using both mental and physical strength to solve security problems and nab dangerous criminals and criminal organizations. The FOX agents after undergoing screening for recruitments were always trained on a basic level to use both mental powers which included the ability to formulate mental strategies, the use of technology, the mastery of mind games and several others and then to use physical powers under which were categorized mastery in the arts of weapons, hand combats and fist fights, speed and agility and so many others. All agents of the FOX had a basic training in all aspects but had to specialize in a particular subcategory under one of the two aspects at a certain level as they progressed in the training. However, a number of the agents proved to be geniuses and became masters in more than one category, some almost mastering every aspect of the FOX. This skillful agents became the most respected agents as well as the most dreaded in the corporation, each having their degrees of respect based on their level of mastery.

    Two of such agents were Agent Carl and Agent Rex. These agents were the finest agents of the corporation, both of the same rank. They proved to be masters in every aspect of the FOX. They also qualified to be categorized as part of the best fighters, gun masters and intelligent security officials in the world. The two formed a formidable team and had led the other agents of the FOX to defeat the most dangerous groups in the world. They led their teams to victory in several battles in their country and in neighbouring countries such as Anthanna and South Husan and in other countries outside of Africa. Apart from being great assets to the FOX, they were great assets to their country and to the world at large.

    They appeared to be fierce in battle, dangerous to oppose and always in charge in all physical and mental wars. No one seemed to know their secrets or weaknesses apart from themselves and they seemed undefeatable, but only until the upsurge of the invisible terrorists also known as the Red Wolves.

    The Red Wolves had surfaced in the early 2014, the election year in the country Bethanna, when a lot of political activities were slated to take place. They were named as the invisible terrorists based on their mode of operation. Their first two bomb attacks took place in the first month of the year and were carried out at very low populated political gatherings with no one escaping the venues of the explosion. Their attacks were neatly carried out in such a way that no traces to the source of explosions could be determined. They had left the security agencies thinking at first that the attacks were done by opposition political parties and investigations were done in that direction. It wasn’t until the third and fourth attacks which were done in the first week of the second month that the security agencies realized that they were not just mere attacks from opposition parties but were backed by a strong unknown terrorist organization.

    Three more attacks were done in the second month. The targeted places of attack advanced from low populated political gatherings to larger ones and caused a resultant increasing fear in politicians and the masses for attending political campaigns and rallies. These first set of attacks made the security agencies direct their efforts towards securing the lives of politicians and venues of political gatherings while they investigated politicians and other influential citizens.

    After the Red Wolves achieved their aim of distracting the security officials through the political attacks, they changed their manner of operation and began to explode top companies facilities in the nation, they began this set of attacks with the major employers of labor in the country. In two weeks, six major companies including one close to Epa Hill had their buildings blown up with little or nothing remaining. The strange parts of all the company attacks was that the explosion always occurred at night times when the most of the companies had already closed their operations for the day. Not so many people got killed in the explosions but properties which worth billions of dollars were destroyed. It became evident to all that the terrorists were not so interested in killing the people but in destroying the companies and rendering thousands of the citizens jobless.

    The terrorists were untraceable in every way, they left no clue at any point in time and never was a security camera able to capture their process of setting up the bombs or any one who looked suspicious enough to be a member of the terrorist group. This made the security agencies nickname them the invisible terrorists. The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of the Anthanna Military Service handled the case alone for the first five weeks and had to involve the FOX corporation after realizing they needed more of the FOX ideals to nab the terrorists.

    A week after the FOX was involved, a member of the invisible terrorists was caught for the first time after the seventh company explosion. After being interrogated, it was found that the terrorist caught was one of the terrorist organization lowest ranked members and knew very little of the organization’s secrets. He was not able to tell how the explosives got into the seventh company, his own task which was being carried out when he was caught was monitoring the live explosion of the building and give a report of how successful the destruction of property was. The only important information that the FOX was able to get from him was an idea of the number of years the terrorist organization had existed for. He had told them he began his training with the organization five years before he was caught, that gave them the idea that the organization itself had existed for more than five years. When interrogated about who the top officials could be, he wasn’t sure of his reply. He had only told them that the people in the organization were not just Bethanians but were mixed with people from other countries.

    Three more explosions occurred after the capture of that member and the FOX was put in a tight corner as the countries’ were on them and agencies all over the world had eyes on them. They had to call back their best Agents, Carl and Rex who had been on a mission with the United Nations Force.

    Agents Carl and Rex returned to the country immediately and swung to action. They started by back-tracing street surveillance camera records of the past. They worked with the past ten years records of the visitors and client records of the already affected companies. After one more successful attack of the terrorist, they were able to predict and stop the next. They discovered that the terrorists in the past ten years had been implanting well trained and intelligent people in some of the companies where they did not have their members before. The explosions in the organization always occurred on a day of the week when these agents of the terrorist group were on leave. The FOX through Agents Carl and Rex were able to find the common identity among all the terrorist agents and that was their year and month of application for their current jobs. All of them had applied for their jobs four years before the explosions started but were employed at different times by the individual companies. The uniqueness about their applications were that they were submitted at a time that most of the companies had no vacancies or advertised spaces, the applications were always submitted with proposals containing mind blowing ideas that could move the company forward. These proposals which were too good to ignore made the companies create space to employ them.

    With the information they had, past actions and surveillance records were investigated and the defeat of the terrorists organization slowly began and in two weeks, commendable success was recorded. Agents Carl and Rex finally led the FOX to their supposed final victory on the thirtieth day of March 2015. However, as they returned to their families the next day to celebrate the victory, the invisible terrorists struck back and attacked the two Agents and their families. Agent Rex’s wife and two kids were killed with their bodies butchered into pieces while Agent Carl’s wife and his son were burnt to ashes in a house. The terrorists captured the Agents and recorded them in two separate videos being tortured and shot after which their bodies were thrown into the Bexford Sea in broad daylight. The agents dead bodies since then had never being found and they never got to be given befitting burial.

    Few days after the death of the Agents were announced publicly, other FOX agents were able to trace the terrorists through the trails left in killing the Agent’s families and caught up with them, totally wiping them out this time.

    In a conference room at the FOX Headquarters, not less than fifteen men were seated, all dressed in black suits and ties. A large screen hung at the center of the wall in front, showing a video of the Bexford sea and three choppers hovering around it.

    The youngest of the men in the conference room was forty five, and the oldest man was sixty two. Each and every one of them were top agents of the FOX, having had many years of experience in the security and defense world, they held major role in decision making and strategizing for the FOX corporation. The video being played was without sound, but it had every single person’s attention. After over twenty minutes of watching, the man was seemed to be the chairman of the board turned off the screen with a remote control and turned to face the rest of the board.

    There was a deafening silence for about five minutes, not all of the men seemed to have come up with a decision. They carried undecided looks on their faces even though the decision was not supposed to be a difficult one to make.

    “We’ve never had to wait for this long to make a decision,” Paul Edwards, the man at the front said in low tones.

    There was no verbal response to his remark and the silence seemed to continue for another two minutes. It was in this same room and on the same table that a meeting had held about five months ago. Most of the men already had their decisions in that meeting even before it started and they all were in one Accord. Their decision after that day’s meeting was that Agents Rex and Carl were the most suitable men to bring down the invisible terrorists. Now they were sitting and trying to make a decision to stop the search for the dead bodies of the same two Agents.

    “We have to end the search,” Mark, the man sitting at the left rear end said. He adjusted his sitting position and placed his elbows on the table, holding a pen up with his fingers. “Even though it’s a terrible blow to us that we could not give the world best two Agents their last respects.”

    “I think at this junction we’ve done all we can do to find their bodies, it is impossible to find them anymore. It would be a waste of time and resources if we continue,” another agent put in.

    “I’ve always known we are never going to find those bodies after the first two days of searching,” a grey haired man spoke. He wasn’t the oldest man in the gathering, but his grey hairs were as much as that of a ninety year old man. All eyes turned to him, they all knew he had been negative from the start of the search. “The Bexford sea is big and some big fishes were newly discovered in it at that time. The fishes could have eaten up their bodies.”

    It wasn’t the first time of the board members hearing the “fish eating” story from the grey haired man and they were tired of it but it was beginning to make sense. It was the most sensible explanation for the disappearance of the bodies of the Agents.

    “Agent Samuel may be right,” Agent Sylvanus, the oldest amongst them stated. “It’s obvious something happened to those bodies, the sea has been thoroughly searched like never before. If we can’t find the bodies, it means they are no longer there.”

    Paul Edwards tapped the tall finger of his right hand in the table slowly and gently continuously for a moment. He recalled how Rex and Carl had gone on several missions in various parts of the world and had come back victoriously, even in missions which seemed to be impossible, they always turned around the story just at that moment when every one thought it was over.

    Paul looked at the faces of all the other men with him, he knew what they had in mind. He knew they must feel so disappointed, they all would have felt that Carl and Rex would appear back alive so soon but it was four months now and there were no signs of them. He took in a deep breath and leaned forward to talk.

    “We all saw the viral videos uploaded by the terrorists online here again this morning and I’m sure we all agree that there is no way Rex and Carl could have escaped death, if we can’t find their dead bodies, something must have happened to them.” he paused for a moment and blinked his eyes. He had a quick flashback in his mind and saw again how Rex was being beaten with long iron rods on his body and especially his head and how he was shot on the bridge and thereafter tossed into the Bexford sea. The video also showed the same treatment being given to Rex’s friend after which he was also thrown into the sea.

    “But after our investigations, we still do not know where these bodies are. It is safe to say something happened to these bodies before we got the information. We all would love to give them the last respects and a befitting FOX funeral but we may have to go ahead without their bodies. We’ve given them so much honour already in burying their families. It’s sad but we have to move on and be ready for other things. The most important part is that the invisible terrorists have been wiped out and we can all say that the death of the Agents were not in vain. With this in mind, we’d put a stop to all the search operations and go ahead with their last honours.” He took a pause and his eyes moved quickly across the faces of his listeners. “Would anybody like to say something?”

    There was total silence.

    “I declare a stop to the search operation and pronounce this meeting closed.”

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    This is where the story stop back then, I will start it from where it stop now and I want you guys to comment.

    I don’t want to hear that you have read it before that is why you won’t comment ooooo….

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    Episode 4

    Sheila’s Home

    ® 18+ SNVL
    © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

    Location: El Deols, Anthanna.
    Date : 17 – 08 – 2015
    Time: 07 : 42

    Henry heard the knock on his door a second time and it was accompanied by her voice this time. He rolled out of the bed quickly and ran to the door like a kid going to welcome his mother.

    He opened the door and saw her smiling with a tray in her hands. He opened the door wide enough to let her come in. He closed it as soon as she got in and followed her. She dropped the tray on a footstool and sat at the edge of the bed.

    “Good morning Henry,” she said to him with a smile.

    He smiled back, “Good morning.”

    He noticed she was well dressed and knew she must be heading out to somewhere. He suddenly felt bad because he might not get to enjoy her company for that day, most times when she went out she always returned late.

    It was only fifteen days after he left the hospital and nineteen days in total since he had come out of coma but he was already so used to her company. Whenever she was in the house, she made sure he never felt lonely and spoke to him even when he wanted to keep to himself.

    “I see you just woke up,” Sheila said, judging from his appearance. He was still putting on his pajamas and his eyes still looked sleepy.

    “Yes, I woke up a few minutes ago but I’ve been lazy to get out of bed.” He replied and sat at the other edge of the bed.

    “I’m about to leave the house, so I brought your breakfast,” she said. She took a closer look at his face and noticed that the scar on his face had begun it’s process of fading away after he began to apply some skin therapy that was recommended for him. “How are your wounds now?”

    “Better, I don’t feel any pain this morning. It has been like that for three days,” he said and stretched his body in demonstration to her, he also stretched his legs and shook his ankles.

    “It’s okay, stop!” she said with a hand gesture to emphasize her word. “You should remember that the bones aren’t strong enough yet and you’re not supposed to stress them yet.”

    “I remember,” Henry said and stopped making the body movements. “When are you returning today?”

    “Ermm… I’m not so sure but I’m sure I would return late.” She replied. “Everything you need would be taken care of by Lesedi and she would keep you company.”

    Henry let out a breath. Lesedi was one of the maids in the house. They were two, the other one was called Esther. Lesedi was a young woman of partial South African descent and Athannaian. Already thirty one years old, she looked busty and had a round face and chubby cheeks, one would mother of several children even though she was yet to have any. Henry wasn’t sure that he would enjoy Lesedi’s company like he did Sheila’s, it wasn’t his first time of being left alone in the house but it was Sheila’s first time of promising him of Lesedi’s company. He however decided to take it in good faith, acknowledging that Sheila had her life to live and was only being kind to him, he was not supposed to take it for granted.
    Sheila left and he was left all alone in the room. He stood to take his bath and wash his mouth before having breakfast. After breakfast, he took his plates back to the kitchen and met Lesedi on his way.

    “Good morning sire, you should have called me to come for the plates,” she said as she collected the tray and entered into the kitchen with it. He followed her and stopped halfway. He stared around the kitchen for a while. He could tell it was well kept, even though he wasn’t sure he knew how clean a kitchen was supposed to be, it still looked good to him. Lesedi and her partner was doing a great job, he thought to himself.

    “Good morning sire,” someone greeted from behind. He turned back and saw Esther walking in. She was dressed just like Lesedi, in their uniform and a kitchen apron.

    “Good… Morning,” he answered slowly. “Is there something I can help you with?”

    “No sire, please you don’t have to bother about helping us with anything.” Lesedi replied him quickly, turning back with a smile.

    He nodded gently and turned back. He walked out of the kitchen and found himself at the back verandah of the house where he leaned his back against the balcony rails, admiring the beauty of the structure of the house and the environment in which it was built. Random thoughts came flying through his mind.

    He was alone for close to an hour before someone joined him there.

    “Sire…” he heard Lesedi’s voice and turned back. Here she was , the company Lesedi promised him.

    He saw the look on Lesedi’s face but couldn’t tell what it meant. He watched in silence as she joined him lean against the balcony rails giving a little space between. “You’ve been in this same position for close to an hour, and you haven’t moved,” she stopped to look at his face, her eyebrows gathering together to form a curious look. “Or did you change position when I wasn’t watching?”

    Her questions revealed two things to Henry; the first was that she had been watching him which he believed was probably on the instructions of Sheila. The second was the fact that he had truly been standing in the same position without moving any part of his body until she joined him. He had his bum leaning against the concrete rails, making his waist to down to his feet slightly slant. His arms were folded across his chest and his feet were crossed over each other. That was how he had positioned himself since he got there and he hadn’t moved any other part of his body except for his neck, when he turned to look at Lesedi.

    He folded his arms and uncrossed his legs, he stared at Lesedi with a questioning look. “Yes, I’ve been standing like that since I came here. Am I supposed to have changed my posture? Is something wrong with the posture?”

    “No no no,” she replied with a smile. “It’s just the way you stood rigidly without shaking. It looked so firm, like somebody who had undergone a military training. A normal person should have moved or changed position”

    “Military training?” He chuckled. “Well, I don’t know about that. I just found myself standing like that.”

    Lesedi also chuckled. She knew she could be right, with the man’s physical features and the way he had been caught moving and standing on various occasions, he could have been in the military at a time in his life. She knew a little about him and how he had lost his memory, she had heard it from Sheila and Tom while they were arguing about him once in the house. Apart from that, she knew nothing else about the man except that he was Sheila’s guest.

    “So Lesedi, tell me about yourself.” Henry broke the silence.
    Lesedi smiled and looked at his face. She rarely found anyone asking to know more about her.

    “Well… I’m Lesedi Zuma born of a man from Pretoria South Africa and a woman from El Deols in this country…” she began and went ahead to talk about how she was left to be on her own from an early age and how she survived up till when she met Sheila. She added some details which he was yet to know about Sheila.

    “So Sheila is nice to everyone,” Henry said thoughtfully.

    “Yes, she is a really good woman.” Lesedi replied pleasantly.

    “And do you know that man that came home with her some days ago?” Henry asked.

    The smile on her face vanished immediately and was replaced by a frown. She knew he was referring to Tom. She preferred not to talk about him. Nobody was in Tom’s good books and discussing him with someone else could only make matters worse.

    “I’d rather not talk about him,” she said trying to force a smile.
    Henry knew she was forcing the smile. “Why?” He probed further.

    “Ermm…” her face was contorted with a smile. “Sire, I’m sorry I would have to leave you now. I have to take care of the laundry and I would be back after then.”

    “Hmmm,” Henry shrugged, he wondered why she was scared to talk about Tom.

    “Are there dirty clothes in your room?” she asked, hoping to get away hurriedly from him and avoid answering questions about Tom. The last time Tom had caught her discussing with her colleague about him, he had asked Sheila to do away with her, not considering the fact that she wasn’t saying anything bad against him. It had turned into a heated argument between him and Sheila and got resolved several days after. Since then she always avoided him like a plague whenever he was in the housethe

    “Well, I have my pajamas and a few clothes. I was hoping to do the laundry myself since I’m not busy with anything.”

    “I’ll take care of the clothes.”

    “I’ll come along to help you,” he offered.

    “No please, I’ll do it alone by myself.” she said.
    Henry didn’t press further. He noticed she was no longer comfortable discussing with him.

    “It’s okay, I hope you come back later.”

    She bowed slightly and quickly hurried away. He watched till she was out of sight. He turned around and placed his elbows on the concrete rails, taking a view of the beautiful garden. He had taken strolls around the garden several times since he began to stay in the house.

    He took in a breath of fresh air. He realized he was missing Sheila more than he imagined he would. She never got tired of talking with him whenever she was around and always answered his questions pleasantly. But he had learnt from his discussion with Lesedi that even though Sheila had always answered his questions truthfully, she never gave him more details than he asked for. She had told him about her family when he asked but never told him how wealthy and well known her father was in the country. She also never told him she was the CEO of her own company. He smiled to himself as he wondered how she could be so humble despite her father’s wealth and influence.

    17 : 38 PM

    The day had been a long one for Henry. he managed to make it less boring by engaging himself with some of the books he found in his room and with the apple phone Sheila had gotten for him. Lesedi had come back like she promised but he was already busy then having newly discovered a website where he could read thrilling fiction stories. He was just playing a crime game on the phone when an advertisement popped up showing the banner of a tough looking man and woman both holding guns and looking ready for war. The picture had caught his attention and gave him some strange kind of excitement that he could not explain. He clicked on the banner and was led to the fiction stories website.

    He was already busy reading an action story on the blog when he heard the sound of Sheila’s voice. She was already close to his room. Though he was hesitant to leave the story he was reading, he managed to put down his phone and sit up. He heard a soft knock on the door.

    “You may come in,” he said.

    The door opened gently and she walked in slowly. She managed to put a smile on her face even though she looked tired from work.

    “Hey Big man! Don’t tell me you locked yourself in all day,” she said, raising her brows mischievously.

    “No, I actually spent more time outside today.”

    “Good,” she smiled again. “Okay, I need to take a shower and deal with some other things now. I’ll call for you in thirty minutes.”

    “Okay,” he smiled and watched her walk out before returning to his phone. He continued with the action story he was reading. He discovered he was more interested in the fighting and gun scenes. It felt so real to him and he found himself clenching his fists occasionally and positioning his fingers like someone who wanted to use a gun.

    Thirty minutes passed by and Sheila wasn’t back. It was so unusual of her, he thought to himself. He waited for an extra ten minutes before he decided to go look for her.

    He stopped when he got out of his room, trying to decide whether to go look for her in direction of her room or to the main living room. He finally decided to go look for her at the living room and advanced in the direction.

    It was a large house and he had to go through a major hallway and a smaller one before getting to the main living room. He was close to the curtains covering the living room from the hallway when he began to hear some sounds. He couldn’t tell what was happening exactly, but he knew the voice heard was Sheila’s. He moved closer and the voices became clearer, he could also hear the voice of a second person.

    Sheila was laughing so happily as if she was being tickled.

    “But you know we are in the living room right? Can’t you just…” she was saying before she burst into another round of laughter.

    Henry stood at the entrance of the hallway and watched Sheila and Tom continue their romance on the sofa. He felt like turning back immediately but somehow he felt glued to the spot. He watched as Tom covered Sheila’s lips with his.

    “Argh!” He shook his head in a sudden movement as the picture of a woman flashed across his mind.

    He remained there with his eyes closed, trying to keep the picture which flashed through his mind but he couldn’t keep nor retrieve the image.

    He opened his eyes to find Sheila staring at him and disengaging from Tom. He realized the sound he made attracted their attention.

    “What? Is he why you’re getting up?” Tom asked in a disgusted tone as he looked back and saw Henry. He was annoyed that Sheila was disengaging herself from him because Henry was seen watching them.

    “Oh! I’m sorry Henry, you have to forgive me for not keeping to my promise.”

    “No, it’s fine. I’m sorry for interrupting you,” Henry quickly said and turned back immediately, feeling somewhat embarrassed. He walked back to his room.

    “What? You want to go with him?” Tom scoffed, his anger clearly written all over his face.

    “I’m sorry Honey,” she turned back quickly to Tom. She sat on his laps to prevent him from getting up. “I’m sorry, I had promised him I was going to call for him in thirty minutes time but you came and I totally forgot him.” she explained, looking again in the direction of the hallway.

    “And so what?” Tom raised his brows.

    She looked at his face again. “You know he’s not supposed to be neglected, I have to help him recover faster.”

    Tom sighed. He was getting tired of the attention she was giving the stranger already and he wasn’t willing to understand her actions anymore. Solely because of the stranger’s presence in the house, he had reduced his visit to Sheila’s place and only visited once since he got to the house. Now that he had decided to visit again, he was dividing their attention.

    “Give me a minute Tom, I’ll be back.” Sheila said and kissed him on the forehead as she got up from his lap and hurried towards the hallway.

    “Sheila!” he called but she only reaffirmed that she was returning soon without looking back. “Are you leaving me for him?”

    She stopped at the curtain and turned back briefly. “I only need to apologize, I’ll be back here in a minute.”

    Tom stared at her without knowing what response to give until she got out of sight in the hallway.

    He was furious! He wasn’t going to have anymore. He picked up his car keys and bounced to his feet, he glanced towards the hallway before he stormed out of the house.

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