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    Episode 5

    ® 18+ SNVL
    © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

    Date: 18-09-2015
    Time: 18:05PM
    Location: El Deols, Anthanna

    “Hello…” Sheila sang in a pleasant tone as she walked into the house.

    Henry welcomed her with a smile. He was sitting in the living room, holding a health book in his hand. The book was closed and a finger was at the middle, helping him keep the page he stopped reading at. His attention had been turned to the television set previously before Sheila walked in.

    She had two bags with her. Lesedi was following behind her with three extra ones. It was obvious she had gone shopping on her way from work.

    “You can take those ones to the store,” Sheila said to Lesedi who nodded and continued walking.

    “Welcome Sheila,” Henry greeted her, still carrying a smile on his face.

    She smiled back at him as she settled on the sofa beside him. She stared at his face silently for a while and he also stared back, taking his eyes off the TV completely.

    “Why are you staring like that?” he asked, already feeling weird about it.

    “Well,’ she chuckled and looked away. “You’re looking so different tonight.”

    “How do I look?” he asked, interested in hearing her answer. She stared at him intently for seconds without speaking, she seemed not to be able to point out specifically why he looked different. “Well, I just had my haircut today.” He gave her a clue.

    “I see,” she took another look at him. “You look very handsome in the new haircut.”

    His smile broadened, “Thank you.”

    “So, I got you some things on my way back,” she said, handing him one of the bags. “I don’t know if you’d like them.”

    “Thank you,” he collected the bag and looked into it.

    “Why don’t you try them on now, especially the shoe?” she requested.

    “Okay,” he dropped the bag and took out the carton of sport shoes in it. He raised one of the pair up first and then placed it on the ground to see if his leg would fit in. “I really love this,” he said as he unlaced it.

    She watched him put on the pair and get up on his feet.

    “They’re my size, how did you know my size without asking me?” he questioned playfully as he bounced on his feet with the shoe.

    “Come on, you’ve been here for weeks. I definitely know the sizes of your shoes, your shirts and even trousers now.”

    “Hmm…. Thank you, they’re so nice.” he said and sat back, taking off the sport shoes gently.

    “You’re welcome,’ she said and rested her back in the chair. “Uhm…” she leaned forward again and looked at his face with a smile. She looked like she wanted to make a request but wasn’t sure if he would grant it. “I tried to come up with a workout program for myself sometime ago and for some months, I followed a workout routine. However, I stopped January this year. I would like to continue by starting tomorrow. I don’t know if you’d like to join me.”

    “Oh! Certainly, I would like to work out with you, I’ve been doing some push-ups and other exercises on my own but I’d…”

    “Huh?” She interrupted him. Her face got covered with a worried look as she squinted at his face. “How long have you been exercising without letting me know?”

    His eyebrows gathered and his shoulders dropped weakly as he wondered the reason for her reaction. “Just few days ago.”

    “Are you sure it’s really few days ago and not up to a week yet?”

    “Yes, not up to six days. I only started after the doctor confirmed that most of the wounds were healed already.”

    She let out a sigh of relief.

    Henry smiled. He could see that she worried about him so much like he was a kid.

    “So i was saying, I’d like to go out and do some more, probably some dumbbell exercises,” he added.

    “Dumbbell exercises?” She widened her eyes at him in shock. She let out a loud laugh. “I’m sure you’re going to ask for heavy barbells soon.”

    “No, just…”

    “I’m not going to let you have that,” she said, shaking her head in total disagreement. “You are still recovering from a lot of wounds. You have to recover fully before you think of building more muscles.”

    He sighed. He wasn’t going to argue with her, the look on her face made it obvious she wasn’t going to agree with his reasons.

    “Come to think of it, you have enough muscles already.” she said, punching him hard on the shoulder. “Ouch!” she yelled, shaking her hand vigorously as she felt some pain on her knuckles.

    “Haha! Sorry about that,” he laughed at her.

    She gave him a childish look and then sat back on the sofa. “So we would continue with my workout routine tomorrow, we’ll take a jog for a few kilometres tomorrow morning to the public gym. There we would do some more exercises suitable for both of us, No dumbbell or barbells yet,” she said, stressing her tone in the last statement to emphasize her point.

    “It’s okay Sheila,” Henry agreed.

    “Good,” she picked up the other bag from the ground and was about to get up.

    “I have something else to talk about Sheila,” Henry stopped her.

    She sat back and looked at his face. He was carrying a serious look and his tone also sounded serious.

    “Please go ahead.”

    “Sheila,” he began in low tones. “I must say once again that I am grateful to you for being so kind and patient with me.” he took a brief pause and sniffed. “You helped me and saved me from death and you don’t seem tired of having me around you since then.” he paused again and looked at her face. Her eyebrows were gathered together as she listened to him with utmost seriousness.

    “Why are you talking about this Henry?” she asked, wondering what he was driving at and suspecting it would be something she would not like.

    “Sheila, you’ve done your best to help me regain my memory. I know and I’ve seen all your efforts in trying to help me find my roots but no one seems to know me in the whole of Anthanna. I probably do not have a family, or I have one who do not want me anymore.” he continued after readjusting his sitting position. “Since we’ve not been able to identify who I was in the past or find out if anyone has been looking for me, I would suggest we stop spending time and money on helping me regain my memory.”

    “Don’t talk like that Henry, I believe we just need to try more. You’ll get back to yourself soon again,” She tried to encourage.

    Henry sighed and shook his head. “The doctor explained that I was seriously injured by those who dropped me at the Nura River. It was a narrow escape from death and it led to retrograde amnesia. I have taken my time to read about retrograde amnesia online. With my findings and the doctor’s report, I’m sure there’s no way I’m going to recall those memories any longer. It’s better we just stop troubling ourselves and let me start a new life.”

    Sheila closed her eyes and inhaled and exhaled lightly. She opened her eyes and looked into his eyes. She knew he was saying the truth but could not openly agree with him. The doctor had told her that there was a higher possibility that he would never regain his memory again and even Tom had told her several times to stop wasting her time and efforts.

    “So what do you plan? What kind of new life do you want to start?” she asked.

    “I think I should leave to somewhere very far from El Deols, somewhere far from Nura.I can learn a new craft and take a new job afterwards.” he explained.

    “Why do you want to leave to somewhere very far?” she asked, not liking the idea even though she knew deeply inside that it was the right thing to do for his safety.

    “Sheila, some people tried to kill me. I don’t know them and I don’t know why, this makes me afraid. These guys may still recognize me and come back for me if they see me, the only way I can forget about them is leaving here.” he replied.

    Sheila could see fear written all over his face and it seemed funny to see a man well built like him so frightened.

    “Listen to me Henry, you are safe with me, you are safe with us. My Dad has got great influence in this country, especially in El Deols. No one can touch you as long as you are with us.” she said, trying to dissuade him from thinking of leaving.

    “You may be right Sheila, but that would mean I would have to live the rest of my life depending on you and I haven’t even met your father yet. I know you won’t like me to remain dependent on you, I need to live a life where I would be free to live without fears at all. I also need to stop being a disturbance to you, very soon you would get married to Tom and I don’t want you to continue to be a burden to you.”

    Sheila sighed. She wasn’t excited with the thoughts of getting married to Tom. “I haven’t told you that you are a burden, have I?”

    “No, you have never told me that or even acted in that way but I have to let you live your life, soon you’d be married and start raising kids, you can’t be worrying about me at the same time.”

    Sheila let out a breath and shook her head briefly. She kept her eyes staring at his face for a moment without saying anything.

    “I’ll let you meet my father,” she finally broke the silence. “Tomorrow, you’d meet with him. We’d find time after the workout program to go see him.”

    She saw his facial expression change and realized that he may have thoughts that she wanted him to stay against his will. “I’m not trying to stop you from leaving, no. You would leave when it’s time,” she quickly added. “But I believe you should understand that you cannot go anywhere until you fully recover. Once you recover fully, it’s settled.”

    “Thanks Sheila,” he said gratefully.

    She smiled faintly. “So have you thought of where to move to?”

    “I’m not sure yet, I just want to leave to somewhere far from public eyes for a moment. Once I work and I raise enough money, I would move out of the country to another.”

    Sheila made a chuckle, she stared at his face with a ridiculous look. “I have enough money to get you out of the country comfortably and start a new life wherever you want to in the world and you’re talking about raising enough money first?”

    “You’ve done so much for me already Sheila, I don’t want to add my problems to yours anymore.”

    She shook her head. “I’m not going to let you struggle to make money. When you’re fit, I’ll pay for you to get to any country of your choice and we would set up something for you to do there. Have you thought of any job?”

    Henry was silent for a while, then he let out an amusing smile.

    “i just keep getting these ridiculous ideas of wanting to be in the army,” he said and chuckled. “But I think I’m too old to join the army now. So I already joined a developers class online, I could improve up something in that area later.”

    “You know I own a developing firm as one of my businesses, don’t you?”

    “Yes, I actually got the inspiration from you.” he added a smile. “I want to be like you, I like the way you play around with codes when you work at home.”

    She smiled too. “I’m going to organize a personal trainer for you.”

    “Oh! Thank you.”

    She responded with a smile. “I have to go in,” she said as she reached for the handle of her bag. “I’ll be back later.”

    Her phone rang as she got up and she stopped to take it out. Tom was the caller.

    “Hey Love!” she said into the phone as she walked away.

    Henry watched her go, he could hear her giggling on her way to the room.


    Date: 19 – 09 – 2015
    Time: 17:10PM

    Henry sat eagerly in the well furnished living room, waiting for the arrival of Emery Jack. He had heard so much about the man from Sheila already and also read about him online. He had seen several of the man’s pictures and he was sure he would recognize him once seen physically.

    He was seated on an armless sofa, his hands placed on his raised knees and his eyes scanning round the sitting room. It was beautiful and expensively decorated like he expected. He turned sideways and located some pictures hung on the wall. The first picture that caught his eyes was that of the Emery dressed in black suit, his late wife’s picture was by the side and a wedding picture of theirs was in the middle. His gaze lingered on the woman’s picture for a while, he couldn’t but admit that Sheila had gotten her beauty from the woman. Sheila was an exact replica of the mother.

    “My mother! I wish you had met her alive, she is the kindest woman I know of.” Sheila said as she entered into the living room with two cups of cold milk in her hands. She had seen him staring at the picture intently.

    Henry turned back to her slowly. “You look just like her,” he said, staring at Sheila’s face again.

    “Yeah, people say that a lot but my father never agrees, he always wants to believe that I look like him.” Sheila replied as she got closer to him.

    Henry turned again to take another look at Emery Jack’s picture. “No, you don’t look like your father. You look like your mother,” he said as he received the cup of cold cream she offered him. “Thanks.”

    She smiled in response and moved back to a seat adjacent to him. She rested her back and took a sip from her cup.

    “You shouldn’t let my Dad catch you saying I look like my mother, he’s gonna start a debate with you.” Sheila said and Henry laughed out loud. She joined in the laughter and waited until he was silent before she spoke again. “He would join us soon, I told him you’re waiting to see him.” She said to him.

    Henry’s anxiety returned and he quickly changed his sitting position. He had read that the man was a well disciplined man and had no time for nonsense. He wasn’t sure how the man would feel or think about him.

    Sheila notified his anxiety. She smiled and spoke some words to ease his tension, “My Dad is a nice man, you need to relax yourself, you would enjoy meeting him.”

    He smiled back at her.

    The man arrived three minutes later. He was putting on a white shirt which had one of his companies’ label inscribed at the center. He had black shorts on with white sneakers on his feet.

    “Henry,” he called pleasantly as he walked into the living room.

    Henry looked up and stood to his feet immediately he saw the man. Surprising to him, the man had a pleasant smile on and stretched out for a handshake as he got closer.

    “Good evening Mr. Emery,” Henry greeted with a smile.

    “Good evening Mr. Henry,” Emery Jack replied.

    Henry took his hand in his and they had a firm handshake, more like business partners.

    The man appeared taller than he looked in his pictures, Henry noticed he was only a little taller than the man. It was obvious that Sheila got her height from him.

    “I’m glad to meet you sir,” Henry answered.

    Emery Jack chuckled. “It’s my pleasure to meet you Henry, the man who rose who rose from the dead.” He joked.

    Henry also laughed briefly.

    “Please do have your seat,” Emery Jack said and also stepped back to take a seat not too far.

    “Thank you.”

    “I’ve heard a lot about you from my daughter here already and I must commend her for being brave to help you.” The man began. “She didn’t give me the details until you rose back to consciousness and I’m proud of her for being so kind to you.”

    Henry flashed a look at Sheila and caught Sheila with a shy smile at her father’s remarks.

    “I’m eternally grateful to her sir, I could have been dead if she wasn’t there.” Henry replied gratefully.

    There was silence for a while with the exchange of smiles going on.

    “So I heard you plan to learn a new skill and get back on your own soon.” Emery Jack continued, he decided to skip talking about Henry’s amnesia.

    Henry gave a sharp look at Sheila, wondering how she already told him what they discussed the last night. “That’s exactly my plan sir.”

    “It’s a good one I tell you, I see you as a brave man since you’ve decided to take the bull by it’s horn. You’ve decided to go on with life regardless of the circumstance. I’m also aware of your security fears and I’ll join Sheila to work on it and ensure you’re safe during your stay here and even after you leave for another country.”

    “Thank you sir, that’s kind of you.”

    The man smiled back in response.

    “Well, I was dressing to go out when you both came in. My friends are waiting for me, we planned to take a drink together this evening.” The man said as he adjusted himself on the seat, ready to get up. “Would you like to come with me?”

    Henry became suddenly dumb, he didn’t know what response would be appropriate. He stared at Sheila’s face and she didn’t help matters by staring at him without any facial expression.

    “I think he should go with you Dad, it’s time he spends time with men like himself.” Sheila suggested.

    “He has to be willing,” the man replied and then stared at Henry’s face.

    “Of course, I would like to come with you sir.” Henry replied confidently.

    “Great,” the man got up to his feet swiftly.

    Henry noticed the man’s swift movement and considered it quite fast for a man of his age. It revealed the agility of the man. Henry joined him on his feet.

    “See you later, Henry.” Sheila bid him goodbye as she watched them walk away.

    Henry followed the man sheepishly, wondering why no one was talking about how he was going to return to Sheila’s place.

    “Hey love, I’m at Dad’s and I’m coming over to your place.” Sheila said into her phone.

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    Episode 6

    Attempted Sexual Abuse

    ® 18+ SNVL
    © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

    A week after
    26 – 09 – 2015

    It was a sunny afternoon. Sheila and Tom were together on the chase lounge beside the swimming pool at Tom’s house. Sheila was on a swim wear which covered her torso while Tom was in his swimming shorts. She had her head resting on his chest while his arms were wrapped around her body, with their legs also coiled around each others.

    They seemed to be in a jolly romantic mood. Two cups and a pack of juice were on a footstool beside the lounge. From time to time as they discussed, Tom made jokes and Sheila giggled at his jokes. They discussed a wide variety of subjects, ranging from movies, novels, politics and business. After discussing about the possibility of doing a business together, they remained silent for some minutes until Tom spoke again.

    “Sheila, I think it’s time we pick a date to get married.”

    Sheila suddenly jerked up and separated herself from him. Tom also sat up, wondering why she responded that way.

    “What’s the matter?” He asked, staring at her face with grave concern. He wondered if he said it wrong way or touched her wrongly.

    “There’s no problem,” she forced on a smile and placed her head on his chest again, pushing him back gently until they got back to their previous position.

    Tom was silent for a while, waiting for her to speak but two minutes passed and she said nothing.

    “You’re not saying anything Sheila about my question Sheila,” He asked in a bothered voice, as he tried to look at her face which she hid from him by turning the top of her head to him.

    She sighed. The look on her face had completely changed from the relaxed and happy one she carried before he talked about them getting married. She seemed to be unusually bothered about his request.

    He had proposed to her two months ago and she happily gave him a yes. But two months after putting on his ring, she had never been able to picture both of them getting married to each other successfully.

    “Tom, can we just talk about this another time?” She requested, trying to dismiss the subject.

    “No Sheila, we are going to talk about it now or never!” Tom flared up. He moved her away gently and got up from the lounge. He put on his slippers and turned to her, she was now sitting up. “You keep avoiding discussions about us getting married, I don’t understand what you want anymore. Just tell me if you are no longer interested in getting married to me.”

    “Tom… I…” Sheila tried to speak but she couldn’t find words to use.

    Tom shook his head tiredly, “What other excuse do you have to tell me now?” He shook his head again and released a breath.

    She stared at him without being able to say anything.

    He reached for his phone and face towel placed on a stool close to them and walked right into the house.

    Sheila watched him go, she was confused. It was their fourth year in the relationship after being friends since childhood. She truly loved him or so she thought, but she couldn’t explain why she was unable to imagine them being married together. She had a strange kind of fear always overcoming her anytime she tried to think about it. Even though they had their differences, he had been good to her and had tried all his best to prove that he loved her. She just couldn’t point to the exact reason why their being together eternally was looking impossible to her. She hadn’t dated anyone else apart from him, so she couldn’t say if it was something that he did differently. She just knew something was wrong.

    She heaved a sigh of frustration. She remembered the look of disappointment on his face before he walked into the house. She felt some pity for him. She was causing him so hurt and she couldn’t even explain why. She got up from the lounge and picked a the after swimming robe from the stool, she put it on and then proceeded into the house.

    Tom’s house was as big as Sheila’s and structured almost in the same pattern. The same architect had designed the houses. Apart from that, she was familiar with the place and already knew every corner in the house. She knew where he would go to anytime he was angry with someone or needed to cool off his head.

    The bedroom was one of the rarely used guest rooms in the house, it was however always neatly kept because Tom used it from time to time. She took in a very deep breath as she held the knob of the door and turned it open, she pushed it gently in and took a step forward. He was there like she expected, sitting on the chair directly facing the window with his face buried in his palms. She felt guilty again.

    “What do you want?”

    His voice startled her as she tried to take another step. She stopped for a second, unsure of what to do. She summoned courage and took another step forward.

    “Don’t come close,” he said in a warning tone.

    She stopped again. His tone sounded dangerous to her. She however believed that it was his hurt and disappointment that made him sound angry and he could not do anything to hurt her.

    “I’m sorry for making you feel this way Tom,” she finally found her voice.

    The softness of her voice produced an annoying feeling in Tom rather than a soothing feeling which it was intended to produce.

    “I only need you to give me more time and I promise we would get through with the marriage as soon as possible,” Sheila added.

    He was silent and unmoved by her words. However, he seemed calmer to her as she couldn’t see his facial expression. She could see him raise his hand to his face to scratch or clean something. He still did not let out a word.

    She hoped he was considering giving her more time. She took more steps further but froze in shock as he let out his voice again.

    “I said do not come close,” he roared in a loud voice. Turning his face partially to have a side look of her.

    He was still hurt by her refusal to answer his question, Sheila thought. She stood there for some seconds like a child being scolded by her father. She knew he could be mad or crazy at her, but was sure he always loved her. She let off her fears and advanced towards him.

    He got up suddenly and turned towards her. She froze, she could see a rage on his face which she had never seen before. It was obvious the man in front of her was not the Tom she knew. But it was too late, she was already so close to him. She tried to step backwards but he only took two quick steps to get a hold of her. He pulled her by the arm and pushed her to the wall.

    “Tom, you’re hurting me,” She yelled.

    He was deaf to her voice, consumed by his fury, all he wanted at that moment was to make her feel hurt and pains. He opened her robe forcefully. His fingers found their way to the cloth material covering her cleavage and he tried to tear it off but she resisted and pushed him away.

    She tried to cover up herself with the robe quickly but he grabbed her by the waist and dragged her back, he pushed her to the bed. She tried to get up quickly but he landed her a heavy slap and she fell back crying. He pulled the rope at the helm and pulled it off her body totally. He climbed on the bed and dragged her close.

    “Tom, are you crazy?” What are you trying to do?” She yelled at him, punching him on the chest.

    He tore off the swimwear from her cleavage down to her g---n forcefully. He stepped down from the bed and pulled the remaining part of the material from her legs. She screamed and tried to escape through the other side but he dragged her legs and held it. She held on with her hands to the edge of the bed.

    He climbed on the bed and held her leg with a hand as he began to pull down his shorts with the other.

    “Tom, please stop this.” she pleaded but it fell on deaf ears. He was determined to make her feel painsRAPE
    She could see him still burning with rage as he stripped off his shorts, she realized that this was not the Tom she knew. This was different and looked liked someone being controlled by an evil spirit. She realized that no amount pleading would make him stop, she also knew she couldn’t overpower him with her strength.

    His hands touched the piece of clothing on her waist and she knew that once he dragged that off, he would be unstoppable. She raised her leg to hit him in the chest but he grabbed her feet with his hand and put it down gently, he placed a knee on it to pin her down.

    She continued to struggle and yell but he wasn’t listening. He succeeded in tearing off the remaining part that covered her genitals. Her hands touched something as she struggled and she realized it was an almost empty bottle of wine on the floor. She struggled with all her strength and before he could go further, she sent the bottle crashing on his head. He let out a loud scream and rolled away, holding his head and wincing in pain.

    She got out of the bed quickly, she was stark naked. She quickly located the robe and picked it. She headed for the door immediately, she found the keys at the door hole and removed it before stepping out. She closed and quickly inserted the key into it from behind. She could hear the sounds of his footsteps as she turned the key and locked it. He began to bang on the door with his fists.

    Luckily for her, none of the maids nor house workers were there to see her naked. She quickly put on the robe to cover part of her nakedness and hurried to Tom’s main room to put on the clothes she wore to the place.

    She met one of the maids on her way out the house, the maid was holding some bags with her and it was obvious she had just returned from the grocery store.

    The maid said a word of greeting to Sheila which she didn’t reply. She got into her car as fast as she could and drove out of the compound.

    Different thoughts filled her heart as she drove home and tears rolled down her eyes. She wondered what had come over Tom and why he was trying to have his way forcefully, what he displayed was more than the urge for sex. She didn’t know what it was, she could only assume that he was trying to punish her for hurting him.

    It was the first time she was seeing him so aggressive and she was scared as she thought of it. Was it her fault? she thought to herself. Had she frustrated him to that point or was it that Tom was just impatient with her? She didn’t have answers to he several questions running through her mind but she had a feeling inside her that it could be the end of their four years relationship.

    It was a shame! She thought. Her father would not like it. The man had in recent times, introduced her to people as his daughter who was soon going to get married to the son of his best friend. Five minutes to her home, her phone began to ring. She sniffed in as she turned up the screen to check who the caller was. It was Tom. She ignored the call and continued driving. The calls continued but she did not consider answering it.


    Henry was coupling a device in the living room when Sheila got in. He had just finished with his personal lessons for the day and was doing some practicals. After spending most of his time in the study where he took his classes, he decided to come to the living room when the evening approached, hoping for Sheila to see him working immediately she returned.

    “Hey Sheila!” Henry hailed as she walked into the living room.

    She mumbled a reply and continued into the hallway.

    “Sheila, I…” Henry raised up his head to find Sheila already gone into the hallway. He was so busy with the device he was coupling that he did not look at her face long enough to notice something was wrong. He had expected she would wait to talk to him and check his work as usual. He however knew something was amiss with the way she walked into the hallway. He dropped the device and quickly followed.

    “Sheila,” he called as he followed.

    She gave no reply. He noticed she was walking so fast. It was strange.

    He couldn’t catch up with her and only got to her door few seconds after she got into the room and locked it.

    “Sheila, is everything okay?” he beckoned on her but got no response. “Sheila, please talk to me.”

    He heaved a sigh after waiting at the door for five minutes without hearing anything from her. He had tried to listen to see if he would know what she was doing through her movements in the room but he heard no sound whatsoever, meaning she was sitting in a place.

    He was still wondering what to do when he heard footsteps from the main hallway. He turned out of the passage leading to her room into the main hallway, he saw Lesedi approaching, she was going into one of the rooms. He whispered her name and beckoned on her to come closer.

    “Lesedi, Sheila just walked in and went straight into her room. Did you see her when she drove in?” he asked in low tones.

    The smile on Lesedi’s face disappeared on hearing Henry’s report. “I did not see her but Esther told me she wasn’t looking happy, like she had a disagreement with someone.”

    Henry’s eyebrows gathered together to form a more worried look. “She’s gone in and locked herself in. I hope she would not hurt herself.”

    “Have you tried to get in?”

    “Yes, I’ve knocked several times and she isn’t answering.”

    Lesedi looked worried now, she realized it was more serious than she imagined when Esther told her. “Let’s check again please,” she said and proceeded to Sheila’s room with Henry following behind. She stepped back for Henry to knock when they got to the door.

    “Sheila, please let me in,” Henry spoke after his knuckles hit the door the third time without getting any response. He turned to look at Lesedi’s face, as if he was expecting her to perform some magic.

    Lesedi stepped forward. “Madam Sheila, you have to open the door now.” She paused to listen but got no response. “If you do not open the door in a minute, I would have to call your father and tell him.” she added.

    Ten seconds later, they began to hear sounds of movement from inside. Lesedi heaved a sigh of relief. She knew Sheila would response at the threat of involving her father, Sheila hated getting her father involved in personal matters. Henry was however still hopeless about it, until they heard the sound of the key working in the keyhole.

    The door opened slightly and Sheila turned back in to sit at the edge of the bed where she previously sat with her face buried in her palms as she thought of her four years relationship.

    “What’s wrong Sheila?” Henry asked as he let himself in. Lesedi followed slowly behind.

    Sheila gave no response to them, she remained in the same position without looking up.

    Henry moved closer, while Lesedi remained at a reasonable distance cose to the door.

    Henry noticed that her phone was ringing by her side and she paid no attention to it.

    “Sheila, please talk to me. What’s wrong?” he asked again, after the phone stopped ringing.

    Sheila did not answer him. The phone began to ring again.

    Henry picked it up to check the caller. “It’s Tom,” he said to her. She gave no response. “Should I answer it for you?”

    “No, ” she finally looked up. She tried to snatch her phone away from Henry but he did not let her.

    “Tell me what’s wrong Sheila, ” Henry said and sat beside her gently. She still attempted to take the phone from him but he moved it away from her. “Is something wrong between you and Tom?Sheila looked at Henry’s face for a moment. Henry could see the troubled look on her face, he also noticed marks like finger trails on her left cheek. He frowned as he thought of the possibility of Henry hitting her and he found himself clenching his fist unconsciously.

    After a while, Sheila took a glance at Lesedi. Lesedi responded with a sheepish smile, she understood what the glance met.

    “I’ll be on my way out, please take care of her Sire Henry.” She said, courtesying before she turned.

    “Now, tell me what’s wrong.” Tom said after Lesedi was gone. “Did he hit you?”

    Sheila was reluctant to answer his question, instead she wrapped her hand around him and placed her head on his shoulder.

    “Talk to me Sheila, did he hit you?” Henry pressed further.

    “No,” Sheila lied as she released him from her grip. “Tom would never hit me.”

    “But what is this I see on your face?” Henry asked, squinting at her face. “It looks like you were hit here.”

    “Yes, we had an argument.” Sheila began. She noticed the lines forming on Henry’s forehead. “He didn’t hit me,” she quickly reiterated. “He held me and I was struggling to leave, I hit my face on the headboard.”

    “He held you in the bed?” Henry questioned, he hadn’t gotten a clear picture yet, he had no reason to disbelieve her since she had never being caught lying to him.

    Sheila turned her face from him and stared blankly at the ground in front. She had to come up with a story to tell Henry, she didn’t want Henry to see Tom in a worse light than he was already seeing him. “We were discussing about the marriage plan, he wanted it soon which I didn’t want. He insisted that I give him a particular time frame but I refused. He held me on the bed and said he wasn’t going to leave me until I told him. I got so mad at him for disturbing me so much about the marriage plans and I struggled to get up, I slipped and hit my face on the headboard. He tried to get up and help me but I was still mad at him and I…”

    Tears rolled down Sheila’s eyes as she remembered how she struggled to stop him from molesting her, but now she had to lie to save his image.

    “You did what?” Henry questioned.

    “I hit his head with a bottle of wine,” she answered.

    “Ouch!” Henry exclaimed and shook his head. “That’s really not good.”

    Sheila sniffed in and wiped the tears off her eyes.

    “I left immediately without waiting to see if he was fine or not.”

    “What?” Henry widened his eyes at her. He was shocked that she could do such a thing. He let out a breath. He decided not to judge or be disappointed in her, he wasn’t sure he had gotten the picture of the circumstance at which it happened clearly enough.

    He inhaled and exhaled deeply as he closed his eyes and buried his face in his palms for a second. He raised his head to check the phone in his hand, a message had entered. He gave it to Sheila to read.

    She collected the phone and unlocked it. The message was from Tom. She opened it and placed her phone to allow Henry also read.

    I’m sorry Sheila, I”m sorry for not being patient and for troubling you about marriage, I’m sorry for forcing you and hurting you. Please forgive me.

    More tears rolled down Sheila’s eyes as she read the message. She felt guilty again. She was the cause for his anger and loss of control, if she had given him a specific reply about the marriage, it wouldn’t have degenerated into something that worse.

    Henry pulled close to himself with an arm. “You have to stop crying now Sheila, we have to go now and check if he’s alright.”

    Sheila moved back a bit to stare at his face.

    “Yes, we have to go there now.” Henry repeated.

    She could not protest. Since Henry was going with her, she believed it would be a reconciliation between she and Tom. She loved him and was not willing to do without him. She also was not willing to disappoint her father and others who were expecting them to get married.

    Sheila asked for a few minutes to change her clothes before driving back to Tom’s house with Henry. They got there in twenty minutes time. Sheila led Henry in after confirming that Tom was still in the house from the gardener in the compound. She knew Tom would not just leave the house like that, he had good enough first aid materials to take care of himself in the house and the maid she met on her way out of his house used to be a nurse could help him with it.

    “He should be in his room,” She said to Henry when they got to the living room.

    Henry followed slowly behind her towards the room. She went straight to his main room first but met it still locked. She proceeded with Henry to the guest room.

    The door to the guestroom was not locked but was slightly ajar, a sign that Tom was still there. She stopped at the entrance and took a very deep breath.

    “He’s in here,” she whispered to Henry who was behind her.

    “Good,” Henry whispered back and gave her a reassuring smile, encouraging her to go in and make amends. He patted her on the shoulder and took some steps away from the entrance.

    Sheila pushed the door gently and walked in. She already losed the door behind her before she looked up and met the shock of her life.

    Tom was there, his eyes staring straight at her. She stared back into his unshaking eyes, shivering. She could see the wound he got from the bottle crashing on his head, it wasn’t that much and it was obvious he was already getting first aid treatment on it, but there were blood stains all over the bed. The place was messier than she left it, something else had happened while she was away.

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    The story will continue tomorrow.

    Your comment is important

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    @thecomely,pls arrange the episode

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    Woow,I thought I ve lost dis story….
    I never imagined coming across it again…
    Thx for bringing it back,,,Gud work done @delexzy01

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    Episode 7

    The Trouble Makers

    ® 18+ SNVL
    © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

    Tom was there, his eyes staring straight at her. She stared back into his unshaking eyes, shivering. She could see the wound he got from the bottle crashing on his head, it wasn’t that much and it was obvious he was already getting first aid on it, but there was blood stains all over the bed. The place was messier than she left it, something else had happened while she was away.

    For some reason, Sheila could not move her feet. She was not only shocked but scared by the sight before her. The body of the maid laid sprawled in the bed lifelessly, with her clothes all torn to shreds. Tom had not just had his way forcefully with her, he had also used the broken bottles on the floor to inflict injuries on the woman. It didn’t look like she was still alive.

    Tom was sitting on the seat she had met him when she came in earlier, but this time it was turned towards the door. He was on the top of the backrest and his feet were on the seat. There were still blood stains on his head and blood was still dripping out of the wound. He had a flat paper in his hand containing some white substance, around his nostrils were also traces of the white substance which Sheila suspected to be cocaine. He was shocked to see her return. He never expected that she would return, especially after he had called her several times and sent her a message without getting any response from her.

    He had continued to bang on the door after she locked him inside the room and the maid had come to his rescue. She opened the door and found him bleeding on the head, she had asked that he sat on the seat inside the room while she went for the first aid equipment. By the time she returned, she met him with his phone in his right hand and the powdery substance on the book cover in his left. She politely asked him to put down the hard drug first so that she could take care of his wound. He was surprised that she wasn’t shocked on seeing him use the hard drug, he thought it was a secret between himself and the other maid who he slept with frequently but never knew the maid had told her colleague. He dropped the powder with the book cover and she began to apply treatment on his injured head but his strange urge for sex overcame him as he got a view of her well formed hips and noticed her backside. He stopped her from treating him and had his way forcefully when she struggled with him, inflicting her with wounds all over her body as she struggled.

    Tom stared at Sheila. She was still vibrating from the shock of what she saw, it was less than a minute since she entered but she was already sweating. She had seen his secret – the hard drug in his hand and the woman he had just forced himself on who was probably dead in the bed. He decided she wasn’t going to leave without him having his way with her too and making sure he hit her so hard in the head that even if she recovered, she could have lost her mind or memory. He dropped the book cover in his hands and jumped down from the chair.

    Sheila never knew him to be a drug addict or user. Never in her mildest imaginations had she thought he could be involved in such. All through the five years he had returned to El Deols, she had not seen him show the slightest sign that he was involved in drugs. Or maybe she had seen some signs and only thought it was his normal way of playing wild.

    She watched as he dropped from the chair and made his way towards her. She remained on the spot, too scared to move her legs. She let out a loud scream.

    Henry was startled by the scream. He turned back immediately and stared at the door for a second wondering what was happening. The scream continued and he hurried towards the room, knowing something was definitely wrong.

    Henry pushed the door open to see Tom dragging Sheila to the bed already while she tried to resist. Tom landed her two quick blows on the face and pushed her to the bed, over the already sprawled body of the maid. He noticed someone had come in and turned to see who had entered to disturb him from having fun in his way. The powder he sniffed within the last few minutes, already taking its full toll on him.

    He charged towards Henry angrily, pissed firstly for seeing Tom in his house and then for intervening in what wasn’t his business. He threw a punch at Henry but Henry grabbed his fist easily, held it for a second and sent him a headbutt on the face.

    Tom shrieked in pain as he fell back on his backside. His vision was already blurry and he was feeling dizzy but he managed to get up immediately and tried to attack Henry again. Henry followed up with a straight punch in the face. Tom fell flat to the ground like a log of wood, totally unconscious.

    “Sheila, are you okay?” Henry hurried to check Sheila who was just getting up from the bed.

    “I’m fine…” she murmured through her nose as she rubbed it to ease the pain.

    “What happened here?” Henry asked.

    Sheila was in pains but was relieved to see Tom ready on the floor.


    Four hours later

    “That fool did this to you?” Emery Jack asked with his face full of shock as he sat beside his daughter on the sofa. His hands were shaking as he cupped her chin gently in his palms. He had been called by the state’s police overseer that his daughter had filed a report against Tom Wills, son of Harry Wills, accusing him of harassment, attempted rape and also accusing him of raping and attempting murder on another lady. Emery Jack had called his daughter at once to find out what happened and she narrated her order to him.

    “I’m fine Dad,” Sheila said and dropped her Dad’s palm from her face.

    The man got up to his feet and let out a breath angrily. His eyes staring at the ground as he wished to get the opportunity to see Tom and strangle life out of him.

    “I would never forgive Wills and his son for what he’s done to you,” he grated out angrily. He began to pace about the room slowly.

    “Hey Dad! I’m okay, you shouldn’t involve Mr Wills in this. He knows nothing about Tom’s temerity to behave in this kind of manner and I’m sure he would be as shocked as you and I are.”

    Emery Jack was however still not satisfied. He was a naturally strict and disciplined but calm, he only could become the wildest animal when his daughter was hurt or someone was trying to hurt her. The apple of his eyes,she was his only reminder of his wife whom he had loved so much.

    He stopped for a second and stared at Sheila’s face again. “Whether Wills is aware of son’s reckless behavior or not, I’m going to make sure the animal pays dearly for his acts.” He threatened.

    “Dad, I don’t want you to make him pay. Please just let him be, remember I loved him.” Sheila said.

    “You can’t love him again, thank God I haven’t gotten you married to the nonentity yet.” Emery heaved a sigh of relief as he wondered what a regret it could have been if Sheila had gotten married to Tom before this side of him was revealed.

    “Dad, I want you to stay out of the case since it’s already in the hands of the government. Tom would certainly get his punishment. The woman he raped and injured is at the hospital. He has enough charges against him already.”

    Emery continued to pace about angrily, his mind suggesting to him that he could not just sit and do nothing to punish the man who tried to harass his daughter.

    He was still pacing when he noticed someone had joined them in the living room. He turned to see Henry standing behind the loveseat and placing his elbows on the top of the backrest.

    “Good evening sir,” Henry greeted.

    Emery’s face loosened a bit. “Henry,” he called softly and proceeded towards him.

    Henry straightened up seeing the man coming towards him.

    “Thank you for being available to save my daughter from that thug,” Emery said in a reflective tone. He offered his hand to Henry for a handshake and Henry took it warmly in his.

    Henry remained silent and returned to his position while Emery Jack sat beside his daughter.


    Four days later, news had gone around on how the son of successful businessman Harry Wills had been arraigned to court on the charges of rape and sexual assault. The Emerys had pressed no charges and did not have any thing to do with the case apart from the initial report Sheila had made at the police office.

    It was a six o’clock on a Saturday morning and was Sheila’s jog time in her workout routine. She was awake and dressed already, waiting at Henry’s door for him to join her.

    “Good morning Sheila,” Henry greeted as he finally opened the door. He stepped out, not fully dressed yet ; his shoes still unlaced and his track suit not well buttoned. “Sorry, I woke up late.” He apologized as he squatted to lace his shoes.

    Five minutes later, they were on the El Deols main road. Henry began to jog as their usual Saturday morning routine was but he was surprised to see Sheila not following him. He stopped and turned to ask her why.

    “Please, let’s go to the workout center today. You know I missed the last session, I’d like to cover up with today.” Sheila said.

    “Okay,” Henry smiled and waited for her to join him. He recalled that they had truly missed a session at the workout center because of the incident at Tom’s place, Sheila had said they would make up for it somehow.

    MacFitness workout center was busy as usual that Saturday morning and the physical instructors were at different sections giving counsel and instructions to the exercisers on which of the exercises to partake in. Henry and Sheila got to the place after ten more minutes and soon began with exercises on the machines. Sheila had prevailed over Henry not to partake in Barbells and Dumbbells until after one year like the doctor advised, so Henry was left with no choice than to partake in some of the less strenuous ones.

    The two worked out separately at different section of the center, Henry’s section was at some distance from Sheila’s, even though they could see each other afar off through the transparent glass walls used in the building.

    Everything seemed to be going smoothly until Henry decided to switch to the Dip machine after spending few minutes on the chest press. He noticed some people’s eyes on him but he ignored at first, he only began to give more attention when he observed they were still looking at him after he began exercising on the Dip machine. He stopped briefly to take a look at Sheila where she was. She didn’t seem to be troubled or to have noticed anything unusual, she continued her exercise peacefully.

    Henry kept an eye on them even as he continued exercising. After sometime, he noticed that the four men whose eyes he caught on himself had dispersed. It seemed that everything had returned to normal for a while. Sheila was now on the stationary bicycle and he was already rounding on the machine he was when he observed that the population in the workout center was gradually reducing. He looked around and saw the four men at different corners of the large workout centers. He watched them for some seconds and suspected that they were the ones asking the people to go out. He knew at once that something sinister was about to happen. He hoped it was not what he feared, he hoped that those men were not men from his past who were planning to do something bad to him. He quickly stopped his exercises and got off the machine. He wiped his face with the towel and threw it into the bag. He tightened the bag and wrapped the handle around his palm.

    He looked towards Sheila from where he was and noticed she was also rounding up but yet to get off the machine. He was glad because he thought it would be easier to convince her it was time to go home. He was however shocked when he saw one of the men that he caught watching him already walking towards Sheila. He froze for a second, not knowing whether to run to her or walk hurriedly as he planned to do before. But none of the options could still help him get to Sheila before the man would.

    “Hey sl*t, you should get down from the machine. I want to use it.”

    Sheila was shocked as she heard the man’s words. She turned her head sharply to him and narrowed her look on his face, he was staring at her evidently but she did not want to believe she heard him right.

    “Excuse me?” her eyebrows gathered together as she responded politely.

    “You heard me sl*t, get your slutty backside off the machine, I want to use it.”

    Sheila was burning with rage inside of her but she managed to keep herself calm. She knew he was a trouble seeker, there were other machines he could have used.

    “I’m about to get off this but why… I mean why can’t you use any of the vacant machines?”

    “You must be freaking silly to question me, I want to use this! Can you get off now?” he barked at her.

    Sheila stared at him unbelievably. She was sure something was wrong with him. She looked in the direction of the officials’ stand to call for the attention of an official or instructor but they were all not available, all the stands were empty and even the security men were nowhere to be found. The only people she could see were four of the heavily built muscled men who were looking in their direction already like they were already expecting something. She returned her gaze to the man’s face for a while and met him staring at her like a hungry lion ready to devour it’s prey. It occurred to her that something was definitely wrong in the center that day. She looked away again and saw that the four men were walking towards their direction already. She didn’t know what to expect as fearful thoughts began to run through her mind.

    She totally forgot that she had Henry close by and even when she looked in his direction, she didn’t noticed he was already coming towards them until the trouble maker spoke.

    “Your big man is coming,” the trouble maker said with a sinister smile, looking in Henry’s direction.

    Sheila also looked and saw Henry coming. The fears in her heart increased and she became more afraid for Henry than she was for herself.

    “What do you want from us?” Sheila asked in low tones, ready to negotiate with him so that they can let them go in peace.

    “I don’t want anything from you sl*t, just get off the machine.” he barked at her.

    Sheila realized she was still sitting and quickly got off the saddle. “Here, you have the machine all to yourself now.” she said as she picked up a towel to wipe her face.

    He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her as she tried to walk away.

    She squealed in pain as he dragged her back to the machine.

    “So you had to let me talk this much before getting off?” he roared in a loud voice, widening his eyes threateningly at her.

    “Why do you want from me?” she screamed out.

    “Leave her alone now Mister,” Henry said in a low but confident tone.

    The troublemaker turned his face to Henry, still holding sheila by the arm. He pushed Sheila away to the machine and took a short step back.

    He tilted his neck to the left and stared at Henry with a crooked smile. “So what are you going to do man? Beat me up? Or you gonna beat us all up?” he said, taking a brief glance at his men who had now arrived behind him. They stood side by side on a straight line, exactly a metre behind him.

    Henry hurried to Sheila and helped her stand well, then he held her hand and helped her turn to the other side of the machine.

    “Please let us go,” Sheila pleaded in a shaky voice as she stared at the five men standing at the other side of the machine.

    “No, I would like to see what your strong man would want to do to us.” the troublemaker replied.

    Henry remained silent.

    Sheila was greatly afraid. She looked at the men’s faces and could see they really meant business. The face of one of the men behind the main troublemaker looked somehow familiar and she did not take much time to think before she recalled several occasions when she had seen him and Tom discussing when she came with Tom to this same fitness center. That was months ago when she first started her workout program but she had totally forgotten his face until now. She realized that they were in a big mess. The men seemed to be Tom’s friends and had heard from him how Henry took him out. They probably wanted to get revenge for their friend.

    “Please, let us go. I promise, he doesn’t want any trouble with you guys.” Sheila pleaded again.

    The men were unwilling to listen. They all shook their heads in negative and began to move their fists and muscles in preparation for a fight.

    “Someone, help please. Where are the officials around?” Sheila screamed out loud but saw no one around.

    The men appeared more confident on seeing Sheila so afraid and they began to move their muscles and straighten their fists for a fight.

    Henry still remained silent. His face was expressionless and no one could tell what was on his mind.

    “Please, we don’t want any trouble with you. Let us go please,” Sheila was almost crying now.

    “Your man isn’t talking, I guess he wants to show us the stuff he’s made off.” the main troublemaker said, smiling devilishly at Henry.

    Henry reacted for the first time. The skin on his forehead squeezed as he closed his eyes for some seconds and opened it, letting out a deep breath.

    He had a strange feeling and he couldn’t understand what it was. All five of the men before him were muscular and almost the same height as him, one of them was slightly taller- about an inch. This men were his match in terms of size, and there was no doubt that they were also strong men. He realized he was afraid of what would happen, not afraid of being beaten up by the men but afraid of anything happening to Sheila especially if they were men from his past.

    “Please let us go,” Henry finally spoke. “We don’t want trouble from anyone, I beg you.”

    “Hahaha,” the men jeered.

    “So your man is a sissy, he cannot even protect a woman.” the trouble maker spoke. “We are going to teach him some lessons today.”

    Sheila realized that the men’s mind were made up to involve them in a fight and it was obvious that a combo of her who was just trying to build strength and Henry were no match for the heavily built men. She reached for the bag in Henry’s hand to attempt her final hope of avoiding trouble. She took out her phone and quickly unlocked it, hoping to dial a number quickly.

    “She wants to make calls right in front of us?” the leader of the trouble makers said in a loud voice and proceeded forward to walk pass the stationary bicycle. Sheila moved back in fear and he tried to follow and grab her but Henry stepped in his way and landed him a quick blow on his cheek.

    The blow was unexpected due to Henry’s plea a minute ago, it caught the rest of the four men in surprise as they watch saliva been splattered out from their leader’s mouth as he staggered back from the impact of the blow.

    The impact of the blow was more than what the trouble makers’ leader had anticipated. It felt at first as if his head had fallen off his neck and was now replaced by a big heavy rock, his vision also turned blurry and he began to see stars.

    Sheila who had taken only two steps back was also shocked to see Henry hit the man so hard. She paused with her phone for a moment and saw as the other four men rushed towards Henry one after the other in a rage. She knew Henry had stepped beyond his limits and there was no way he wasn’t going to get beaten. She walked further backwards as she scrolled through her contacts to find a number.

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    Restless – Episode 8

    ® 18 + SNVL
    © Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

    Sheila had found the number and was about to dial when she looked up, she opened her mouth in utmost surprise at the scene playing right in front of her.

    The blow which landed on the second man’s mouth was more fatal than the first. He had not just saliva splattering out of his mouth but blood. He fell back and collided into the body of the first man.

    The third man came in a fury with his fist raised to attack Henry. He launched the blow but his fist was grabbed easily by Henry.The man stared at Henry in utmost shock, his lips mouth shaking and his lips vibrating as he tried to pull back his fist. Henry’s grip was so strong and stiff that he could barely move the arm. Before he knew it, a punch was driven into his belly and he felt a shift in his ribs as the pains got driven throughout his whole body. He still could not get away as his hand was still held by Henry.

    Henry released his hand finally and then grabbed him at the back of his neck, he dragged him closer to the stationary and slammed his head into the axle.

    The fourth man was already there when he turned, he was the one who was taller than Henry. He launched a blow which passed over Henry’s head as Henry bent. He tried to follow up from the other side with the other hand but Henry grabbed him by the wrist and headbutted him in the chest, he followed up with his knee to the center of the taller man’s g---n. The man gave a loud shout in deep pains as his body vibrated all over and his eyes blinked continuously. He grabbed his private with both hands as he continued screaming but Henry followed up with another blow to his head and sent him falling to the ground.

    He quickly turned to find the fifth man rushing to him with a dumbbell, he quickly dragged up the man whose head he slammed to the axle of the bike, he held him by the shoulder and the belt on his waist and pushed him with force towards the man rushing towards him, the pushed man ran his head into the rushing man’s belly and both fell to the ground.

    The first man was up again and aiming to grab Henry on the shoulder with both hands from behind but Henry was swifter, he grabbed the man’s wrist on both sides and spread both. He kicked the man in the g---n with his feet and the man let out a squeal, his body bending unconsciously to accomodate the pain. He put the man’s hands together in his right and turned around with him The man with the dumbbell had risen up quickly and already picked the dumbbell again. Henry pushed the first man to the one with the dumbbell like he did before.

    The man with the dumbbell was readier this time and he was able to avoid the collision but before he could make any other move, a kick was stamped at the center of his chest and he fell heavily on his bum to the ground with the dumbbell. He was yet to look up when two kicks hit him in the face and an uppercut finally got his head striking the floor hard.

    Henry turned back to see the tallest man charging towards him with a very frustrated and angry look. The tall man was still feeling the pains of the kick in the g---n as he came. Henry swerved quickly to dodge his attack and followed with a blow to the man’s neck, sending more excruciating pains through his body. He grabbed the man by at the back of his neck and rammed his neck into the saddle of another stationary bike.

    Henry turned. The first and the second man were up. The first already charging towards him with the second following closely behind. Henry accelerated towards them with quick steps, he saw the leg of the first man rising for a kick and he grabbed him firmly by the knee before he could raise it higher. He twisted the man’s knee in a sharp movement and flung the whole body to the left in the direction where Sheila was. She moved quickly some steps backwards to avoid contact with the man. The man ended up helplessly with a loud groan at the same spot Sheila previously stood.

    The second attacker was still up, he launched a blow targeted to Henry’s shoulder but Henry with an unusual speed grabbed his wrist and twisted it sharply. He punched the man with the other hand twice in the belly and followed with another in the face before the man fell to the ground.

    He took in a deep breath as he looked around him. All five of them were on the floor, groaning and grunting in severe pains. He noticed that some other people were not in the workout center and he could spot some security men with them. His eyes fell on Sheila and he saw her still standing looking awestruck. She had just seen in real life something which she thought was only possible in movies.

    Even Henry could not explain what had happened. He just knew he raised his fists and legs unconsciously and hit the men at the right places.

    “Let’s go Sheila,” he said as he stepped out from the middle of the groaning men.

    He opened his palm wide for Sheila to hold and she put her palms in his as he led her out of the workout center.

    Sheila couldn’t keep to herself all through the five minutes journey in the cab back home, she kept talking excitedly about how she watched up kick their butts and dealt them jabs, blows, uppercuts and kicks, making Henry laugh hard at her demonstrations and facial expressions. The cab stopped at the front of the gate and Henry had to pull her out gently as she kept in demonstrating without stepping out.

    “Whoops! Uppercut, rolling kick, jaw breaks,” Sheila kept on with her demonstration after they stepped into the compound, now squatting like a Kung Fu fighter.

    “Hahaha,” Henry laughed out loud as he looked back and saw her performing at the gate.

    She ran to meet up with him and clung to his arm as they both walked into the house.

    They left the security men and other workers in the compound with something to gossip about, the workers had not seen their boss so excited in a long time.

    “Henry, I need to learn how to fight like you.” Sheila continued with her demonstration as they stepped into the living room.

    Henry smiled, he moved close to her and lifted her in his arms, she shouted in surprise at the ease with which he lifted her. He dropped her on the one-seater sofa and stood in front of her.

    “Why did you do that?” She asked, raising her brows and feigning anger even though she enjoyed the comfort of his arms.

    “Can we discuss something more serious now?” He said with a partially serious tone, the smile on his face gradually disappearing.

    “What?” She yelled. “What serious discussion are you talking about?”

    “Before we keep on rejoicing about beating those guys at the center. Do you know who they are or why they attacked us?”

    She inhaled and exhaled deeply, still keeping her eyes on his face. “I’ve only seen one of them before, he’s Tom’s friend.”

    “Tom’s friend?”

    Sheila nodded.

    Henry heaved a sigh of relief. He walked to the seat beside her and sank into it.

    Sheila turned to him. “I believe he must have discussed with Tom and Tom described you to him. They actually wanted to get at you for Tom.”

    “That’s crazy,” Henry said, leaning forward. “Tom is crazier than we think, we should have reported the incident to the police straight away.”

    Sheila frowned. “The security guards at the center would take care of the situation, we saw them already going in when we left there.”

    “But we didn’t make a report about it to them,” Henry retorted.

    “They got in while the fight was still on, and they didn’t ask any question. I think they have an idea of what was happening,” Sheila replied. She hated involving the police in her matters as that would mean getting her father automatically involved.

    “Well, I also think it’s time we follow your Dad’s suggestion.”

    “What suggestion?” Sheila squinted.

    “That you should have a bodyguard assigned to you,” Henry replied.

    “No! I don’t want that,” Sheila refused outrightly. “I don’t want to live my life in a box.”

    “No, it doesn’t mean boxing you up. It’s for your safety. Your father discussed this with his friends two weeks ago at the bar and they came to the conclusion that you can get a guard watching you from afar without necessarily making you feel being watched.”

    “Since I know about it, it would make me feel more insecure,” Sheila yelled.

    Henry was silent for a moment. He released a breath and raised his gaze again.

    “It’s about your safety Sheila, what happens if those kind of guys attack you on the road or somewhere else?” He asked.

    “This is El Deols Henry, no one dares attack any other publicly. They’d be put behind bars in no time.”

    She was still talking when her phone began to ring, she took out the phone and answered.

    “Hey Dad.”

    “Sheila, are you okay?”

    “Of course, I’m okay Dad.” She replied.

    “I just got a call and I was told what happened at the gym, I hope no one laid a finger on you.”

    “I’m fine Dad, I wasn’t touched.” She replied.

    “Good, we do need to talk. You come to my place this evening,” the man offered.

    “No Dad, that won’t be possible.”

    “Okay, I’ll come over to your apartment this evening.”

    “No Dad! I have plans for evening already,” she lied.

    “No? Sheila, No? You know you can’t…”

    “Don’t worry about me Dad, I’ll come over to your place tomorrow when I’m free.”

    “No, I won’t wait for that. I’ll take actions right now to make sure you’re safe at all times.”

    “Oh Dad, you worry too much.”

    “Not as much as your safety is important to me.”

    The call ended few seconds later and Sheila heaved a sigh as she dropped the phone.

    “He already found out and he’s worried,” Sheila said to Henry.

    “I think you should listen to him,” Henry advised.

    Sheila shook her head and looked away. She didn’t think a bodyguard was necessary. She had never gotten into trouble without a guard except for the recent times issues with Tom.

    She remained silent and decided to end the discussion.

    “Sheila,” Henry called softly after some seconds of watching her reflect.

    “Henry,” she called back, raising her brows.

    “You know I saw those men watching me earlier, I was afraid that they knew me from somewhere else.”

    Sheila chuckled.

    “Well, I got more scared when the five of them threatened to teach me a lesson. I don’t know how it happened but somehow…”

    “Not somehow,” Sheila interrupted in an excited tone. “You didn’t just deal with them anyhow, you beat them hands down.”

    Henry smiled briefly but the smile soon vanished from his face and turned to a worried look.

    “I’m scared Sheila,” he voiced out.

    “Scared?” Sheila raised a brow.

    “Yes,” he replied. “How could I have been those guys? It shows that I was a fighter of some kind.”

    “Yes, but that’s a good thing.” Sheila said with a shrug, wondering why Henry was bothered about beating up some troublemakers.
    “You know, maybe I got into trouble because of that. Maybe I did something really bad or beat up someone, maybe I even killed and that’s why those people tried to kill me.” Henry said in a worried tone. “I’m scared that I lived my previous life as a bad person.”

    Sheila thought for a while. She got up and moved closer to him, she sat on the arm of his sofa.

    “I don’t think so Henry, I think you were a good man. But then it doesn’t matter anymore, who you are now is what matters. Remember you are a few steps away from starting a new life.”

    Henry heaved a sigh. His mind flashed back to the fight and get recalled how he handle each of the men. He sighed again.

    “Don’t worry Henry, no one can touch you in El Deols as far as you are here with us.” Sheila reassured as she clung to his arm and rested the side of her head against his shoulder.


    City: Newland Estate, Ruthernard.
    Country: Bethanna.

    The Newland estate was one of the most beautiful and expensive places in Bexford as well as the most safe place. The land mass of the area was not very large but it was still a place which drew attention as most of the houses and buildings in the estate were owned by some of the richest men in the country and in the continent. This gave reasons for the top grade security system in place at the estate.

    The strange part of the estate was that only a few of those who owned the owned the structures lived in them, they preferred to live in other areas of the country but still keep their houses and some factories there.

    In that same estate was situated the Strategy House of the Red Wolves. As a matter of fact, the estate was owned and ran by the Wolves. Nothing unusual however happened around the strategy House or in the estate itself. The Wolves ensured that none of it’s activities were carried out in the estate or could be linked to it.

    For several weeks they had been quiet and it was widely believed that the FOX corporation had wiped them out five months ago. They however still existed strong and were building more strength, gaining momentum and preparing for a return.

    That afternoon, the Red Wolves executives were seated, having a strategic meeting in the hall. All numbering up to sixteen were sitting comfortably on armless sofas arranged in a rectangular form, made up of six chairs each at a pair of opposite sides and two each at another pair of opposite sides.

    “We are wasting a lot of time and money with the way we’re going about it, we need to continue with our operations.” a man sitting at the center at a longer arm of the rectangle spoke. His intonation and the darkness of his skin made it obvious that he was a Ghanian. He was a middle aged man of petite size but had a long mean-looking face.

    “We can’t continue our operations until we find that agent’s body,” one of the men sitting at the shorter side said.

    “Why do I have a feeling that the FOX have found this agent and are hiding it from the whole world?” the Ghanian spoke again.

    All eyes turned to the man sitting beside the one who said they could not continue yet. He was sitting in a relaxed manner, looking untroubled even though he knew the first speaker was making an allegation against him with his question.

    He was one of their moles in the FOX corporation, having worked with the FOX corporation for several years, he was lured with money ten years ago and became one of the founding fathers of the wolves.

    After taking his time to think of a good response, he sat up and gave his reply. “I may have to remind everyone of us that the FOX was in search of the bodies of two agents not just one. The Red Wolves has one of those with us and we know that they can never find the second man’s body. For the FOX, finding one of the two missing bodies couldn’t have brought a complete stop to the search, it would have encouraged the search to continue with hopes to find the second body.” He took a pause and looked at the faces of his listeners to see if he was making any effect. “We should also recall that these men have been paid their final honours by the FOX. It only means one thing, the FOX has no hopes of finding their bodies anymore.”

    “Well, would it be safe for us to stop our search because the FOX has ended theirs? We should ” one of the men put in. His name was Daniel, a Nigerian native.

    There was silence for a while.

    It looked like no one had something to say until after three minutes.

    “That would be the most stupid mistakes of our lives,” a man finally spoke.

    Everyone turned their eyes to him. They all were thinking in a different direction until he spoke. They always took his words seriously in the organization. He was one of the men amongst them who rarely spoke in their meetings but was known for accuracy of strategies whenever he spoke.

    “We can’t stop our search because they stopped theirs, we can only stop our search after we are confident that we cannot find the body anymore.” he added.

    “So, what do we do?” Daniel asked.

    “We’ve searched for the dead body, it’s time to search for the living body of Agent Carl. It’s possible he did not die in the water.”

    “No, that can’t be,” another man interjected. “He wasn’t thrown into the sea alive, he was killed before being thrown into the sea.”

    The strategist chuckled. “Agent Carl has survived the toughest of situations, he’s come back from the dead even in cases where it was thought impossible. This case is not different, he might just be alive somewhere. That is why we cannot start any of our operations yet until we confirm he is dead. If he comes back knowing that the Red Wolves still exists, he would come back on a mission to ensure he wipes out the wolves especially for killing his family.”

    His listeners looked all unmoved and unperturbed by his words even though they were scared deeply inside, they were scared of considering the possibility of Agent Carl still being alive.

    “All we need to now is find him before he finds us,” the accurate strategist added. “That’s if he is still alive.”


    El Deols, Anthanna

    “Dad, I told you I had plans for this evening already.” Sheila murmured as she walked into the living room.

    Emery Jack was comfortably sitting in one of the sofas, holding a glass of water in his hands. He seemed unperturbed by his daughter’s unwelcoming words.

    “I’m here Sheila, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” The man replied and dropped his glass cup on a stool. “Get seated and let’s start the discussion.”

    Sheila took a seat directly her father reluctantly. They stared at each other for a while before her father spoke.

    “Sheila, I’m your father. I’m older than you are and I know better than you,” the man began. “Don’t be deceived by the seeming safe condition of El Deols, there are many wicked men out there who could have sinister plans for you. I have a personal body guard and even more security officials for myself, why have you refused one for yourself?”

    “Dad, I’ve told you several times. There’s no need for a body guard, you are the famous one. I’m Sheila and no one knows me as an Emery until I’m introduced, introducing a bodyguard to myself would only attract more attention to me.” she replied.

    “I have a solution to that Sheila,” the man said.

    “What solution Dad?” she asked.

    The man raised his face, staring at something behind her. She turned to look back, Jenry was approaching them. She looked at her father’s face again, wondering what he was suggesting.

    The man got up to his feet. “Henry, would you work as a temporary bodyguard for my daughter?”

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