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    Chapter 4

    At the end of the day work he quickly run home he brushed then take his bath while watching the time so that he won’t miss the game,he quickly run out of home when seeing his father just arriving in which they both get set to go at the same time,thanks to the supernatural power he had got.
    He arrived to the field while he could see many peoples.
    Jarvis: what hell is this
    ( Actually Maddy run to him )
    Maddy: hey guy,remember me?
    Jarvis: yes I could
    Maddy: my brother his here
    ( Jerry run to him )
    Jerry: hey guy
    Jarvis: I hope I am not too late
    Jerry: you arrived at the right time dude
    Jarvis: what are we doing now
    Jerry: the competition will be starting soon
    Jarvis: please what did I have to know,because this is my first experience of it.
    Jerry: quietly simple,all you have to do is to follow the rules and regulations given to you right.
    Jarvis: OK OK
    Jerry: but you have to know this, the red teams as been forcing and making our teams to join them because of money,and I don’t want you to be one of them,that is why I am telling you.
    Jarvis: so you are the captain of this team.
    Jerry: yes, but this will be my last time,I have be warned,the officials says that if I and my people failed this time around that they were going to banished us,so I don’t want that,this is the last time now.
    Jarvis: then what are we going to do now.
    Maddy: nothing,this is our last chance.
    Jarvis: if I help you to accomplish this,then what are you going to give me, how much are you going to pay me.
    Maddy: anything you want.
    Jarvis: I am just kidding,am not going to take anything from you.
    ( the race then started,some giant men was choosed for the race in which they will able to hit anyone as they wish to do so,the teams get set for the race,at first Jarvis did not even makes attempt to run he stays on the track while jerry was highly disappointed on seeing what is going on, bowing his head saying that he had makes mistakes of letting Jarvis participate in the race )
    Now its time
    ( the race was still going on,unfortunately Jarvis speed on,while his speed was beyond the speed of light,every one was amazing to see him at the end track while the refree and others official declears him as winner this bring confusion to every people at the field,Jarvis was very exited carrying the cup, giving Jerry while it seems as a magic to him all people begin to celebrate until some terrors that participate in the race silence them, they begin to roar, grunting at the peoples while all the peoples begin to afraid.
    Guy: hey, bring me the cup now,it is ours, the next cup you win is yours.
    ( Jerry then bravely step forward to them while giving the cup to Maddy )
    Jerry: hey guys, you can’t you have been doing it all this days but now you can’t, you have been doing all this days, please you can’t
    2gang: how dare you say that,this is the first time in the history that somebody like you, you brat say such words to us
    Maddy: we can’t
    Karl: yes we can’t
    Jarvis: hey guys, I have been hearing you since what is the matter.
    Jerry: Jarvis stay back they are too dangerous.
    Jarvis: but not like me
    Gang: hey, what hell are you
    Jarvis: now you brats,go on your way and leave us
    ( the gangs then begin to laugh )
    Gang: are you commanding or you are demanding
    Jarvis: any one of it, now go
    Gang: you must be fool, many see us they ran, many here our arrival they ran, who give you order, how dare you
    ( he furiously streached his hand to hit him, but Jarvis skillfully dudge it )
    Gang: oh nonoo kill him,kill him, friends don’t let him live, he dudge my punch
    Jarvis: you haven’t see nothing
    ( he shouted, commanding his fellow gangs, all the crowd then give space, while the gangs all run to him )
    Jerry: Jarvis you don’t have to fight, they are dangerous
    Maddy: oh no Jarvis listen, they kill many
    Jarvis: don’t weep for me, weep for them I have already gathered them as a bunch of key, just watch and see
    ( as a gang want to kick him his claw grew long into golden, while be mark a gang in his chest, a gang on his cranium,a gang on his face showing a tribal mark on the gang face while the leader of the gangs step back, pleading for mercy )
    Gang: please, Jarvis, any one they call you
    Jarvis: actually I am not a dangerous being, but you dare me, I should have kill you, but I don’t wish to do so I am different.
    ( leaving him, all the peoples were astonished, they all step back, looking at Jarvis amazingly, when he realize that peoples has shown on concern in him, he force the sharp golden nail to turn normal, then go to where Jerry and Maddy are, they were afraid thinking that Jarvis might hut them,as Jarvis move near them while Karl and team was by their side, the Golden cup then fall from Maddy hand due to his fret, while Jarvis skillfully hold it before it fall )
    Jarvis: you don’t have to be afraid of me, I am a human like you we are the same, but something makes different.
    ( he hand the Golden cup to Maddy back, while she was still afraid, looking at his face with amazement )
    While are you still afraid.
    Maddy: you, you
    Jarvis: say what you have to say friend, don’t be afraid me, I am yours and you are mine
    Maddy: no no
    Jerry: am afraid of you, this is the first time I ever see a vampire
    Jarvis: vampire
    ( confusing )
    Maddy: yes vampire, before I doesn’t believe that vampire exist but now I have seen it with my two naked eyes
    Jarvis: guys, you makes me confused, but now I am not going to make you confused, to those that have seen me and those that have here me, I am not a vampire but the Golden claw the guardian of this kingdom.
    ( all his iris turn yellow,while his claw grow to long golden sharp nail,the peoples then silent, they were almost shocked on seeing him, Golden claw then use his power to bring out fear in them forgetting what has happened while he vanished out of the place only they could see the gangs on the ground, wondering how they have get there )
    Maddy: who did this to them.
    Jerry: funny.
    Gang: please we are your friend, save us please, wont do that again.
    ( from where Jarvis was, he listened to their lamentation, then cause the mark and the pain to disappeared, all the peoples were amazed and was fulled of wondrous the gangs become healthy much as they were before then run away as if people were chasing them )
    Maddy: where is the champion, champion
    ( shouting on top of her voice )
    Karl: I think he was nowhere to be found.
    Jerry: what is happening to me
    Tom: me too
    Maddy: not only you guys
    Jerry: it seems as if I have been brainwashed for many years ago
    Karl: guys it just come natural.

    Ultra series
    Welcome to the ultra worlds it’s time to unleash a new story title = Rise of the claw,the new story by Anointed David
    Guys we can’t save the world save the world alone,reals heroes are surely born in the face of real danger, we are one united we stand divided we fall.
    Recommend to you guys=


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    Ride on…

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    Chapter 5

    As he was going something then landed as if a craft crash landing on the ground, the blast makes Jarvis to weak and he tried to rise up, he lift his face up what he could see was Hoxo, he was surprised then quickly rise.
    Hoxo: oh kid,how did you feel
    Jarvis: how dare you, you cause this destruction right.
    Hoxo: probably yes,this is my beginning,I have think twice and I have think deeper, many as rise like you, many beings powerful than you has rise, truly they have rise they dream like you but with my abilities they could not stand against me I am invincible now its time for you to quite, you have to kid don’t lost your life in fighting me.
    ( Jarvis was confused in hearing that )
    Jarvis: oh no, you can’t mend my heart with evil, I am different from others, many might have rise in fighting you but for me I am different
    Hoxo: am going to see what you are going to achieve.
    Jarvis: am going to achieve something great
    Hoxo: OK let see
    ( Hoxo draw out his sword from his scabbard )
    With my sword I have conquered with my sword I have kill with my sword I have destroy many mankind and I am going to wipe everything out of existence with just only my sword.
    Jarvis: I bring it on now
    ( immediately his nail change as usual )
    ( groaning, he run to Hoxo fighting him while he use his claw to mark Hoxo at his chest )
    Hoxo: how dare you
    ( Hoxo rage increased then furiously kick him with his ironic leg, then use his leg to hold him down )
    Now I am going to kill you once and for all
    ( he rise his sword wanted to strike him down unfortunately Jerry and Maddy arrive shouting )
    Maddy: please stop, stop please
    ( crying in frightening )
    Hoxo: how dare you interfere. you are going down with him.
    Jarvis: Hey guys run run please, he his too dangerous.
    Hoxo: as you die
    ( as he want to send his beam blast Jarvis quickly come to their rescue )
    Jarvis: not so fast
    ( Hoxo send the bomber, but Jarvis use his claw to hold it sending it back while Hoxo destroy it )
    Hoxo: you tried, but you haven’t stop me, I am going now, but my return will be different, I am Hoxo the great.
    ( he then vanish )
    Jarvis: are you OK
    Jerry: yes I am.we are
    ( painting )
    Maddy: thanks for your support.
    Jarvis: wait guys, what actually bring you here, you don’t have to, the villain is to dangerous than you taught, I am glad that you are alive, but next time you don’t have to.
    Jerry: we have to
    Jarvis: so you are not afraid of death
    Jerry: I don’t afraid of nothing,that time I sence that you might be in danger when I saw I the crashing things coming from the sky.
    Jarvis: thanks for that, I will never let you down, but next time you don’t have to, in case if anything happened.
    Jerry: have I ever told you the story of my life.
    Jarvis: no but why did you say.
    Jerry: my life story usually saddened my heart when ever I remember it.
    Jarvis: sorry for that.
    Jerry: before I am a slave of fear,I fear a lot, but when I confront it, I could conquered it, it was just about my mom death.
    Jarvis: sorry guys, death is what I hate most.
    Jerry: that time I tried to bring my mother back to life, but I could not, I love my mom so much,unfortunately I lost her, that is when I conquered fear in me.
    Jarvis: then what is your point.
    Jerry: she told me not to fear anymore, that she will always be with me.
    Jarvis: what a tragedy
    Jerry: The tragedy as gone in me long time ago, she usually comfort me in my dream.
    Jarvis: what about your sister
    Jerry: I raised her.
    Jarvis: meaning that your mother has rip long time ago right?
    Maddy: fifteen years ago
    Jarvis: you guys should have forgotten her.
    Maddy: we can’t, she is too precious to us,we can’t forget her she care for us than anyone could.
    Jarvis: from that I learn a lesson.
    Maddy: hey, I have question to ask you
    Jarvis: what is that
    Maddy: are you a metahuman,and where did you get your abilities.
    Jarvis: I am a metahuman,the Golden claw, I got my powers and abilities few days ago.
    Maddy: I wish to have it, but who gave you
    Jarvis: have you ever heard of awesome.
    ( they were surprised )
    Ultra series
    Welcome to the ultra worlds it’s time to unleash a new story title = Rise of the claw,the new story by Anointed David
    Guys we can’t save the world save the world alone,reals heroes are surely born in the face of real danger, we are one united we stand divided we fall.
    Recommend to you guys=


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    Chapter 6a


    At Hoxo lair he was sitting on his evil throne while he was serve with dark drinks to drink
    Hoxo: bring me the offender
    Savat: as you wished
    ( Savat command the armies to bring the man )
    Man: please don’t kill me, have mercy
    Hoxo: since I have sat on my injustice throne their will be no mercy for anyone
    Man: please what did you need, what did you want, is it rishes, is it wealth, I am going to give you anything you want.
    Hoxo: we villains did not seek for rishes we don’t seek for wealth we only seek to kill to conquer and to destroy
    ( he rise up, sending a fatal bomber killing the man )
    Hoxo: after me no one, oh servant we have been called many names, if anyone call us the name or say a world that doesn’t please us we are going to kill the person,if it was a kid we are going to kill him or her, if it was women or men we are going to kill them and finally we shall be the conqueror of the world.

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    Wicked monster

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    New episode will be unleashed soon

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