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    Sofia Regans
            The bell rang signifying it was the end of class. I picked up my bag and connected my earpiece listening to Shayne’s song.
             He was the most popular song artist and he was highly respected in the country. I was one of his fan. I was soon engrossed in the music and started dancing.
           “Hey Sofia”. My friend Tina called
           “Hey”. I greeted
            “Guess what?. She screamed excitedly
           ” what?”. I asked
             ” Shayne will be coming back to the state”. She said screaming
             ” really”. I asked
               ” yea, you will have to watch it , it will be shown live on television “. She said
               ” oops”. I said , you will have to gist me tomorrow.
             She nodded
         I was sad, we don’t own a television, I was so poor…
            ” let me introduce myself “.
             I am Sofia Regan , I am 18 years old and a finalist in a public high school. I stay with my mother and Little sister. My dad is late….
             My mother is a cripple having lost the ability to walk because of an accident. She is a weaver and she use the little money she gets from weaving to cater for us……
              My little sister Bella is 9 years old , she is my gist mate and still in elementary school.I did all odd jobs in order to support my family..
           I love listening to music , it helps me free my mind from worry. Shayne is my favourite artist, he is so cute and has a great voice ….
        I got home and found my mum and sister outside crying..
          ” what is wrong “. I asked
       Just then I noticed our loads were outside, I sat down on the ground and started crying…..
         ” when will all this suffering end?”. I asked myself.
    I stood up and ran to the landlord house, he lives a stone throw from our rented apartment.
         I went on my knees as soon as I saw him,
        ” please sir, give us a month, I will pay you the rent”. I pleaded
         He looked at me and smirked
         “Next month?, I can bet my life you won’t be able to pay even if I give you a year”. He said
    I bent my head in shame, he was kind of right, even if I was able to gather the money from my odd jobs, other expenses will arise.
         ” please sir “. He pleaded
      He walked towards me and bent down
      ” Sofia , you are a beautiful girl”. He said caressing my face”.
      I stared at him speechless
        ” if you agree to date me, I will make sure you and your family are comfortable “. He said
        ” sir, I am still a little girl “. I said
      He looked at me assessing me
        ” stop saying that, with this your great body you will make any man fall”.he remarked smiling
        He leaned towards me and was about to kiss me when I gave him a slap
       ” what”. He screamed shrieking in rage
       He gave me a thunderous slap and I winced in pain. I stood up in anger
        ” go to hell”. I cursed
      He scoffed
        ” you , your demented sister and your crippled mother should get the hell out of my house”. He thundered
    I ran off with tears pouring down my eyes….

      I got to the house and my mum was talking to a neighbour. She was beaming happily
         “Sofia”.come here, she called as soon as she saw me
      I walked towards her and greeted the woman
      “Mrs Anna has agreed to allow us stay in her farm house for a while “. She said smiling
    I turned toward the woman
        “Thank you ma”. I greeted
         ” it is alright dear”. She patted me and left….
    We soon settled in the farmhouse and arranged the little stuff we had. We really did a lot of cleaning because the room was littered with chicken dumplings….
          I went outside to sit after dinner, I was staring at the sky listening to Shayne’s music. My little sister came to join me
          ” Sophia “. She called
             I looked at her
            ” I don’t like this place “. She complained
             I smiled
              ” don’t worry, all will be alright “. I said
               “When?”. She asked
                ” very soon”. I said
                   Very very soon…………

    I am really feeling for Sophia , I pray all will be well with her.

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    Princess JulietPrincess Juliet
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    Rude Mr Popular ( I fell for him) Episode 2

    Meeting Shayne Adams
                 I got to school the next day and the whole school was talking about Shayne arrival
            ” he is very cute ”
             ” did you see his dreamy eyes”
        I bit my lips wishing I had watch it. I was almost homeless yesterday if not for the kind neighbour….
        I got to my class and went to my seat , a girl was seated there
        ” stand up”. I said to the girl
        She turned to me and smirked evilly
       “Oh dear Sofia ,I heard you now live in a chicken house “. She said and the whole class burst out in laughter..
      I bit my lips trying to hold back my tears when Tina came to my aid
        ” Donna, stop it “. She said to the girl
       ” and look who is here “. Donna said rolling her eyes. Are you her mother?, too bad we know her mother is a crippled. She blurted out smiling evilly
         Tina gave her a hot slap . She winced in pain and was about retaliating when the teacher walked in.
         Donna glared at me and went to her seat. I gave Tina a grateful look
        I was the timid one and she always got my back…..


    I watched the lady I just f----d getting dressed, I counted some money and dropped it on the table.
           She took the money and counted in with a satisfied look
         ” when are we going to see again “. She asked
          I scoffed
       ” get out of the room”. I shouted
       She whimpered and ran out of the room
       I don’t bang a lady  more than once , who does that? . I have lot of girls flocking around me. Ladies are meant to be f----d, nothing more…..
        I looked out of the window and there were lot of fans screaming my name, how do I tell them to get the f--k out of here?but no, I am a celebrity and I am meant to be nice to my fans. How pathetic…
           I am Shayne Adams , the most popular song artist in the country, I am 21 years old and obviously still in college. I hardly attend classes but still pass. Nobody dares fail me…..
               I live with my mother and my adoptive father, my mother was a w---e when she had me so I am practically a bastard. I hated the word ” bastard “.
            My adoptive father got married to my mum when the mother to his two kids died. I never felt welcomed so I was cold to my family except my mother…..
           My door opened and without looking at the person, I knew it was my mum. She is the only one that dare enters my room without knocking…
         “Baby”. She called
         ” stop calling me that”. I grunted , I don’t like that anymore
           She looked at me and chuckled
         ” you will always be my baby”. She said
           I smirked
           ” food is served”. She said and walked away..
         I went downstairs and the whole family were gathered round the dining
         ” son”,my adoptive father greeted me.
         I ignored him and sat down
        I glanced at my two step- sisters, they were both drooling
         ” how funny”. I muttered
        I signalled at a maid to pour me a drink, she came and mistakenly spilled it on me. My dress were soiled.
         “What the f--k”. I yelled
          I em er em very sorry sir”. She stammered
         I stood up immediately
        ” I lost my appetite “. I said as I headed to my room
        “Shayne”. I heard my mum calling but I ignored her..
            She knows I love her so much , that is why I listened to her when she begged me to live in the family house. I have got lot of pent houses and three mansions in my name….
           I dialled my manager number, he picked it up immediately
          ” get me a girl for the night, you know my ideal type”. I ordered
          ” ok Shayne”. He said and I ended the call
    This is who I am, I am a sex freak. I turned on the television and watched my arrival from the airport. I was smiling and waving
          I scoffed
         There is more to the fake smile……….

      This Shayne is really rude…..

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    Rude Mr Popular ( I fell for him) Episode 3

    Mr rude
                Sofia POV
            I got to school really late because I had to go on an errand for mother .
         I walked through the hall way and it was quiet as all the students were in their respective classes.
         “Good morning ma”. I greeted the teacher. I was standing at the entrance of the class….
         She looked at me and signed
      “You are late again”What is the reason this time?. She asked
        ” I am sorry madam, I had to go on an errand for my mother”. I replied bowing my head.
       She shook her head
      ” I am only allowing you into my class because of your academic performance”. She said
       I nodded. I might be poor but I am really brilliant.
      ” go sit down”. She ordered
        ” thank you ma”. I greeted and walked to my seat..
      I sat down in class during lunch hour, I was thinking about lot of things
      ” how will I get a job that pays well, I need money to support my mother. The odd jobs I do was not paying well….:
           I was hungry, I had no food or money..
       “Aren’t you going for lunch”. Tina asked me
      I was lost in thought and did not see her coming
      “I am not hungry”. I replied
      She smile knowingly
      ” let’s go, the bill is on me”. She said
      ” really?”. I asked
      ” sure we are friend right”. She said
      I nodded
      We held hands as we headed to the cafe
         We sat down after ordering our lunch, I was rushing the food , I was so hungry while Tina was going through her phone.
       “Wow”. She screamed
        “What?”. I asked
         See, she showing me what made her screamed
      “OMG”. I said excitedly. Shayne would be holding a music concert this Friday…
       I am surely gonna be there
      ” but how am I going to get there”. I asked
      She looked at me clearly confused
      ” what do you mean?”. She asked
      ” I meant em er the money “. I stammered
      ” Don’t worry”, I will come pick you. She said
      I gave her a grateful look
      I can’t really wait to see Shayne perform live…..
         I sat down in my music studio with a friend arguing with my manager
      ” This is going to be your first concert in this town, it is important “. He said
      I was seriously angry , he took a decision like this without informing me first..
       “I don’t see a need for this concert”. I said. I mean I don’t see myself singing and entertaining a bunch of commoners. I said
      “They are called fans “. He corrected
      “Whatever”.i scoffed
      He shook his head
      “Shayne”, I am your manager and I want the best for you “. He said
      “You will have to do this and that is final”. He said
      He turned to my friend
      “Ben, prepare for your interview this evening”. He said and left..
       Ben nodded
      “Do I really need to do this “. I asked Ben
       Ben is a friend of mine who was recently signed to my label record.
       ” yes, you have to”. He said shrugging his shoulders
      “Fine, I will do it “. I said aloud after giving it some thoughts ….
       I drove into the compound with my bodyguards coming behind me….
       I got down from the car and walked into the building, I met Clara, the elder of the step sisters in the sitting room..
      “Shayne “. She called
        I turned to look at her
        ” Why are you unfriendly to everyone?”. She asked
      I scoffed
       ” you really want to know?”. I asked moving towards her
      She nodded
        “I do that because I don’t want to have anything to do with all of you”. I yelled
      She gasped in shock and was obviously in tears
      I ignored her climbing the stairs. I don’t give a d--n, I really don’t…………
      Which kind of rude guy is this?

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    Rude Mr Popular ( I fell for him) Episode 4

       I got back from school on Friday afternoon ..
      “Hi mom. I greeted
      I went towards her and kissed her
       ” why are you sweating like this?, did you run?”. She asked
      I nodded
       “Why?”. She asked raising an eyebrow
       ” I am going out with Tina”. I replied
        “Liar”. Bella yelled
          My mum stared at her
         ” she wants the go see Shayne”. She explained
         ” who is Shayne?”. My mum asked obviously confused
       “What! we both chorused
        ” you mean you don’t know Shayne Adams”. I said with my eyes wide opened..
        ” oh, Shayne Adam, the cute singer”. She said
      I nodded
       ” he is having a concert today”. I said
       “Oh! Just be careful “. She replied
      I nodded and rushed out of the house, I need to go clean for Mrs Todd before Tina comes……..
       I got to Mrs Todd house, she is a young mother who is very lazy. I do most of her house chores and she pays me weekly
        ” you are early today”. She said as soon as he saw me
        “Good afternoon ma”. I greeted and began cleaning
        I made sure the whole house was clean and went over to tell her I was done
        “Ma, I am ready to take my leave”. I said
       ” oh, so fast”. She observed
       Please help me wash those clothes, she said pointing to a basket
      “D--n”. I cursed quietly, I was really pissed
      I picked up the baskets of clothes, went outside and began washing..
       I spread it outside when I was done and left without telling her before she gives me more work…..
         I got home and Tina was already waiting
      “Sofia”. She called as soon as she saw me. You kept me waiting
      ” I am sorry”. I apologised
      I assessed her, she was wearing a short blue gown and a white sneakers. She looked stunning
        ” you look beautiful”. I commented
       She nodded smiling
      I went over to my bag and started looking for a good cloth. Tina came over to help me out but there was nothing good..
      She signed.” You could have told me, I could have brought an extra gown”.she said
      ” what about that red gown”: Bella said pointing to one of my mum dress.
      ” wow it is beautiful”.Tina remarked
      I picked up the gown , it was really beautiful. It is very special to my mum because it was a gift from my late dad…
       ” I will have to ask my mum if I can wear it”. I said
      “Mum”. I called
      She was outside weaving
       ” yes”. She replied
       I went over to meet her. Her eyes widened immediately she saw the gown.
      “Can I wear this “. I asked. I don’t have any good clothes to wear to the concert..
      She nodded
      ” it is all yours now”. She said
      Yippee! I exclaimed
      I put on the clothes and Tina and Bella stared on. They looked speechless
      ” what”. I asked
      ” you are beautiful Sofia”. Tina complimented
      “Thanks”. I said blushing
      I put on my only black sandals, packed my hair in a loose  bun and grabbed my bag..
      ” we are good to go”. I said
      ” can I go with you”. Bella suddenly asked
      “No, you can’t”. I replied
      ” I want to go see Shayne”. She whined
      ” you will see him when you are older” Tina said as we both laughed
      They are on their way to see that rude Shayne sings

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    Rude Mr Popular ( I fell for him) Episode 5

    The concert
          The whole place was filled with people.
       ” wow”!. I exclaimed
       ” it is like all the town came out today”. Tina said observing
      I looked around some were putting on T-shirts with Shayne pictures on it, some were holding Shayne banner. His posters were everywhere and he looked so cute in them.
       ” we could have come earlier “. Tina said , we could have at least stayed in the front row. She nudged at me to follow her and she bought two of the banners, she gave me one. I stared at the picture of Shayne on the banner 
      ” he is so cute”..
      The whole place suddenly became noisy when Shayne came on stage,
      “D--n, he is way cuter in person”
      ” Helo everyone, I am Shayne”. He said and paused when the whole place was in uproar.
       He smiled and continued when it became calm
      ” Thank you for coming to the concert, I appreciate it”
        He blew a kiss as the crowd cheered on
      I screamed in delight
       “Go on Shayne, sing for us”
          He soon started singing and his voice was the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Everyone sang  along with him..
       He sang a second song and I guessed it was a new song .
        I listened to the wordings and I immediately loved it
         ?.          ?.            ?
      It  is a beautiful feeling
      What we got deep inside
      We got a flame that will last forever
      Together you and I
      Such a rush of emotions
      There is no way we can push it away
      Cos they will never tear our love apart
      Our bond will never break
      Do you believe in the power
      Of everlasting love
      We can make it if we stay together
      Our love is just enough
      Promise me this forever
      We will always stay this way
      We will start at the end of time
      And do it all again
      Oh my love
      I am all yours
      And there will never be another one
      Cause I am enternally yours
      My hear is a flame
      And it is burning in your name
      Even through the sands of time
      My love will always go
      And I won’t let go…….:
         Once he was done with the song , the whole crowd went wild. Some ladies fainted
      ” This guy is d--n good”. I said out loud
       “Shayne , I love you ”
        Most of the ladies were screaming
      I was in love with the music and it moved me to tears..
       ” Thank you all, he said as he left the stage……
         We were soon on our way home.I was really excited, I saw Shayne Adam live today….
      We were dancing and humming Shayne’s new song when his car with his convoy passed
        He whined the glass of his car down to probably greet his fans. I gasp as I stared at him
       ” he was just perfect”
      He waved and his gaze landed on mine, he stared on for some time and looked away..
      ” I must write this down in my diary”. I thought, I saw Shayne from a close view and he saw me.
       I jumped in joy as I remembered his blue eye on me..
         ” how can someone be this perfect”. Tina said with dreamy eyes
      I punched her playfully
       ” snap out of it, we are only meant to admire from far”. I told her…….
      * it was really late when I got home . Bella was already sleeping while my mum was reading the bible.
      ” welcome”. She greeted
      “Thanks mum”. I said
       ” how was the concert?”. She asked
      ” fine mum”. I replied and walked to my sleeping space
      I brought out the banner of Shayne from my bag and placed it on the wall next to me..
      I smiled , today was really fun
      I thought about Shayne blue eyes on me and soon drifted to sleep…..
               Shayne POV
       I sat down on my bed checking the internet , everyone was talking about the concert..
      I was glad I was done with the stupid concert, I had to force myself to smile and even sang the song I was composing . I don’t even know why I sang it.
      My door opened and it was my mum, she came in and sat on the bed
      ” how was the concert”. She asked
      ” fine”. I replied
      ” gist me about it baby”. She said but I was not in a good mood
      ” I just want to be left alone “. I said
      She signed and left. I knew she was hurt but I really can’t make someone happy when I am not happy myself..
       I went over to my bag and opened it, I brought out a white substance
      ” my happiness”, I said as I injected it inside me. I felt relieved..
      I injected more of it and soon drifted off to sleep…..
      So Mr popular is a drug addict ,unbelievable…

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    Links To Available Episodes.
    Scroll Down For Episode 6

    Episode 7-10

    Episode 11-12

    Episode 13-16

    Episode 17-20

    Episode 21-23

    Episode 24-26

    Episode 27

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    Following, another love story on d way…

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    Rude Mr Popular ( I fell for him) Episode 6

    Sofia in love
                  Shayne POV
      I woke up with a slight headache,I was In a total mess. I glanced at the wall clock
       “Shit”. I must have taken overdose of the drug”. I thought
      I  need to stay home all through today..
      I called my manager and he picked it immediately
      “Cancel all appointment for today”.I told him
      ” why?”. He asked
      ” I am ill”. I replied
      ” Shayne “. He called, did you take drugs?
      I remained quiet
      ” I have told you to stop doing drugs, it is bad for your health and your status as a celebrity, if the press gets to know , it will tarnish your reputation “. He continued
      ” I won’t do it again”. I grunted
      ” I have heard that so many times”. He complained. Anyways, next Saturday is your birthday,how do you intend to celebrate it?. He asked.
      ” I will celebrate it with friends , families and fellow celebrities”.i replied
      ” fine”, I will make sure it is grand”. He said and hung up
      This man is always getting on my nerves. I have tried so many times to stop doing drugs but I just kept going back to it. It makes me happy..
      It is a secret about me that no one knows about except my mom and manager and I know once the rival records get hold of that , they will try using it to bring me down…
      I went to the bathroom to freshen up and headed downstairs….
      My mum was in the sitting room talking and laughing with two visitors.
      “Shayne , she called immediately she saw me and they looked at me..
      The younger woman, a lady of my age stood up excitedly
      ” I am a huge fan of yours ” she said walking towards me
      She stretched forth her hand for a handshake
      ” I don’t shake strangers”. I said ignoring her
      “Oh, I am lexy”. She introduced herself
      “So”. I replied and was about heading to the kitchen when my mum called
      ” Shayne “. Don’t be rude, say hello to my long time friend Brenda Donalds and this is her daughter lexy
      I looked at the woman
      ” Helo”. I greeted
      ” Shayne, you are all grown up”. She remarked
      I gave her a weird look
      ” I don’t remember knowing you “. I said
      ” oh, you wouldn’t”. Your mother and I were old time friends “.she said
      “I guess you were both whores then”. I blurted out
      “Shayne, your manners “. My mother scolded
      ‘ I am sorry ma”. I apologised with sarcasm
      The woman was clearly embarrassed but she smiled.
      ” I am sorry Brenda”. My mum apologised
      ” it is alright,my lexy is like that”.she said
      I stared at the girl who was still smiling like a puppy
      ” I hope you are lexy gets  along “. My mum said……
       I went to the kitchen to get some snacks and went straight to my room …
      I laid down on the bed listening to music when someone knocked
      “Come in”.i drawled
      The door opened and lexy came in
      “My mum went out with your mother and I was bored sitting alone so I decided to come here”. She said
      I stared at her
      ” oh, your maids showed me your room”. She said
      I assessed the girl in front of me, she is so skinny. I dislike skinny girls, she was so not my type..
      “What exactly do you want “. I asked
      I want you “. She replied bluntly
      I raised an eyebrow,
      ” are you this cheap”. I asked
      She looked at me
      “I am cheap only because it is you “. I smirked.
      She came towards me and sat on my laps twerking
      I was deeply aroused,
      ” what if I want you to bang me”. She said
      ” oh, right “.this b---h really aroused me.
      I rolled her, lifted her gown and tore her pants
      She was surprised,I knew she was expecting a foreplay but I had no time for that. I started banging her . I banged her without emotions.
      She was a b---h after all….
      I went to the bathroom to clean up after the sex and when I came back to the room,the b---h was still on the bed….
      ” what are you doing?”. I asked
      ” i don’t get you “.she asked confusedly
      ” put on your clothes and leave”. I ordered her
      ” what,we just had sex “. She said. let me rest a little bit
      I scoffed.
      really,you offered your body to me and I am done with it”. I yelled
      ” Get out”.i barked
      She stood up from the bed, wore her clothes and ran out of the room….
               Sofia POV
      I sat in the class thinking of my Shayne, how he gazed at me. He was so handsome
      I thought about his friendly smile and his song….
      Sofia, Betty called . It is time to go home. Didn’t you hear the bell?. She asked
      ” oh, I must have been lost in thought”. I said
      She patted my shoulder
      ” it will be alright “. She said
      I smiled , she thought I was thinking about my predicaments, she never knew I was thinking about Shayne
      ” let’s go home”. She said and we both headed home..
      I got to Mrs Todd house and began working as usual.
      ” Sofia “. She called
      ” can you be chanced this weekend”. She asked, I have got a job for you . She said
      “Which kind of Job?”. I asked
      ” I received a huge contract today and I want you to be among my waitress”. She said
      Mrs Todd owns a catering business …
      ” I will do it “. I said, I really need the money
      ” Good”. She said . On Saturday is Shayne’s birthday..
      ” Shayne ”  I cut her short
      I will do it , I will do it , I will do it.i repeated excitedly..
      It seems someone is already in love with Mr rude

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