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    hmmmmm…..ride on

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    You don get Work be that ooooo

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    Bad start,ur lyf is worthyless

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    omowumi alimat
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    interestin pls continue

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    Episode 4

    The exams started that monday as scheduled and I was busy writing jargon in my scripts.

    I hadn’t been reading so there was no way I would know what to write.

    The students sitting by my sides didn’t help matters too as they both closed their answer booklets from my prying eyes making it relatively impossible for me to copy.

    “Please let me see the ones you’ve written,” I pleaded with one of the chaps.

    The guy didn’t respond.

    Instead he behaved like he didn’t hear what I said and continued with what he was writing.

    I never knew such behaviour was obtainable in a university where getting first position or last position wasn’t relevant.

    After that response, I kept to myself and continued writing my jargon.

    For one week we wrote the exams one after the other till it finished. Then the second phase of the hustle began.

    I went from one lecturer’s office to the other sorting my way out by cash and kind depending on the one the lecturer demanded.

    There was this particular lecturer that gave me hard time. He had refused to collect money from me and wouldn’t grant me audience till the day I barged into his office unannounced.

    He had stared at me with fear not knowing what gave me the impetus to barge into his office the way I did.

    I locked the door behind me and instantly reminded him of why I came.

    “I have told you that your proposition is impossible,” he said sitting back in his chair.

    “How I wish you know what you’re missing sir,” I replied pulling up my skirt and turning around for him to see my well shaped asset. “All these would be yours to enjoy free of charge if only you would help me.”

    The man remained silent for sometime.

    Then I heard him mutter some inaudible words and pointed to a white piece of paper in his left hand.

    “Write down your phone number here,” he commanded… “

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    Episode 5

    I was in my room that friday evening a week after our exams when my phone began to ring. The number wasn’t familiar but I decided to pick.

    Who knows, it could be a potential client or someone important.

    “Hello good evening,” I greeted on picking the call.

    “Am I speaking with Linda Ezeagbo?” A baritone voice asked from the other end of the line.

    “Yes you’re,” I replied.

    “Ok its Mr Ofoegbu on the line. Meet me at lomalinda hotel by 7pm on the dot.”

    Then he hung up.

    Mr Ofoegbu was the lecturer who had asked me to put down my phone number on a white piece of paper.

    I looked at my wrist watch and it was ten minutes past six. I hurried into the bathroom, took a quick bath, came out, put on one very short mini skirt with a top that revealed the whole of my cleavage and zoomed off.

    Lomalinda hotel was about twenty minutes drive from my hostel but then I first branched to an ATM to collect some money before going because all the expenses that would emanate from the visit was probably going to be on my head.

    I got to the hotel around five minutes to seven and dialled Mr Ofoegbu’s number.

    “Come to room 901,” he informed on picking.

    I hurried over to the room and knocked on the door.

    “Come in,” a baritone voice replied from inside.

    I opened the door and stepped in.

    Mr Ofoegbu was lying naked on the bed. His joystick stood erect asif saying welcome to me.

    “Lock the door and join me,” he directed.

    I locked the door behind me, took off my clothes and joined him on the bed.

    He instantly grabbed my b00bs and began to s--k my n!ppl€s hungrily.

    “Stop, Stop,” I cried cutting him short and surprising him at the same time.

    “Are you promising me an “A” in your course?” I asked looking him directly in the eye.

    “Yes yes,” he gasped with uncontrolled desire.

    “Are you sure?” I asked to be sure that the deal has been sealed.

    “Yes I’m sure,” he replied.

    I slowly parted my legs for him and he t----t in his joystick into my wet pu$$¥ with all the energy his loins could muster.

    For close to 30minutes he bounced up and down and in and out of me until he started groaning like a bull and ejaculated inside.

    Alas the deal was sealed and I eagerly expected an “A” in that course…

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    Hmmmm, ur life is doom 4 destructive destructrous destruction u dix Linda gal.. HIV got ur back wells no doubt. Well, next episodes plsssss..

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    Episode 6

    I nearly ran mad when the results came out and I got “F” in Mr Ofoegbu’s course.

    I stared at my reg number a second time to be sure it was mine and that there was no mix up.

    Indeed it was mine.

    I ran to Mr Ofoegbu’s office to confront him and find out why he hadn’t kept to his own end of the bargain only to discover that the door to his office was locked.

    I dialled his number, he didn’t pick.

    I dialled again and again and again, no response.

    Then on the fifth attempt he picked.

    “Yes who is this?” He asked with his peculiar baritone voice.

    “Its me Linda. The student that met you at lomalinda hotel,” I explained.

    “I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” Mr Ofoegbu replied throwing me off balance. “Who did you say you met at lomalinda?”

    “Sir can’t you remember me? Linda, the girl you spent time with at lomalinda hotel. The one you promised to give an “A” in your course. Sir, they just pasted the results now and I got “F.” Sir, please I wish to know what happened.”

    “Please I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Maybe this is a wrong number,” he said hanging up the call.

    I felt like tearing myself into two.

    How on earth could Mr Ofoegbu do this to me? Does it mean I’m going to carry this course over?

    I was still deep in thought when my phone began to ring.

    “Hello,” I said on picking.

    “Hello, this is the Chief Receptionist of Hilly Zander guest house. We have a very important personality lodging in our hotel this night and he had gone through the pictures of all the beautiful ladies in our database and picked you as his favourite. Will you be free for the job this night?”

    “Yes I will,” I replied. “How much is he paying?”

    “Umm, 450k,” the receptionist replied.

    “Wow I’m gonna be free,” I said smiling to myself. 450k was no child’s play and if not for any other thing, atleast I was going to use it to console myself over the disappointment Mr Ofoegbu dished to me…

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