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    *Part 1*
    As soon as I cleared out the dinner table, I went into the
    bedroom, not bothering to say goodnight to Kenny in the living
    room. I knew he was going to be coming to bed soon enough. I
    needed him to think I was fast asleep by the time he came to
    bed. I quickly got into the bathroom and had a quick shower
    before climbing into bed. I made sure I put on my long pyjamas
    so there was no way he could have easy access to my body.
    About an hour later when I heard him climb into bed and turn
    the other way, I finally let out the breath I was holding. I
    managed to escape the sex tonight.
    By the time I woke up the next morning, I knew we were going to
    have another round of noise and fight and I quickly said a silent
    prayer to God for strength. I could feel his hand roaming round
    my body relentlessly and there was no doubt in my mind what
    the expected end result to be. I opened my eyes and took a
    glimpse at the clock on the wall. It was just I turned and
    removed his hands from my body and tried to get up only to be
    pulled back. By the third time of going through the same motion,
    he finally spoke up.
    ”Babe, what is the excuse today? It has been 2 weeks for Christ
    sake. How am I supposed to be happy if you won’t even have sex
    with me?” He said with obvious frustration in his voice.
    ”So your happiness is now tied to sex? You still don’t get it do
    you? I am doing this for us. For our home and our future. I told
    you before I started that this was going to happen and you
    agreed and now you want to make me feel guilty. Seriously I am
    ”Omololami, you know I am not opposed to prayer and fasting. I
    love God too and I go to church but you cannot honestly expect
    me not to have sex for the next 100 days just because you want
    to fast”
    I was so angry at that statement and I flared up,
    ”Seriously Kenny, are you kidding me right now? What happened
    to self-control? This just shows how far you have fallen from the
    faith. Is this not the same you that used to fast with me all the
    time before we got married? So all that spirituality was a lie? Did
    we not court for two years without sex? So you must have been
    cheating on me.”
    ”What? How can you say that? Are you crazy? How can you even
    compare both scenarios? I was single then now I am married.
    Why did I get married if I can’t have sex?”
    ”Oh so now I am a sex machine? You married me for the sex?” I
    ”You know what, I won’t waste my time having this fruitless
    conversation with you. I am warning you for the last time. I won’t
    take this your fasting bullshit and you will learn to respect me in
    this house. If this is the rubbish they are teaching you in church,
    I will ban you from going there”
    ”You won’t dare Kehinde Ayorinde. You will not dare. If I ever
    have to choose between you and my God, trust me, you will
    loose. It is God first and you second. That devil that is trying to
    use you, will not find a place”.
    ”Try me, Lola, just try me” he said as he walked into the
    bathroom and slammed the door.
    I walked out of the room and went into the kitchen heartbroken.
    As I went about making Kenny’s lunch that he usually takes to
    work I was so sad. I didn’t understand Kenny’s bitterness
    towards my relationship with God. I didn’t expect to have these
    kind of issues just 6 months after marriage. He knew how much
    I loved God and how much that relationship means to me and he
    was proving so difficult. We even talked about this while we were
    courting and he used to tell me how much he loved my passion
    for God. We have tried getting pregnant for the past 5 months
    and nothing has happened and I knew I needed to tackle it in
    prayer before 5 months turned to 15 years and I told him I
    decided to join the 100 days fast in church. Initially, he had
    agreed to join me but 3 days after he stopped. I didn’t get
    offended. I decided to do the prayers myself, I just did not
    expect him to be so bitter about it. As I finished packing his
    lunch about 30 minutes later, Kenny came out fully dressed and
    just walked past me without picking up his food as usual. I
    quickly ran after him and caught up with him just as he was
    getting into his car.
    ”You didn’t take your food” I said.
    ”Take that rubbish food and get out of my sight. I don’t want your
    food, now or ever until you learn to respect me and until you
    decide what is more important to you” he said and slammed the
    door, driving away while I stood there mouth agape.
    We had a lot of disagreements over sex in the last two weeks but
    I had never seen Kenny so bitter before. I knew there and then I
    needed to pray for my home. Casting out every demon that
    suddenly possessed my husband.


    *PART 2*

    As soon as Kehinde left for work, I decided to take his matter to God in prayer. I went on my knees and was lost in prayer for the next four hours.

    ”Father, defend me in my marriage, cast out every demon that has possessed my husband’s heart”. “The king’s heart is in the hand of the lord, he turns it whichever way. Oh God turn my husband’s heart away from sex and all things of the flesh during these 100 days of fasting, . Towards the end of my prayer, I suddenly got an inspiration from the Holy Spirit on what to do next.

    There was no point trying to tell Kenny he could not have sex with me, I only had to use wisdom to avoid it by doing things that will not even get him interested. So I decided not to have my bath the whole of that day. I knew how much Kenny liked me bathing and all clean. By the time he got home around 7pm that day, I made sure dinner was ready. I could not have been more wrong because another argument ensued as soon as he came in through the door.

    ”Madam, have you sorted out your issues yet?” he said.

    ”What issues Kenny? Please come and have your dinner”.

    ”Did you think I was joking? Did you think not taking your bath will work on me? Or you did you think I will not know you enough to know that not taking your bath is a tactic to avoid sex?”

    I was quite shocked and kind of speechless that he immediately realized what my plan was.

    ”Kenny, please be understanding. I need to consecrate myself to God”. I resorted to begging instead.

    ”Lola, get it straight, I am not asking you not to fast. What is wrong with having sex between 6pm that you break your fast and midnight that the next day starts? That is all I am asking” he tried to negotiate.

    ”I am sorry Kenny, I don’t believe that is good enough. I am supposed to be consecrated for 100 days. Having sex during that time just makes me feel unclean”. I explained.

    ”What is unclean about sex between husband and wife babe? It is totally biblical”

    ”See Kenny, you just need to be patient. I have just 85 days left and then we can go back to doing the dirty”.

    ”Let me tell you something Lola, this is the last time I will have this discussion with you. If you cannot find a way to balance your marriage and fasting, then you just might not have a marriage to come back to after your 100 days”.

    ”What do you mean by that Kenny? God forbid such confession?” I said immediately.

    Kenny left me standing there and went into the room. My surprise was complete later that night when he moved most of his things to the guest room. I was going to beg him but I just later decided it was for the best if he stayed in the guest room for the next 85 days. This was probably God’s way of creating a solution for me. I went on my knees that night and sang in gratitude to God for making a way for me where I thought there was none.

    By day 60 of my fasting and prayer, I was officially frustrated. The joy and excitement I got from fasting and prayer had gone. Kenny and I had become total strangers in the house. He had not eaten my food in over 6 weeks and I was officially worried. He had started coming home quite late and we did not even talk anymore. Every time I tried to talk to him, he just shut me out. We both went to work and came back and went into separate rooms. I did not even know where to start from. I knew for a fact I had not done anything wrong and was just doing the best for our marriage and I wondered constantly why Kenny was so blinded by unreasonable rage. I wondered where all the promises of not going to bed in anger went.

    I finally reached the end of my rope that week when I got a text from him around 8pm saying,

    ”Don’t wait up for me. I wont be coming home tonight”.

    I could not believe my eyes and I immediately sent him a text saying,

    ” Where are you? Why wont you come home?”

    His reply made me burst into tears. ”Please ask the holy spirit to reveal it to you in prayer”
    My marriage is in trouble.



    I decided that night that I had had enough of Kenny’s erratic behaviour and we needed counselling. I waited for him to come home the next morning but he never showed up. I called him around noon when I was getting worried but he did not pick my call. I got a text shortly after saying,
    ”I am quite surprised you are looking for me. Don’t worry, I am fine. Don’t let me distract you from God”.
    I decided it was time to seek counsel from my pastor’s wife.
    As I sat down with Mummy as we normally call her that evening after a word of prayer and recounted the full story of our challenges from the beginning of the fasting period. I was quite hopeful that I will get solutions on the next step to take. Mummy looked at me and shook her head as I showed her the last text I got from Kenny from my phone.
    ”Sister Lola, what does the Bible say about our parents and honour?”
    ”Honour your father and mother, that your days might be long” I quickly replied wondering why we were talking about my parents when it was my marriage that needed healing.
    ”Do you remember when you came to me and decided you wanted to marry this young man who was barely a baby in the lord. I warned you to look for giants in the spirit. If you had honoured my words, surely the days of your marriage would have been long”, she said with obvious annoyance.
    ”I am sorry mummy, I love my husband and I think he loves God too”
    ”He loves God? You are still defending his actions? A man that cannot agree with you in prayer? That will not deny his body to feed his spirit? She asked me.
    ”I am sorry ma” I quickly said. Mummy was known for her short temper and I did not want to get on her bad side.
    ”Anyway the deed has been done. We need to find a way forward. You see the devil is not resting. He is obviously seeking to devour your marriage. The battle is not with your husband. It is a fight in the spirit”.
    ”Okay ma” I said.
    ”The devil knows this fast is going to liberate your marriage and he wants to stop it at all cost. The flesh will be satisfied eventually but you need to be spiritually fortified first. So make sure you complete it in total consecration to God”.
    ”Okay ma. What do I now do about his refusal to come home ma?”
    ”Oh don’t worry Lola, he will come home. He is like the prodigal son, he will surely return. Let us pray my dear”.
    By the time I left my pastor’s house after about two hours of prayer. I felt stronger and better. Kenny was just over reacting and I was definitely on the right course. I just needed to keep praying and not let me faith be shaken. When I got home and met Kenny relaxing in the sitting room, it confirmed to me that everything mummy said was correct since he returned like she had prophesied.
    As the days passed things got more estranged. Kenny stopped going to our church and demanded I move to this new church he found. Of course I vehemently refused. It is important to be grounded and not church belly-hopping. I got daily text motivations from my mummy in the lord and that just encouraged me.
    Finally the last day of the 100 days came and it was announced in church that couples should endeavour to attend together since there was going to be an all night prayer. I begged and pleaded with Kenny but he adamantly refused. I went to church alone that night and prayed every prayer possible. My joy knew no bounds the next morning because I knew that all the fight I had been n by having with Kenny was finally going to be over. I was going to make sure we had as much sex as wanted that night.



    It has been a week since I finished fastened Kenny has still not spent a single night in the house. Every morning he came home to dress for work and didn’t come home till the next morning. Every morning I met him at the door begging and cajoling but it was always the same. He totally ignored me, walked past into the guest room and walked back out once he was done changing cloths and having his bath. Not one word was ever said in acknowledgment.

    I began to think I probably should have compromised during the 100 days. I did not expect him to take it this far. I did not even know what plausible solution I could execute. I knew sex was a big deal to men but it was always painful for me anyway so I was never all excited about it. On our wedding night, when Kenny deflowered me, I thought I was only going to feel the pain for less than a week but it has been six months and every single intimacy we have had was laced with very uncomfortable pain. Chauvinist as Kenny was, he felt I was just making a mountain out of a molehill and sex could not be as painful as I was making it to be. Truth was if not for the sake of procreation I was comfortable not having sex ever. The hype is definitely more than the experience.
    I finally decided that maybe some physical solution was needed since the spiritual was not solving Kenny and I’s problem. I went to Google that afternoon as I got home from work and searched ” how to stop painful sex”. As soon as I finished reading of different positions to do to ease the pain and how the pain was coming from my mind. I made a few decisions on making sure sex became enjoyable. Next, I Googled, ”how to seduce your husband and I felt so uncomfortable with the sheer number of unholy things I discovered. I decided to take a bold step and put some things I found to practice to ensure Kenny finally stayed home for the night. As alien as it felt, I typed some steamy texts I found online to Kenny at one hour interval each.


    On Saturday morning when Kenny walked into the house, I had decided enough was enough and I was not going to pay for my sins forever. He had no right whatsoever to keep sleeping outside the house under the guise of anger. I was already waiting for him and as soon as he stepped in, I just blew up,
    ”Where do you think you are coming from oga?” I shouted.
    He looked at me like I had suddenly grown two heads and to my surprise he replied, ”Sunrise hotel”.
    ”Is that where you have been staying?” I asked unsure. Not expecting him to answer in the first place.
    ”Yes I got a room there” he answered and looked at me, ”Is that all? he asked.
    ”No, that is not all Kenny and don’t make me feel stupid. You have been sleeping outside for the past three weeks and now I am questioning you, you’re acting ignorant” I was truly bewildered.
    ”Madam, you asked me where I have been and I answered you. How am I acting ignorant?”
    ”Kenny, once again, I am sorry”.
    ”Okay I have heard. Just to be clear though, what exactly are you sorry for?”
    ”Well, I am sorry for depriving you of sex and fasting without your agreement. I am sorry for being inconsiderate of your feelings. Please can we just go back to how we were?”
    ”Okay, I have heard you” he said with a straight face.
    ”Kenny, please now. What else do you want me to say or do?”
    ”Lola I said I have heard. Please don’t stress me. I want to ride around the estate on my bicycle for a while. Is that okay?”
    ”Okay, that is fine. Do you promise to stay at home from today?” I asked
    ”Yes, I will. So can I go change and head out now?”
    I nodded and got out of his way and he immediately went to the room and changed into his riding outfit. He always looked so handsome in his tights and t-shirt whenever he wanted to exercise and watching him come out of the bedroom, I went to give him a hug half expecting him to turn me away but he gave me a very lingering hug and left soon afterwards. I was so giddy from the obvious reconciliation, I decided to cook something nice for his breakfast when he returned.
    A little over thirty minutes later, I got the call that changed my life forever. With tears in my eyes not knowing what to expect, I grabbed my car keys and rushed out of the house to the hospital address I had been given. I still could not believe my ears that Kenny had been in an accident. He just left home barely 30 minutes earlier. The. caller was unable to give details of the severity of the accident or what happened. As I drove out and met with traffic, I tried calling his number back to get more details but it was switched off. I contemplated calling family and friends but I decided to know the status of his health before calling anybody.
    ”Oh Lord, help me. You said we shall not die God, please keep my husband. I will not be a widow in my youth oh lord.”
    Words of prayer failed me. I did not even know how to pray. Almost an hour later, I finally drove into the hospital compound and ran inside with deep fear, not knowing what to expect……..You know what, I won’t waste my time having this fruitless
    conversation with you. I am warning you for the last time. I won’t
    take this your fasting bullshit and you will learn to respect me in
    this house. If this is the rubbish they are teaching you in church,
    I will ban you from going there

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    Links to available episodes

    Episode 7

    Episode 8

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    Hmmmmmm i don’t know what to say to you

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    hmmm cntinu …..felt like have seen dix story b4

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    Pls take it easy God will heal him for us sake

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    About Eight hours i personally sat in the office of the doctor to get a detailed explanation on Kenny’s condition. All I had been told as I waited was that he was alive and he had been taken in for ultrasound and later for surgery. The nurses refused to tell me the severity of the accident and I had brought hell down screaming and shouting. Eventually, I called my sister-in-law who came to wait with me and was able to calm me down. I had to leave the hospital briefly to use the cash machine and make some monetary deposits but aside from that I had been unable to drink even a drop of water.
    ”Mrs Ayorinde, thank you so much for your patience” the doctor started, but I quickly cut him short
    ”Sir, please just go straight to the point, how is he? What happened? What was the surgery for? Is he okay? Did the surgery go well?”
    ”Madam, I will answer all your questions but I need you to relax a bit”
    ”Okay, please go on” I said.
    ”Your husband is fine and the surgery was successful. He suffered from testicular trauma as a result of the force of his testicles on the bicycle when the accident occurred”
    ”Jesus Christ!!!!! see trouble.. What do you mean testicular trauma? He doesn’t have testicles again? How are we supposed to have children now? Haaaaaaa Kenny will kill me”.
    ”Please relax and let’s not jump the gun here. I didn’t say he doesn’t have testicles again. There was just some rupture and dislocation as well and that is why we had to do an immediate surgery. It has been successfully fixed now and we are hopeful that there should be no cause for infertility in the nearest future. Of course, we will advise that he stays off sexual activity for a while until he is properly healed to avoid him developing hernia. He should be fine within a week”.
    ”Okay doctor, thank you so much. So when will we be discharged”.
    ”I will want to just observe him overnight to be sure he is okay. He should be able to go home tomorrow”.
    We eventually got home the next day after staying in the hospital all night. His sister left us in the hospital later in the evening after confirming that Kenny was okay. Kenny was withdrawn and quiet and it felt like the cycle had started again. It was still surreal that it was just yesterday morning we agreed to call a truce and it felt like that did not even happen.
    ”Darling are you okay? I asked after he had settled down on the bed”
    ”Lola, no I am not okay. You know what? I regret marrying you. I don’t feel like the man that found a wife and found a good thing because it’s like your sole purpose is to cause me sorrow and sadness”.
    My mouth was agape. I just did not understand the reason for such anonymity.
    ”You know when I decided to marry you I had a plan. I knew what I wanted. I wanted a woman who will love me and make me happy. I wanted a life of joy and happiness. I wanted to build fun memories of just the two of us even outside the kids but I have not had any of that with you. It’s from one problem to another. We have been married for just 9 months and already I am tired”
    ”Kenny, why will you say all these to me? Why? What exactly have I done to destroy your so called happiness so much?”
    ”Immediately after the wedding, it took about 2 weeks for you to even calm down enough to let me deflower you. As soon as that was over, you got fixated about pregnancy making sex totally boring. When I was talking to you about just enjoying each other and having fun, all you did was lie down there missionary style claiming that is the best way to get pregnant. After five months of that, you went into your so called fasting period and now because of all the frustration you have put me through, I went to ride my bicycle just to vent and got into an accident? Did you know it was because I was thinking about you that I lost concentration? And to crown it all, it’s like the devil was trying to crack a joke, testicular trauma? I am tired madam”
    I sat there in silence not knowing what to say and after a while I just got angry.
    ”How dare you Kenny? How can you blame me for your sadness or so called unhappiness? I wake up daily praying for you and this is how you repay me? Was it not when you married me your business went from struggling and started excelling and you dare insult me? I wont let the devil use you more than he already has. This conversation is over. Do whatever you want”. I stood up from his side and walked out of the bedroom with deep confusion in my heart. For the first time I wondered if it would not have been better staying single.

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    Dis una marriage na real drama oo….
    Instead make two of una rub mind 2geder, u jst dey fight. I go dey here dey watch wetin go end you oo.

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