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    written by Penshalom

    Before you read:
    Just trying something new actually.. This story is kinda a love-churchy story, (I think) so read at your own risk. Also it is not edited so you’ll see mistakes there….. I hope you like it tho.

    Happy reading, lol.
    Episode 1
    The evil monster beside my bed decided to ring when I started to enjoy my sleep.
    I place the pillow on my head to block out the sound but no it would not stop.
    Eventually I have to give in just like I do, every morning, I sit up and hit it, it stops.
    “D--n, I hate alarms”
    I’m not an early riser but I have to go to school.
    “Why do we need education?” This is the same question I keep asking myself every morning but I get no answer.
    I force myself to get down from bed and go to the bathroom.
    I take a quick shower and dress up in my typical bad boy way.
    I look into the mirror and who I see lights up my world, myself.
    I don’t know about others but I’m the hottest and the most handsome guy ever.
    After dressing up and satisfied with myself, I take a few selfies to post on my Instagram profile just to satisfy my fans especially the girls.
    I leave my room and entered the dining, I can smell the delicious meal already.
    I greet our cook and ask for my parents.
    “They’ve gone to work” he replies
    “This early?”
    “When will they ever give themselves some rest?” I ask quietly to myself.
    I proceed to the dining and sit down to eat my food, it tastes delicious.
    At around 8am I am already at school and I’m presently chatting with my buddies.
    The day is looking up already until I see her.
    The most annoying girl on earth.

    The most annoying girl ever lived.
    I never talked to her before but seeing her face pisses me off.
    She is what you will call a church girl.
    She’s a good girl.
    I hate good girls.
    She is a girl that has a ready-made smile on her face.
    Even that smile makes me angry.
    She passes by us and greets us with her 1000 watt smile directed especially at me.
    ‘What the …..?’
    I glare at her and I think I see some sort of disappointment in her eyes or maybe not.
    She smiles and leaves.
    ‘Seriously, dude, can’t you be more polite??’ One of my friends said.
    I shrug.
    Seconds later I feel a hand moving on my chest, I look down and I see Ashley my present girlfriend.
    “Hey, baby” she says with that seductive smile.
    “Hi” I reply.
    And then the school bell rings.
    ‘See you later, baby’ she says as she walks off.
    D--n that school bell.
    I say good bye to my friends and walk off to class.
    I walk into class and scan the whole class.
    Unfortunately, the only seat left was beside her, you know who.
    With huge sigh, I plunk myself into the seat.
    Few minutes later, I feel eyes on me.
    I look to my side and she quickly looks elsewhere but I caught her.
    After waiting for 15mins, the professor came inside.
    “I’m sorry i’m late” he says.
    “You always say that” I mutter to myself.
    “This semester, we are going to be working on a project, so I will be pairing you up and no, you can’t choose your partners by yourself, yes, I will choose them for you”
    “You and your partner are going to be working on the topic ” Before Independence and I give you a month.
    “So I’m going to read out your names now”.
    ‘Kate Adekunle and Tayo Michael’
    ‘Ugo Emeka and Umar Musa’
    He goes on and on.
    ‘Ava Praise and Kevin Abraham’.
    “What the hell????”

    He went on and on with the names and I am glaring at him.
    If looks could kill, he will be 6 ft. under right now.
    How in heavens does he expect me to work with her?
    “D--n you to h*** professor” I think..killing him in my mind over and over again.
    “I expect your projects to be ready at the end of this month, it’s 70% of your result. Good bye class”
    I am still staring intently at the front when I feel a tap on my shoulders.
    I look towards the side and see her smiling but stops as soon as she saw my face.
    “W…wh…when do you want to start to work on the project?”
    I look at her and she squirms in her seat.
    Good, she’s scared but she manages to speak.
    “When do you want to start?”
    No matter how much I hate her I need to pass this course so I have to push aside the hate and the sooner we start the better.
    “This evening” I say.
    “I will be busy this evening.”
    “With what?”
    “I’m going to church, we have a service this evening and I don’t want to miss it.” She finishes with a big smile on her face.
    I mutter a string of curse words.
    Ugh, church girls.
    “Alright then, I’m gonna start working on mine, you can do whatever the h*** you want”.
    I stand up and leave.
    I exit the class.
    Some minutes later, I’m on my bed at home..
    “Today is the worst day, ever”
    I pick up my phone and call Ashley.

    Ashley came over.
    She picked up as soon as I called her.
    Well you know the rest of the story.
    After all was done and Ashley I decided to start on the project.
    At least I tried, I searched for it online but I was too exhausted to even read anything.
    I shut down my laptop and slept.
    “Urgh. That d--n thing…”
    I stand up and prepare for school.
    30 minutes later, I’m down.
    I go down and see my parents already eating breakfast.
    “Morning son” my Dad say.
    “Morning Dad, morning mum” I lean down to kiss her on the cheek.
    I sit down to eat.
    We discuss the normal family talk, school, business and all.
    10 minutes later, I’m at school.
    My friends are there before me as usual.
    I feel a tap on my back.
    I turn to see her.
    I groan internally.
    With a smile on her face she greets me.
    “Sorry we could not meet up yesterday but as soon as I got home from church I searched out the topic and I’ve written out some points.. So what about you, did you get anything online?”
    I got caught off guard.
    “Huh?” I ask like a fool.
    “Project, ring a bell?” She says with a mischievous smile.
    “Of course, I worked on it.. I got so many points”. I lie to save myself from embarrassment.
    “Okay then, let’s wait after school to compare our points, we meet in the library 5pm”.
    ” Bye”.
    As soon as she left I run off to the library, my friends call me but I don’t wait, guess I’m missing today’s first class.

    I get to the library 6pm.
    Yes, I got there an hour late.
    Ava was busy reading when I got there.
    As I moved closer I discovered she was reading the Bible.
    This is why I hate this girl, I mean there are so many books to read in the library, she chose to read the Bible.
    “What the h*** are you reading?”
    “Oh, you are here.. I’m just reading up some chapters in the Bible.”
    I just keep staring at her.
    “You are an hour late”
    “So?” I say with a smirk daring her.
    “Why are you late?”
    “I was busy with Ash”
    Something flashed in her eyes, her eyes got suddenly filled up or maybe it’s just my imagination.
    “Oh” she replies.
    “Oh..that’s all you have to say?”
    “Are you pretending or just plain stupid?” I ask angrily.
    “You heard me. You are not deaf or maybe you are”
    “Why are you angry? I believe I should be the one angry.”
    Wait, that’s right, why am I angry?
    I know why.
    I expected her to be angry but she isn’t and now I feel like a jerk.
    I stand up and leave.
    I call my driver to come pick me up on my way out.
    I am at the parking lot when I hear my name.
    I look back and see Ava.
    “Here” she points a can of Pepsi and chips at me.
    “I bought this for you.”
    “I figured we might be late in school working on the project so I got this earlier in case you got hungry”
    I stand there speechless.
    When I didn’t do anything she placed the items in my hands.
    “I guess we’ll work on it tomorrow then. Good night Kevin”. She waves and smiles at me.
    I just watch her leave unable to say anything.
    “Just who are you Ava?”

    I got home from school that day feeling really down..
    She is so confusing.
    I placed the snacks she gave me on the table in my room
    Occasionally my eyes wandered to it before I slept off.
    I didn’t go to school the rest of the week.
    I go to school the following week, as I am chatting with my friends someone tap me.
    Yeah you guessed right.
    It’s her.
    “Hey Kevin”
    “Can I have your number?”
    “I didn’t see you the rest of last week and it’s already been two weeks since we were given the project and we’ve not really done anything. So if I have your number we will be able to talk and…..”
    “Give me your phone”
    “Your phone”.
    She gives me her phone and I type my number in and give it back to her.
    “Thanks, bye Kevin.” Ava says as she goes off and I watch her leave.
    I see a text message on my WhatsApp from a strange number.
    “Who is this?”
    “How was school today?”
    “It was fine”
    “You busy tomorrow?”
    “No, why?”
    “I wanna invite you for a program”
    “What program?”
    “A youth programme in my church”
    “Not interested”
    “Come on, it will be fun”
    “What’s fun about church?”
    “Whatever…. Not interested”
    I switch off my data connection.
    Few seconds later I get a call.
    “This number looks familiar”.
    I pick up.
    ” Hello”
    “Yeah it’s me” she says happily
    “What do you want?”
    “Can we meet….”
    “I don’t wanna go for your programme”
    “You didn’t let me finish, can we meet up at library tomorrow after school for the project?”
    “Please don’t be late, I have to be in church by 5pm”.
    ” Whatever…bye” I click the red button.
    Rude. I know.
    I get up from bed and head to the dining.
    I eat my food and then go back to my room.
    I start working more on the project.
    We just have just 2 weeks left.
    I read a bit.
    And I go to bed.

    To be continued this evening

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    Links to available episodes

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

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    It will be better if you just drop that rude altitude, if not for anything then for the sake of the project.

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    Wow, this story is gonna be fun

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    rhyne bryne
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    Seated…but it will be better if u can drop dat ur rude attitude

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