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    episode 1
    It all started with a look. I never believed in love at first sight, I always believed it to be nonsense and silly stuff until now that it was happening to me. I fell in love with Joseph the first day he entered my class, he was tall, fair and had a black hair with sporting waves, and had a seductive smile that made him look sexy and handsome. Not only was He was very brilliant and was the main gist in the class and of course girls were just over him, but what made me love him more was that he wasn’t a girl type, he wasn’t interested in any of them, he didn’t even feel anything towards them. Our school of course was a kind of school that usually nicknamed any new student, he was nicknamed robot because he always walked like a robot. But l nicknamed him Captain Joe because he was chosen as the class captain a week after he resumed in our school and he was the captain of my life. He was the only person i have ever steal glances at he also made me shrive whenever he looked at me with those eyes I knew what people meant by love and love at first sight.
    I was crushing on him not minding his feeling towards me; I just wanted him to be beside me always. I wanted to be in his arm and hug him tight. He was a new student and he needed help in some areas since he joined us in the sixth week of the term, but Tunde rushed over to him, while I wanted to approach him and they became friends. I was scared and shy to approach him and now Tunde had gotten in the way and done it, I was sad not because he and Tunde were now friends but because he now had a friend and me, I wanted him all to myself.
    While thinking I felt a soft touch on my shoulder that made me shrink and jolted back to life, I looked up only to find him staring at me with those tempting eyes and seductive smile. I immediately felt andreline running in my body, I was now visibly shaking. Least I forget my name is Damilola, am tall, fair just like Joseph. Am brilliant but not like Joseph but I always did my best in my studies.
    “Hi I am Joseph, what’s your name”? He asked smiling and winks at me with those charming eyes.
    “H-I my nam-e i-s Damilola but my friends call me d- girl” I replied with a shaking voice.
    “Nice meeting you”. I like your Name but I will prefer to call you damshi, I usually watch Korean movies and I liked the name, am a fan of Korean movies.
    “But Joseph, the name sounds awkward,” just call me dami.
    “That sounds alright”, okay dami I can see you are smiling now, I saw you looking gloomy and decided to cheer you up, and now that I have done I have to go because I got some things to do.
    I almost shouted no!, don’t go, but I just managed to say “bye”
    “Okay” he left.
    I became sad again but cheered up when I remembered his angelic voice and pictured him singing love songs to my hearing with his seductive smile “am really in love”.
    Days, weeks passed by and Joseph became very popular in the school, he was liked and loved by both teachers and students, he never talked to me after our last discussion, I guess he is always busy, even during the break he is always busy, and I couldn’t bring myself to go to him, not that I didn’t want to, but I wanted to protect my pride. You know that girl mentality that the guy has to meet her, but this is not a relationship and I don’t know what he even feels for me. But still I can’t go to him maybe if I become gloomy again he would come to me, but that didn’t work again after that first time or did he know I was pretending so that I could get his attention. Days, weeks passed the term came to an end we vacated. I was so sad and lost concentration in whatever I was doing. I made a lot of silly and careless mistakes all in the name of love. I remembered when I mistakenly pour detergent into the beans I was cooking, mistaken it for salt while thinking of Joseph. The holiday was so boring and not seeing the captain of my life worsened it, at least in school I still steal glances at him but now I couldn’t, I was madly in love with him. I prayed the holiday to end quickly and God answered my prayer, the holiday went by and we were to resume on Monday. I was just so happy on Sunday that I joined the choir that day, something that I would never have done on a normal Sunday, My family was surprised at my sudden change of behavior, my sister tried asking me about my sudden change of behavior and lifestyle but I dodged the question.
    No doubt the love was having effect on me I couldn’t sleep at night. I was so anxious to see the love of my life on Monday. Monday finally came and I was joyful, my joy knew no bound. I was so happy that I didn’t look before crossing
    The road in which I almost got hit by a coming vehicle, I didn’t even bother to listen to the curses the driver rained on me; they didn’t matter as far as my love is concerned. I boarded a bike and alighted at the school gate. I heaved a sigh of relief immediately I got down from the bike; I looked around before entering the school compound. The school was very bushy and the compound littered with papers, nylons and feaces of rams and goats on the corridors of the class rooms, that signifies that we are going to do a hell lot of work today. That’s why I don’t like going to school on the first day of resumption; I only came because I missed Joseph. The school was full of students walking and cleaning their class rooms, I went straight to my class, I saw many of my friends and we greeted and hugged each other, while I was still using style to search for Joseph, finally I saw him walk into the class, he was looking smart and handsome..

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    episode 2

    I don’t know. He was getting handsome every day. Was it the love that I had for him or the food he ate? Few minutes later the bell was rung and we gathered at the assembly. We singed and prayed while the principal gave his speech on how we should focus on our studies and cooperate with the teachers. That didn’t concern me; I only wanted to focus on my love. But wait, why am i even fansitising about love? I don’t know if he feels what I feel for him, I immediately shook the thought from my mind.
    All the subjects taught that day were as if it was given in Chinese, I was thinking why he doesn’t want to come and talk to me or did I offend him?, hell no I didn’t. Then why was he treating me this way.
    The week passed by without us talking to each other and I didn’t expect anything from him the next week.
    I was gradually losing my feelings for him, but little did I know that the next week was just going to be a victorious one.
    We resumed the next week. While I and my friends were discussing in the class during the free period our class teacher entered and we greeted him in union.
    “Good afternoon sir”.
    “Good afternoon, how are you?”He asked.
    “Fine thank you sir” we replied.
    “That’s good, Ok without wasting much of our time; we are going to elect our new class captain, so nominate your candidates…
    “I nominate Joseph” a voice said from the back.
    “Now listen if you hear your name come out”. Joseph went out.
    “Next” the teacher voiced out.
    “Damilola” another voice said.
    I was shocked and surprised I could be nominated. The teacher voice brought me back to reality.
    “Damilola aren’t you going to come out”.
    I immediately came out. I was not happy that I was nominated because I couldn’t contest against Joseph. “Prevail” and “Joshua” were the last students to be nominated.
    After we had all come out the class teacher asked the class to write the name of the nominees they want as their class captain in a sheet of paper and give it to him, the person with the highest vote will be the class captain and the second highest was to be the assistant class captain.
    Few minutes later after he had counted it, he cleared his throat to announce the result.
    “You have all done well by voting your nominees”. So after the counting and compilation of the votes, our new class captain is Kehinde Joseph. And His assistant is Ajoke Damilola.
    I was very happy that I almost shouted “yea”. Why won’t I be happy, I was going to be very close to my love, not even close we were going to be working together? We were called upon to give our speech.
    Joseph emphasize on the class cooperating with us, which earned him an applauded from the class.
    I was then called upon to give my speech. I was very nervous and thinking of how I was going to give a good speech because I knew I couldn’t compose a speech and deliver it like Joseph, God he was d--n to perfect, and the worst part was that he went to sit down facing me, I was lost in thought, I didn’t know my class teacher has been calling me, his voice jolted me back to life.
    “Damilola I’ve been calling you to give your speech but you are just standing there, anything the problem?”
    I didn’t know what to say, I was still confused on what to say and the unexpected happened, Joseph came to my rescue.
    “Sir she has toothache so she can’t talk much”, I guess it’s aching her so much that’s why she can’t talk”
    Our class teacher turned to me, “is it true?” I just nodded my head in response, gave Joseph a look that shows: I AM VERY GRATEFUL.
    “Okay you can go and sit down” our teacher instructed patting me at the back. l was so happy and thankful to the captain of my life for rescuing me. I guess he could read my mind and saw that l was going to embarrass myself in front of the class and so he had to come to my rescue. I decided to seize the opportunity of the assistant captain title to get him for myself, but how?
    The week passed by and I was still thinking of how to get him, he didn’t even give me anything to do as his assistant, he always does things himself single handedly without involving anybody. He was a lone wolf, I don’t mean a wolf. Since I couldn’t go to him because of my pride, I decided to use another way that nobody would guess.
    It was Friday and there was usually a fellowship for the Christians and the jumat service for the Muslims in the school after the school closes for the day.
    The Christians use one of the classrooms in conducting the fellowship, while the Muslims find a shade for their jumat service. It was two minutes to the closing and I had to rush over to meet him before he goes home…….. He always behaved like a spirit or should I say a ghost, you can sit with him now and you look front and then back you won’t see him again. I went over to him and thank God he was the only one in class…

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    Links To Available Episodes.

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    Episode 8

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    Putting detergent in beans {Hmm love look what you made her do}.

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    Now u are closer to him hope he does not try to go farther from u

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    Ride on.

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