Second chances

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    Episode 1

    Author :Rose Akpabior

    The clouds had gathered once again, it was evident rain would fall that morning and it wasn’t going to settle well for Uyai.

    ‘Wake up sleepy head, rise and shine baby’ Ubong kissed her and presented her with a tray of coffee and biscuits.

    ‘No…’ she grumbled, not liking the way her husband had interrupted her sweet dream. She’d dreamt of a beautiful place, a field full of rose blooms and butterflies, she was with her husband and Angel their young daughter.

    ‘Baby, are you forgetting something? Are you forgetting your interview’? Ubong reminded her.

    ‘Oh my God, phew! Thanks for the reminder’ Uya jerked out of bed at the mention of the job interview.

    ‘Hey come here, come and eat first, then you take your time, you still have one hour to prepare, okay?’ Ubong dragged her back.

    ‘Thanks honey, I love you so much’ she pressed her soft lips against his forehead, he was such a beautiful man.

    ‘I love you more’ he relished her kiss.

    Uyai was the love of her life, no one could separate them. Although his family didn’t approve of the relationship that later blossomed into a marriage, he wouldn’t listen to them, he loved her very much. Uyai was perfect for him and so was he for her.

    ‘So, did you check up on our baby girl?’ Uyai inquired.

    ‘Sure, she is sleeping fine. We should really do something about a baby sitter now you’d be getting a job, I don’t want to stress you’ Ubong suggested.

    ‘You’re so confident I’ll get this job. This is my ninth trial, I’m afraid if nothing good comes out, I’ll have to find a shop and sell clothes’ Uyai suddenly lost her appetite as she remembered how they’d suffered.

    ‘We’ll scale through this, just be patient darling, we’ll prove our family wrong’ Ubong caressed her palms.

    ‘I don’t know hubby, sometimes I feel they were right, maybe I’m not the one for you’ Uyai held her breath as she stared into his handsome face.

    Ubong Davies was a charming man. He was tall, a six footer, dark and very handsome and she had fallen in love with him at first sight.

    ‘Don’t ever say that. From the moment I set my eyes on you at that housewarming party, I knew we were meant to be together. Just be patient and don’t be so pessimistic, you’re going to get that job and we’ll drink to that tonight’ he assured her.

    Ubong had approached her for a relationship, surprisingly, she didn’t play hard to get. They’d dated for a while but when it got to marriage, his family had withheld their blessings. Ubong Davies was the last and fourth son of Chief

    Ubong Davies was the last and fourth son of Chief Ukara Davies, a retired chattered accountant, who was very wealthy and owned lots of properties all over Nigeria. He had better plans for his son and was very disappointed when Ubong brought the daughter of a nobody home for marriage.

    To that end, his father disinherited him before he died and made sure his mother or brothers would have nothing to do with him for disobeying his orders.

    ‘So are you still getting that promotion today?’ Uyai rubbed his head.

    ‘Sure, we have a lot to celebrate’ he kissed her chin. His father had left him to face the Nigerian labour market alone. Luckily for him, he got a job with a bank and though it was stressful, it was paid well enough for them t be comfortable.

    ‘I pray I get this job. Cookies is the biggest noodle company in Nigeria, many foreign-trained graduates would be coming for this interview too, I just hope I’ll get it’ Uyai sighed.

    She was an orphan, but she was determined to make it in life. With the help of her grandmother, she had been able to study Marketing in University.

    ‘You will, I believe it’ he kissed her slowly and plunged his mouth deeply into hers.

    ‘Hmmm, baby, what are you doing?’ she groaned and tried to break free.

    ‘Early morning sugar’ he whispered against her ears and pulled her pajamas down.

    ‘We’re going to be late’ Uyai managed in a weak voice. Her husband was a very good lover, he knew the right buttons to press and each time he did, he made her very weak.

    ‘Being late is worth it, making love to you means the world to me’ he trailed a line from her neck to her breasts with his tongue and she moaned louder.

    ‘Honey, if you continue that way, you’ll wake little Angel, so I command you not to moan’ he kissed her again and she laughed.

    ‘I love you Uyai’ his breath was tepid as his fingers caressed her stomach and went beneath.

    ‘I love you Ubong’ she smiled shyly before she covered his mouth with hers.

    ‘Cookies’ was the name of his noodle company. He’d named it after his wife, Bimbo Williams, ‘Cookie’ was her nickname. Funsho Williams had branched out of the family business to create his own noodles empire. His father had kicked against it and had tried to stop him, but as stubborn as

    His father had kicked against it and had tried to stop him, but as stubborn as mule that he was, he forged ahead. It took hard work and effort to get Cookies to where she was today but everything was worth it.

    ‘Done’ he rubbed his hands nervously as he signed the contract papers before him. A foreign company had indicated interest in working with Cookies and he was more than happy to work with them.

    ‘Don’t you ever get tired of working darling?’ Her sweet voice could serve as a lullaby to a restless person.

    ‘I have to put food on the table’ Funsho replied and shook her off. The woman with him was his mistress, Nelly and his secretary too.

    ‘Did you fight with her again?’ Nelly asked sweetly. Funsho rarely spoke about his failed marriage with his ass of a wife. Cookie was a handful and everyone knew this, she didn’t deserve a good man like Funsho.

    ‘Never you talk about my marriage!’ Funsho shoved her off angrily. It was true he was stuck in an unhappy marriage but that

    It was true he was stuck in an unhappy marriage but that wasn’t no fault of his, he’d endured Cookie for a long time. It wasn’t in his nature to cheat on any woman he loved but Cookie had starved him of sex for a year before he made Nelly his mistress.

    ‘I want you to be a happy man Funsho, I see the way you look, you immerse yourself in work to avoid real life issues. I care for you darling, that’s why I’m asking’ She wouldn’t give up on him.

    ‘No you don’t, you just need something to gossip about with your friends. Leave my marriage out, I am and will always be a happy man’ he hissed angrily.

    ‘My friends? You think I am talkative? Where is this coming from?’ Nelly felt hurt that he’d think so little of her.

    ‘Just go Nelly, I’m not in a good mood. Get all the files of those coming for the interview, we’ll see at Cookies’ he pecked her face and fetched his briefcase before checking out of the hotel room.

    ‘Okay sir’ she nodded and watched him walk away.

    ‘Poor you’ Nelly inhaled deeply, she could feel his pain, she was in love with her boss and she knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t help it.

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    Fire on

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    I thought this story has been posted her before

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    This is gonna be interesting… Please continue

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    Nice start…

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    @chimmy i dont think so

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