Secondary season 2

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    in case you missed season 1 check link below

    Secondary season 1

    Episode 1&2


    Season 2

    Episode 1


    Principal: ” So Charles please let’s have the audio ” the principal said smiling, Mrs Jagun was also wearing a smile. I turned to Joy, her face was just calm without any reaction, of course she doesn’t know the content of the audio. Charles passed the recorder to the principal and he played it, as I thought it was what I expected . The earlier discussion I had with Charles in class was being played, all his questions if I had really loved joy and my replies was heard loudly in the hall. I was full of shame and disappointment in myself, I turned to joy again and she was now wearing a sober face.

    Mrs Jagun :” So are you still guilty or not? ” she asked smiling.
    Me:” Am guilty ma but Joy isn’t. I love her but I haven’t told her anything yet so there is nothing against her ” I said trying to maintain my voice as it looked like I was going to cry.
    Principal: ” Yeah Hugine, that is true Joy you can go back to your class ” the principal ordered but Joy still stood there. ” Just go ” I whispered silently to her. She left and Charles followed suit smiling at me as he passed me by.
    Principal:” So now I will leave you case to Mr. Olamide and the proprietor ” he said turning to the two men who have been quiet all through.
    Proprietor: ” Hmm, it surprises me how a new guy like you could have gotten yourself into trouble just on your first week of resumption, its a pity and you are a big disgrace to your parent who had spent money on you not knowing you are just a useless somebody. I leave you into the hands of our school judge, Mr. Olamide here, but before then does any of you have anything else to say? ” he asked turning to the Principal and Mrs Jagun. The principal shaked his head negatively while Mrs Jagun nodded hers meaning she had something to say.
    Proprietor:” you are free please ”
    Mrs Jagun:” Can you just behold yourself? I warned you right from the first day you came here but you didn’t listen. Who is in trouble now you or Joy ? ” she asked staring at me with her big ugly eyes.
    Me:” Ma, I Dont think that concerns anybody, the reason why am here is to take my punishment and leave, I Dont need advise from people like you ” I said boldly shocking my listeners, the proprietor adjusted his glasses while I also adjusted mine.
    Proprietor:” I can see you are really stubborn as they say you are, Mr. Olamide please pass your judgement ” he said.
    Mr Olamide :” uhm uhm” he started by clearing his throat.
    Mr Olamide:” Now you punishment for breaking the school rules and regulation is for you to go on a five days suspension, and when you return, you have been granted the job of washing the school toilet for one week. Now you punishment for being rude to a bonified teacher of this school is for you to receive 10 lashes of the cane from the teacher you have proven rude to. And now it depends on the teacher to either forgive or flog you ” he said as his eyes moved from me to Mrs Jagun.
    Mrs Jagun: ” I forgive him sir, am in a good mood today” she said smiling at me.

    Mr Olamide:” Then I think that should be all ” he concluded as he rose and left.
    Principal:” Remember, your punishment has started ” he added and also left. The proprietor also left leaving me alone with Mrs Jagun.
    Mrs Jagun :” you could have just dated Sandra and …”she was saying while I just hissed and left. I staggered back to my class with blurred eyes, I tried my best to stop the tears from coming out but they eventually did. I entered the class with my eyes full of tears and immediately , half of the class bursted into laughter. I turned to Joy and saw her also crying. I went to my desk and arranged my book into my bag.
    Sandra:” Mr lover boy ” she said admist laughter but I pretended not to hear her. I backed my bag and went to Joy desk.
    Me :” Am sorry ” I said drying the tears of my cheek.
    Joy :” No, my guy I should be sorry and also thank you for what you did for me. What punishment are you given? ”
    Me:” Five days suspension ” I said slowly while tears dropped from her cheeks the more, I stretched my hands and cleaned it up for her.
    Joy:” Gabi, please be strong, remember I love y..o..u ” she struggled to say as her tears held her voice.
    Me:” I love you too, and please you don’t look beautiful in that face ” I said smiling while she dried up her tears.
    Me:” bye” I said and turned back to leave but behold Akpan was behind me.
    Akpan:” Am sorry bro, I warned you. Please do take care, I will miss you. ” he said with a red eyes, I regretted ever doubting him.

    Me:” Akpan forgive me for not..”
    Akpan:” its okay ” he said giving me a brotherly hug.
    Me:” bye ” I told him
    Akpan: ” Bye bro, I will take care of joy for you ” he said smiling while I also smiled before making for the class door.
    Charles:” here goes the brave Lover boy, Gabriel Hugine ” he said in mockery while the the students bursted out in laughter except for Joy and Akpan. I looked back at him and smiled before finally existing the door for the gate.
    ======= Mom:” Gabi Dont tell me you have fallen sick again, why are you home this early?” She asked getting up.
    Me:” M…o..m” I wanted to talk but suddenly bursted into tears.
    Mom:” Love, what is it?” She asked as she embraced me.
    Me:” I have been suspended” I said and she left go off me immediately.
    Mom:’ what did you do?” She asked with a confused look while I narrated everything to her.
    Mom:” son you can trust no one, Dont worry, God is in control. Thank God Joy wasn’t also suspended ” she finally said after I concluded my story.
    Me:” Mom, you aren’t angry with me?” I said in surprise.
    Mom:” No son, I am not, you weren’t at fault, your feelings were and I can’t stop you from loving someone truly ” she said again while I smiled.
    Me:” what of dad, won’t he be angry ?” I asked again.
    Mom:” that why am his wife, I will beat him if he gets angry ” she said to me demonstrating with her hands while I bursted out in laughter, just then the door opened and Eunice came in from God knows where.
    Eunice:” You are always falling sick, what kind of sickness is it this time?” She asked with a straight face.
    Mom:” is that how you greet these days?”
    Eunice:” Ha, sorry mom, good afternoon ma” she greeted
    Eunice:” So gabi what happened? ” she asked again while I turned to my mom.
    Mom:” Gab, go and freshen up ” she said and I obeyed immediately while she narrated everything to Eunice.

    ===== ” No, call Gabriel for me ” I heard my dad shouting to my mom, I didn’t wait for her to call me as I walked slowly to their room while adjusting my glasses.



    Season 2

    Episode 2


    I opened the door to their room and entered into it with trembling legs.
    Dad:”Gabriel, what is this your mom is telling me? That you got suspended. Just tell me its a lie” he said immediately I entered the room.
    Me:”Its true dad, mom is right” I said calmly while he breathed out and sat down on his bed.
    Dad:”Gab, when will you stop being notorious? Why are you always getting yourself into trouble?” He asked looking intensely at me.
    Me:”I didn’t make trouble dad” I said.
    Dad:”Then trouble made you, now tell me what happened” he demanded while I turned to my mom.
    Me:”Didn’t mom tell you what happened?” I asked
    Dad:”I want to believe she is lying, the school can’t suspend you just because you have feelings for a girl and another girl which you Dont have feeling for wants you which you refused and then they blackmail you. For Christ sake Gabriel, that happens only in movies. ” he said again while i smiled a little.
    Me:”Dad that was exactly what happened” I confirmed it.
    Mom:”Maybe you should follow him to the school tomorrow to confirm if he is lying ” my mom added.
    Dad:”Follow who? So that everyone will know I am his father, am not going anywhere with him, I know my son, sorry your son. He must certainly have done something bad maybe beaten up a teacher ” my dad added.
    Me:”Dad I Dont do that anymore, am a changed boy now” I said while my dad laughed out.
    Dad:” my son, the devil is waiting for you to repent. Just go, you will stay at home until your suspension is over. Honey follow him to the school on Monday to confirm the story because I dont believe this boy. ”
    Mom:”I am not going o, Cynthia will come and tell us what happened” my mom said while I simply walked out slowly.
    “Bang,bang, bang” a light knock landed on our main door, I rushed to the parlour and unbolted it. To my surprise, it was Cynthia, Akpan and Joy standing before me.
    Me:”Oh, my God, please do come in ” I said as I made way for them to enter.
    Cynthia:” Gabriel, Gabriel, so at last, love kill you ” she said as she walked to her room, I simply smiled.
    Akpan:” Gabi, you never told us you live in a paradise ” he said as he fell into a couch dropping his bag on the floor.
    Me:”Thanks man ” I replied him as I went to get them water from the fridge. I brought it alongside a pack of orange fruit juice and two glass cups.
    Me:”Joy, what happened? Why is your eyes red?” I asked, almost immediately tears started to drop from her eyes again.
    Akpan:”Oh joy, I told you not to cry when we get here ” akpan said patting her on her back.
    Joy:”Gabi, am really sorry for all I….”
    Me:”Oh God, Joy you did nothing wrong ” I said while she nodded.
    Joy:”Thanks for defending me today ” she added while I simply nodded.
    Akpan:”Gabriel, I hope your parents are not so mad at you?” Akpan asked.
    Me:”My mom isn’t, but my dad won’t believe….”
    Dad: “Why will I believe you when I know the kind of boy you are?” He asked coming into the parlour. “Good evening sir” Akpan and Joy greeted in union.
    Dad:”Good evening my children, how are you?” He asked them smiling, my mom also came out. “Good evening Ma” they greeted again in union.
    Mom:”Ah, joy how are you? And you, how are you too? What is your own name?” She asked turning to Akpan.
    Akpan:”Akpan John Ma” he replied smiling.
    Mom:”Good, you are welcome.” She said seating down beside my dad.
    Dad:”So this is the Joy? Gabriel so even with your eye problem, you can still fish out a beautiful girl? ” he asked while we all bursted into laughter.
    Dad:” Now, let me hear from the horse’s mouth, Joy, what really happened? Why is my son suspended? ” he asked while joy narrated everything to him. He listened attentively and finally nodded when she was done.
    Dad:”So you mean Gabriel did not beat up any teacher ?” He asked again while joy shaked her head.
    Dad:” Then in that case, I will like to visit that school and demand for a good explanation for all this rubbish ” my dad said while I smiled in happiness as I adjusted my glasses, it action time. I know my dad, if you want trouble, he will hive you double.
    Mom:”No honey, I think we should just leave them, let’s forget about this one ” my mom said calmly to him while my face dropped, “Mom is too dull mehnn” I thought to myself.
    Dad:” No, I think we…”
    Mom:” let’s Just leave them dear ” my mom said flinging her long hair around his face and my dad relaxed on the couch nodding his head in agreement. ” Women charm” I thought again.
    Dad:” OK dear if you say so. Now listen both of you ” he said turning sharply to myself and Joy.
    Dad:” After all this fight, I Dont want you guys to leave each other. This is a sign of a better future ” he said while I adjusted my glasses.
    Dad:”Will you just let that glass rest for some second, why are you always adjusting it? ” he asked in a high tone while we all bursted into laughter.
    Mom:”Joy please give me your mom number so that we can always communicate with her ” my mom demanded.
    Mom:”Honey, do you know her mom happens to be Mrs Alex, Gabriel English teacher at Saint Mark college?” My mom continued
    Dad:”Wait, you mean that beautiful fair woman that speaks like a white woman?” My dad inquired while my mom frowned.
    Mom:”When last did you tell me am beautiful?” My mom asked still frowning.
    Dad:”Why will I tell you that, I can’t lie now” he said again while we all bursted Into laughter again this time my glasses fell which made my dad turn to me and shake his head in pity.
    ======> Eunice:”So Akpan, you mean you warned Gabriel but he didn’t listen?” She asked. My dad and mom had gone out leaving i, Cynthia, Joy, Eunice, Akpan and Desmond at home.
    Akpan:” Yeah I did but he thought I wasn’t on his side” he answered. I pretended not to be listening to what they were saying as I and Joy were busy discussing about something else.
    Joy:” Dont worry I will take picture of the notes and send it to you either on WhatsApp or Facebook ” she said holding my hands tight while I simply nodded.
    Me:” Make sure you Dont get in trouble o, stay clear and stay safe” I told her while she also nodded.
    Eunice:” Gabriel, what made you trust this Charles Guy?” She finally asked as she noticed I wasn’t bothered about her discussion with Akpan.
    Me:”it was like I was being compelled by a force to do so.” I replied her, while she shook her head negatively.
    Eunice:”But I told you to play that Sandra of a girl so as to avoid all this problems”
    Me:”I felt pity for Joy ” I said turning to Joy.
    Me:”And moreover, I Dont know how to be a player. That reminds me guys. Akpan does Charles have any girlfriend by name Kemi? He said she was once a student of the school ” I asked him while Akpan turned sharply to me.
    Akpan:”Kemi happens to be another victim just like you, she was blackmailed by Charles but unlike you, she was expelled ” he said shocking me, I turned to Joy and she nodded in affirmation. “So Charles played me, Dont worry boy, am coming back.” I thought to myself as I adjusted my glasses.


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    Haha can’t wait to get hold off Charles

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    Gabi, your parents are solidly behind you and that’s the only important thing. Sandra and her crew are least of your problems

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    Let’s go there

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    let the fun begin

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    let’s roll

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    lets go

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