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    story by Levuz



    Beneath the picture she just zoomed, three hyperlinks came into full display.

    ‘UNB3LIVABL3! Husband caught in the act smashing two hot UNIDAK chicks! Click below to see the video.

    Watch what Titilayo was caught doing to this Lecturer

    SHAME! See this motorcyclist in Uyo using his rod on two secondary school girls.’

    Margaret’s eyes feasted eagerly on her phone screen as the picture of the accused persons displayed partially beneath each link. It was one of the restless evenings she occupied watching anything of interest on the internet, this evening, as she often preferred, she had chosen to visit a pretentious local p--n site. One of those local p--n sites cleverly concealed, under the guise of fighting immorality. She scrolled up and down twice, before finally clicking on the first link.

    Her husband – Kunle was going to be around soon and everything – especially the dinning table –had been set for his return. All she wanted was a little spicy feeling to calm her h---y self a bit, before his return.

    The link she had clicked loaded quickly with a display of an introductory text:

    ‘Always ensure you properly delete documents you don’t want from your phone. Ngozi (a 22 year old girl studying Law in UNIDAK) thought she had deleted all the hot videos on her phone before she took it for formatting at an Engineer’s shop, but the clever Engineer was smart enough to check out all the documents and videos from her phone before repair and it was from it he saw this self-filmed action of Ngozi and her course mate giving this hot sugar daddy a sweet session.’

    Reading the stories before watching the videos had a way of prompting a delicious satisfaction, Margaret enjoyed reading the text. She read it again and again before finally clicking the ‘play’ button. Her left hand slid gently into her skirt, down below her abdomen. It was a three-minute clip of a threesome sex. The face of the man did not show in the video at all, until the video was almost over.

    In a brief moment – just few seconds to the end, the phone camera used to film the trio slipped from a table where one of the three mates had put it, and it revealed the sugar daddy’s face. Unshaven beards enveloping a perfectly arranged white set of teeth knocking each other with pleasure, were all she had to see. Margaret’s heart leapt at the sight. The first response to what she saw was an immediate retrieval of her left hand from beneath her waist. She rewound it again and played that part, she noticed the same thing. She quickly played the remaining seconds of the video, this time with an entirely different intention.

    The concluding seconds of the video showed the man’s face again, in a clearer way. Margaret played and replayed, until she became completely satisfied that the man who she had just seen in a hot session with two undergraduate ladies was her husband.

    Margaret hurled the phone across the bed. It narrowly escaped crashing into the ground but she didn’t seem to care. She stood off the bed and paced restlessly up and down the bed side.

    ‘Its Kunle!’ She yelled, clutching her head in-between her palms. ‘It’s Kunle!!’ She yelled louder as she quickly made way for the beautiful frame sitting peacefully on the lintel above their bed. As soon as she grabbed it, she hurled it against the wall and it crashed into shatters, but that would not be all. Margaret kept pacing in the room, trying very hard to calculate how best she could quickly launch a counter attack that could justify the offence. If she delayed, Kunle could come back home pleading and sobbing…the kind of sob that she could not maintain her stiff anger to.

    An idea dropped into her head, and she did not think about it for a second time. Margaret walked into the big sitting room. The dinning table was still the way she had made it. A thought of putting poison in his food crossed her mind at the sight of the food, but she wasn’t a murderer. Besides, time was too short, the stress of getting poison could change a lot of things.

    ‘Kasiu!’ she yelled, she did not wait to hear a response before she yelled again, in a louder and more desperate tone, ‘Kaisuu!’

    An old clumsy gateman staggered into the sitting room, as he trudged in, he was briefly caught in between the curtains.

    ‘Yes ma.’ He responded, while trying to get free from the grip of the blanketing curtains. He looked like a butterfly that had been trapped in a blanket of web. He would soon be caught in his own web. ‘You call me ma.’ [sic]

    Margaret shot him a derogatory look. The man standing with her in this living room would be a perfect revenge. He was more or less a filthy looking individual who obviously chose that life. He had only served the couple as a gatekeeper for three weeks, but preferred to maintain his poverty stricken appearance.

    ‘You will do something for me now!’ She commanded, dragging his rag top towards herself.

    ‘What is it madam?’ The petite man said, obviously feeling the sweet sensation of getting so close with his oga’s madam but simultaneously scared of what was going to happen.

    ‘Pull off your clothes.’ She commanded.

    Kaisu knew more than to complain before obeying, his fingers made their way for the fist button below his neck, and then his first debate made its way out of his mouth; ‘But why madam?’

    ‘Just do it!’ She yelled aggressively, making him hasten up.

    A faded singlet, torn on virtually every side was what served Kaisu as a long faithful underwear. He looked at her face for disapproval as he made vague attempts to pull off the singlet, but the response he got was to take off that one too.

    Though reluctant, Kaisu was forced to finally give into madam’s demand as she grabbed his trousers in an inappropriate manner and took it off with his little consent. By then, it was clear what madam wanted him to do. No smart man in his shoe would reject that, but he didn’t know what madam wanted to achieve by sleeping with a disgusting fella like himself.

    When they both heard a honk at the gate, madam was obviously unwilling to let him go as they continued to dance in a quite rhythmic movement, she obviously wanted his Oga to catch them in the act, but Kaisu’s courage would not live up to that. He quickly pushed the heavy lady off him, despite stern threats and warnings. He grabbed everything of his and fled immediately to his quarters.

    Intense anger welled up inside Margaret and she gambled on what to do – her initial plan was to make Kunle catch her in the act, but now that the other party wasn’t willing to cooperate, she had to do something, sitting there on the sitting room cushion naked felt absurd. That wouldn’t achieve anything close to a revenge, it might even earn her further ridicule. She had to act fast. She considered saving the revenge for another day, so she collected her clothes and headed for the bathroom in the bedroom. A feeling of unsatisfied satisfaction filled her conscience.

    As the water ran down her bare body, she remembered that shards of glass that littered the room floor. She would cook up a story before she finished bathing. As she leapt out of the Jacuzzi, she heard two voices from the living room, very similar to that of her 5 years husband. She quickly ended the bathing and moved to the wardrobe to pick something fitting.

    Kunle walked in as she was putting a pink gown on. He walked near her, caressed her neck before gently kissing her forehead slighlty. He smelt of sweat and Malizia Uomo. She could only perceive the smell of disgust. This was the same man who had defiled his five years marriage with her by engaging in some salacious fantasies.

    “There is someone here that you must meet.” He said, not noticing her demeanour. “He is -”, he suddenly noticed the glass shards and winced, “we should sweep that quickly, to avoid it injuring any of us.”

    Margaret winced. “Who is in the sitting room?”

    “Come and see yourself. Seeing is believing.” He said, neglecting the broken glass too. Then walking off back into the sitting room.

    Margaret joined him minutes later, the man he wanted her to meet had his stature, as he stood to offer an handshake, she turned around and his face became clear – he was a typical replica of her husband.

    “Margaret meet my twin brother who I never met until very recently.”

    “Twin what?” Margaret hoped her husband was joking. But this man had the exact bushy beard that she had seen in the video. His was obviously more unshaven than her husband.

    “Twin Brother Dear. I just met him last week. Imagine! He is a Professor at University of Dakollings UNIDAK!”

    Margaret melted. She had allowed a little anger to get the better of her. Now how was she going to look at Kasiu in his face? How was she going to request that they should sack the gate man who obviously heavily relies on them for financial sustenance? How was she going to live with the stigma?


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    hmmmmn. anger is really bad

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    wat would she av said if her husband caught f-----g kasiu……. No trust in DAT marriage

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    Think before you act, dont act before you think.

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    hahaha sum women and dia fish brain

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    Its not good to take action in anger

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    Madam anger, look at wat wuld v befall u, hmmm thats y before u take any actions ask questions.

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    Anger is a bad habit look what it has cause you

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