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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    De chapter was OK,just pls see to it DAT u keep de story flowing!!!

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    Next please… This story is so interesting…

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    Lifēøf Shy GúyLifēøf Shy Gúy
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    Am sorry for the late post
    I don land again
    Someone should help me with the roll call

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    Lifēøf Shy GúyLifēøf Shy Gúy
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    Serial killer

    CHAPTER 11
    Samuel’s Pov:
    We went outside to
    meet Mr Singh
    “Please Sir we will
    like to talk to the
    owner of this bar.”
    He handed me a small
    folded paper. “That’s
    is his address, just
    board a taxi and
    show it to him and he
    will take you guys
    there, his house is a
    duplex painted in
    Yellow colour.”
    “Thanks alot Mr
    Singh, you have been
    of help to this case.”
    “Stop thanking me Mr
    Adewale I’m only
    doing my job and I
    have belief that we
    will catch this Serial
    killer and put him
    behind bars.”
    “Thanks alot.”
    We board a taxi and
    showed him the
    address and in time
    we started driving
    towards there.
    It wasn’t long till we
    got there and as
    soon as we came
    down from the taxi I
    saw the Duplex
    painted in Yellow.
    “Come on Kate let’s
    go pay the barowner
    a visit.”
    We got to the front
    porch and started
    knocking on the
    door but got no
    reply, i knocked
    again and was replied
    by an eerie silence.
    I turn to Kate. “Do
    you think anybody is
    at home?.”
    “I don’t think the door
    is lock.”
    “But it will seem as if
    we are invading in
    someone’s property.”
    I reasoned.
    “Then we should go
    back then.” Kate
    Just as we turn and
    we were about to
    leave, I saw
    something that made
    me stop dead on my
    track, there was
    blood stain on the
    window sill and the
    blood was dripping
    I turn to Kate. “Let’s
    get in.”
    I pulled out my gun
    and Kate did the
    same and I slowly
    opened the door,
    said s short prayer
    and got in, Kate was
    behind me.
    The living room was
    a mess and I can see
    blood stain
    everywhere on the
    couch on the curtain,
    the barowner really
    struggled with the
    Serial killer then we
    slowly entered the
    kitchen and Screamed
    in shock as we stare
    at the dead body of
    the bar owner on the
    counter, just as
    expected his eyes
    were missing and he
    was shot on the
    I quickly dial Mr Singh
    number and at the
    third ring he received
    the call, “Thank
    goodness you called
    we just got report
    that the bar tender
    was found dead
    “We also found the
    barowner dead, I think
    this two know
    something, I will call
    you later.”
    I hung up and dial
    Charles number.
    “Hello Charles, tell
    Inspector Kunle to
    send the FBI squad
    and the Police HQ
    department to block
    India Metropolitan
    Airport in New Delhi,
    nobody travels out
    and nobody travels
    in the country, I will
    reach out to the
    Indian Agency right
    now, we are getting
    closer to catching
    the Serial killer and
    we can’t miss our
    chance in India.”
    I said and hung up,
    “Ok Kate let’s go.” I
    said and we got out
    of the house, as we
    prepare to attack this
    Mysterious killer
    It’s do or die now
    End of Chapter 11
    CHAPTER 12
    Charles Pov:
    I quickly dial
    Inspector Kunle’s
    number and at the
    third ring he picked
    “Inspector Kunle, you
    have to send the FBI
    squad and the Police
    HQ department to
    Indian Metropolitan
    Airport in New Delhi, I
    think the Serial killer
    is still in India and we
    are closing down
    every exit in India so
    we can get him.
    “Ok Charles but don’t
    bother yourself just
    stay there while we
    handle business,
    remember your wound
    hasn’t healed yet.”.
    “I really wish to help
    inspector but I’m
    assured you can do
    the job perfectly
    “Just take some rest
    “Ok inspector Kunle, I
    will call you later.”
    I hung up and dial
    Samuel’s number
    “I already called
    inspector Kunle and
    he will arrive at the
    Metropolitan Airport in
    no time, you just
    make sure you are
    safe with Kate.”
    “Don’t worry about us
    Charles, you just
    take care of
    yourself, bye.” And
    he hung up.
    I really wish I was out
    there doing something
    instead of just
    sturking my ass here
    doing nothing of any
    I grunted in fustration
    as I lay my head on
    my pillow and
    “God protect Samuel
    and Kate.”
    Samuel’s Pov:
    We arrive at the
    Station and went
    straight into Mr Singh
    “Please Mr Singh help
    me contact the Indian
    Agency to shut down
    the exit in New Delhi
    Metropolitan Airport,
    we must trap the
    Serial killer.”
    “Ok Mr Adewale, give
    me some minutes.” He
    said and picked up
    his telephone made
    some few calls.
    “You don’t have to
    worry now, I already
    spoken with them and
    they are ready to
    give us full support
    in this.”
    “Thanks alot Mr
    “Please stop
    thanking me, I’m only
    doing my job.”
    Suddenly we heard
    noises outside the
    station, and then
    “What’s that?.” I ask
    curiously as I pulled
    out my gun and Mr
    Singh did the same as
    he got up slowly and
    walk towards the
    door, but as soon as
    he got to the door, it
    flew open suddenly
    and a man with black
    mask was standing at
    the entrance right in
    front of Mr Singh.
    Mr Singh made to
    shoot him but he
    pulled out a small
    knife and stab his
    neck driving the knife
    deeper into Mr Singh
    neck and dragging
    out the flesh as
    blood splout out of
    the poor man’s neck.
    Kate screamed and I
    grab her and ran
    behind the counter,
    loading my gun ready
    for a big fight.
    This is the Serial
    killer, no doubt about
    that and I’m ready to
    take him down now.
    I look over at him
    and hes still stabbing
    Mr Singh and I notice
    he cut Mr Singh
    head’s off his neck
    and I stare at the
    lifeless body of the
    poor Indian officer,
    he was such a nice
    Then I heard
    footsteps coming
    towards us, Kate was
    shaking and sweating
    profusely that I had
    to pull her closer to
    me and wait for the
    Serial killer attack.
    But suprisingly the
    sound of footsteps
    stopped and there
    was silence in the
    My heart was
    pounding faster as I
    held tightly on my
    gun, I made to get up
    a little and see where
    the bastard is hiding,
    just as I got up a
    little, Kate screamed
    loudly and turn in time
    to see the Serial
    killer dragging her by
    her hair towards him, I
    pointed my gun and
    made to fire but he
    used Kate as a shield
    and there is no way I
    will shoot him that it
    wouldn’t hit Kate.
    He was now pointing
    his blood stained
    knife at her neck.
    “You better back off
    now or she’s a
    goner.” He said in a
    dark voice.
    “Please don’t hurt her
    please I’m begging
    you.” I plead, I
    seriously can’t bear
    to see Kate get hurt
    because I love and
    care for her, I would
    prefer to die than to
    watch her die.
    Then he started
    backing off slowly. “I
    will only release her if
    you call the Indian
    Agency to free the
    exit so I can get the
    hell out of India or
    else she will be dead
    in a few time, when
    you have done that, I
    will send her to you
    safe and sound.”
    With that he dragged
    Kate out and into his
    car before speeding
    off, I quickly got in
    my car and drove
    faster to catch up
    with them but I missed
    them. D--n it!!!!!!!, The
    tears was burning my
    eyes, I need to do as
    he said so as not to
    loose Kate.
    I picked up my phone
    and dialled Charles
    “Tell inspector Kunle
    to retreat the FBI
    squad and Police
    department, the Serial
    killer already escaped
    out of India.”
    “Oh my God that is
    really bad, I think you
    and Kate should
    come to Nigeria.”
    “Yeah just do as I
    told you.” I said and
    hung up
    I don’t know but I feel
    I just did something
    wrong and I just let
    the Serial killer
    escaped…………. again
    End of Chapter 12
    Author’s note: how
    was it guys, don’t
    forget to like and
    Don’t worry the story
    is now getting to the
    most interesting part
    so sit back and

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    Lifēøf Shy GúyLifēøf Shy Gúy
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    @Prosper Yeboah


    I don land
    Make una guys help me with the register

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    Lifēøf Shy GúyLifēøf Shy Gúy
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    Wow, thanks for the [email protected]

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    Keep it rolling

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