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    Keissy Fidele FidempaKeissy Fidele Fidempa
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    Hmm dis 1 am just peeping coz papa is around….

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    Malik EmmanuelMalik Emmanuel
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    small pidgin with bad thinking

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    Ay, pls be careful with your wishful lust for p*ssy o. Na u sabi sha

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    AvatarYakub Olaide Mushaphau
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    Hmm Mofo

    Let ride on….. From Ola

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    Aderibigbe AyomideAderibigbe Ayomide
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    Episode 2

    On a beautiful monday morning, the weather was bright and calm with a promising atmosphere.
    I was planing on how to make the day a very fascinating one when I heard a knock on the door. Well I wasn’t expecting any visitor so I took some security measures before opening the door.

    My dad normally hide a 2by2 plank somewhere around the living room corner, so I fetched for it and position myself for an attack or counter attack,that’s if am being attack first.

    ” Who is that? ” I asked but I got no response.

    “I said who is that,?”

    Same thing happened, I got no response.
    Now am getting impatient. I systematically open the door but to my greatest surprise, there stood Amanda, my crush.

    “Hi good morning” she said looking directly at me.

    “Morning” I said with childish grin.

    “can I come in or not “she asked looking directly at the plank am holding. I let her in although this is her first time coming into my house, its only ifeoma and chioma that do come visit my papa abode.

    She sat on the sofa and I ask her what I to offer her, she replied saying she’s okay.

    “Very well then” I said then head for the freezer. I brought out an orange juice then I pour her some juice along with some biscuits. she collected it and thanked me.

    (Ladies sha)

    That’s how the friendship between I and Amanda began. we talked for hours, sharing relationship stories and jokes, well i must admit,she is very fun to be with. I asked about her boyfriend and she said she is single

    (ope ooo)

    she left around 2 pm at noon, but not after I prepared a noodles and egg for her.

    Around 4 o’clock in the evening I carried my football kit and head to the football field. On my way to field I met wumi, Mr Bamidele’s daughter we don’t normally talk, mostly all we do is greeting then I find my way.

    We greeted and I went my own way, I am nearly a mile from her when I heard her shouting

    “snake! snake!! “.

    Immediately I heard her screaming, I threw away my football kit and raced back towards where I saw her.
    On getting to her, I nearly freeze to death when I saw this deadly snake, describing it large and long would be an understatement, cos have never see such a big snake before in my life.
    I looked around in search of stick but I can’t find any, When wumi sighted me, she ran towards me terrified and shaking.

    (Me too self dey shake but I no show am for face)

    I asked her to be calm that the situation is under control. If only I knew that am dealing with not just any snake but a male cobra. I saw a big stone very close to where I stood, I took it, then i throw it at the snake. I missed and the snake advance towards me.

    (lobatan, come see race)

    I waited not, I ran like I have never before. After running for some minutes I look back to see if the snake is still after me or not, but I didn’t see anything I began thanking my star. Not too long I saw wumi racing towards me with full speed, screaming the deadly phrase
    ” the snake Is coming”.

    Temple Run continues..

    I saw the snake closing up on wumi and I knew it will attack her if I keep running for my life.
    I wouldn’t want to be a laughing stock when everything is over, so I summoned courage and braveness like Thor. I stopped on my track and began heading back.
    I saw a big plank nearby, I took it and attack the snake with it. After a lot of seriously hitting the snake died.

    Wumi hugged me tighting saying I saved her life, well actually I saved mine too. She thanked me then I took the snake back to my house. I know I have to forget about going to the football field that day.

    I was in the backyard preparing the snake when I saw all the girls in my area coming to have a view of the snake. I began to receive a lot praises from different angles. I started using that opportunity to collect their mobile number. Well half of them don’t have a Mobile phone, but they do have a 2go account. With ridiculous username. Well am only after their tonton and nothing else.

    (On a mission to oko agbere)

    So far so good everything went smoothly ifeoma keeps satisfying me with enough sex, and Toyin never get tired of bleeping me. But my eyes are now on wumi and my crush Amanda.

    My semester break got encouraged by ASUU strike, Which gave me a chance of having ‘Sexcapade ‘ with my the neighbouring daughters.
    I logged in on my 2go account and began chatting with some chicks I have in my account . I messaged Amanda but I got no reply from her so I proceed downward and message Toyin, while I was still expecting her response, a message from wumi pop in.

    Wumi : hello handsome

    Me: hi beautiful

    Wumi: you Don old for 2go ooo.

    Me : lol, why Did you say that.

    Wumi :cos your 2go star Don reach Expert, when I still dey for Amateur.

    Me: that’s because you just join 2go…what’s good?

    Wumi :nothing just bored and Home alone.

    Me : oh really?

    Wum: yea

    Me : should I come pay you a visit?.

    Wumi :No problem, come with something.

    Me:hmmm…something like?

    Wumi : anything.

    Me : okay no problem.

    I logged out and head to her place holding one of my favorite yourghut with me. I didn’t plan for something to happen, and actually nothing happened. We just talk and gist away the time.

    When a lady enters a betting shop, all the guys there must stare at her, even though she’s beautiful or not. That’s exactly how my case was. I was the only guy in the neighborhood the rest are girls. Should I call that being lucky or being cursed…

    I took one of my dad car out one evening to get some stuff in the market when Grace stopped me for a lift. It seems she’s also going to the market cos she was holding a shopping bag.

    “Hi” I said just as she enter the car. She look at me then gave a loud hiss as she closed the door. I put the car on motion not minding her ridiculous hiss.

    ” Just because I stopped you for a lift is that why you are greeting me with a hi” she said with an angry face.
    I was shocked cos I didn’t see it coming. I’ve heard from alot of people about her being pugnacious and a brat, but that was the first time I’m experiencing her act.

    ” don’t be silly, so you expect me to be prostrating for you while holding the wheel? ” I threw back immediately.

    ” do you think we are mate? “she fired back.

    ” so f-----g what? You can’t be a year or two older than…”

    “Can you buy those years in market!!! ” she cut in with a high voice and at the same time hitting her hand very hard on the car dashboard.

    ” will you calm down and keep quiet before you free out the airbag with your buffalo voice ” I retorted sharply.

    “You are sick upstairs” she let out furiously, but I didn’t reply her. Instead I plugged in a earphone and began listening to some music till I reached the market. I parked the car and we both head different ways, when I was done buying what I needed, I head back to where I parked the car and I saw Grace standing beside the car.

    “so I’m taking this devil back home as well ” I mumbled to myself as I unlock the car. I didn’t say a word to her and neither did she.

    After driving for for a while, she began humming like an advocating tadpole.

    ” you are driving too fast ” she said. I didn’t reply her, insted I reduced the car speed back to 40. After a while, she began humming again.

    “you are driving too slow, is your leg even on the gas ” she complained.

    ” oni problem ooo, if I drive fast, you will complain and if I drive slow you will still complain, what is your problem gan na? Should we switch position ? ” I asked with my hand off the steering.

    “Whatever ” she splashed with an annoying disgust.

    ” you better remain quiet still we get home, if not, I will drop you somewhere around the road and you will find your way home by yourself ” I said as I increase my speed.

    Mama ayo was already waiting for me when I got home.

    ” how are you my son, did you get the tomatoes and pepper from my customers? ” she asked just as I stepped out of the car.

    “yes mama” I replied slowly.

    “What about the onions and the meat? I hope you don’t forget to buy pomo from iya Michael and crayfish from…”

    ” mummy I didn’t forget, everything is there. I just need to rest right now ” I cut in.

    “okay… Is everything okay? ” she asked with a concerned look.

    ” Yea… Next time when you are sending me to the market just don’t tell iya Grace. I cannot come and shout ” I said then I head inside.

    On a Friday morning I payed wumi a visit she was the only one at home and her sister dami has gone out for a jamb coaching. She was having her bath when I entered. I sat in the living room watching a boring program in NTA , i wondered why everything about that channel is always boring . I would rather watch the television being off,than to watch that sleep inviting channel. After some minutes, she came out of the bathroom with only her towel on to say hi to me.
    The towel was way too short and.. Mr kongi nodded to the signal. She walk briskly to the living room pretending to be looking for something. It was doing this process that her towel fell.

    “AYE MI”

    To be continued…

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    Merit JohnsonMerit Johnson
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    You Don CatCh Fresh Meat Na

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    @neal32 and @itzprince I think maybe he meant “Small in Experience”

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