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    Selena showed up at exactly 9pm with a very sexy light skinned girl. Everything about the two ladies were quite explosive. Their skimpy wears, behaviour, everything. I was extremely impressed by what i saw.

    “you will be paying double for tonight’s show” selena jokingly said as we shared a bottle of whisky in my bedroom.

    “and you got to make me see what i’m paying for” i smiled, eyeing her companion.

    “she’s called jackie, and she’s gonna tear you apart like a jaguar” she added, following my eyes.

    “not only will i tear him apart. I’m gonna eat him raw” Jackie added in support of her friend, before busting into a sharp laugh which i knew was influenced by the hot drink the girls were gulping like water.

    “it’s show time baby” they suddenly screamed and pulled off their clothes amidst laughter.

    “wow” i screamed with excitement, pulling off my clothes with the same spirit.

    Seriously that kind of reckless behaviour was one of the main reasons i was unable to have a girlfriend nor settle down with any girl. I was way too rough and spoilt.
    The only person i felt real passion for, was Jenifer and she equally was the only person capable of stopping my wayward life.

    In a jiffy i was on my bed with two of the most beautiful call girls i have ever seen. Selena handled my dic.k, suc.king, squeezing and pulling while i handled Jackie, rough-handling the beautiful with my hands.
    I fondled and caressed her to satisfaction, before burying my giant bazooka in her pit of pleasure.

    Oh i felt good as i smashed her bo.oty with all i got. Sending her moaning with pain or perhaps pleasure. I was so freaking rough on her, and i felt good doing it.
    By the time it got to Selena’s turn i was already tired and spent. I simply managed a round with her before falling like a ripe mango on my bed.

    “you girls are wonderful” i murmured and fell asleep.

    I spent the next day sleeping and thinking over my life. I surely needed a girl. A companion, but i was yet to get anyone who suited my fancy apart from Jenifer.
    “Jenifer, Jenifer” i breathed her name with a sigh.

    Later in the evening, i drove over to Tony’s house to discuss the issue he wanted to share with me the previous day, but i was shocked to see Jenifer with him.
    I felt jealous but managed to fake a smile.

    “hey bro, i’m so happy to see you. Do you know i forgot that Jenifer’s birthday is tomorrow. You got to help me do the planning please. Forget about the stuff i said yesterday” Tony said excitedly as we shared a bottle of beer.
    I looked at Jenifer, she quickly avoided my gaze and looked away.

    “God save me from this temptation” i prayed unseriously.

    To be continued.

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    Wats with the short story nw? Plz try to make it longer next tym.

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    Days later

    At exactly 5pm on wednesday evening, days after Jenifer’s birthday. I got a very urgent phone call from Tony.

    “please can you come over to my house. I need your help” he begged.
    I left all i was doing and headed to his house, where i saw my friend very nervous as ever.

    “oga Tony you frightened me with your call. What’s happening?” i asked as we shook hands.

    “A lot is happening my brother. Can you believe that as we speak this minute, Irene is in a bus heading towards here” he complained.

    “Irene” i repeated the name, staring at him with a little confusion.

    “don’t tell me you have forgotten Irene?. The nurse from our village i once told you i had a little affair with, when i returned to the country some years back. Remember i told you she wriggled her way into my family’s heart before i left her for Jenifer?. She swore never to let me be. Claiming that i’m her husband whether i liked it or not” he explained desperately.

    “it’s okay, yea i got it. I remember very well. So what’s the problem?” i asked,

    “you know i can’t let the girl stay. What if Jenifer finds out?” he lamented.

    “you made the mistake by first allowing her to get on the bus. You could have told her you aren’t in town or travelling out. Well, since she’s already on her way and probably knows no one else in this city. I suggest you take her in for the night, first thing tomorrow you send her home. It’s already late for any other plan” i suggested. He breathed deeply and looked at me.

    “brother, I love Jenifer so much. I’m planning to marry her in a couple of months. I can risk anything spoiling my plans.” he prayed.

    “well you have to risk this” i smiled and stood up. The door bell rang at that exact moment drawing our attention to the door.

    “she’s here” he added with a little frown.

    “cheer up bro” i smiled, headed to the door and opened it for Irene who smiled at me, holding a small travelling bag. I returned her smile and dutifully left the apartment afterwards, heading to Jenifer house with a dirty plan.
    The opportunity i was waiting for was finally in my hands.

    20 minutes later. Jenifer’s apartment

    “I beg you in the name of God, what are you doing here by this time?” Jenifer asked with surprise when she answered her door to see me. I smiled, while she blocked the way, stopping me from gaining access into the apartment.

    “I know you think Tony is the perfect guy. I equally know you are having strong doubts about your true feelings for him. The answers to everything is now available my dear. Just move over to his house and see for yourself. Don’t call or tell him that i spoke to you. It should be our little secret” i winked and left, smiling with satisfaction.

    My bag of explosives were well laid and ready for action. All that was remaining was to visit the crime scene the next day and check the level of damage they created.

    To be continued.

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    Ok! Make I put on my sun glass see the damage

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    I was very restless that fateful night. I was just a step away from turning Jenifer away from Tony. I was so close, very close. How could i sleep.

    Early the next morning. I headed over to her place to confirm if the tricks i pulled worked as planned. I went to Jenifer’s house not thinking of anything but my plans.

    By 7:45am i got to her apartment and knocked anxiously on the door. I was totally anxious as ever.
    The door soon opened to reveal Jenifer looking very terrible like someone down with a deadly flu. I smiled inside while displaying an innocent look with my face.

    “you are now happy huh. It’s what you have been praying for. Yes i caught him with another lady. I did as you asked and caught Tony with a woman. I can’t believe he is cheating on me” she cried, leaving me totally relieved with her outburst. There was nothing this time to stop her from accepting me.
    “be clever, boy” i quickly advised myself, rushing up to hug her with care.

    “you shouldn’t be crying for anyone, more especially a big jerk like Tony. Calm down, I beg of you” i pleaded, holding her softly. She struggled and tried to break away from me but i held her strongly.

    “my dear i know i shouldn’t be saying this but i think it’s good you found out Tony’s true behaviour on time. Seriously baby” i murmured carefully.

    There wasn’t any doubt my feelings for Jenifer turned me into a very terrible person. Making me do Something very immature and irresponsible. As a human being i felt guilty and bad but the urge to continue with my plans were stronger than the guilt i was feeling.

    A knock on the door quickly sounded breaking up my thoughts.
    “I think Tony is here. He probably has come to beg” she informed me while i drew back with shock. Strangely it never occured to me to reason towards that direction. It never occured to me to plan what to say and how to act if Tony was to show up at her house which caused the shock i got on hearing that he was probably the person knocking. I equally knew he was going to be surprised to see me there and so had just few seconds to think out a reasonable explanation to give my friend.

    I wasn’t yet ready to expose myself to him.

    To be continued shortly.

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    I bravely opened the door for Tony who gasped with surprise as he saw me.

    “oh gracious lord. You are here?” he exclaimed curiously. I nervously smiled and made way for him to enter the room while Jenifer turned her back on us.

    “so you know?” he asked suspiciously.

    “know about what?” i murmured, pretending to be confused.

    “yea i called your friend first thing today. I told him about your games. Just leave my house” Jenifer cut in with anger, saving me a whole lot of explanation. I breathed deeply and smiled with relief.

    “i have things under control. Just respect her wish and leave for the moment. I’ll brief you later” i said to him convincingly. He drew back and gave me a look of trust.

    “can you fix things for me?” he asked hopefully.

    “of course my friend. I’ll, and before i forget, please give me Irene’s Phone number. I hope she has left” i said curiously.

    “yea i sent her home very early in the morning” he answered weakly, sharing the girl’s number with me. Moments after, he left unceremoniously, leaving me alone with Jenifer.

    “so the girl, who is she?. You can’t believe the shock i got seeing her in his house. Gosh” Jenifer vibrated angrily.

    “her name is Irene. She used to be Tony’s fiancee, until he met you” i answered truthfully, drawing out a very fierce gaze from the shocked girl.

    “i still can’t believe Tony could do such a thing to me” she cried softly, while i rolled my eyes with satisfaction. I couldn’t help but imagine the scene that was created in Tony’s house the previous evening.

    “i can’t believe things are just going as expected” i chuckled happily, my imaginations instantly going wild with all i planned doing with the decieved girl.

    To be continued.

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    What a wicked friend u are! U dnt deserve 2 be human. How culd u betray such a trust?

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    “if you are in my shoes, what will you do?” Jenifer asked painfully. Her swollen eyes and coloured face melted my heart, giving me great urge to go forward and hug her but i held myself.

    ” if i’m in your position, all i will do is simply shut down my heart and take time in thinking and studying the situation. This isn’t the time a lady should have hopes on a guy who has another girl in his path. You know time waits for nobody and i know the best advice is the one you can give yourself. I have to leave now” i calmly said to her, smiled and left without another word.

    It was now a matter of time before she erases Tony from her heart to give me the opportunity i had always hoped for. She always had feelings for me and so i knew there won’t be any difficulty for her moving on with me.
    My only fear was Tony’s reaction, because i knew how ruthless he could be when provoked.

    My mind really wasn’t at ease as i headed over to his house as i left Jenifer’s apartment. I had no news to share with him but had to go see him anyway.
    On getting to Tony’s house, i discovered he was very nervous and uneasy. It touched my heart but i quickly pushed aside my conscience..
    “what’s up?” he asked,

    “she needs time bro, just give her time. I know she will come around” i said to my friend who frowned unhappily.

    “you mean i should stay away from her?, c’mon that’s impossible. Do you want me to die with grief?” he cried. I smiled and tapped his shoulder.

    “not only should you stay away from her for the moment, also don’t disturb her with your phone calls, at least for a week. Believe me, i’m speaking from experience” i said while he breathed deeply, looking down.

    “You know I almost killed Irene yesterday. I was taking my bath when Jenifer surprisingly showed up. The two ladies almost tore each other apart. I feel so bad for hitting Irene mercilessly after Jenifer left, and early this morning i had to throw her out in a very degrading manner. I feel so ashamed bro. I don’t have your level of education but i know what is right. Moreover i have my dignity and integrity to protect” he poured out painfully.

    “c’mon bro, stop whinnying like a lady. Everything happens for a purpose. Just think positively huh” i advised seriously as if i was watching his back as a friend.

    The next day, Irene honoured my invitation and came over to my office. The frown on her face told me the true condition of her feelings and it was something i was hoping to cash in on.

    “Just like i told you on phone yesterday, I want to help you secure your fiancee Tony, but it all depends on you. Are you willing to play or not??” I asked the lost girl with a cunning smile which played down my lips.

    To be continued shortly.

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