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    Chief James Douglas a billionaire
    and a business tycoon was
    seated in his spacious sitting
    room with the members of his
    family. His wife Bianca and their
    last daughter Tinuke a twenty-
    two year old damsel sat on the
    From the look of things it seems
    like they have a function to
    attend because Mrs Douglas was
    checking the time every minute.
    “Mum, whats keeping us
    waiting?” Tinuke asked as she
    seemed to have run out of
    “Your brother needs to lead the
    way. No one knows the way to
    his wife’s house. And remember
    its his introduction, we all have
    to move together.” Bianca
    Just then the door into the sitting
    room opened and Raymond
    walked in dressed in a white
    native atttire sewn to perfection
    by the best designer in the
    country followed by his younger
    cousin, Dayo who just finished
    from the university.
    At once they all stood up and
    Dayo gave a short prayer as they
    all filed out of the house into
    three waiting cars. A limousine
    which is expected to carry
    Raymond and Dayo while a wine
    coloured space bus is expected
    to carry Chief Douglas, his wife
    and Tinuke. The last vehicle in the
    convoy is a newly purchased
    Nissan Amanda who has no
    occupant in it except the driver.
    The Amanda led the way
    followed by the limo and lastly
    the space bus.
    “Hello David. Meet us at the round
    about.” Chief Douglas said to his
    brother over the phone.
    His younger brother, Chief David
    another business tycoon is
    expected to join the groom’s
    family train with his convoy as
    they all march toward’s the
    bride’s family house.
    The introduction ceremony had
    progressed over time as the
    grooms family had paid some
    traditional neccesities. Even
    though the bride came from a
    low class family, she was
    howerver accepted into the
    family. The Douglas, arguably the
    richest business man in the
    country. His son, Douglas is the
    yongest billionaire in th country
    as he is the one in charge of his
    father’s chains of business both
    in the country and abroad.
    Despite the fact that Bianca was
    against the union, her husband
    talked her out of choosing a
    partner for their son.
    The MC anchoring the even called
    out the bride for the first time
    and Tina walked out looking
    beautiful and in a simillar attire
    to that of Raymond.
    “No way. My nephew can’t get
    married to this lady before me.”
    David shouted at the top of his
    voice as Tina knelt down before
    her fathers-in-law. Therefore
    bringing the proceedings to a
    halt and shock was written on
    everybody’s face while guilt was
    claerly written in capital letters
    on Tina’s face.
    –to be continued–

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    Stay tuned for the start of the
    -Why is Senator David against the
    union of Raymond and Tina?
    -How did Raymond meet Tina?
    -Is there any secret?
    -What is the past that came
    There is only one way to find out.
    Keep up with this story and
    follow till the end.


    scroll down for Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 cont n 2

    Chapter 2 cont

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 cont

    Chapter 4

    Chapter 4 cont

    Chapter 4 contd

    Chapter 4 cont







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    Tina a young lady of about
    twenty five walked towards the
    gigantic headquater of The
    Douglas group of companies. A
    very big company if not the
    largest in the country. T.D.G.C has
    a chain of business including a
    shoe making factory, a
    construction firm, a car
    assembling point, an oil company
    which is the second largest to
    Shells. The chairman of the
    Douglas group of companies,
    Chief James Douglas is an half
    caste who started his business
    shortly after the civil war in
    Nigeria, he made his name
    during the millitary government
    and got his money when he was
    the vice president to a former
    millitary president.
    Even though he is based in
    Belgium, his first son Raymond
    has been managing the business
    for the past three years since his
    return from the United States of
    America where he studied
    business Administration and
    made his mark as the best
    graduating student at the John
    Hopkins university.
    Tina walked towards the very big
    gate which when opened
    completely could take five cars at
    a time.
    “Good morning sir.” She greeted
    one of the security men on duty.
    “Morning ma’am. How may I help
    you?” He asked smiling.
    She smiled back and walked into
    the compound. Another of the
    security men searched her
    including her bag.
    “I guess the interview is in
    progress already. But take a walk
    down there, the first turning by
    the left leads to the elevator.”
    Another of the security men
    “Thank You Sirs.” She said
    appreciatively before walking
    according to the direction given.
    This is the first company she’ll be
    applying to. All other vacancy
    options are always backed up
    with a number of years working
    experience, even for a fresh
    graduate. That has been a major
    turn off but seeing this vacancy
    on a website known as
    jobberman without any
    stipulated years of experience, it
    seems promising and coupled
    with her sleepless nights of
    praying she knew God will be
    there before her. But her major
    concern was the aptitude test. Its
    over a year she opened her
    books last. Only time will tell. She
    concluded as she punched in
    some keys as the elevator made a
    rumbling sounds indicating its
    movement to the top.
    She got into a big spacious
    reception where two ladies
    probably in their mid twenties
    are seated behind two desks on
    which a desktop computer stood
    beside some paper files.
    “Good morning.” Tina greeted.
    “Good morning how may I help
    you?” One of the receptionists
    “Am here for the interview.” She
    “Oh! You’re welcome. Take a sit
    there.” the same receptionist
    She walked towards a long
    reception chair where about ten
    people were seated already, six
    men and four ladies.
    “Good morning.” She greeted
    before taking a seat beside them.
    “Good morning.” They said in
    A few seconds later, one of the
    receptionist who has been silent
    since she arrived walked up to
    her with a tray on which a bottle
    of malt lies with a glass cup
    coupled with a small piece of
    paper on which a map is
    structured on it. Which is a
    direction to various departments
    and floors in the building.
    “Thanks.” She said.
    “You’re welcome ma’am. My
    name is Judith.” The receptionist
    introduced herself.
    “And I am Maryam.” The other
    receptionist siad smiling.
    Tina smiled and nodded her
    head as she prayed within
    herself that she get an
    opportunity to work with this
    wonderful people.
    Shortly afterwards, she was
    called to submitt her curriculum
    vitae which was copied into the
    computer system.
    –to be continued–

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    Few minutes later the other
    applicants walked into another
    door from the reception one
    after the other. Tina sat down
    praying within herself that she
    gets the job as she is the
    breadwinner of her small family,
    her ageing mother and two
    younger ones who are both in
    the university.
    Then it was her turn. She stood
    up and adjusted her Navy blue
    suit over a knee-length skirt and
    a white inner shir. She stood up
    and marched in the way others
    had done. He open top shoe
    making sounds as it kisses the
    “Oh Lord please be with me.” She
    said as she checked the map that
    was given to her to see the next
    line of action. She ascended the
    stairs and got into another
    reception on the third floor.
    Without much ado, she greeted
    the receptionists and stated her
    “You are here for the interview
    right?” One of the ladies asked.
    “Yes ma.” Tina replied.
    The receptionist collected the
    first map that was given to her
    and handed her another one
    which shows every department
    on the third floor.
    “Goodluck ma. My name is Rose.”
    She said.
    “Amen. I am Tina.” She replied
    Tina walked towards the door
    and greeted the second
    receptionist who only waved her
    She got into the next hall and
    began to search for the
    personnel recruiting department
    which according to the map is in
    the laft wing. She entered into
    the department hall and met
    about ten workers busy with
    their systems. She didn’t bother
    to greet them, she pushed her
    way through until she got to a
    door with the inscription.
    She pushed the door open after
    knocking for a few seconds and
    was asked to come in. She
    walked in to meet seven prying
    eyes staring at her. She didn’t
    allow that to disturb her, she
    walked into the hall properly.
    “Good morning Sirs and Mas.”
    she greeted the committee
    members numbering up to
    seven. They all looked
    comfortable and well to do. They
    are all in either their late fifties of
    mid fifties.
    “Young lady. How may we help
    you?” A woman who has a low
    cut asked. She seems to be in her
    late fifties.
    “Am here for the interview.” Tina
    “Interview? In a committee
    cnference room? You are in a
    wrong room.” Another man in
    his early fifties said.
    “But according to the mad I was
    given, the committe room was
    marked as my next destination.”
    She argued.
    “You have to retrace your steps.
    Why don’t you follow the other
    applicants?” The low cut woman
    “None of us knew the way
    around here. And I was directed
    by the receptionist to come here.
    I know she can’t mislead me.”
    Tina replied sternly.
    Then the head of the interview
    panel picked up his intercom and
    punched in some numbers.
    “She passed.” He said to whoever
    was on the line with him.
    “Congratulations. Go into the
    next hall. You’ll be told what to
    do.” The head of the panel said
    to her.
    She walked out of the room
    wondering what the man meant
    by the words ‘she passed.’ She
    kept her calm hoping that her
    curiousity would be solved when
    she gets to the next room.
    –to be continued–

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    An hour later, Tina walked back
    into the reception on the third
    floor where she met Rose, the
    She greeted the both of them
    and sat down on the chair she
    had sat when she got there an
    hour ago. She was given a
    magazine that tells the story of
    The Douglas Group of Company
    in particular the branch of the
    company that was located on the
    first three floors, THE
    She was flipping through the
    pages of the magazine marvelled
    at the success the company has
    recorded so far both internally
    and internationally. She was
    sipping a 1litre pack of an
    orange juice. Just then her phone
    beeped and bringing it out of
    her bag she discovered that she
    just got a mail message. She
    opened her mail account and
    saw the message headline from
    T.D.G.C, she expanded the
    massage and it reads;
    “Congratulations Miss Tina
    Roberts, you have succesfully
    been appointed as the Assistant
    Valuation manager on every
    contract of the company.
    See the general accountant for
    more details.”
    she read to herself. She felt the
    urge to jump up seven times and
    roll on the ground to show her
    happiness but she composed
    herself and smiled. Immeadiately
    she started thinking of how she’ll
    spend her first salary. Something
    she is yet to discuss with the
    “Congratulations ma’am.” Rose
    “Thank You.” She replied hiding
    her suprise at how she knew
    about her appointment.
    “My name is Hadiza and you are
    Tina right?.” The other
    receptionist said from her desk.
    “Yes.” She replied as she thanked
    her stars at getting an
    appointment to work here. She
    can’t wait to start working.
    She started conversing with the
    two receptionists who were
    chatting with her without
    stopping their works. They didn’t
    take their eyes off the computer
    screen as they answered her
    questions with intelligence.
    Just then the intercom rang.
    Hadiza who seems to be Rose’s
    superior picked up the call.
    “Hello sir.” she said immediately
    she picked the call.
    “She’s here with us.” She replied
    the caller’s question.
    “Okay sir.” she replied and
    dropped the reciever.
    She raised her head up and
    “The accountant asked to see
    you.” Hadiza said and contiued
    whatever she was doing on her
    computer system.
    A few minutes later Tina was in
    the accountant general’s office.
    They discussed issues pertaining
    to her appointment including the
    payroll on which she’ll be placed
    and was told to resume the
    following monday leaving her
    with a week to make
    Her office was later shown to her
    including some important
    department on the floor. She met
    some of the staffs she’ll be
    working with and they recieved
    her warmly. She was asked to
    wait for the CEO but after waiting
    for about an hour without the
    CEO showing up, she left with the
    aim of meeting the man she has
    always seen give speeches at
    function on the tv.
    –to be continued–

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    On the day of her resumption
    Tina woke up very early even
    though she couldn’t sleep
    throughout the night. The
    excitement kept making her toss
    on the bed.
    She woke up and said her
    prayers before dashing into the
    bathroom which she shared with
    other tennants, she took her
    bath and ten minutes later she
    was rubbing herself with her
    body cream. She got dressed and
    sprayed a considerable amount
    of perfume on her body, she
    packed her hair to the back
    perfectly bringing out her beauty.
    Even though she had a light
    makeup she still looked stunning.
    She stood at the bus/stop
    waiting for a taxi to convey her
    to work dressed in a black suit
    and skirt and a sky blue shirt
    coupled with her matching open
    top shoe.
    Three minutes later she was on
    her way to her place of work, the
    cab driver was taking his time in
    manuovering bends and turns
    while he respected and waited at
    every showing of red on the
    traffic light and he moved when
    the light turns green. Tina looked
    tensed and anxious, she almost
    complained to the driver to
    ignore the traffice light but she
    dare not even though she has
    complained about the driver’s
    slow pace five times in the last
    ten minutes.
    “Madam take it easy na. The time
    is just 7:05am and no one will
    complain because of your
    lateness unless if he didn’t look
    at you face.” The driver said
    “And what’s on my face?” Tina
    asked keeping a straight face.
    “You are just too pretty. No one
    gets angry with a fine face.” the
    driver said laughing and other
    passengers joined him.
    Tina blushed and she kept quiet
    noy knowing what to say.
    “You should say that to your
    wife.” Tina replied him.
    “I will marry you and I’ll carry you
    in my car everyday for free.” The
    driver said laughing as he pulled
    up in front of The Douglas group
    of companies.
    Tina alighted and paid her
    transport fare, the cab man took
    it from her and gave her her
    “I wonder how many wife you’ll
    marry if you are the richest man
    in town.” Tina said and hurriedly
    walked accross the grass lawns
    which led to the small gate.
    She looked back to see the cab
    driver backing out and turning
    unto the street. She smiled to
    “Madam, good morning.” A
    security man greeted.
    “Good morning sir.” She replied.
    “You came earlier today.” he said.
    “Yes. You know its my first time
    and first impression they say….”
    She said and paused for him to
    complete it.
    “Last longer my sister.” The
    security man completed the
    adage as he opened the gate
    properly for her to walk in.
    She greeted the other security
    men on duty as they all bowed
    for her curtly.
    “Enjoy the rest of you day Mr
    Hassan.” Tina said as she walked
    “And you too ma but you’ll tell me
    how you got to know my name.”
    Hassan said as he proceeded to
    open the big gate for the car
    honking outside.
    Tina walked on and turned back.
    “Check the name tag on your
    chest.” Tina said as she
    disappeared behind the fleet of
    car in the parking lot.
    –to be continued tomorrow–

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    What a nice start! Thanks Val.

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    Tenniebenson (Area Mama)
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    I’m loving dis……

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