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    Tina got to the top floor where
    her office was located. She got to
    the front door, her secretary, Lola
    was already on seat working on
    her computer.
    She raised her head up
    immediately she saw Tina walk
    “Good morning ma.” She greeted.
    “Good morning Lola.” Tina
    replied smiling.
    Lola handed a key to Tina as she
    walked towards her door which
    has a tag on it Assistant
    Valuation manager. She unlocked
    the door and walked into what
    she called paradise on earth. Her
    office was designed to taste, not
    too big just the normal size. A big
    mahogany table stood in front of
    a cushion studded chair and two
    chairs stood before the table. A
    laptop stood atop the table and
    some paper files were neatly
    arranged on her table beside the
    “Thank You Jesus.” she said to
    herself as she dropped her
    handbag and sat down to begin
    the day’s work after saying a
    quick prayer.
    She worked for the next three
    hours non-stop reviewing some
    contracts that are halfway
    completed by the contract team
    before she came. She made some
    changes and forwarded the
    corrected figures to the Contract
    Valuation manager. She kept on
    recieving calls from the workers
    in the construction firm all of
    them congratulating her on her
    “I can’t wait to meet you during
    lunch break.” They all said before
    ending the call.
    11:50am: Lunch break
    The lunch break is scheduled for
    12noon but 11:50am is when
    everyone is expected to round
    up things and tidy their tables
    before heading for the
    restaurant on the ground floor.
    There was a knock on her door.
    Lola walked in a few seconds
    “I want to ask if you’ll be going
    for lunch downstairs or you
    want you food in here?” Lola
    Tina thought for a while before
    she replied.
    “I’ll like to have it downstairs.”
    She repled.
    “Okay. Lets go together.” Lola
    Tina stood up picked up her
    phone and headed for the
    company’s canteen with her
    Everything about the canteen
    showed class. The setting of the
    tables, the counter, even the
    dishes were world class and
    except you walk out of the big
    canteen you won’t believe you
    are still in Nigeria.
    Tina got downstairs and sat
    down on a chair among the four
    chairs that rounded the table.
    Everyone in the hall was staring
    at her and this made her
    uncomfortable. She sat down
    and buried her head into her
    phone. She could hear Lola
    exchanging greetings with
    everybody in the room.
    Just then Mr Clement a thirty year
    old Contract Valuation Manager
    walked into the canteen and
    everybody hailed him. He waved
    at them all as he proceeded to
    Tina’s table.
    “Any problem?” he asked.
    “None sir.” Tina replied.
    Clement sat down without being
    “You don’t have all the day. Call
    for something now or you end
    up wasting your time without
    eating a thing.” Clement said as
    he stood up and stretched his
    hand forth.
    She took his hand in hers and
    stood up as they headed for the
    As they approached the counter
    where about five workers
    dressed in uniform were taking
    orders and serving the foods she
    was stopped by a lady who
    introduced herself as Amaka and
    every other person in the
    canteen followed suit
    introducing themselves to her
    and wishing her a nice time.
    By the time the luch hour ended
    she discovered that she was still
    hungry but she exited the
    canteen like a fufilled woman.
    On getting to her office she went
    to the small refrigerator which
    stood at the far end of the office.
    She took two sausage rolls and a
    bottle of Coke as she sat down
    and unwrapped the snacks.
    –to be continued–

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    Tina Walked into the parking lot
    of T.D.G.C in the closing hour even
    though she had no car but the
    closest route to the main gate is
    the way from the parking lot. She
    was excited that her first day at
    work went well and she has
    been able to estblish
    relationships with Lola, her
    secretary, Clement, her immediate
    boss i.e the manager of her
    department and Oyin, Clement’s
    secretary. She hoped the
    following day would be better
    than her first day. She was
    hopeful that she’ll meet the CEO
    finally on the second day.
    “Tina.” Clement called.
    She recognised his deep rich
    baritone voice anywhere. She
    turned back to see him smiling.
    “Lemme give you a ride since you
    don’t have a car.” He said with
    pride as he pointed his finger to
    a wine coloured Nissan Murano.
    She thought to herself for a few
    seconds without moving.
    “Hey! Its just and harmless ride.
    We’re friends aren’t we?” he said
    this time he had walked to
    where she was and was holding
    her hand.
    “Thank you very much. But am
    not going your way.” She said
    hoping he’ll give up.
    “You are not going my way. Do
    you know where I live?” He
    She snatched her hands from his
    and walked away from where he
    was. She was suprised that he
    didn’t call her back.
    “Maybe it is just a friendly ride. He
    might not be interested in me.”
    she thought to herself as she
    walked towards the security post
    where different sets of security
    men were seated. They worked
    in shift, a different set worked in
    the morning till 4:30pm the
    closing time and a different set
    take over from 5pm when the
    handing over takes place till
    “Good night madam.” The man
    who opened the small gate said
    and Tina nodded her head while
    smiling as she exited the
    She waited for the next five
    minutes outside the gate and no
    cab came around. She was
    starting to grow impatient when
    a mercedez benz parked beside
    her. The window at the owner’s
    corner was opened revealing a
    woman in her late fifties.
    “Do you mind if I give you a ride
    miss Tina?” The woman asked.
    “Not at all ma.” She replied as the
    passenger door in front was
    opened. She hopped in and sat
    down beside the driver.
    She tried to place the woman’s
    face but she couldn’t fathom
    where they had met. She was
    sure the car came out through
    the company’s gate which means
    she is also an employee there.
    “So how’s your first day at
    work?” The woman asked.
    “It wasn’t bad ma.” she replied.
    “My name is Mrs Victoria Cole.”
    The woman introduced.
    Now she got it, she was the vice
    chairman of the Interview Panel.
    “Its nice to meet you ma.” She
    “The pleasure is mine. Call me
    Vicky.” Madam Cole said.
    The journey continued amidst
    chatter. Tina got to know more
    about the CEO of the company. At
    the end of the journey when she
    got to her destination she had
    known at least seventy percent
    about the company, the staff, the
    discipline, the societal activities
    and etcetera.
    “See you tomorrow.” Victoria
    “Bye Ma” She said forgetfully.
    “Am Vicky.” Madam Cole
    Tina smiled as she got out of the
    car and crossed to the other side
    of the road.
    –to be continued–

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    Tonia walked out of her
    bedroom looking radiant in her
    native atttire of Ankara sewn to
    taste, a very short gown that
    stopped above her knees thereby
    bringing out her killer curves. She
    has a black leather purse and a
    black ladies shoe. Her makeup
    was so deep but all the same it
    made her so sexy.
    The 26 years old graduate who
    stood at 5ft 7inches light in
    complexion got into the sitting
    room to find her childhood
    friend, Tonye watching television.
    Tonye was exactly like Tonia, she
    was an inch shorter than Tonia, a
    little bit fair in complexion, she
    was twenty four years old also a
    graduate. She was dressed in a
    bum short and a pink coloured
    tank top.
    “Babes, where to?” Tonye asked
    “I have an appointment with
    Chief Henry.” Tonia replied.
    “This time tomorrow you’ll be in
    money.” Tonye said laughing.
    “Now you got it.” Tonia replied.
    The two girls chatted for a few
    minutes talking about their past
    outings and the ones to look
    forward to.
    “You know what babe? I felt the
    urge to call Miss white collar job.”
    Tonia said.
    “So did you call her?” Tonye
    asked raising her voice.
    “Calm down now. I didn’t call
    her.” Tonia replied.
    “She’ll come back to beg.”
    the two ladies laughed over one
    of their past jokes.
    Taking a last look at herself Tonia
    asked. “How do I look?”
    “Sweet.” her friend replied.
    “See you tomorrow.” Tonia said
    as she exited the house. The time
    was 8:30pm.
    Gloria was just returning from
    lectures since morning. She was
    very tired as she was scheduled
    to attend four straight lectures
    on that particular day and each
    lectures not lasting less than two
    hours and to cap it up all the
    lecturers are very boring that you
    won’t understand a thing they
    are saying. She was very angry
    with Dr. Frank who came thirty
    minutes late and suprised them
    by giving them an impromptu
    test, thank God she was able to
    answer two of the three
    She knocked on the door to her
    “Welcome dear.” Tola her room
    mate greeted her seeing how
    tired she looked.
    “Is there anything to eat in this
    room?” Gloria asked.
    “I cooked rice.” Tola replied.
    Gloria kicked off her shoes, and
    changed her perspirated clothes.
    She walked away from her
    wardrobe to find Tola setting her
    food on her small reading table.
    She is a friend indeed.
    Five minutes into her meal Gloria
    spoke for the first time since she
    started eating hungrily.
    “I’ll be travelling home
    tomorrow.” Gloria said.
    “Hope no problem?” Tola asked.
    “Am missing mummy and I want
    to use that opportunity to visit
    Aunty Tina in her new
    apartment.” Gloria said.
    “My regards to mummy and don’t
    come back empty handed from
    Aunty Tina’s place o. Tell her I
    said so.
    –to be continued–

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    The next day at work Tina got to
    work very early to start work
    before the arrival of her secretary
    or Mr Clement. She started
    printing out copies of the total
    number of contracts awarded to
    the company. Something Lola,
    her secretary is supposed to do
    but to reduce the workload on
    her she decided to help her with
    it so when Lola comes she’ll
    spiral band the papers into about
    twenty copies to be submitted to
    various departmental heads and
    their assistants including the CEO,
    whom she is yet to meet in
    “Good morning madam.” Lola
    “Good morning Lola, how are
    you doing?”
    “Am fine ma. What are you doing
    here?” She asked.
    “Am helping you reduce the
    workload for today. Anyways am
    almost through with the
    computation, all you need to do
    now is print out twent copies of
    each page then you spiral band
    it. Making it a total of twenty
    copies to be produced.” Tina
    instructed as she stood up and
    made for her office.
    “I really appreciate your
    kindness. The CEO will be in office
    today.” Lola said to her retreating
    Two hours later
    Tina has been less busy since she
    left Lola’s office two hours ago.
    There has not been much to do.
    There was a knock on the door,
    “Come in.” Tina said.
    The door opened and Mr Clement
    the contract valuation manager
    walked in smiling.
    “What the hell is he looking for
    now?” Tina asked herself.
    Clement walked in and sat down
    without being invited to sit. He
    was staring at Tina while Tina
    was trying to take her eyes off
    his. The silence was killing, for
    the past two minutes no one has
    said a thing.
    “I guess you are here for a
    staring competition which am
    not interested in.” Tina said
    “Don’t be rude am your boss.”
    Clement replied.
    “How may I help you?” Tina
    “I want to take you out on a date
    after the closing hour today.”
    Clement said.
    “Why will you take me out on a
    date? Its not like we have any
    thing between us except the
    relationship between two
    colleagues.” Tina replied.
    “You should at least offer me a
    drink or are you keeping them
    for the future?” Clement asked
    pointing to the refrigerator that
    stood at the far end of the office.
    Just then the telephone rang.
    “Tina on the line.” She said on
    picking the call.
    “The CEO wants to meet you.”
    Lola said.
    “Okay. I’ll be there in a jiffy.” Tina
    “Just look good.” Lola said
    Tina dropped the telephone and
    looked at Clement who was
    “I have to be in the CEO’s office.”
    She said.
    “I’ll wait for you here.” Clement
    “Excuse me?” Tina asked loosing
    her temper.
    “I’ll be back later.” Clement said
    as he stood up and exited the
    Tina hissed as she adjusted her
    hair and straightened her cloth.
    She walked out of her office
    instructing Lola to take down her
    The CEO’s office
    Tina got to the front of a door
    marked with an Inscription THE
    OFFICE OF THE CEO. A lady was
    seated behind her table just
    beside the door.
    “Hi.” Tina said.
    “Hello.” The lady replied.
    “I want to see Mr Raymond.” Tina
    “You must be miss Tina?”
    The lady picked up the phone
    and put a call through to
    Raymond asking for permission
    to grant Miss Tina entrance.
    “You can go in.” The lady said on
    dropping the call.
    Tina walked into the CEO’s office
    her heartbeat increasing to two
    beats per millisecond.
    “Good morning sir.” Tina greeted.
    Raymond raised up his head
    from whatever he was doing on
    his computer system.
    He got strucked with her beauty
    as he couldn’t take his eyes off
    “Have your sit.” He said almost
    Tina managed to sit down even
    though she was marvelled at
    Raymond’s handsomeness.
    Isn’t this love at first sight?

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    Tina was lying down in her one
    room apartment reading a novel
    on a sunday afternoon dressed
    in a tank top and a short pleated
    skirt. Her room was designed to
    taste, it was painted skyblue and
    the curtains are also a
    combination of white and
    skyblue same with her bed
    spread. Her cosmetic trolley
    stood beside her wardrobe just
    beside the window while her
    reading table was perfectly place
    at the foot of the bed on which
    some books were place and her
    own personal computer.
    Then her phone rang bringing
    her faraway mind back to
    “Hello Gloria how are you?” Tina
    “Aunty Tina, mummy is sick o.”
    Gloria replied.
    Tina’s ears stood up at once.
    “Sick? Which hospital is she in?”
    Tina asked.
    “St. Bathias private hospital.”
    Gloria replied.
    “I’ll be there in a jiffy.” Tina said
    as she sprang up and removed
    her tank top and put on a more
    appropriate skirt and with this
    she sped out of her room.
    She got to the main road before
    the realisation hit her that she
    didn’t take her purse. She ran
    back into the house to meet her
    door ajar. She entered picked her
    purse and locked her door and
    hurriedly walked to the main
    road where she took a bike and
    off she left for the hospital.
    The bike man dropped her just in
    front of the hospital she got
    down paid him and didn’t bother
    to wait for her change. She ran
    though the step based on her
    sister’s description.
    “Oh! Am very sorry.” Tina
    apologised when she realised
    that she had bumped into a man.
    “No problem.” the man said
    adjusting his cloth.
    Tina made to leave but the man
    seems to be blocking her way.
    “My name is John.” The man said
    extending his hand for a
    “Am Tina.” She replied getting
    “You seem to be in a hurry. Let
    me not keep you waiting.” The
    man said as he stepped aside for
    her to go.
    Tina walked away without
    replying the man.
    She got into her mother’s ward
    to see her sister Gloria seated
    beside their mother who was
    “Welcome sister.” Gloria greeted.
    “How is mama doing?” Tina
    “She is on her second drip.
    Though the doctor said this will
    keep her for some days.” Gloria
    “Where is the doctor’s office?”
    Tina asked.
    “I don’t know but ask the nurses
    downstairs.” Gloria replied.
    Tina exited the ward and went
    downstairs to ask for the
    direction to the doctor’s office.
    “Good afternoon sir.” Tina
    greeted the ederly man that sat
    down with a stetoscope hung
    accross his shoulders.
    “Yes. How may I help you?” The
    man asked.
    “I am here on behalf of the
    woman admitted in ward 18b.”
    Tina replied.
    “Okay. Mrs….” The man tried to
    “Mrs Obinna.” Tina completed.
    “Her case is a very critical one
    and we’ll need two hundred and
    fifty thousand naira to get her
    back and to start the treatment
    you have to pay at least fifty
    percent in advance within the
    next forty-eight hours.” The
    doctor explained.
    “What!” she exclaimed.
    “If you’ll permit me I have a
    patient to attend to.” The doctor
    said as he stood up and exited
    the office with a heartbroken
    –to be continued–

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    After her meeting with the
    Doctor, Tina went back to her
    mother’s ward to give the news
    to her younger sister and after
    deliberation Tina suggested that
    she go seek help with her
    So early the next morning which
    was monday, Tina dressed up
    and went to her friends place.
    “This on that we see you today.
    Hope we are safe?” Tonia asked
    Tina smiled and faced her two
    “Babes, my mum is sick.” Tina
    said forcing back tears.
    “Sick? Ehya! Hope she is getting
    better now?” Tonye asked.
    “She is not. In fact we need two
    hundred and fifty thousand Naira
    for her treatment of which fifty
    percent is to be paid upfront.”
    Tina explained.
    “So how can we help you?”
    Tonye who has the listening ears
    “If you can borrow me the
    money at least hundred
    thousand i’ll pay you by month
    end.” Tina explained.
    “We’ll help you.” Tonia said.
    “Thank you babes. Devil won’t
    have a reason to make our
    friendship go sour.” Tina prayed
    as she embraced the girls.
    Then Tonia dropped the
    “I’ll give you my appointment
    with Senator Ndume. All you
    need do is spend the weekend
    with him and name your price.”
    Tina felt heartbroken that
    moment, all hopes lost, no one to
    turn to.
    “Please don’t do this to me.” Tina
    “Do what? You are talking as if
    you’re a novice in this business.
    Are you a virgin? Aren’t you one
    of us before you answered God’s
    call?” Tonia asked.
    “We all know am no longer one
    of you. I’ve found peace on God’s
    side. All I need is your help am
    out of this business for good.”
    Tina explained.
    “I understand but we all know
    how it feels when you are being
    ravaged by a man whose wife is
    in Canada. We can’t suffer
    ourselves and give you the
    money cheaply. Go and feel it like
    we do.” Tonia said dropping a
    complimentary card on Tina’s
    “My mother must not die.”
    “She won’t by the special grace
    of God.” Tonye prayed.
    “And you may as well take your
    leave.” Tonia said.
    “I should leave?” Tina asked
    “No, stay, sleep and eat. The
    kitchen door is opened. Tonia
    said laughing as she exited the
    living room with Tonye leaving
    Tina heart shattered.
    Tina picked herself up and left
    her friends place without picking
    the complimentary card.
    By the time she arrived at her
    place of work the time was
    8:15am. She was fourty-five
    minutes late already.
    “Good morning madam.” Maryam
    one of the receptionists greeted.
    “Morning.” She replied gloomily
    as she signed in and walked into
    the elevator.
    She got into her office dropped
    her bag and said a short prayer.
    Then she proceeded into the
    restroom to reapply her messy
    She re-emerged a few minutes
    later to begin the day’s work. She
    opened her computer and
    somehow clicked on the day’s to-
    do list and met the shock of her
    life. A meeting of all the
    departmental heads with the CEO
    was to hold between 8am and
    10am. As stated, she was to
    represent Mr Clement who
    started his leave on that day.
    She hurriedly shut down her
    computer, picked up a notepad
    and walked to the conference
    room. She pushed the door
    opened and met about fifteen
    peering eyes on seat including
    the handsome Raymond. She
    proceeded to the only empty seat
    tagged CVM(contract Valuation
    The meeting continued for the
    next ten minutes before the CEO
    asked a question.
    “Can we have the master copy of
    all the contracts valuations?” he
    asked directing the question to
    no one in particular.
    Tina knowing at once that the
    question was meant for her
    “You said?”
    “You heard me right.” Raymond
    replied angrily.
    It was then it dawn on her that
    she had failed woefully on the
    day she is supposed to prove her
    effectiveness at work.
    “Sir I don’t have it with me now.”
    Tina said.
    “And why is that?”
    “Mr Clement didn’t hand it over to
    me before he went on leave.”
    “Did you ask?”
    Raymond had lost his temper
    then as he kept on ranting about
    her inefficiency.
    “Meeting resumes by after the
    lunch break.” Raymond declared
    as he picked up his Ipad and
    bottle of Coke. He walked out of
    the conference room.
    Everyone stood up after him,
    passing disgusting comments
    about Tina. Thay all left leaving
    only Tina in the conference room.
    –to be continued

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    Chai.. Devil is at work ooo

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    Iindeed is love @ first sight

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