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    shalewa u better go change your car

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    what @youngstarz

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    Time to destroy the Jeep… not useful again

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    Episode 27

    “Shalewa did you just hear what I heard now?” Asked Zinna when she notice that Shalewa didn’t behave like someone who they just announce to be wanted”

    “And what did you hear?” Shalewa answered Zinna with another question

    “Didn’t you just listen to the news and hear that the girl in the pajero jeep is wanted and you are that lady?” Asked the already scared Zinna

    “Of course I heard that and is that why you are shivering like a c--k who was beaten in the rain?” Asked Shalewa

    “Yes and you are suppose to be more scared than I am” said Zinna

    “Well am not scared” said Shalewa

    “And why are you not scared if I may ask?” Asked Zinna

    “I am like an air and nobody can catch it so Right now my problem is how to get Alo kiss kiss not the police that are looking for their head thinking it me Shalewa the bad girl they are looking for” said Shalewa

    “Since you said Alo kiss kiss is your problem right now so tell me what you plan to do with him” said Zinna

    “You will know what I plan to do with him once I get hold of him. The guys you hire to track his house, have they been able to do so?” Asked Shalewa

    “Not yet but they promise me that before today runs out they are going to track his house ” said Zinna

    Shalewa said “okay” and went inside her room to go and take her birth.

    Three hours later Zinna came to call Shalewa and told her that Chi mummy wants to see her.

    Shalewa followed Zinna to the living room.

    Shalewa greeted Chi mummy as she went to sit down beside Zinna

    “I called you here to tell you that the guys have been able to track down Alo kiss kiss’ house and all they need right now is for you to give them the permission to kill him” said Chi mummy

    “I don’t want the guys to kill him” Shalewa said shocking Chi mummy and Zinna with her outburst

    “Shalewa don’t tell me you want to forgive that guy after trying to kill you twice” said Chi mummy

    “Of course not forgiveness doesn’t exist in Shalewa’s dictionary, forgiveness is for the weak” said Shalewa

    “Then what do you plan doing?” Asked Zinna

    “I want to have the pleasure of killing him myself”

    “If that’s what you want no problem but am going to inform the guys to go and bring Alo kiss kiss here” said Chi mummy

    “No problem. Thanks Chi mummy” said Shalewa

    “You are welcome” said Chi mummy


    It was 8:00pm and Alo kiss kiss was watching a movie in his living room when he heard the door bell. He went to opened the door and that was the last thing he remember because everything went blank

    The guys quickly took him to their car and drove off.

    When they got to a police check point, the Nigerian police force stopped them and ask them why Alo kiss kiss was unconscious and one of the guy told the police that their friend (Alo kiss kiss) fainted after he received news that his twin was dead and they are taking him to the hospital.

    The policemen allowed them to pass and they took him to Chi mummy’s house and locked him up in an empty room

    Four hours later Alo kiss kiss was brought back to the state of consciousness with ten buckets of cold water and before he could say a word, Shalewa, Zinna and Chi mummy walked into the room. Alo kiss kiss was very surprised to see Shalewa

    “You!!!!” Exclaimed Alo kiss kiss

    “Yes me” said Shalewa

    “You are suppose to be dead” said Alo kiss kiss

    “Yes you are right but let’s just say I was giving a second chance to live just to end your life but before that I will like to ask you just one question” said Shalewa

    “And what’s that question?” asked Alo kiss kiss

    “Why have you tried to kill me twice?” Asked Shalewa

    “Your team beat up my younger brother and also abuse his girlfriend just because he wore a red beret so I promise to kill you all for hurting my only brother” said Alo kiss kiss

    “My team did that but didn’t your brother tell you that I wasn’t among those that beat him up?” Asked Shalewa

    “To be sincere he did but I didn’t care” said Alo kiss kiss

    “I will forgive you for trying to kill me twice but I won’t forgive you for killing my love and my team mate so you are going to die” said Shalewa

    Before Alo kiss kiss could say I word, she had already shot him on his right leg and said “that’s for Jagaban”

    She shot in on the left leg again and said “that’s for muscular”

    By this time Alo kiss kiss was already screening and begging Shalewa to just end his life instead of her allowing him to go through all the pains he is currently going through now but Shalewa said “am only starting to inflict pain on you”

    Shalewa shot him on his left arm and said “that’s for Obaino”

    She shot him on the left arm and said “that’s for Abike”

    “Please Shalewa just kill me” said Alo Kiss kiss

    “Be patient dear death will come but wait o i thought nobody wants to die but you why are asking for death?” asked Shalewa

    “Being dead is better than going through these pain and secondly I know am going to die so no need for you prolonging it” said Alo kiss kiss

    Shalewa shot him on his chest and said “that’s for my bestie Zainab”

    Shalewa also said “please say hi to my team for me and also the devil when you get to hell” as she fired two shots on his forehead and said “that’s for my love Jaola”

    Alo kiss kiss died at that spot nd Chi mummy told the guys to go and deposit his body in the lagoon…… (the death of an aro bagger)
    To be continued……

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    hmmmmm, u dey fell on top abiii, ur turn dey com

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    u need to destroy d jeep b4 he get to late.

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    Change your ride sharp sharp!

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    “THE DEATH OF AN ARO BAGGER” kinda love that statement

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