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    hmmmmmmmmm next

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    Episode 28

    Ever since Shalewa killed Alo kiss kiss, Zinna has been really quite nd terrified because a human being have never been killed in her pretence before.

    Shalewa couldn’t help but get worried why her pretencefriend Zinna has been quite since so she decided to ask her why

    “Zee baby what’s wrong with you?” Asked Shalewa

    “You” replied Zinna

    “How can I be wrong with you?” asked Shalewa confusingly

    “Shalewa you killed that guy in cold blood and yet you don’t feel sorry about it” replied Zinna

    “Why should I feel sorry about if when he is not the first person I have ever killed?” Asked Shalewa

    “This one is different because I have never seen you killed a person before” said Zinna

    “If me killing Alo kiss kiss is the reason you have been quite then nothing is wrong with you” Shalewa said and the living room to her bedroom before Zinna could said something else.


    Mr Alonso was in his living room looking so angry

    Few minutes later Olatunde walked him.

    “Good Afternoon sir” said Olatunde

    “What is good about the afternoon when you have failed to deliver the girl and the document to me?” Asked Mr Alonso

    “Sir I thought it was only the documents you wanted before?” asked Olatunde

    “Now I also want the girl” said Mr Alonso

    (Mr Alonso wants Shalewa too because he want her to start working for him)

    “Sir it is not my fault that I have not been able to find that girl” said Olatunde defending himself

    “No is not your fault but mine who gave you a simple task you can’t handle.” Barked Alonso

    “Sir please give me more time and I promise to deliver the girl and the documents to you” said Olatunde

    “More time more time that’s all you know how to do, now tell me if i haven’t given you a enough time. For over a month now you haven’t been able to even know where this girl not to talk of capturing her.” Said Mr Alonso

    “Sir we are really trying our best to capturer this girl” said Olatunde

    “Then your best is not enough now tell me if you are not capable of capturing her so that I will look for somebody else who will be capable of caring this task to do it.” Said Mr Alonso

    “No sir am more than capable to carryout this task at hand, don’t bother looking for someone else” said Olatunde

    “Very well then. I am giving you just one week to get hold of that girl nd the documents and failure to do that you know what that means?” Asked Mr Alonso

    “Yes sir” replied Olatunde

    “Now get out of my house and go get me that girl and the documents” said Mr Alonso

    “Okay sir” said Olatunde has he made to leave


    Olatunde and three of his friends (Kunle, Ola and Bola) were seen in his room discussing

    “Honestly I really don’t know how can a girl just an ordinary girl be giving us this kind of tough time just to find her” said Olatunde

    “That girl I don’t think she is just an ordinary girl because to me she is a professional that’s why we have been looking for her for over a month” said Kunle

    “Whether she is just a lady or a professional assassin, i don’t care because all I know is that we have to capture that girl and take her to Mr Alonso” said Ola

    “You are right Ola that’s all that matter and we need to do that fast because Mr Alonso just gave me just a week to get the girl and the documents and failure to do so, he is going to chop off my head” said Olatunde

    “We are going to get her very fast because the very last thing we need right now is to loose another member of this gang” said Kunle

    “Abegi make una let me hear word jhoor we go get that girl that’s for sure but make we no rush into things and as for Mr Alonso, he no fit do anything” said Bola for the first time and Bola knows how to speak English but him prefers speaking in pidgin

    “Don’t say that because Mr Alonso can do the unthinkable” said Olatunde

    “If the man think say the job dey easy then he for carry out the job himself. That man na ordinary mouth e dey make jare” said Bola

    “Whether he is bluffing or not, I don’t care all I know is that we need to capture that girl” said Olatunde

    “And when we do am going to torture her for giving us such a hard time in getting her” said Kunle

    “And we are going make love to her too” Ola said licking his lips

    “You are here talking of what you are going to do her when we get her when we don’t have any lead yet”

    “E be like say I get something wey we go fit take get that girl” said Bola

    “And what’s that?” Asked the other three boys

    To be continued….

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    Next abeg

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    And what is that!

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    what could that be?

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