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    Shalewa u better be careful

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    Wat is that

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    death na death

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    Hmmmm…let ride on

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    Ola and Bola… wildest dream

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    Episode 29

    “Olatunde this girl we dey look for eh if you see her face you fit recognized her?” Asked Bola

    “Yes I can recognized her but why are you asking me this question?” Asked Olatunde

    “E get one day like that wey I go one bar and one girl come the bar and she buy drinks for everybody the wey she take spend money that day make me believe say she go be this girl we dey look for because nobody go fit spend money like that if no been assassin she be” said Bola

    “Just because you saw a girl in a bar lavishing money that’s why you think she is the girl we are looking for” said Kunle

    “Kunle we are looking for a girl nd any girl we meet on the way can be her” said Ola

    “Bola this girl you are talking about how can we meet her so that i can know if she is the same lady we have been looking for” asked Olatunde

    “The girl don become a regular customer for that bar and me sef I take her picture that day” said Bola

    “If you have her picture then show it to us so that Olatunde will confirm if she is her or not” said Ola

    “The thing be say my phone no dey here because the phone dey upstairs” said Bola

    “Then go upstairs and bring the phone” said Kunle

    Bola left the living room to his room upstairs to bring his phone. Few minutes later he was back with the phone and he showed the picture to them.

    Olatunde look at the picture and saw that girl at the picture is the same girl they have been looking for

    “This is the girl” said Olatunde

    “Are you sure?” Asked Ola

    ” I have never been this sure in my life before” said Olatunde

    “I think one of our major problems has been solved but right now we need to find a way to trace her back to her house since Bola said she is a regular customer in the bar” said Kunle

    “You are so so right and the time now is 8pm so let’s all go and get ready because we all are going to that bar tonight” said Olatunde

    They all got up and went to their separate rooms to get dress.

    An hour later, they were all set to go so they got into their car and drove to the bar. They located a vacant table and sat down there waiting patiently for Shalewa to come.

    Two hours have passed but Shalewa is nowhere to been seen around the bar and they were already getting tired of waiting.

    “I don’t think this girl will come here tonight” said Kunle

    “I think that too and i also think we should go back home and come back tomorrow” said Ola

    “Make una wait small because this girl dey come here everyday” said Bola

    “I think we should wait for her for another 30 minutes and if she doesn’t show up then we will leave” said Olatunde

    They waited for thirty minutes but they didn’t see Shalewa so they decided to leave but as they were about leaving the bar, Shalewa walked in and it was Bola that saw her

    “Guys make una wait because the girl we dey wait for since don show” said Bola

    “And where is she?” Asked Ola

    “Make una just turn na she dey go so” said Bola

    They all turned and saw her so they decided to take their seat back and be watching her

    “I must confess that this girl is really beautiful” said Kunle

    “Not just beautiful but also has an innocent face nobody would have believed she could hurt a fly not to talk of killing a human being” said Ola

    “Hey guys I hope you still remember why we are here?” Asked Olatunde when he noticed that they were busy admiring Shalewa

    “We never forget but allow them admire the bae first” said Bola

    “Guy your head dey there” said Kunle hailing Bola

    “My head don dey there because I don support you small ba” asked Bola

    “Guys stop that and focus” said Olatunde

    Shalewa left the bar an hour later and the guys started following her to her house and Shalewa being a little tipsy didn’t notice or suspect that a car was following her.

    When they saw Shalewa drove into a house, that decided to go back home and think of a way to strike

    Olatunde and his gang got home around 2am and they were really tired.

    “Oboi I no fit believe say na only one girl dey give us this kind wahala” said Bola

    “If it was only the stress it would have been better but when saw her I must confess that I began gaining erection” said Kunle

    “Even me too” said Ola

    “Do I really need to remind you guys that we need to get that girl and the documents?” Asked Olatunde

    “You don’t need to remind us because we didn’t forget in the first place” said Ola

    “I don’t think so because ever since you guys saw her, you have been lusting over her and that stupid lust of yours will ruin our mission. We all need to sleep right now and when we wake up, we will discuss our next line of action” said Olatunde as he made way to his room.

    To be continued….

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    shelewa wanted!!!!

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