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    only God will save u Shalewa

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    They wil fail bcos of lust….but Shalewa, u no jst de careful

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    mission impossible

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    Ride on and let me see what will happen to Shalewa next

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    Next step

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    Episode 30

    Olatunde and his gang were discussing on how they were going to get Shalewa.

    “I think one of us need to stalk that girl for at least three days to know what she normally does in the morning before we can get her” said Olatunde

    “Who among us is going to stalk this girl?” Asked Kunle

    “I think Bola is the perfect man for this stalking job” said Ola

    “Why e go be me? No be me first tell una how una take see the girl?” Asked Bola

    “Yes you did but that doesn’t mean you can’t stalk this girl for us” said Ola

    “Remember when we were still in school, you were the person that always help us in stalking those babes” added Kunle

    “Whether i help una stalk babes before or not I no dey stalk that girl” said Bola

    “You must o” chorused Ola and Kunle

    “Make una come carry me stalk her na” said Bola

    When Olatunde noticed that their argument were getting out of hand, he decided to end it

    “Please everybody should take a chill pill because am going to volunteer in stalking this girl, am the one Mr Alonso will chop off his head not any of yours when I fail to get the girl” said Olatunde and left the living room

    For the next three days Olatunde stalked Shalewa, he was able to know that she always leaves for the gym every morning, in the afternoon she either go shopping or stay at home and evening she goes clubbing.

    Olatunde came back to the house the third day and called his gang for a meeting where they can discuss their next line of action.

    ‘Guys we now know her morning routine so I think we should be planning on how to get her and the documents” said Olatunde

    “What we are to do now is very easy” said Kunle

    “And wetin be that thing wey easy” asked Bola

    “We just kidnap her and torture her to tell us where the documents are” said Kunle

    “And you you think that’s going to be easy?” Asked Olatunde

    “Very easy and remember the person in question is just a lady” said Kunle

    “She isn’t just a lady but a professional” said Olatunde reminding Kunle who Shalewa is

    “Professional or not it doesn’t change the fact that she is a lady” said Kunle

    Ola who has been quite all these while decided to speak for the first time

    “Look here guys I think we all are forgetting something here” said Ola

    “And what’s that” they asked

    “This lady in question is the same Lady that killed chief Olumbi and we all know that that man is diabolical and fetish, a gun cannot kill him but for that girl to be able to kill him that simply means that girl has spiritual powers and i think the best way to handle this is doing it amicably” said Ola

    “How can we do that?” Asked Olatunde

    “We hold a conversation with her and tell her we are willing to pay her double the price that was given to her and am sure that will do the trick” said Ola

    They all agreed with what Ola had said so they plan on having that conversation the next morning.

    In the morning, they all prepared and left the house to where they will be able to stop Shalewa when going to the gym to do things amicably but Shalewa refused to give in to them saying “I don’t sell out”

    Kunle got angry and shot Shalewa tho it had no effect on her but that triggered her anger and she brought out her own gun and that brought about an exchange of gunshots. At the end Shalewa killed them all

    Shalewa abandon the gym she wanted to go and went back home to tell Chi mummy what had happened.

    Shalewa got home and explain everything to Chi mummy and Zinna and when she was done, Chi mummy advised her to be very careful since the city was not safe for her.

    That same evening Shalewa got a call from val because there was a new mission at hand.

    “hi val”

    “hi the bad girl how are you doing”

    “not that fine”

    “is it because if the news??, don’t worry I will get you a new ride”

    “val are you for real”

    “yea just name the ride you want and I will get it for you”

    “wow can you buy me dugati x400”

    “that should be a power bike”

    “yea” replied Shalewa

    “but why do you need a bike instead of a car”

    “are you the one asking this questions, as a good assassin I need a power bike and secondly I need to change my costume and get a mask”

    “oh I see, how much will your change of costume cost”

    “hmmm there about 500 bulk”

    “I will send you the money and your dugati will arrive in one week time from Japan”

    “oh val you are such a darling don’t worry tomorrow I will come and relax your nerves”

    “oh yea at lekki peninsula”
    said Val

    “you are no more at eko hotel??”
    asked Shalewa

    “yea I have moved to my newly built castle”
    said Val

    “wow that’s good news, tomorrow we are going to pop coffee and not champagne”
    said Shalewa

    “sure champagne is too local for valentino tumelo”
    said Val

    “I trust you, see you later”
    said Shalewa

    “hmmm you and this your costumer Val” said zinna from behind

    Alonso was seen in his bunk, drinking and trying to reach olatunde on phone but his numbers were switched off.

    “olatunde is playing with his life, all his numbers are switched off or does it mean that the girl has defeated him” said Alonso as he sipped from his Andre rose……..
    To be continued…..

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    hmmmmm, d music is gettin more interesting next pls

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