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    kukukukukukukuku…. just kidding…..

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    @victoriouschild, oya come han continue oow.

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    Menh….I can’t wait….wat is going on? We are waiting

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    Episode 32
    from the last scene

    “and wetin be that??”asked Shalewa

    “e get this man wey I service today, the man get excess money but he be mugu we fit fraud am”

    “hmmm which rich man now a days be mugu?” Shalewa asked as she climbed the stairs leading to her room

    “am serious wetin be that im name welfare ooooo… Alonso yes Alonso na im name”

    On hearing the name Alonso Shalewa pursed

    “you know am??”

    “no no no the name is funny” Shalewa lied……
    Shalewa was so famous and rich, she was known by most governors and senator. Fortunately for her she was no more living with chi mummy again, she now has her own duplex in magodo.

    It was a Friday night and as usual Shalewa was going clubbing. She entered her range Rover 2019 model(the latest in town) and drove straight to caprous sex club.


    ” mm mm mm mm mm ” sound booming out of the club speaker

    ” are you ready to rumble” said the DJ as he increased the bass and sound of the beat.

    Shalewa walked into the club filled with all kind of people and colourful light blinking.

    “do you care to dance??” a young looking boy of early 20 asked

    “yes” replied Shalewa

    “wow that will be cool” said the boy as he held Shalewa’s waist.

    They were dancing and romancing about 20 minutes before someone walked up to shalewa

    “hi shalewa”

    “hi Ben how are you”

    “am cool, I think I have some information for you”

    “OK let’s go talk” said shalewa “I will see you later” she said to the boy she was dancing with.

    Ben and her went to the back of the club to discuss…

    “so what’s the new information??* asked Shalewa

    “concerning the assassin school we were talking about I think I have found one for you”

    “are you serious”

    “yea but its kinda expensive”

    Sorry I did not tell you Ben is a returnee from the USA, he is based in training assassins, he is even wanted in USA…

    “like how much??” asked Shalewa

    “hmmm you will be trained for three years and that’s about 3million us dollars”

    “shit 3 what??”

    “million us dollars”

    “so where is the school??”

    “the price I told you is for the cheapest school in China”

    “China??, wait Ben is assassin school legalized in China and USA”

    “hmmm only few maybe 2 in china but the school am telling you of is not recognize by government but its really good”

    “hmmm can I contact anybody in the school”

    “sure you can call Wong taichon he will be of help to you” ben said giving her the card of wong.

    “thanks ben, I will try getting the money” said shalewa.

    Shalewa was fed up with the club so she decided to go home and think of getting the money Looking at her time it was 1:45am (mid night), she entered her ride and left the club.

    She was on a high speed, driving home when her car suddenly stopped in one of the streets located at Oshodi

    “shit at this point in time??*”

    She came down and opened the bonnet of her vehicle to figure out what was the problem. After 10 minutes of perusing her vehicle but she could not figure out the problem, so she decided to wait in her vehicle till it was morning.

    Meanwhile few meters away three men were seen at the back of a van sharing money.

    ” that one na your share”

    “why you go give me 400 thousand una come collect 500, when na me carry this money from sango to this place when police they pursue us”

    “ehn no be me engineer the money ni”

    “you dey mad” he said as he gave the other a punch

    “hey guys e don do no break bottle, you know say na night and securities fit dey around” “but wait ooooo guys una no notice something??”


    “e be like one car they come before, but e be like say the car park for”

    “guys make we go check out the car, maybe na maga fit dey there”

    “you sure say no be police??” said one of them

    “taa sharap police ko olopa ni”

    “you stay here with the money we day come”

    Meanwhile shalewa saw some people close to a van, they were flashing touch light on the street

    “what will this people be doing by this time”said shalewa , “let me go there, maybe they are security men” said shalewa as she came down from her vehicle, hiding at the back of a bus behind her.

    “omo guy na range this mumu park here ooo”

    “ahh this one no no say oshodi na bad hood, abeg you know Wetin dey very expensive for range make we remove am go sell”

    “oya start from the head lamp”

    (foot step approach)…..
    “who dey there” the guy who was watching over the money asked but there was no response

    “who dey there show your face now” the guy repeated as he brought out a small piston from his pocket

    “gbooo” shalewa hit the guy so hard, he fell to the ground as shalewa continuously held his neck trying to strangle him he finally he passed out.

    Shalewa took a good view at her range, she saw the two idiots trying to lose her head lamp. She smiled as she opened the bag that was in van.

    “quite big this must be up to a million” she said as she zipped the bag.

    “pom pom pom pom pom” her heels were making a sound as she approached the two guys who were losing her head lamp

    “guys how is it going” she asked the fools

    “what is that bag doing in your hand”

    “hmm nice questions but unfortunately that question will be answered when you get to hell”

    “poow” “poow” she shot the two guys on there head.

    She entered her car, luckily for her the engine started and she drove off. Immediately she got home, she calculated the money in the bag.

    “wow 1. 4 million wow this will help, I have 60. 2million in my bank accounts altogether. But still need about 85 milla to pay my tuition few” shalewa said

    “and val is not in town, I need to hustle this money by crook or hook” shalewa said as she rested on her sofa to take a short sleep.

    Early that morning shalewa’s phone has been ringing continuously but it was unknown to her. When she noticed she checked the caller and it was chief adaku one of high rated PDP member. She was about calling him when he called again

    “where the hell did you keep your phone miss assassin”

    “I have told you not to call me that am shalewa or better still call me the bad girl”

    “bad girl ooo assassin oo all na the same”

    “old man stop fooling around what do you want from me??”

    “shalewa e ma bi nu oo I have cool business for you”

    “and what is it”

    “mr Clinton hunt the election candidate of PDP is going to first bank to withdraw 300 million for his campaign and he is going with fully armed men”

    “OK what’s the business their”

    “I want you to collect the money as soon as they are living the bank”

    “this gonna be a big task”

    “yes that’s why you will be going with kwume a Ghanian experienced assassin to assist you”

    “OK so when is Clinton going to the bank??”

    “in three days time”

    “OK I will get to you later””

    Shalewa ended the call with a smile

    “300 million, that’s going to go a long way”

    To be continued……

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    Nze luckyNze lucky
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    Shalewa drive de mugu

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    shalewa Don upgrade ooh

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    I hope shalewa wiil nt take da whole money to herself

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    Shelewa the bad guy, i wonder what you will do with the money, once u get it
    Watching u

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