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    I hope she won’t take the money for herself

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    Bad girl sha!

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    Episode 33

    After shalewa ended the call she quickly called wong taichon the person Ben told her to call for inquiries concerning the assassin school.
    <calling wong>
    <call answered>

    “hello this is bruise fong empire plz how may we help you” a voice said

    “plz am I speaking with wong taichon”

    “this is hai you are speaking to, so how may I help you”

    “I want to get inquires for an assassin school in china”

    “what type of assassin school do you want to inquire for”

    “that I don’t know, but I just need a good one that will build me very well”

    “you have to choose your choice because there are so many type of assassin school in china”

    “OK can you brief me about them”

    “what’s your name and where are you calling from??”

    “am Loretta shal from Nigeria”

    “OK that’s good. There are three types of assassin school here, first is the commercial assassin school, they are the highest rank of assassin and it takes a long time for their training. Secondly is the mission assassin they are trained by retired experienced gangsters and lastly assassin school with the use of Justus and kungfu”

    “wow I will like the commercial assassin school, how many years does it take”

    “about 3-4 years”

    “OK thank you very much. Plz how much is the tuition fee”

    “I will redirect you to chao he will be of more help to you, call him with this number 3567004575”

    “thank you very much hai”

    “you are welcome Loretta shal”

    Shalewa ended the call…..

    In no time she called chao

    “good day mr chao”

    “who is this and how did you know my name”

    “am Loretta shal I was redirected to by hai”

    “hai you speak chinese”


    “me don’t know English, call tomorrow I sleep sleep tomorrow”

    Shalewa ended the call with frustration, chao does not understand English I need to call hai to help me since he understands English.

    “let me call chief Adaku let me know the next move” said shalewa

    Next day::::

    Shalewa was seen in her vault under her building accessing guns and ammunitions. After a successful gist with chief shalewa agreed to the deal but she was not that comfortable with the price, but she still agreed to the deal because she was up to something. They were to go for the mission the next day, kwume will be in shalewa’s house in the evening for further planning.

    Shalewa was still checking out a machine gun in her vault when her phone started ringing, looking at the caller it was hai

    “good day hai”

    “how are you?”

    “am cool, so any update”

    “I have spoken to chao, he said you can now pay your tuition fee which is 2. 9million us dollars”

    “how will I send such an amount of money through bank don’t you know they will suspect me”

    “I didn’t say you should send it through bank, don’t you know of wire transfer”

    “oh I have heard of that before, but how to I do it??”

    “that I can’t explain now, you need to get someone to coach you on that”

    “OK sir”

    “this is our account name:: bruise fong empire
    Account no: 2673384177
    Bank:: kjz bank
    Institution no : 42965943
    IBan /BICcode: f328gh577.
    U will need this information when you want to wire the money”

    “OK thank you”
    <call ended>

    Shalewa continued with what she was doing. Few hours later it was evening, she was drinking in her bunk when her gate man came to inform her that a man was looking for her

    “bring him in” ordered shalewa

    “OK madam”

    A young muscular man was seen with the gate man coming to meet shalewa.

    “madam na the man be this”

    “good day, plz how may I help you”

    “I was sent to report here by chief Adaku”

    “ohh Jonny you can go now. You are welcome”

    “thank you am ababa kwume”

    “shalewa, nice meeting you” they shook hands

    “so how experienced are you in this game”

    “I have being in this job for three years now”

    “three years, interesting”

    “thank you”

    “Jonny! Jonny?!! ”

    “yes madam”

    “go inside the house get me a bottle of don Morris and a champagne glass, then you go buy me a card board”

    “OK madam”

    Shalewa and kwume were drinking and gisting while Jonny went to get the card board.

    “why the card board” asked kwume

    “you plan, analyse your game before you play it”

    “oh now I get”

    “you are sleeping over right”


    “good I have three machine guns here, 8ak47, riffle pistols and so more with two pack of grenade”


    “but for this mission we will use the three machine guns, because his escorts are very armed, 4 ak47 practically for showoff and a pack of grenade”

    “wow you are a genius this mission is 90% successful” said kwume

    “I pray so. We will also go with a bullet proof”

    “that will be very good, but if we take the money, where are we taking it to??”

    “nice question we are taking it to chief in a border close to Ghana”

    “this is going to be a long thing”

    “yea that’s why we need to use our brain”

    “ok which vehicle are we using??”

    “look at that place, there are so many cars there” shalewa said pointing to her garage “but we are using my hummer 4 its a bullet proof vehicle”

    “I love this, you shalewa I like you, you are a pro”

    “lol shalewa smiled to her satisfaction”

    To be continued……

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    Owk na next

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    Hehehehe, pro indeed

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    Hmmm….. Shalewa will still blow ur ass off

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    Next oh

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