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    landed in the boat of shalewa the bad girl….

    what did the bad girl say ooo

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    loving this

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    Episode 5

    When Collins was done with his narration Shalewa said “Dad all these things you are busy explaining doesn’t in any way concern me because all I know is that you should go and find anything even if it means you stealing, kidnapping rich people’s kids or being a ritualist just to provide all my needs for me. Don’t use the excuse of your company caught fire to deny me of the good life which I live”

    “What!!!” Came the reply of the rest of the family because they never expected to hear such a thing coming pnlout of Shalewa’s mouth.

    Jimi was so mad at Shalewa for what she had said that he got up and gave her a resounding slap on her face.

    “What! Jimi did you slap me?” Asked Shawela

    “I did and i will do that again if you don’t keep your mouth shut” Fired Jimi

    “Mum and dad you two are here when Jimi slapped me and you are not saying anything” Said Shalewa

    “Shut up there my friend, You are even happy that Jimi was the one that slap you because if I was to be the person that did that am very sure you will be deaf by now” Fired Cynthia too

    “Mum is that what you are saying?” Asked Shalewa

    Collins who had been silence all these while decided to speak up

    “Shalewa I never knew you were this senseless. People have been asking me if you are truly my daughter but right now I can’t help but to ask if truly you are my daughter too. I can’t say that your mum cheated on me,because I married her as a virgin but I think I and your mum will go back to the hospital where you were given birth to, to know if you were switched at childbirth or not and you Jimi thanks for the slap you gave Shalewa because I was already planning of doing that, but you were faster ” Said Collins

    “Why are you all ganging up against me just because I made a statement which I was never serious with in the first place?” She asked trying to defend herself

    “Me and you know that you were more than serious with your statement so don’t try to defend yourself here” said Collins

    “Shalewa the sight of you right now disgust me so get out of here this very minute!” Said Cynthia

    Shalewa quickly got up and made for her room since she was never really interested in the discussion.

    When she was gone, Jimi turned to their and asked “Dad what do you plan on doing now”

    “I don’t know honestly” said Collins hopelessly

    “Dad I think there is a way out” Said Jimi

    “What is the way out Jimi” Chorused both his parents

    “Correct me if am wrong dad. I think they say one good turn deserve the order right dad?” Asked Jimi

    “Yes you are right but what has that say got to do with the problem at hand?” Asked the dad

    “Dad it has everything to do with it” Said Jimi

    “How?” Asked Cynthia confusingly

    “Dad I have seen lot of people who you had helped to become successful in life and each time they come visiting, they will always say “am still looking for a way to repay you for your kind gesture towards me and my family” and now I think this is the time for you to ask them for help , am sure they are going to help us since you have been nothing but good to them” said Jimi

    “You are right son, I haven’t even thought about this till now. Let me put a call through to them. Jimi please pass me my phone which is on the dinning” said Collins

    Jimi got up and went to the dinning to bring his dad’s phone to him. When Jimi brought the phone, Collins called some of his friends he had help but all of them sympathized with him but also told him that things were very hard with them so they can’t help him that moment.

    Collins was about given up calling his friends to ask them for their help when his son told him to call Chief Odewale that he is very sure that man will help them. Collins put a call to him and luckily for him, Chief Odewale told him to come and see him in his house for him to help him out which put a smile on Collins’ face….. TBC….

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    Shalewa Tuk Mk I Hear O

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