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    shalewa the bad girl indeed

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    Episode 11
    the next morning Shalewa woke up so weak, all the members of the group had left the hotel only jaola was still around.

    “good morning white angel” jaola said with a deadly smile

    “morning, where are the other members? ”

    “they are gone” jaola said giving Shalewa a postinor tablet

    “what is this for? ”

    “have you forgotten so soon that we had an agreement”

    “did you pour inside me? ” Shalewa asked angrily

    “I did not pour inside you, am giving you this in case the other boys poured. Abi you wan be mama now?”

    Tears started flowing from shalewa’s eye while she collected the drug from him and gave him a punch on his mouth.

    She was about leaving the hotel room before jaola muttered something
    “I love you kpekus”

    She hissed and left the room. She went out SIDE the hotel, boarded a bike to her house. Few minutes later Shalewa opened the door to the house.

    “shalewa where are you coming from” barked jimi

    ” what do you mean where am coming from, are you now my keeper”

    ” shalewa am sorry to say, you are so stupid. It has gotten to the extend of spending the night out side”

    “and how does that affects you. Why is she crying” referring to her mum.

    “dad died yesterday, after having an accident”

    “is that why she is crying?. Its good that the f-----g man is dead, when he is not taking his responsibilities as a man in the house”

    “shalewa is this all you have to say?? ” said cynthia

    “wetin you want make I talk again.. Abeg hope say food they this house” shalewa asked

    ” your dad will be very angry with you where ever he is now, may his gentle soul rest in peace” cynthia said with tears in her eyes

    ” look at the way she is stinking of alcohol, spoilt brat” jimi said

    Adewale’s house was filled up with people who came to console them including Collins relatives, such as his sister and cousin.

    After some of the visitors left, the relatives of mr collins took cynthia to a corner to discuss how the burial ceremony will be including jimi who they said was the next father of the house.

    Meanwhile shalewa had gone to see jaola, if they was anything to discuss about. At exactly 3pm she was at jaola’s house.

    (knock knock) ” who is that” jaola said smoking from his marijuana(weed)

    “its me shalewA”

    “ahh my bad girl” he went to open the door. Immediately shalewa came in he hugged her pushing her to the chair in his sitting room( jaola is living in a one room self contain)

    “is anything wrong with you?” shalewa asked

    “babe why you dey do like this na, give me this honey pot”

    ” is that why you pushed me to the chair, you should have asked politely beside remember I took the pill you gave me so its still in action.

    ” I can only give you oral” said shalewa

    “that’s why I like you my white angel”

    shalewa gave jaola a deadly kiss, before going to the business of the day. After 20 minutes of the oral sex, shalewa went to take her baths before jaola took her to their regular base sky whales hotel, meanwhile he had call the other members to join them in the hotel
    The members of the red beret were coming one after the other, shaking and clogging (chop biscuit) hands with shalewa the white angel. After the greeting and welcoming, jaola ordered for drinks while he discussed the reason for their meeting.

    ” guys I called you all here because we have an operation today by 11pm” jaola said

    ” there is this man mr Alfred Raymond who will enter the state with 800 thousand kolo (naira) this night that is why they will not but It in bank because bank has closed by then., which is to be delivered to chief odunayo this night.

    ” nnaa see meat” obaino shouted

    “there there, the problem be say better armed security men go follow them, but we go conquer them because I don talk to jeremy he say make I come by 8pm come collect some criers and car for the operation” jaola said

    “nice one, so how the plan go be” said muscular and Linda.

    They were still talking when they saw a boy with red beret coming into the hotel with a girl.

    “hey wanbi(come)” said jagaban. The boy obeyed and move to there table.

    ” as e dey hot wey your scope” said zainab

    ” I no get scope” said the guy

    “you dey mad” muscular shouted. He stood up removed the guy red beret giving him a dirty slap, that made blood started coming out his mouth.

    “pls don’t kill him” the guy’s girlfriend was pleading with tears dropping down her cheek

    “obaino must not carry last” obaino said standing up. He went to meet the guys girl friend and started pressing her butt……….. TBC………

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    Just like dat. because of baret

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    Haha rubbish

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    Rubbish… Cux of beret..
    Shalewa i pity ur ending

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