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    continue pls

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    shalewa l just dey observe ur end

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    Haaa…see this

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    Lol useless boys. Nice one. next

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    wat a rubbish

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    Episode 12
    “its enough” jaola shouted after the guy has received enough beating from jaola team.

    Linda held the guy on his shirt dragging him to jaola.
    “guy why you go dey fly red beret when you no even get the scope”

    The guy kept quiet without saying a word because he was already bleeding seriously. Meanwhile shalewa was just sitting on her chair watching the drama without touching the boy.

    “guy dey look me, any day again I see you with this red beret again, you go enter six feet. If you can’t be them you join them” jaola said

    “guys discharge this fool, we gat better things at hand” said muscular with stains of blood on his hand

    The guy stood up with his girlfriend, he was about to go when he made a statements “watch out for my wrath”

    “taa who you be, get away from hia” said obaino.

    “Back to business I will lodge you guys in our regular room, while I and shalewa will go get the criers and car”

    “no problems boss” they all echoed.

    After mr collins relatives finished discussing with cynthia concerning the burial ceremony, some of the male relatives took jimi to a corner and started advising him.

    “jimi Adewale, as you can see you are now the new father of this house, and there something we will like to tell you” one of the relatives said

    “jimi you are the only son of your family, you need to take good care of your mother she should be your wife for now till you marry” mr jade my dad’s cousin said

    “their something I will like to also say. Pls jimi do not follow the way of your sister, so that you will excel in life” the oldest of them said

    After their advise and encouragement tears rolled down my eyes, while I composed my self and went back to the sitting room.

    At exactly 8:30pm we were at Jeremy’s house, sitting in his sitting room and ammunitions such as ak47(2) three k90 pistol on his center table and the key to his camry.

    Jeremy who is an assassin and also lend ammunitions to armed robbers and cultist (depending on your order)

    “jaola this all you demanded for” jeremy said while he drank from his henessy bottle

    “thank you so much jerry you such a good friend” said jaola bringing out his wallet.

    Jaola gave jeremy fifty thousand naira for the ammunitions and car he borrowed. “shalewa bring the guns to the car” jerry said

    “how did he know my name” I thought. I took the guns following him and jaola to the car while he kept smiling at me.

    I keep the criers in the booth of the car, while I waited for jaola because he was talking to jeremy at a corner and they were both smiling and laughing.

    Minutes later jaola came to meet me while I gave him a frown look. We entered the car and zoomed off.

    ” why were you guys laughing ”

    “shalewa baby.. Is it a crime to laugh”

    “don’t play smart” I said turning the car stirring

    “hey shalewa do you want to kill us”

    “answer my question” I said angrily

    “Okk. The guy is crushing on you, he has been seeing you around for some times now”

    “and you are cool about, another guy is crushing on your white angel”

    “just leave that we will talk later” he brought out his phone from his pocket and made a call

    “john how far”

    “things are going well, we will soon leave now”

    “good when you leave, don’t forget to flash me”he said and hanged up

    ” who is john” I asked immediately

    “he is the driver taking Albert to odunayo’s house” jaola said increasing the velocity of the car.
    Minutes later we were at blue whale hotel, outside the hotel we shared the ammunitions jaola the driver took a pistol gun, gave me an ak 47 and the other one to muscular. He gave jagaban the second pistol and the third one to obaino.

    They were still discussing on how their mission will be, when john flashed him.

    “guy let’s go” jaola said. We all hopped into the car while we left the hotel. Jaola started accelerating with full force until he started following a particular car.

    “guys that is their car” he said
    “let’s get ready to rumble”shalewa shouted while she pulled her gun.

    Jaola followed the car for about 15 minutes before they noticed that a car was following them. Immediately they knew it Alfred team opened fire against jaola team.

    Jaola team stormed out of the car, shooting vigorously. Shalewa brought down two of their men, suddenly Linda shouted “ahh, my hand” she fell on the ground…….. TBC…….

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