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    Shalewa is doom

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    Make dem waste them make story finish jare

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    Lolz…see hw una carry trouble give una selves

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    gbese re oøo

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    shalewa never see firm

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    Episode 14
    The yellow house made arrangement on how they were going to attack Jaola’s team down.

    That same day Shalewa got home and met her mum and Jimi patiently waiting for her.

    Immediately Jimi saw her, he said “Where the hell are you coming from?”

    “How is that your business Jimi?”

    “It became my concern since am now the man of the family and right now you are going to tell me where you coming or I beat the hell out of you” Said Jimi

    “Jimi have you forgotten that am your elder sister?” Asked Shalewa

    “I didn’t forget but that won’t stop me from beating you up since you are not just stupid but senseless too. Dad is dead and you can’t even stay at home just as a sign of respect.” Said Jimi

    “Did you just say respect?” Asked Shalewa

    “Yes respect” replied Jimi

    “Respect my foot. Our dad lost all the respect I have for him the very day he stopped providing for all my need” said Shalewa

    “You are a big fool and a disgrace to girls. When dad was rich, he sacrifice everything for us, we never lacked anything, when things became bad for him, I excepted you to understand and offer a shoulder for him to lean on but you never did now he is dead, I thought you were going to feel sad that you don’t have a dad again but you never cared that our dad is dead. What kind of a daughter are you?” Asked Jimi

    “A good daughter” replied Shalewa

    Cynthia got fed up and decided to speak for the first time

    “Shalewa don’t let me to curse the day I gave birth to you. Your dad is dead and you didn’t feel it all you do is stay outside and come back late and sometimes you don’t come back at all. Is this how we trained you?” Asked Cynthia with a teary voice

    Instead of Shalewa to reply her mum, she just left the house. Jimi wanted to follow her so that he will beat her and drag her back home but Cynthia told him not to.

    “Mum you are the one spoiling this girl I must confess” said Jimi angrily

    “How son?” Asked Cynthia confusingly

    “You allow her to get away with any wrong thing she do since we were kids. You never for once punish her” said Jimi

    “I don’t believe in beating or punishing kids will change kids I believe only prayers can change them” said Cynthia

    “Sometimes you are suppose to punish them too now Shalewa is now a dry fish that cannot be strengthen again” said Jimi

    “I know Jimi I regretted the way I brought her up but I believe God will touch her and you will become a better person” said Cynthia

    “I hope that too” said Jimi

    Shalewa got to Joala’s house and met the rest of the team there and she was very happy to see them

    “my white angel how are you?” asked jaola

    “am not fine” replied shalewa

    “babe wetin do you” asked obaino

    “na my mama ooo with my stupid brother, that guy dey vex me” said shalewa.

    Before they could reply shalewa,
    gunshots were heard and they were all alarmed

    Jaola went to the window and peep when he saw that it was the yellow house that were shooting the guns, he told his team to bring out their own guns which they rented from jeremy so that they will be able to attack them back.
    The red beret all stormed out of the house to face the alora (yellow team), this time around jaola was with the ak47 while the second one was with obaino, the rest of the members were with pistol gun.

    They shot rapidly at the aloras but unknown to them that bullet has no effect on the yellow team. At this time jaola noticed that the aloras were fully prepare for him, he got to realize that he was a powerless and charmless man who was into the game cultism.

    Meanwhile Shalewa didn’t go out with them, she only stayed inside observing things because she knew she wasn’t strong enough to face the aro baggers.

    Ten minutes later, Jaola and his team were all dead but no member of the yellow house died because they were all protected. After killing jaola they detached his head from his body before heading out of the compound.

    They were about leaving when alo kiss kiss said something

    “where is shalewa their white angel? ”

    “maybe she is not here” a member of the yellow team said

    “let’s go look for her in the town, we must waste her before 24 hours” another member said.

    The yellow house left Jaola’s house and Shalewa quickly came out and left the compound to her house where she started packing her belongings to leave the village as soon as possible because she believe the village is no longer save for her anymore.

    Immediately she stepped out of her house running to the pack where she will board a vehicle going out of ekiti, some of the aloras waiting for her beside her house shot profusely at her…….. To be continued….

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    hmmmm shalewa sori

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    Na so man daughter take die

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