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    Useless gurl

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    Episode 15
    immediately she left her house the alora boys started shooting at her profusely, luckily for shalewa non of the bullets met her.

    She ran as fast as her legs could carry while the alora boys went after her. Mean while jimi and his mum were so surprise with the speed shalewa used to pack her belongings and ran out of the house.

    Jimi followed her immediately, not until he started hearing gun shots from outside which made him ran back into the house

    “(panting) I think some people are shooting outside, it was immediately shalewa ran out of the compound they started shooting” said jimi

    “ahh my daughter my daughter don’t tell me she is dead” cynthia said crying out of the compound, while jimi followed

    Immediately they went out of the compound so many people were outside, elderly women were laying curses on Shalewa because some of the bullet shot by the aloras injured some innocent people.

    The alora boys kept on chasing her while she kept on running,,immediately shalewa looked back and noticed that the boys were far behind she diverted into a bush paths.

    Unknown to her the boys had divided them selves going towards different direction. Shalewa ran deep into the bush before she came across a river

    ” how will I pass here”she said to her self

    She quickly remember how her boyfriend then when she was still in Lagos taught her how to swim when they went outing in a hotel.

    She entered the river slowly, while she started applying her swimming skills. The water was really big because it was reaching her in her neck region. She kept on struggling with the water when she heard a voice

    “shalewa you can run for all I care but you going six feet is certain”

    She looked at the person, to her greatest surprise it was alo kiss kiss. He pulled the trigger but shalewa dodged it while he came closer. On the process of struggling with the water to meet shalewa, she gave him a very strong punch on his face which made him missed his step and started drowning.

    Shalewa collected the gun from him and pulled him down so he could drown well. She continue swimming till she finally got out of the water. She was so happy that she survived the water, when she met another hindrance in her front.

    It was a very big dry clay sand in form of a pyramid like a mountain, in height it should be more than180 feet. Shalewa started climbing the clay with the aid of holes on the body.

    Minutes after climbing she finally got to the top sweating profusely and her body was extremely dirty due to the clay that touched her soaked body. Looking down the mountain she saw a village surrounded by bushes, that mountain should be a barrier separating the village from the thick forest.

    She was still calculating on how to go down the mountain to the other village, when she missed her step.

    “gbowaa” shalewa landed on the other side which was the village, while blood gushed out of her nose and mouth.

    Three hours later a middle aged man who happened to be a farmer passed by the area where shalewa was lying helpless and unconscious.

    “ahh is this an animal or a human being” he asked going towards shalewa

    “its is a girl ooo, who on earth did this to this beautiful girl, those people will never go scott free” the middle aged man muttered

    The man popular called “baba agbado”(father of corn) due to his popularity and progress in maize farming, he carried shalewa on his shoulder to his hut situated at the end part of the village where he cleaned her up and put some half grinded leaves in her nose and mouth..

    7 hours later shalewa started sneezing continuously and coughing out all the leaves in her mouth.

    “where am I ” that was the first question that came to her head.

    “at last you are awake” baba agbado said smiling broadly

    “pls where am i” shalewa asked feeling scared

    “relax my daughter ” baba agbado said “my daughter did you remember what happen to you ealier”

    ” (panting) yes I was raped continuously and beaten up by some group of people” she lied for security reasons

    “ekpele” said baba agbado

    “god will punish those people mightily”

    Baba agbado went to his kitchen and got roasted yam and oil for shalewa to eat, she wasn’t happy eating it but she has no choice because she was extra hungry at that moment. After the food, baba agbado gave shalewa some concortion to prevent her from getting pregnant through the rape and applied python oil on her bruises to reduce the pain.

    ” what is your name” asked baba agbado

    ” shalewa” she responded slowly

    ” what a good name omoshalewa. So tell me what lead you to the rape and beating incident”

    “(she kept quiet for some time before she spoke up) I am a student of unilag, I was on my way going to school when they attacked me”

    ” am so sorry,” said baba agbado

    “can you do me a favour? ” asked shalewa

    “Okk go on”

    ” pls sir can you show me the way to Lagos? ”

    ” not yet, at least you need to rest for few more days before I show you the way”

    “OK thank you sir ” she said lying back on the mat, thank God she is lenient for now

    Three days later baba agbado took shalewa to a four corner junction, directing her to pass the left road and walk straight down, she will get to otta which is a stone throw to Lagos. She thanked baba agbado and set off for her journey……..
    To be continued……

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    Shalewa is not yet a bad girl.

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    What*s do you want in Lagos?.

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    ha dont tel me shalewa is dead

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    moving to lagos to start over ur bahd life again

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