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    going back to Lagos? again? well na badoo you be nau…nothing do u.

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    maybe going to Lagos will be the beginning of her end

    what a bad girl

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    Episode 16

    Shalewa set off for her journey, she followed the direction that the farmer gave her. Three hours later, she was at otta exactly what the farmer told her.

    The little 500 naira with Shalewa she use it to eat something at otta before she continued her journey. But what was going through her mind was were she was going to stay in Lagos, an idea came to her head that she should go to the house of her boyfriend when she was in Lagos.

    In no time she boarded a vehicle going to surulere were her boy friend lives. Few minutes later she arrived at her destination, she was about entering the compound when the gate man stop her

    “kai kai who I dey look for?” ask the gateman

    “am looking for frankkay, the guy that is living at the back of the building” said Shalewa

    ” frankkay e no live here again ” said the gateman

    ” where is he living now?” asked Shalewa

    ” I don’t know bequase police police e come for here and frankkay run, e no come back again”

    ” ahh OK thank you” Shalewa said scratching her head

    “where do I go to now” she said to her self

    After so much thinking she decided to go to a hotel to ask for help or even catch one maga that she will collect money from. She trekked a little down the street when she saw a hotel Apex hotel and suite.

    She entered the hotel it was a bit noisy and crowded, she got a good chair were she sat on waiting for a maga to come. Looking at the other side she saw some group of girls smoking, drinking and arguing they should probably be the runs girls(s--t).

    After 5 hours of waiting no man even looked at her, maybe it was probably the kind of cloth she was wearing or how dirty she was. At a point she got frustrated and was about leaving the place when she two girls on high heels tweaking to their vehicle, the older one open her white range Rover and the other entered her black Honda pilot.

    “look at the kind of ride this young girls are using, this opportunity will not pass me by” Shalewa said as she approached the older one

    “good afternoon ma”greeted Shalewa

    “afternoon young lady how can I help you? ” asked the lady

    “pls ma I want to be like you” said Shalewa

    “like me how?” asked the lady confusingly

    “I mean have big cars like you and the other aunty there” said Shalewa pointing at the other lady in the Honda pilot

    “hmm are you sure you can do what we do” asked the Lady

    “anything I can do” said Shalewa

    ” well get into the car I will take you somewhere” said the lady

    Shalewa entered the range Rover while they left the hotel, she was so happy and feeling cool in the car because its been a long time she stayed in an air conditioned place. About 20 minutes of driving, they arrived at a duplex in Allen avenue, she horned and the gate man came to open the gate.

    She rode into the compound and parked in a space provided for cars in the compound.

    “come down” the lady said

    Shalewa came down from the vehicle, looking at the mighty house she was.

    “who is this girl” the girl from the Honda pilot asked

    ” she needs help so I want to take her to chi mummy” said the lady

    “just pray she accepts you” the other lady said referring to Shalewa.

    The two girls entered the building while Shalewa followed, immediately Shalewa entered the building she nearly fainted. Even when her dad was rich she had never seen such a house, the house was extra furnished and beautiful.

    “sit down let me go and call chi mummy”

    Shalewa sat on the sofa feeling relax and still admiring the beauty of the house when a woman came to meet her.

    “good day madam what will you like to take”

    “am OK with anything” said Shalewa

    “OK thank you” the woman said a left

    Meanwhile up in the building, chi mummy was seen dancing to a south African music when her two girls came to meet her.

    “good day chi mummy” they both said

    “wow oluchi and zinna you both are back”

    “yes” said oluchi the older one as her and chi mummy kissed each other.

    ” there is a girl waiting for you downstairs, she needs help” said zinna

    “who is she” asked chi mummy
    “well we can’t say”

    “OK let’s go see her”

    On getting down stair they saw Shalewa consuming chicken with a bottle of red wine. The two girls following chi mummy signaled Shalewa to stand up.

    “who is this dirty thing you brought into my house??” barked chi mummy

    “we are so sorry ma, that’s why we told you she needs help” the two ladies chorused

    On seeing the situation at hand Shalewa decided to speak up.

    ” ma am so sorry if I have done anything wrong, I just need help from you pls help me. Shalewa told chi mummy about her past especially when she was with jaola and red beret, including some lies she added to convince chi mummy”

    “wow this is the kind of fish I have been looking for, according to your story you should be a pro in handling guns and tracking people down ”

    “yes ma” answered Shalewa

    “what’s your name?” asked chi mummy

    ” am Shalewa aka Shalewa the bad girl”

    They all laughed

    “nice one you have reduced my stress I will not run errands again. I will connect you to some of my partners who are senators, governors, chief etc”

    “thank you ma”

    “you are welcome, stop calling me ma I am chi mummy here are oluchi and zinna, they are also my girls”

    Shalewa and girls hugged each other before chi mummy went back upstairs.

    “shalewa let’s go out for shopping you need to tush up, with time you will get your own vehicles” said zinna

    Zinna and shalewa left the sitting room to her Honda pilot while oluchi stayed back to have fun with chi mummy…….
    To be continued…..

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    just tank God u her alive.

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