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    big gal tin

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    Fryin pan to fire

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    Fun Ko

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    Episode 17

    Zinna took Shalewa to the most expensive boutique for a change of wardrobe. At first Shalewa was scared of picking all the things she needs because she thought Zinna won’t be able to pay for them but Zinna told her not to worry that she can select as many clothes, shoes and any other thing she want in the boutique because she has the money to pay for it.

    On hearing that, Shalewa decided to select all the cloth that she has been eyeing ever since she came inside the boutique. After she was done with her selections, Zinna told her to go and try all the clothes on which Shalewa did. Each clothes Shalewa put on fits her perfectly and the clothes also brought out all her curves in the right places.

    After they were done shopping, they got into Zinna’s car and drove out of the boutique. Instead of Zinna to drive to the direction of their house, she did a U turn and Shalewa became worried where Zinna was taking her to

    Twenty minutes has passed and they haven’t gotten to their destination. Shalewa couldn’t hide her worried again so she decided to ask Zinna where she was taking her to

    “Zinna where are you taking me to?” Asked Shalewa

    “I am taking you to a saloon where you are remake your hair and also for your manicure or do you plan on meeting with the senator or the governor with these hair you have on?” Said Zinna

    “Oh! I haven’t forgotten that my hair looks rough. Zinna I want to say thank you” said Shalewa

    “For what?” Asked Zinna

    “For agreeing to help me” replied Shalewa

    “Oh that!? It nothing” said Zinna

    “I never thought you ladies we accept me in the first place” said Shalewa

    “Your confident, boldness and courage is one thing that made us agree to help you. Can I ask you a question?” Asked Zinna

    “How old are you?” Asked Zinna

    Shalewa was silence for sometime because she was only seventeen years old and if she tells Zinna that, she was hundred percentage sure they won’t allow her in their group so she decided to lie since she has body that can pose for a twenty two years ago

    When Zinna noticed that Shalewa has been silences since, she thought maybe she was not comfortable telling her her age.

    “Shalewa if you are not comfortable telling me your age then you don’t have too” said Zinna

    “No! No! Not at all am very comfortable telling you my age. Am 20 years old” lied Shalewa

    “Shalewa you are still very young and you have a bright future. Are you sure you know what you are getting yourself into?” Asked Zinna

    “I know” said Shalewa

    “If you say so then no problem” said Zinna

    Zinna killed the car engine in front of a saloon and Shalewa and her got down from the car.

    Four hours later the hair stylists are done with Shalewa’s and she couldn’t believe that it was her own reflection she was seeing in the mirror because she looks so different from herself she knew before

    Zinna paid the hair stylists their money as she and Shalewa left the saloon to Chi mummy’s house

    Two weeks later

    Jimi entered into his mum’s room after he noticed that his mum hasn’t been out of the room since morning. Jimi met his mum crying

    “Mum how Long are you going to continue crying?” Asked Jimi

    “As long has I still have tears in my eyes” said Cynthia

    “I don’t even know why you are crying sef” said Jimi

    “Nobody has seen your sister for the past two weeks and I don’t even know if she is alive or dead and you are saying you don’t know why am crying” replied Cynthia

    “Shalewa chose her life and am happy she is out of my life” said Jimi

    “How can you say such a thing Jimi?” Cynthia asked shocked

    “I rather not have a sister than having a way ward girl for a sister” said Jimi said nonchalantly

    “She is my daughter and even if she is way ward I still want her close to me” said Cynthia

    “Let’s forget about Shalewa for now and discuss the important thing that brought me here” said Jimi

    “And what’s that?” Asked Cynthia……
    To be continued…

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    I’m seeing things

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    what a dirty life

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