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    jimi talk to ur mum

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    Shalewa was silence for sometime because she was only seven years old


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    hmmmm..shalewa..hw many tyms did I call u

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    what’s that

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    seven years??????????????? hmmmmmmmmmmm okay ooo nah story nau. fire on guy

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    Episode 18

    “I want to drop out of school” said jimi

    ” God forbid, why did you say that”

    “mum am tired of government school so its better I drop out since we can’t afford a private school. Secondly since daddy died you have not been going to your shop, I need to start a business to provide money for us to eat”

    “jimi what do you mean, so you don’t want to be a judge again? ” asked Cynthia’s

    “when I make money I can further my education”

    “will you shut up, you want to kill me Shalewa is no more interested in education, now you want to join her” Cynthia said with a teary eyes

    “am sorry, I will continue my education just stop crying” he said consoling his mum
    Allen avenue::
    Chi mummy has being testing Shalewa’s ability and training her for the past two week including the birth control implantation she went for at konami specialist hospital and she is really doing well.

    “at last I have seen a substitute, I won’t be going on missions for people again and shalewa has good qualities” said Chi mummy

    ” yea she is really good” her other girls replied

    Chi mummy is officially a lesbian and a secret leaker to the government she have 6 girls working with her. Two girls oluchi and jumbo who are her lesbian partners she does not have sex with them alone but with different rich woman from abuja port Harcourt, Ghana and SA also.

    Three girls zinna, Juliet and carolina work under Chi mummy as commercial sex workers, they sleep with top politicians, celebrities and get payed while they share the money being paid to them 60-40 with Chi mummy.

    Shalewa who is now a new sex worker, but her rank is more higher because she is replacing Chi mummy while Chi mummy will be base on her lesbianism….
    “that remains me we have business this evening shalewa” said Chi mummy.

    “really so what is it all about”

    ” Good I will introduce you to a very wealthy politician, who is also my customer. So wear one of your most sexy cloths”

    “Chi mummy don’t you trust me again, am very good at that”

    ” na why I like you shalewa the bad girl” said zinna

    While other girls started hailing her.

    Exactly 6:45pm, all the girls hopped into their cars for their various activities while shalewa joined Chi mummy in her posche. After 15 minutes drive they arrived at eko hotel, the place was really amazing for shalewa because it was her first time going to eko hotel.

    Chi mummy made a call, after the call she told shalewa to follow her they walked to the pool side of the hotel were they saw a man in white suit and hat drinking at a corner.

    “good day sir” greeted Chi mummy

    ” its been a while now” said the man

    “yea I have been out of town for sometime”

    “wow.. So who is this wonderful angel” referring to shalewa

    “she is my new girl now, am out of the game she will be at your service now”

    “hmm that cool too”

    ” I will leave you guys now to have a wonderful experience. Shalewa take good care of yourself see you tomorrow” Chi mummy said leaving the two of them alone.

    Shalewa came to the sit beside the man, exactly where Chi mummy was sitting before.

    ” am Valentino Charles by name but you can call me val the don”

    “wow val the don. Are you a Nigerian?” asked shalewa

    “not really my dad is a south African and my mum a Nigerian”

    “hmm that’s cool”

    Shalewa was looking so sexy that val kept his gaze on her. She was wearing a gown which was at her laps level and her boobs were practically open and Val was having a clear view of them

    “do you also work as a secret agent” asked val

    “yea” shalewa replies bringing out a packet of Benson from her bag and light it.

    “wow” said val

    “tell me what are you doing in Nigeria” asked shalewa

    Meanwhile val had ordered the drink of shalewa’s choice, which was a champagne that worth 450k per bottle

    ” am into politics in Nigeria tho am a graduate of political science at Harvard university”

    “hmm interesting” shalewa said, drinking the champagne directly from the bottle. ” so why don’t you join politics in south African instead of Nigeria”

    “nice question, Nigeria needs people like me to better their system of government” said val

    “I like people like you”_said shalewa

    She consumed three bottles of same champagne before she started feeling the effect.

    “are you ready to show me what you got?” asked val

    “I think so”

    Val took her to his vip room at eko hotel, she took her shower while val also took his before they went down to business. Shalewa was so sexy that val lasted for three hour(omo the guy try oo)

    “where did he get such strength from” shalewa wondered.

    It all ended up in the shower when val became so tired at 12:12am. The both of them slept off after which val woke up by 5:55 am and saw shalewa already dressed and ready to go.

    ” you are already going” val asked

    “yea my time is over” shalewa said chewing gum.

    “you are really sweet am so exhausted” val said reaching for his cheque book.

    He gave shalewa a cheque of 400 thousand while she collect, looked at it and smiled putting it inside her hand bag. She gave val a kiss on his neck, val responded to stimulus and he pulled her back when she muttered out

    “that’s an extra time and you will pay for it”.
    Leaving the room. Val fell back on the bed.

    Shalewa went straight to the bank to cash the money then to first bank, the bank she was using and deposited two hundred and thirty thousand naira and the remaining one seventy thousand to Chi mummy account, before she headed home.

    Jimi was seen running home very fast feeling very happy and shouting “yes yes” God has answered my prayers.

    I guess we already know why he is happy
    To be continued….

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    @blessfelicity222 et @Hormortiyor he made a mistake there because Shalewa is seventeen

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