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    Nice one. Congratulations to jimi on his admission. just thinking

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    Gud to go…let ride on

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    He won a schorlarship

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    me no kwn o

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    scholarship tina on point

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    Episode 19
    “mum mum God has answered my prayers” jimi shouted from outside

    He entered the house, but he did not see his mum. He went to the back yard in search of her and found his mum opening melon seeds.

    ” mum guess what ”

    “pls tell me am not good at guessing”

    “just guess”

    “they have expelled the bully in your school”

    “no mum, some white men came to our school today, looking for good art students to send abroad if only we passed their test. Luckily for Mr jade my formal home lesson teacher had thought me and I was the only person that passed their test”

    ” jimi are you joking or what”

    “mum am serious”

    “ese baba” cynthia said dancing and singing round the compound.

    Two weeks later jimi left for the united state, he passed most of their exams so he was given the privileged to go to a law school to further his education. Cynthia felt very lonely, but she had no choice than to keep praying for jimi. She got a shop on the street were she sold food stuff to take care of her self.
    ;; alo kiss kiss survived the incident through the help of his other member who came to his rescue. They took him to a hospital were he was taken care of. After two weeks, he recovered fully promising to kill shalewa were ever she was including outside the country

    At exactly 4:30pm shalewa was seen smoking and drinking in a hotel close to Chi mummy’s house, when she received a call from one of her client.

    ” good day shalewa how are you doing? ” asked sure money

    ” am cool anything on ground”

    ” I want you to track mr Alonso down for me, he will be on his way home with a document worth 2 million naira I want you to double cross him and collect the document. If he proves stubborn, blow off his f-----g skull”

    ” how do I get to him?” asked shalewa

    “immediately he lives the office I will call you”

    “done, I charge you 500 bunk”

    “no problems I will transfer it to you immediately I get the document ” sure money said while shalewa hanged up

    Shalewa hopped into her pajero jeep and rode straight to Chi mummy’s house, she took her bath, changed into her mission suit which was a black leather trouser, a black sleeve less top cover with her black thick jacket, a dark timberland boot, her hand gloves and her dark sunshade glasses.

    She hanged her ak47 on her shoulder like a hand bag, inserted two cz_75 pistol guns in her pocket and waited in her room patiently for sure money to call.

    15 minutes later sure money called back.

    “he just left the office now he is heading toward five and six road, its a white toyota camry 2009 model, the document is in a blue file. Shalewa I need a clean job”

    “don’t doubt my capability”

    She ran down stairs, got into her jeep and rode straight to five and six road. She got to five and six road and there was hold up, she got down from her jeep and located the white 2009 model camry. Alonso was sitting inside with a lady, she was surprise that she had to call sure money.

    She went back to her pajero jeep and called sure money

    ” is mr Alonso with a woman in the car”

    “no he did not go home with a woman. Have you seen him?” asked sure money

    “yes but with a woman inside”

    “maybe he went to pick his wife, just track him down”

    Shalewa waited patiently in her jeep for the hold up to free up, after waiting for so long the road became free and all vehicle continued their journey. She followed Alonso bomber to bomber when heaven opened, the rain was so heavy that she could not see her front again.

    She turned the weeper on to clean the glass so she could see her front, luckily for her, she was seeing but it was blur. She followed Alonso until he was about entering a hotel when she crossed him, she came out of her car to face Alonso who was also coming out of his car to challenge shalewa for crossing him.

    “get down” shalewa shouted pointing her gun to Alonso.

    Alonso fell on the wet dirty ground with his white suit and his head down

    “pls what do you want from me” asked Alonso shaking on the floor

    “nice question” said shalewa

    Shalewa wanted to prolong the scene since it was raining heavily and no one could notice anything

    “where is the document”

    “which document” asked Alonso
    ” do you think am here to play with you” barked shalewa

    “no ma, I don’t know what you are talking about, I don’t have any document here”

    ” your time is near” said shalewa as she cocked her gun

    ” if am lying let God punish me”

    Shalewa became angry and shot mr Alonso on his leg”

    “ahh” Alonso shouted in pain

    “now where is the document” shalewa shouted

    “its inside the car in the pigeon hole”

    Meanwhile the lady in mr Alonso’s car is a s--t he saw on the road side that he decided to spend the night with, unknown to him it was a girl sent from his assistant mr olatunde to seduce him so he will pick the girl up and she will steal the document because Alonso is an expert in womanizing. Secondly his assistant also sent some boys to follow her in case she fail.

    The girl in the car opened the car pigeon hole, took the document and hid it in her bag while she opened the car door to run away. Immediately she came out shalewa fired a bullet in her spine, while she headed for the girls bag.

    Suddenly a Volvo car parked in the middle of the road shooting profusely while some men got down from the car fully armed headed to the white camry….
    To be continued……

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    Shalewa no fit die for there.

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    She send d money 2 her bro

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