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    it is Alo kiss kiss

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    Episode 21
    The person that shot Shalewa turned out to be Alo Kiss Kiss’. He shot her on the forehead and ran away before anybody could get hold of him.


    Cynthia was in her shop which she rented on the street where she sells her goods when suddenly she felt something like a bang on her head, she couldn’t tell what it means but knowing how she is, she could easily tell that something bad has happened somewhere to a person even though she couldn’t tell who the person was.

    Cynthia decided to go back home because her mind hasn’t been at rest after the bang on her Head. She decided to tell the woman close to her that she will be going home

    “Mama Bola I will going home now” said Cynthia

    “Mama Jimi this one that you are leaving so early I hope all his well?” Asked Mama Bola

    “Mama Bola all is well” replied Cynthia

    “All is not well because your face clearly says it all” said Mama Bola

    “Am having a serious headache that’s why I want to go home and nothing more. See you tomorrow” said Cynthia

    “kpele ooo plz make sure you take some drugs when you get home and make sure you get enough rest” said Mama Bola

    “I will. Bye bye” said Cynthia

    Cynthia left the shop to her house praying to God not to allow anything to happen to her children even though she doesn’t know the whereabout of Shalewa but she still want her save and sound.


    Shalewa was rushed to a nearby hospital by the owner of the boutique Grace and her sale girl Sofia after all the customers in the boutique ran away after hearing the gunshot. Before they could get her to the hospital, she has already lost a lot of blood and she became unconscious.

    Shalewa was taken into the emergency ward of konami specialist hospital while Grace and Sofia waited in the reception anxiously.

    Three hours later, the doctor came out and told Sofia and Grace that Shalewa was really Lucy because the bullet penetrate through her head and if not that she was brought to the hospital on time maybe she might have lost her life

    The doctor also told Sofia and Grace that they should find a way to contact her family or people she is really close to since they had already told him that Shalewa is just a regular customer in their boutique and nothing more.


    Chi mummy and Zinna where seen sitting down in the sitting room worried that it has been over six hours Shalewa told them she was going shopping and up till that hour, she was yet to return and they were very sure that if she wanted to go anywhere, Shalewa would have told them before going out or better still call them on the phone.

    Zinna was about to make a suggestion when Chi mummy’s phone started ringing.

    Chi mummy checked the caller ID and discover that the ID was Unknown to her so she decided to ignore the call.

    The Unknown caller continued calling Chi mummy and that was when Zinna told Chi mummy to pick the call who knows maybe the person might be one of their customers

    Chi mummy decided to pick the call

    “Good evening ma please am I speaking with Chi mummy?” Asked the unknown caller

    “Yes am chi mummy. How are you and how do you know that I am Chi mummy?” Asked Chi mummy

    “Ma am Grace by name and I am also the owner of the boutique where Shalewa always come to buy her clothes, shoes and jewelries” said Grace

    “Okay but that hasn’t answered my other question which is how did you get my number” said Chi mummy

    “Ma I got your number from Shalewa’s phone since you where the last person she called” said Grace

    “Is Shalewa there with you?” Asked Chi mummy

    “No she isn’t with me. Ma I called to inform you that you really need to come to the hospital right now” said Grace

    “Why?” Asked Chi mummy

    “”Shalewa was shot by an unknown gunman in my boutique earlier today and we rushed her to the hospital” said Grace

    “What!!!” Exclaimed Chi mummy

    “And the doctor said we should try and get in touch with someone that knows her that’s why I called you since you were the last person she called’ said Grace

    “Which hospital are you ladies in?” Asked Chi mummy

    Grace gave them the name and address of the hospital they were in.

    After the call has ended, Chi mummy turned to Zinna nd told her exactly what grace had told her. Chi mummy took her car keys to leave the house but Zinna told her that she was going to follow her….

    An hour later Chi mummy and Zinna got to the hospital where Shalewa was admitted in and luckily for them, Shalewa was already awake and they were allowed to see her…..
    To be continued….

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    shelewa u get luck

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    Bad people always have luck

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    another chance to repent shalewa

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    Nze luckyNze lucky
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    Hheeeiyaaa … Poor mother

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    u still get luck

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    Shalewa u’re lucky to survive dis.

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