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    lucky u b---h

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    battle line as just be drawn

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    Waiting to see wht will happen
    Shalewa vrs Alo kiss kiss

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    Hmmmm…u r really lucky

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    Episode 23

    Episode Written by Konami

    Shalewa arrived at eko hotel with her pajero jeep, in no time she was at the front of Val’s hotel room
    “knock knock”

    “who is there” val asked

    “shalewa” replied Shalewa

    “come in” said Val

    Immediately shalewa came in, val started yelling

    “what kept you so long, you should have been through with your job by now” val said angrily

    ” calm down” fired shalewa I could not come due to some unforeseen circumstances but now I am here”

    “why the plaster on your head?” asked val

    “that is part of the reason why I couldn’t come” answered shalewa

    “sorry I will compensate you with 200 bulk for that, now sit down let’s talk”

    “so what do you want me to do to this man?” asked shalewa

    ” nice question I want you to eliminate him ” val answered

    ” done ” said Shalewa

    “hey! that reminds me guns cannot kill this man, he is well protected so you need to derive a good way to eliminate him” said val

    Shalewa thought for a while before she spoke up

    ” where does he live ”

    “he lives at 12 dolphins estate”

    ” good this job is really going to cost you alot” said shalewa

    “no problem am ready to pay any amount just to get there” said val

    “there is this kind of explosive I will order from Ghana ones you are ready it will cost about 820 bulk, then my pay is 600 bulk but you will give me 200 bulks, when the job is complete I will collect my balance ”

    ” no problem” said val
    He picked up his phone and was about transferring the money when shalewa stopped him

    “share the money into two and transfer it to my gtb and first bank account to avoid any suspect” said shalewa

    Val did according to her orders, she received a notification from the two banks, in total her money was 1 milla 30k including the compensation val promised her.

    ” I will be on my way now ” said shalewa

    “so when am I expecting good news” asked val

    “give me five days” she said walking out of the room.

    Shalewa went home immediately and started sketching a plan for her operation, two hours later she was still in it when zinna came to her

    “shalewa the bad girl what’s popping” asked zinna

    “nothing much I just have an operation at hand” replied shalewa

    ” shalewa do how this alo kiss kiss look like” asked zinna

    “hmmm he is fair, tall and always putting on his yellow beret”

    ” does this look like the guy ” zinna said showing shalewa a picture from her phone

    “jezz how did you get it” exclaimed shalewa

    “ha ha ha ha you are a bad girl while me am a sharp girl”

    Shalewa left what she was doing to face zinna

    “this is the guy, so how did you come across him when you knew nothing much about him”

    “ha ha ha girl relax I sharp pass the sharpest” replied zinna

    “OK I know but pls tell me how you got his pics”

    “OK I was in chi mummy regular hotel, cooling off remember I told you chi mummy have new girls working for her so I was supervising them. At first the guy was drinking close to me and was busy staring at my lap because I was putting on a bum short, then a guy from no where came to meet him and they were like
    “guy so you dey fly yellow”

    “no be new thing I be vk sef”

    “for where”


    “omo I don see my brother”

    They clod fingers together and the other guy shouted aloooo, and he responded with kiss kiss.
    Immediately I heard the name kiss kiss I quickly remembered what you told us in the hospital. I brought out my phone and took a picture of him before they went to meet some girls working for chi mummy.

    “zinna baby you sharp gon” said shalewa

    ” you can say that again” replied zinna

    “so you don tell chi mummy”

    “sure this evening”

    “so wetin she talk”

    ” she talk say make oluchi and I take charge because she dey go SA tomorrow”

    “I trust my girls” said shalewa

    “girl I go see you tomorrow I dey comot you know say since three days now I never change oil” zinna said winking at shalewa

    “all is well go well my pikin” replied shalewa

    “mmpa gi there who be your pikin” said zinna

    The next day shalewa order all the items she needed for the operation in less than 24 hours it was delivered to her. That evening shalewa drove to dolphins estate, packed her pajero in a shopping complex while she went to check out chief olumbi’s house.

    All corners of the house were guided with Mobile security men, no body could invade the place because they were fully armed. She observed the arena, waiting patiently for chief olumbi
    24 minutes later she saw a honda accord accompanied by two hilux van. It was written bolding on his plate number “chief olumbi 1”

    Shalewa observed from a corner as they drove into the hilarious building and closed the giant gate. She smiled to satisfaction as she brought out her plan which was on a card board once more…..
    To be continued…..

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