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    I dey feel you oh

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    hmmmmm shalewa, while something must kill a man, ur own day, dey com

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    D bad girl in d building

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    Episode 24

    EXACTLY 7:48 pm

    Shalewa waited patiently till it was 7:48pm before she commence her operation. She brought out a small cylinder from the big bag she was carrying which was containing some gases which could relax someone nervous system making to person to feel sleepy.

    She connected a host to the cylinder and releasing the gas in the cylinder. She threw the host into chief olumbi’s compound surrounded with security men while waited for the gas to react.

    After waiting for another forty minutes, she noticed that the compound was silent, she knocked on the gate but their was no respond. Shalewa smiled to her self in satisfaction while she scaled through the fence.

    Looking down from the top of the fence, all the mobile security men was fast a sleep, she quickly were her mask in case of CCTV cameras and fix her oxygen( since gas can diffuse she wore the oxygen to protect her self from the gas). She jumped down into the compound while she located chief olumbi’s car.

    Shalewa had already expected something like this, on getting to the car garage she saw three cars which have the same plate number “chief olumbi 1”. But as a sharp assassin she bought four explosives of lower rate than how much she collected from val.

    Shalewa avoided the car coming in contact with her in case of car alarm. She entered under chief olumbi’s car, disconnect some wires and planted the first bomb, she did that to the two other cars before she left the compound peace fully.

    The next day chief olumbi had an important meeting to attend to, he decided to use his range Rover for the meeting since it was an official one. Minutes later he was off for the meeting with his body guard following him in their hilux.

    They were still at ikeja when the range broke down, his driver went to check out the problem. The car was smoking continuously that the driver who was trying to fix it could not see again.

    “what is the problem” asked chief olumbi

    “sir I don’t know, the car is over heating” answered the driver

    “why didn’t you check the car before we left the house, am late for this meeting” shouted chief olumbi as he brought out his phone to call an auto mechanic.

    Meanwhile shalewa has being following chief olumbi with an unknown man in her pajero.

    Chief olumbi’s vehicle was hindering other motorist from moving as they horned continuously.

    Shalewa and the unknown man came down from her jeep vehicle heading to chief olumbi.

    ” sir what is the problem, we saw you from our workshop so we decided to come and help you out” said shalewa. She and the man was dressed like an auto mechanic

    “sir I think we have seen a mechanic” said the driver

    “thank god they must be sent from God because my mechanic number is not going through”

    Shalewa and the man started working at once(the man was a real mechanic but he was so so daft to notice what shalewa was doing he thought she wanted to extort money from chief). After 20 minutes the car was fixed while shalewa activated the bomb.

    “sir your vehicle is in good shape now” said shalewa as she grinned

    “thank you very much” the chief said as he gave shalewa the sum of 100 thousand.

    Shalewa took the money happily thanking chief. She went back to her jeep am gave the mechanic forty thousand and discharged him.

    A bomb blasts just occurred at the third mainland bridge minutes ago. According to details the bomb was planted in a range Rover 2015 model which belong to chief olumbi 1 of ilesha. This incident killed about 176 people and injury 234 people, this incident was so disastrous that it destroyed so many vehicle and cause a major damage to the bridge. The most amazing and shocking thing about this bomb blast was that the driver of chief olumbi died including his body guard but chief olumbi was found alive without any stain. The IG of police has decided to look into the matter, we will be back with more details thanks for watch… My name still remain Scott…..

    Val was so disappointed in Shalewa for an unsuccessful operation.

    “but its not her fault because this man is above physical destruction. Let me call shalewa and hear from her”
    He picked up his iPhone to call shalewa

    “hello I hope you have heard” said val

    “chief olumbi is a voodoolist” replied shalewa

    “he survived the bomb blast, what will I do to eliminate this man”

    “just keep calm I will show him that am physically and spiritual too” said shalewa confidently

    “are you for real pls don’t fail me this time”

    Shalewa hanged up as she made a puff from her cigarette…
    To be continued….

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    Feed me more. Next

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    Now she wnt to go spiritual

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    shalewa dis part u are treding won’t lead u to anywhere

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