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    Next pls

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    He gonna die

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    9ce start

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    U see??? Jst as I tot…its nt always gud 2 keep ur wife 2 always be a house wife

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    Episode 2

    Collins got inside his car and his driver started the car engine.

    When they were half way close to his office, his driver stopped.

    “Why did you stop the car” Asked Mr Collins Adewale

    “Sir i think one of the tyre is faulty that’s why I stopped the car” answered kunle the driver

    “If one of the tyres is truly faulty that means the tyre needs to be changed right?” Asked Mr Collins

    “Yes sir the tyre need to be changed” Came the reply of the driver

    “Hope there is a spare tyre in the booth?” Asked Mr Collins

    (Mr Collins asked that question because he knows that kunle never remembers to keep a spare tyre in the booth)

    The driver knowing why his boss asked that question smiled before answering his boss “Sir there is a spare tyre in the booth”

    “Please hurry up and change the tyre because I don’t want to be late today, I have a lot of things i want to do in the office”

    On hearing that, the driver quickly got down from the car and hurriedly went to open the booth of the car to bring out the spare tyre so that he will be able to fixed the faulty tyre on time. If there is one thing the driver has gotten to know about Mr Collins is that “he hates being late to work”.

    It took the driver thirty minutes to fix the tyre and after he was done, he quickly got into the car and hurriedly drove Collins to the office but when they got close to the office, they notice that there was a huge gathering in the front of his office so Mr Collins quickly got down from the car to go and find out what the gathering was all about but when he got close enough, he met the shocker of his life.

    What Mr Collins saw was self explanatory so he doesn’t need a soothsayer to tell him that his office was on fire.

    Mr Collins quickly search for his manager to ask him if they were able to save his important document but when he found him, the manager told him that “even a single pen was not save because inside the office was burnt beyond recognition and the cause of the fire still remain a misery to them” out of shock Mr Collins Adewale collapsed.

    His manager and some of his employees quickly rushed him to the nearest hospital close to the office.

    The manager who has the phone number of his wife called her to inform her of the bad news.

    Mrs Adewale was in the living room watching a comedy show when her phone started ringing. She checked who the caller was and when she saw that the caller was her husband’s manager, she decided to pick the call

    “Hello Ben” said Mrs Collins

    “Hello madam please you have to come to Konami specialist hospital right now” said the manager

    “What happened?(mrs Adewale yelled out) Why do I have to come to that hospital.

    “Madam your husband is admitted here right now that’s why you need to come to the hospital” replied Ben

    “My husband who was very healthy before leaving the house this morning now being admitted in the hospital. How is that possible?” Asked Cynthia

    Ben went ahead to explain everything to her over the phone.

    Mrs Adewale after receiving the call rushed to pick her car keys before driving out of the house to the hospital.

    Twenty minutes later, she got to the hospital and quickly for her, when she entered the reception she meant the doctor who attended to her husband and the told her that her husband only suffered from a shock and he will be okay.

    he told her to wait in the reception while he go and check on his other patient before leaving the reception.

    After Cynthia saw that the doctor has left, she went to where Mr Ben was sitting to ask him how the fire incident started but Mr Ben said “he didn’t know because he only came to the office this morning and met it on fire”.

    After that, none of them said a word to the other because the two of them were in deep thought.

    Four hours later the doctor came to inform them that Mr Collins is awake and they can now go in and see him…… TBC…..

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