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    Chief Olumbi b comfirm politician ooooooo Next oooooooooooooooooooooo

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    unskilled assassin.try again next time

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    Bad gurl indeed

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    Episode 25

    Two days later shalewa was ready to go and seek spiritual power to conquer chief olumbi, she packed some of her cloths, shoes, etc into her small bag taking it her pajero jeep. She was about calling ronke the girl who was going to take her to the place when zinna approached her.

    “shalewa where you dey pack go? ”

    “going on a short trip, I will be back soon”

    “and you no tell me”

    ” it was sudden trip but I will be back soon”

    “hmm shalewa me don dey fear you”

    “bye see you later” shalewa said entering into her car

    In less than one minute she was out of the compound, she rode straight to ronke’s house who was also ready for the journey. She hopped into the car while they set off for their journey.

    According to ronke, they were actually going to ijebu ode to one of the greatest native doctor to acquire great power to bring down chief olumbi. After 4 hour drive they were at ijebu ode, ronke directed shalewa on the path to take.

    They rode for another 40 minutes when shalewa noticed that she has been driving in a bush path.

    “ronke where are we going to”? Asked shalewa in an angry tons

    “we are going to visit irumole, let’s keep going we still have a long way” said ronke confidently

    Shalewa gasped and continue driving until she got to place that a car could not pass again.

    “park your car here, we have to continue the journey on foot”

    “you mean I should park my expensive jeep in this dangerous region”

    “babe e be like say you never ready to get powers”

    “hope nothing will happen to my jeep”

    “nothing will happen to it”

    Shalewa parked the car while they started trekking. They had trekked for 3 hours when they saw a dwarf coming to meet them. At first shalewa wanted to run away but ronke held her back

    ” you are welcome to the shrine of irumole, my master asked me to bring you to him” the dwarf said opening his eyes broadly

    “thank you sir” said ronke as she pulled shalewa to follow the dwarf

    “one more thing, remove you shoes for this is the shrine of irumole” said the dwarf

    Ronke and shalewa obeyed the dwarf as they pass through an entrance made of leafs. In no time they were in the main shrine of irumole.

    “welcome my children, you can have your seat I know why you are here” said irumole surprising shalewa.

    Shalewa was afraid of sitting down because she was surrounded by ancient looking gods and charms

    “shalewa ejoko oo” the native doctor said surprising shalewa again by calling her name.

    Shalewa sat down at once confirming that the man was powerful.

    Ronke took her leave, leaving shalewa with the witch doctor.

    “omo mi shalewa I know why you are here, you came to seek power to kill chief olumbi”

    Shalewa nodded in agreement

    “hmm chief olumbi is very powerful and above human distrucsun” irumole said in Ibadan accent

    “but you have come to the right place” he said and started making some incantation in yoruba language

    “shalewa you will stay here for seven days for proper santificasun” “but first of all go and take your bath in that river”

    Day 1: shalewa was tied to an ancient tree where some incantation were done on her

    Day 2: irumole used a knife to pierce shalewa’s body saying “as I pierce you with this knife, no man born of a woman can kill you with a knife. He then applied some substance to the cut.

    Day 3: shalewa was boiled alive for three hours in a big pot

    Day 4: three chickens were killed while their blood was used to baptise shalewa, three eggs was broken on her head.

    Day5: shalewa drank rotten egg mixed with some concoction with offensive smell.

    Day6: irumole used rain water and dead vulture to bath shalewa.

    Day7; irumole shot shalewa spontaneously with a gun saying no man born of a woman can kill you with a gun.

    The next day, shalewa was set to go while irumole gave her a special gun to kill chief olumbi.

    Hours later shalewa was at chi mummy’s house, she took her bath properly and ate something because she has not eaten for the past seven days. Later in the the evening she drove to chief olumbi’s house to complete her mission.

    Fortunately for shalewa chief olumbi was about going out, this time around his guards were highly sophisticated with ammunitions in case of any circumstance. As soon as chief olumbi’s car drove out shalewa blocked them immediately, coming down from her jeep with the gun given to her by irumole.

    Immediately she came out chief olumbi boys had already take cover, on sighting her with the gun they started shooting profusely.

    Unluckily for them non of the bullet penetrated shalewa at first it was like a film trick to them she headed to were chief olumbi was sitting he was about bringing out his charm to disappear when shalewa shot him three times on his chest.

    All chief body guards ran away including his driver(na who wan die)

    Shalewa smiled to her satisfaction and walked majestically to her pajero jeep and cruzed off.
    To be continued…

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    hmmmmm following

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    Hmmmmm salewa o

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    Shalewa don turn immortal, the game is just starting

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    hmm shelewa,i don’t no what to say in dis

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