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    episode 19

    She’s Worth The Kill
    (He Brought Light)

    :Cal Empéror

    Season 2

    Semi Final

    Cal got home, and rushed in to see his paralyzed wife waiting patiently in pain for him in the sitting room, when he saw her, his heart dropped, tears trickled down his eyes, he couldn’t believe this was san all messed up to the point of getting paralyzed, he looked up through the ceiling, which seems very far from the ground, he directed his heart to God.

    Cal: it’s going to be fine he assured san!

    San: Are you sure honey? She asked

    Cal: Yes, Let’s not give up, God is with us he has not giving up on us yet. He continued.

    San: ok i believe you darling. She said.

    Cal: Don’t worry Pastor Blessed will be here soo….
    He was still saying when his phone rang out, he picked up since it was the pastors number, but the news he was getting wasn’t telling well you could see the reaction on his face, he soon slumped on the chair, and this gave San’s heart a sharp p---k, she was alarmed.

    San: Honey what is going on she asked and made to crawl towards her husband, but he stood up and screamed

    ‘Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!! This can’t be! He screamed as his strength could carry.

    Cal: They can’t have victory over us God are you dead?

    San: Honey calm down, calm down, she maintained, even when she didn’t know what the issue was, but whatever it is she could tell it wasn’t a good one, because her husband was screaming and looking tense.

    Cal Later managed to relax and explain to her, and she broke down in tears. Cal paced scratching his head, Just then a sharp shrill filled the whole house, and everything started vibrating and rotating, the couples visions were blur, At once Cal called the name of the lord, and everything came to a stop.

    At Lord iiL’s Universe,

    The chained prisoners of sheol, were soon freed from their shackles, and they all stood and assembled before iiL including the soul of Hilton, The Eoth and other dead people, were there too,
    Lord iiL addressed them, telling them on how they would take over the human world, and make the to do the biddings of Lucifer.

    Lord iiL: one of our own is already out in the world, Her name is amelia, he said i have sent her to bring torment upon the family that wiped out my brotherhood from the surface of the earth, he said laughing, she is doing a very good Job already he confirmed as he spread wide his hands, and a large screen appeared in the dark universe, here he pointed, and the image of Cal and the paralyzed san came to view, they looked depressed with no hope, iiL squeeze his palms a bit to increase the pain san was feeling, and this made her scream in the human world, the pain was intense. Hilton and his co-hurt saw this, it was good in their eyes, and they laughed so hard.

    We Shall Take Over!!!, iiL yelled, and it was followed by the great chant. But there was great Lightening, followed by thunderous sounds. Then up in the sky, was Messie.

    Messie: I have come to warn you, Give up on it iiL it’s over, the almighty have asked me to come warn you!!! he said to them, the crowd of dead souls tremble but not iiL, he fired back

    Lord iiL: I am not scared of your almighty, he said releasing missiles of spells into the air, but messie disappeared into thin air

    Lord iiL: Be not afraid he told his subject.

    Back To the earth.

    Messie appeared in the sky like a superhero, everyone saw him, they were happy he has come back to them, but as soon as he appeared, he disappeared back, that left everyone awed, while some were saying, he has come back to them to continue his good deed, other, said he only appeared, for them to keep him in remembrance, only if they knew what will befall them they had started praying already.

    Messie went straight to St Monica Hospital where Pastor Blessed was admitted, he laid his healing fingers on him, and he became conscious at once, he soon recognised where he was, and just then remembered what transpired, Nooo he screamed, but messie calmed him down.

    Pst Blessed: oh Messie, he said recognising his presence.

    Messie: we have to go now, put off this hospital clothes and let’s go.

    Soon they were Cal’s house. The couple heaved a sigh of relief, when they saw them, even when they couldn’t tell how pastor blessed became healed, they were glad to see Messie,

    He soon worked his wonders on san, with no time for exchanging pleasantries. Soon san was back to her feet, hale and healthy,

    And Messie and The Pastor, headed for the baby’s room.

    Drop your speculations on how the final war would look like.

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    ha!! na wah o

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    Darkness can not overcome light

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    She’s Worth The Kill
    (He brought Light)


    Season 2
    Final Episode

    The war between light and darkness is always a fierce one, anticipated by all, but the sure thing is light always emerge victorious, have you ever being in a dark room, and all of a sudden, a bright light is shun, every atom of darkness disappears.
    Messie surge through the room, he went for the baby, the pastor tagged along with him, he opened the room, he felt a strong demonic presence, but he wasn’t afraid of it, it was obvious the baby felt the presence of light too, she screamed with a loud voice, even louder than she has ever done before, but that didn’t stop him from getting hold of the mysterious baby, once he did, he disappeared with her, including the pastor, who was muttering words in tongues, the couple who sat in the sitting room downstairs, didn’t hear their voices again, but as much as they had the strong urge to go look at what was going on inside, they didn’t have the nerve to do so instead they stayed put, and started praying, they have been through a lot, this is the time everything is over already, so they prayed fervently.

    Meanwhile, Messie took the baby to a mountain top, he placed the baby right at the topmost part of the mountain, and channeled his powers on the baby, with both hands, he kept on doing it, as the pastor kept on praying, the prayers were source of strength for Messie, so there was a swell on the baby’s bare tommy, like an inflated car tyre tube, the stomach kept on swelling and swelling, till it was almost at the point of bursting, the baby kept on wailing, but messie never give up pressed further, and boom there was an explosion, accompanied by offensive odour, and just then, the baby gave up the ghost, soon the earth was covered by soot, everything, was covered in dark soot, and just as it came, surprising everyone, the rain came too, unexpectedly and washed it away, Messie flew up the sky, people saw him and wave in cheers, and others clapped their hands, san and cal heard they noise, they too came out in the rain, to see they boy up high in the sky, and they knew at once, victory has come, and the battle have being won.

    At sheol
    The prisoners were seen in shackles and chains returning back to their castle cell, an angel with flapping wings handed over the keys of the prison gate back to the dead king, one could read delight on his face. God actually sent his angels to fight against Lord iiL, which he did and won in victory, iiL had transformed to the content in which he came to earth with, the first time he met a man, he turned to a pebble, but the angel did not stop at that, he took up the pebble and broke it into pieces and it shattered everywhere, it was part of the shattered pebbles that fell as soot on the earth, but the rain of victory came and washed it away, and the children of the world were free again.

    The End.

    I really want to appreciate my readers, you guys stood by me, and read my work, even though I know it’s not a great piece, this is my 2nd work, i made a lot of blunt mistakes but you didn’t mind, you managed to read and make meaning of it, thank you so much guys, i love you.
    My 3rd work coming up soon EDGE OF A KNIFE (THAT LOVE THAT HURTS), just watchout, it’s gonna be boom.

    #CAL_EMPÉROR ? ?

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    Kudos for a job well done

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Well done bros!!!

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    Alas, victory has prevailed

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    nice story

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